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Chapter Thirty Five: Planning the End of the Enemy

Six months passed with the kids now perfectly settled and Felicity trusting her family many things had changed, Hermione was pregnant and had decided to help the Stag Corps by being a spy as the New Ministry's power was non-existent and barely holding as everyone planned to work together to finally take England back. Dolores and Tom were foolish by welcoming all old Death Eaters back giving the light side one huge advantage: Severus Snape. Harry had learned his old potions master was back and set up a meeting to welcome him to the Corps bringing Lily and James who both wanted to see the man.

"Still slacking off I see Mr. Potter." Severus smirked and sat down at the table in the Hogs Head Inn.

"And you're still a greasy haired git." Harry laughed shaking his hand. "I'm glad to see you back with the living Severus."

"And it's good to know my memories helped Harry." Severus smiled glancing over at another messy haired man. "I see James is back, your mother too?" He asked as Harry nodded. "Can I speak to them please Harry?" He asked as Harry nodded again and called them over. "Lily, I'm so sorry, I gave him the prophesy when it was made." He cried hugging Lily tightly.

"Sev, it's ok." Lily reassured him hugging him tightly. "You kept my Harry safe, although you also chastised him for being James' son but I'll let that go because you eventually redeemed yourself." She smiled holding her oldest friend. "Now, someone else has something to tell you ok."

"I'm sorry Severus, I bloody tortured you in school because we disagreed on the train and because it was you that Lily liked to talk to and I was jealous, I had no right to annoy you the way I did but at the same time you took the brunt of it on Harry, although I don't condone the action I do understand and hope we can be friends." James held his hand out as the two shook hands as friends.

"Now that the mushiness is over, let's get down to business." Harry took a serious tone and face. "Who's controlling this New Ministry since Tom and Dolores went to the rock?"

"Morgana Prewett." Severus said sitting down again. "Since she has a connection to you Harry I'm guessing you can't kill her?"

"Yes I can, Molly asked me to a long time ago…it's about time I followed through, no point in planning since it never works…where does she live?" Harry asked sipping a Firewhiskey.

"She's staying in an unknown location, probably hidden with the Fidelius Charm and she's close to no one, Bellatrix is her best lieutenant so it's safe to say she knows…" Severus explained disheartened at the lack of evidence. "She doesn't mark followers so we're all able to move freely, I've been attempting to contact you all so I waited till you all contacted me."

"Sorry it took us so long a lot of things happened along the way." Lily said sadly remembering Harry's coma holding him in her arms. "Harry was comatose for years."

"I heard, Bellatrix gloated it was Riddles last great stand." Snape spat at the ground thinking of Bellatrix. "She'll be our best bet of nabbing Morgana."

"Ok, so welcome to the Corp Severus Snape, and thanks for helping." Harry smiled shaking his hand again and turning to leave as Lily followed him out. "Is everything ok mom?"

"Fine, just I worry about you baby." Lily sniffled holding him tightly in her arms. "I don't care twenty-five or not you are my son and I worry that you do too much."

"Mom!" Harry laughed enjoying the embrace as anytime she would hold him. "I'm fine and, I have to work on these things." He said softly feeling her arms tighten. "I know you missed out on a lot but I'm an adult and you've got to let me do what I always do, Maria and Abi deserve a life of fun not fair, same goes for Felicity, Arthur and Teddy, although Ginny didn't give them life she and I are their parents and all I want is them to be safe."

"You've grown so much too fast." Lily sadly smiled at him. "I wish I could've given you a happier life Harry, maybe if I had Maria would be twenty-four instead of four…" Lily sniffled really missing the years she didn't get with Harry.

"Mom, I needed to be alone…if you were all here I would have never been able to walk to my death when I was seventeen and Riddle would be in power still, I needed to and to be honest…part of what helped me do that was that I was alone in life, no would miss me, well Hermione and Ron would, Ginny too but they would've had other people around them, if I had any loving family that day I wouldn't have been able to do that." Harry sighed rubbing her arms. "I love having you and dad here now, Maria too and the best part is that losing you when I did made me appreciate you both so much that I still want to thank you both for your sacrifice."

"Oh baby." Lily smiled giving his head a gentle kiss. "You act too old." She laughed and let him go. "Now let's get you home." She sniffled and wiped her tears as James walked out and they disapparated back to Potter Manor.

"Hey guys." Ginny smiled walking over and kissing Harry lightly. "How'd the meeting go?" She asked hugging James and Lily.

"It was fine Gin, How was Maria?" Lily asked hugging her tightly.

"She was fine, she's with Abi in the garden studying flowers in the book Neville gave them." Ginny laughed softly glancing out the window where the two redheaded girls were studying plants. "They're so going to be Ravenclaws."

