Chapter two: The Funerals

The funeral of Fred Weasley was the first and the Weasley family Harry and Hermione were all upset. "Harry dear, is he asleep?" Molly asked looking at Teddy and Harry who in the week since his adoption of Teddy had become a natural father to the boy.

"Yes Mrs Weasley he is." Harry answered looking on his now son with loving gazes.

"Harry I wish you would call me Molly for Merlin's sake." Molly said smiling at him as she sat down beside him.

"Sorry, force of habit." Harry said smiling.

"Harry, I want to ask you something." Molly said in a voice reminiscent of a Veela talking.

"Of course Mrs… I mean Molly." Harry said quickly stopping his near mistake.

"Will you stay here at the Burrow until Ginny comes of age? Then she and you can move into your old house at Godric's Hollow-" Molly froze realizing what she said. "Harry I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"

"Molly its ok I was planning on fixing it up so I can start a family there with Ginny and Teddy and hopefully more kids over the years." Harry lied, the thought of the house his parents died in made him sick to his stomach but at least he would be close to his parents and Teddy's. "Kreacher, I require you're assistance!" Harry said and Kreacher appeared in a new white cloth symbolising his allegiance to Harry.

"Yes Master, how can Kreacher be of help?" He asked bowing to his master.

"Kreacher I wish for you to stay here with me for now while I rebuild our new home." Harry told him.

"Master is not staying in old home with Kreacher?" Kreacher asked looking worried.

"Kreacher, you will serve me, Ginny and Teddy, my son in our new home." Harry said holding Teddy to Kreacher.

"Master has a son! Kreacher will serve Master Teddy and Mistress Ginny until Kreacher's last breath."

"Kreacher, you are too kind to this silly wizard." Harry said hugging his elf and smiling.

The funeral was in the afternoon and was a private event only friends and family and it was a huge turnout, all Fred's friends were there and a few people Harry knew as the suppliers of the shop. Kingsley was there in his formal dress robes looking saddened by the death of Fred, Angelia was there crying in Georges shirt as he embraced her in a hug, Ginny and Ron were crying with the rest of the family. Harry, Teddy and Hermione were seated with them which made them teary as they were now Weasley's in the family's eyes. Kingsley had stood to speak.

"We have come here to bury Fred Weasley, a young business man with a heart of gold and a sense of humour we all loved and hated at times, I remember meeting him and George in '95 they decided to bewitch my earring so when I went to the Auror's office it sang 'Odo the hero'."

The crowd laughed knowing it was what Fred would've wanted. Molly wanted Harry to say a few words as Fred and him were close friends. "I met Fred and George on platform 9 3/4's in '91 I had just learned how to get there and they helped me with my trunk, when they found out who I was Fred took the mickey as he did always but I loved him like a brother and I still do until the day I die. Fred died a hero's death some people say, I disagree Fred died his death, he died smiling reminded of a joke his brother had said in their youth and I think if Fred hadn't gone smiling he would have been really annoyed at us all."

The coffin was buried by the stream near the house under a tree of Oak the grave was dug by George and Arthur with Harry, Ron, Bill and Charlie carrying the coffin to its final resting place. "Goodbye Fred, we will all miss you." George said as he kissed the coffin before it was lowered into position the coffin slowly reached the end and with a wave of his wand George covered the grave with dirt. "And now for Fred's send off!" George said smiling as the tree exploded with fireworks creating a gravestone with the description. 'For the prank artist: Fred Weasley. Born 1978 died 1998. Gone but never forgotten as his life force is alive in all his friends and family.'

"I think Fred would have laughed, did you see Aunt Muriel falling? Ginny said holding George close.

"Yeah, well good thing I'm already out of the will." George said chuckling. "Gin, I'm sorry about before. I think you and Harry will be great parents to Teddy and hey now I can corrupt the new generation of Hogwarts." He said cuddling Teddy and Ginny.

"Thanks George, I'll be honest I wanted to protect Teddy because in my eyes he is Harry as a baby and I want him to have a good life." Ginny said holding her son close and smiling at him, he seemed to like Ginny more than Harry who started a general knowledge thing that Teddy was a momma's boy.

Everyday Harry and Ginny went to Andromeda's house everyday so she would have company. "Harry dear, you don't have to do this you know." She said holding Harry's hand in hers.

"You are Teddy's grandmother it is your right to see Teddy." Harry told her, he was starting to look at Andromeda as an aunt or a material figure like Molly.

"We wanted to ask you something Mrs Tonks." Ginny said holding Teddy in her arms.

"What is it dear?" Andromeda asked.

"My mother would like you to move into the Burrow with her and my dad." Ginny said looking at Andromeda, the statement shook her.

"Dear I couldn't intrude like that." She said.

"My parents suggested it." Ginny explained.

"Ok dear I accept." Andromeda said, Harry guessed she was very lonely and wanted some company.

The next day was the funeral of Tonks and Lupin the only one Harry didn't want to attend as he felt terrible for losing their lives. "Harry it wasn't your fault, relax dear I do not blame you." Andromeda said holding him close tears were in her eyes and his.

