The Giant and the Flash : my Giant and I.

I don't own Justice League, they belong to DC comics. I added 2 rogues from the comics to JLAU Flash Rogues gallery. I don't own any of the characters.

Rated M for later chapters.

PS though out this and any future Rogue and Flash fight Wally give them little nick names, they will appear as I think of them.

PS Boomerang won't talk because I don't know how to write a Austrian accent (or any other accent), I don't want to offend anyone, if you know how to write one down and tell me that be awesome.

A Central City buildings. Flash POV:

"Cold are you ever going to learn?" I said.

"Flash you are out number and outmatch." Cold's said. We are on the roof to one of my city skyscraper. I can't run to gain speed, Mirror master already cover a fourth of the roof top with his mirrors, Cold cover had several others spots with Ice, and several more spots on with his toys. I couldn't jump to another because the others were too weak, not around, or have something one it that I could stand one. The only reason I could even walk was Boomerang, and hothead keep destroy the others Rogues trap.

"This is fun baby flash," Trickster said.

"How do you keep escaping James?" I asked.

"Warden Cold let me off early for good behavior." James said, wow, this guy needs help.

"Cold not the warden." I said.

"Burn already." Hothead said.

"I always wanted to see what a flash ice structure looks like." Freezer burn said.

Boomerang threw a boomerang at me, I jump over it.

"Flash you really need to reflect on what you done," Mirror master said.

"How is it, I have the world cheesiest villain gallery?" I asked.

"You hurt us Flash, but snot for long," James said, while pointing his snot gun at me.

"I choose a bad day to forget my justice league commutation," I need to stop talking, I didn't but u gave to have some fun with them.

"Let's see how many attack he can take at once." Cold said.

I had to dodge five attacks at once.

"I got him, dancer." James said to Mirror Master don't asked me how I know. James snot gun manage to hit the roof causing the floor below me to fall. I tried to do like a helicopter and slow myself down but it not working.

Oh no, I going to fall…then suddenly something kinda soft catch me.

I look down to see I was in a giant hand; I look up to see Giganta holding me.

"Hell that our flash, get your own." Trickster said, Giganta turn around to see him, how did he get there I don't know. While turning her hair knock the villains off the roof. She then flips Trickster away.

"Giganta what are you doing here?" I ask her, she got smaller and walks through a nearby forest.

Once she was as small as she could go, she hug me, "Giga what you're doing." I said.

"Loving my mate," She said.

"What do want me to give you, a pardon? I can't nor do I want to." I said.

"Let's see that pretty face." She said, she grabs my shoulder, remove my mask and started to kiss me, which for some reason I kiss back. "Does my Flashy have a name, to match this cute face?" She said hugging me.

"I can't tell you." I said, what is her game?

"Come on Cutie live a little."

"Not Giga you're a criminal."

"That's doesn't matter as long as I'm with my flashy, none of it does."
"Giga I can't with a clear conscience knowing all the lives you hurt."

"Please Flash, I need you, I do whatever you want just love me."

"Giga, if you don't want me to call the league."

"They could be at our wedding." Why is her mood changing every other word, wait?

"Our…wedding, what in the world are you talking about?"

She then hugs me, which got my face in her breast. "Huh little Flash wants to come out to play." She then starts to pull my pants down, get out.

"I'm not letting you rape me."

"Your enjoy loving me."

"Giga I see if the league, I sure they will be able to help you."

"I don't want help, I want you." She then falls over herself. Me being the caring hero I was check her out, I mean if she is OK

I move her on where she was standing on her knees.

"Flashy you really do care, you won't leave me." I felt her hand.

"Giga your face is freezing cold, what happen to you?"

"I don't know, I don't care, I just want you cutie." She said getting up and putting me in one of those hugs again.

"Giganta you're suffocating me." She loosens her grip on me, I breathing some air.

"Is my little Flashy OK, I didn't hurt you?"

"Not much, Giga is something wrong?"

"No, I find, you sure your OK my mate."

"How can you love me, after all the times you attack me, weather you were alone or attacking alongside Grodd, Luthor, and/or the rest of the society." Her face started to tear up. "I'm sorry but I could never feel the same about you."

"Flash I need you, if I don't live with you; I rather die, just kill me, and get it over with. I have no other reason to stay alive."

"Giga something is wrong with you, I don't know if I can love you but I know I can save you, and that all that's matter."

"Nothing worth saving alone, just finish me off."

"Giga you know I don't kill."

"If you're not going to help then don't, but don't get in the way."

"Giga what are you going to do."

"Kill myself."

"Giga, if I play along with just stay alive, I think the league can help."


"Yeah." She then hugs me, and my face was in her breast again.

To be continued…