"Definitely." Harry and Lily said together seeing Maria and Abi studying a large Japanese peace lily and giggling with each other. "They're best friends really."

"Yes they are, it's so beautiful and we never thought we'd see it." James smiled holding Lily.

"What's with the nostalgia moments?" Harry asked truly confused at the whole thing. "All I've heard today is 'we never thought we'd see this or that', it's weird."

"Today marks the anniversary of the day we went into hiding," James explained to his son ruffling his hair. "I made a vow that I'd keep you safe and although it's now twenty-four years after that Halloween, I now see my son, the little baby who used to grab my hair whenever I held him now being a father to four children." He sniffled. "I never thought I'd see this day Harry so once in a while we both get emotional over the whole thing."

Harry sniffled and hugged them both tightly. "I love you both, I always will but right now we need to think smart and plan on taking down Bellatrix Lestrange and getting the location of the Prewett house and we can finally end the damn New Ministry."

"I agree, call a meeting and we can plan it all out." James said as Harry got the newly made Wizard Mobile which made it easy to call a meeting as Neville, Hannah, Dean, Parvati, Ron and Hermione all appeared being the main generals in the Corps.

"So, we need to find the location of Prewett's hiding place, she's the key. We beat her, and we beat the whole New Ministry." Harry began glancing at all the people sitting at the table, his closest friends. "Once we kill her and the lieutenants the rest we can just catch as Aurors and we can finally live in peace."

"What's the plan boss?" Parvati asked grinning at Harry giving a mock salute.

"We capture Lestrange and we get the location and take our best with us as we kill them, no prisoners and no hesitation, it's the only way." Harry explained sitting beside Ginny who rested her head on his shoulder.

"Lestrange works in the Department of Education." Hermione shuddered rubbing the scar on her arm as Ron rubbed her back and kissed her head. "She leaves for lunch in the Leaky Cauldron at 1pm every day."

"Yeah, she orders a Butterbeer and chicken curry all the time." Hannah confirmed as they all grinned widely. "What's the plan Harr?"

"Ok, Wednesday will be the starting day, we will wait for her to go to lunch, and then we nab her." Harry smiled glancing at Lily. "Mom, can you make a Sleeping Drought?"

"Of course I can my dear." Lily grinned knowing his plan. "Let me guess: it needs to be able to be undetectable in a curry?"

Harry simply nodded and moved to the window seeing Abi and Maria now rubbing Spear seeing Teddy wheeling Felicity and Arthur around the garden letting them pet the various birds and animals they had living in the garden. "We'll bring her here, use Veritaserum and finally get the location, after that I'll plan the next part and we'll keep Bellatrix here in the basement holding cell under watch."

"Harry…Ron and I were wondering…" Hermione began to bite her lip.

"Ron doesn't have to come Hermione." Harry said softly knowing she was scared. "He's on leave, as are you from field work, so don't worry Mione."

"Thank you Harry, I couldn't bear something happening to Ron." Hermione smiled over at her best friend and brother in-law.

"I know." Harry said softly. "Now, all you go and relax at home, I'll call with details soon." He smiled as they all left one couple at a time seeing only Ginny and his parents as he walked out into the garden they knew he was going to be with his sister and daughter to relax and spend time with them. "How are my two favourite girls?" He asked sitting beside them hugging them both.

"We're fine Daddy, Maria and I were able to guess this plants age." Abi grinned feeling really proud of her and Maria.

"That's great sweetheart." Harry smiled and hugged them both again. "How'd you do that?"

"Simple Harry, all we done was check leaves and the book to determent the age and health of the plant." Maria said in her know it all way.

"You sure you're not Hermione's daughter?" Harry asked teasing her and ruffling her hair. "You and Abi are too smart for a four and five year old."

"No, we're Potters." Abi said proudly as Harry chuckled and kissed her head and Maria's going to find Teddy.

"Teddy, where are you hiding?" Harry wondered seeing Teddy sitting in the grass holding Arthur in one arm and Felicity in the other sitting beside a pond. "Hey son, are you being your big brother self?"

"Yes I am Dad." Teddy smiled handing Felicity to Harry who took her and cuddled her. "Dada." She cooed only starting to talk to them all. "Hello my little princess." Harry smiled hugging her gently.

"Hey dad?" Teddy looked at the pond.

"Yeah son, what's up?" Harry asked staring down at the pure blue haired boy.

"I was wondering, since I'll be going to Hogwarts in a few years, are you going to be my teacher?" He asked trying to hide the fear that other students would think he got special treatment.

"No son I won't, because I've decided that the Auror Department will need me officially when it's set back up." He smiled rubbing Teddy's back soothingly. "I'll just be another parent sending their treasures in life to Hogwarts." He said softly hugging him with one arm. "Now come on, let's get something to eat."

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