"I-I j-j-just can't s-stop t-thinking about them." Harry said crying in Andromeda's coat.

"I understand dear, Remus was like a father to you and Tonks and you had a good friendship. It will be hard to think but they would have been upset if you hadn't taken Teddy as your own son." Andromeda said holding him close to her she knew Harry had looked at Remus and Sirius as family and now both were gone forever.

The two coffins were beside each other near Harry's parents grave which meant he would be able show Ginny the house before it's repaired and show his parents his family. Kingsley was again speaking at the funeral. "Remus John Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks Lupin were good people, the pair met in the Order of the Phoenix which made them allies an eventually husband and wife." "Remus was a good man he was never bitter, even though the world was bitter to him. Remus was a werewolf, but never attacked he went into hiding in secluded spots and waited painfully for the ordeal to be over." Kingsley took a minute to wipe his eyes; obliviously he and Lupin were close friends. "I met Tonks as she liked to be called in 1991 when she came to the Ministry to become an Auror, she was clumsy but she had a good heart. When I heard that Tonks was to be trained under Mad Eye Moody I was sure she would drive him nuts and I was right, he loved her as a student and she was the first person to openly mock him I ever met that lived to tell the tale." Kingsley was crying again so Harry went to him and took over.

"We lost two good people in the final battle, I know we lost many but these two were special to me. Remus was like a father to me and taught me how to produce my Patronus and many other things. He was kind to me at all times even though I once fought with him he reconciled with me showing his love. Tonks was one of my two unofficial sisters, she was funny, kind and never showed any sign of hatred towards anyone with was an amazing feat, she was the best Auror I ever met. She could change her appearance and often done it to amuse us when we were down in ourselves. This two people are part of a huge group of wizards, muggles and many beings who were killed by the Death Eaters…but these two have left a lot of us really sad."

Harry had then made two bouquets of flowers appear on the coffins and made a gesture to Andromeda which she took as the cue to lower the coffins, she waved her wand and made the coffins lower into the ground finally reaching the end she allowed Harry to place the dirt in the holes. The headstone appeared showing the inscription. 'Here lies Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Lupin. They died so the world could be a better place.'

"Come here Gin, I want to introduce you." Harry said and she looked confused. "Mom, Dad this is Ginny, she's my true love. And this Teddy Remus' son I adopted him under Remus request and we raise him as our own. I will protect my family the same way you protected yours Dad. I wish you two were here…you'd love Ginny dad…she's just like mom…and mom you'd love her because she has given me more love than anything." Harry said tears streaming his face.

"Hello Mr Potter, Mrs Potter I promise I'll protect your son as long as I live and will love him and our children the same way you did for your son." Ginny said holding Harry and Teddy close in hand.

The three of them went to the house which was falling apart. "Here it is the famous house, site of my first famous encounter with Riddle." Harry said with bitterness in his voice.

"Harry…" was all she could say the nursery was visible and the roof nearly destroyed. "…do you want to live here?" She asked him.

"Yes Ginny I do, this house deserves the family it lost all those years ago, it deserves a mother and father with a loving child to live in it and consider it a true home for all of them…besides it's close to my parents and Teddy's…we'll tell him when he's a little older…maybe when he's four or five." Harry said looking at Teddy, the little baby was sleeping but looked like he was sensing all the sadness around him.

"You really thought of everything Harry…I know we'll be happy here when we fix it up." Ginny said holding Harry's hand with her free one and reading some of the messages on the stands.

"Honestly during the year while we were hiding all I wanted to do was come back and marry you as soon as possible, but for now just having you and Teddy is perfect Gin…I love you both so much." Harry said as he and Ginny took Teddy back to the Burrow where Molly was smiling at them.

"Ah they remind me of us Arthur when we had Bill." Molly said hugging Teddy and taking him for a cuddle.

"No…they're more in love than we were, I mean I didn't nearly die before we were together." Arthur said jokily and smiling at the baby in Molly's arms.

"Well I think they look so happy." Charlie said looking at them on the sofa cuddling. "I'm going back to Romania in a week."

"Are you sure we can't convince you to stay Charlie?" Molly asked him looking worried that her son would be so far away.

"Mum…they need me…half those dragons know and trust me…I promise I'll write every week." Charlie said kissing her cheek as she began to tear up.

Harry and Ginny had begun to fall asleep in each other's arms on the sofa as Andromeda and Molly smiled and transfigured an old blanket into a duvet for them and let them rest all everyone could notice were Harry eyes which were twitching in a nightmare like way. "Ginny…Teddy no Umbridge leave them alone…no…NO!" Harry was trashing in his sleep.

"Who's Umbridge…surely not Dolores Umbridge?" Andromeda asked looking confused at the thoughts.

"Yes she…tortured Harry in his fifth year his hand is scarred because of her." Hermione said looking at her friend suffering in his sleep.

"Harry! Are you alright?" Ginny asked looking at him in his sleep and waking him up to allow him to talk about it.

"I'm fine just a nightmare." Harry said walking to the kitchen and taking Teddy in his arms and cuddling him tightly.