The Giant and the Flash part 8.

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This is going to be a little serious.

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AceOfEagleschapter 7 . 30m ago

well with this update could the be more comming this month or weeks or year cause there is no other story focused truly on this pairing also maybe one chapter should be at bruce and diana's wedding

I'll try to do my best to update more often, I glad you like my Giganta x Flash story, I would also like to read more of story like this, but no one else write them it is really sad 'Ace'. I'm going to hint at Diana x Bruce, I try to avoid it but will eventually do something but much later.

Manuel01 chapter 7 . Jan 17

I know that patience it's a virtue, but please, update this story more frequently. I would like to read it

Continue with the good writing and have faith in your readers

I try to do it more often. I have a lot of stories, and only so many ideas, and ability to make stories.

gunman chapter 7 . Jan 17

While it's nice to see that my reviews are being mentioned and responded to, it does make me wonder just how much aid I'm actually giving to you.
That being said, I like the idea of Giganta and Hawkgirl actually taking, girl-to-girl, since it isn't something that the avian heroine actually does.
More to the point that she cares for Flash like a brother, and even jokes to Giganta about her pet-name for him.
And exactly how bad are the scars. I don't recall that from the last chapter, or did you update the chapter and no one knew about it?

There are a couple people in Flash's rogues gallery that could do something like that, but only if he wasn't at his peak powers when he received those injuries.
Nevertheless, it was a good read.
Write on!

Thanks I'll try to mention everybody that try to use and respond to all my reviewers if I can. Glad you like the idea, I'll try to do it more often with a story arch revolving around Wally and Giganta trying to get Hawkgirl and Green lantern together, if what people do here actually happen it wouldn't be fan fiction much. Yeah hope you learn to love the Wally Shayera sibling relationships. Not sure how bad I should make the scars, and for how he got those scars you do realize what Wally abuse is right? Thanks you can do.

3rd POV:

Hawkgirl and Giganta decided to meet at a local café at Keystone City. They wanted to talk about the scars on Wally back and chest.

Giganta was wearing a reddish-pink sleeveless dress. She had a couple of little earrings shaped like little lightning bolts. She had a watch on her left wristed, and a couple bracelets on each arm.

Meanwhile Hawkgirl was in an orange t-shirt, a white biker jacket wearing sun glasses. A pair of red jeans and was wearing a pair of Air Jordan's. She had blonde hair for some reason.

"Shayera, is that you?" Giganta asked.

"Yes." The Thanagarian said.

"Shayera, what is with the hair?" Giganta asked.

"I got a wig thanks to Batman, and don't use my name." She said.

"Really? Oh, because you stopped using your armor. Smart move." Giganta said.

"Yes, and I decided I should use the name Shiera Hall." Hawkgirl said, still annoyed.

"Ok, want to take a seat?" Giganta said, sitting down in the café.

"That's no problem, 'Doris'." Hawkgirl said.

"Good to hear, 'Shiera'." Giganta said.

They sat down, and Hawkgirl order some coffee, while Giganta wanted something sweet.

The waiter got Hawkgirl her coffee, and Giganta her non-alcoholic sweet tea. The male waiter said it was on the house, Giganta giggle at this.

"So how is Wally treating you?" Hawkgirl asked.

"Pretty good, even if he is extremely shy." Giganta said.

"That doesn't sound like the Wally I know." Hawkgirl said.

"I have to ask, what is with the scars on his back?" Giganta asked.

Hawkgirl sighed. "I do not know. I saw him in the shower once and ask him what was up with the scars." Hawkgirl said.

"You saw him in the shower?" She asked.

Hawkgirl rolled her eyes. "It was unintentional of course." Hawkgirl said.

"Huh, other than the scars did you get a good view of him?" She asked with a smirk.

"I try not to get that comfortable with Wally." She said.

"You better not have been." Giganta said.

"Is someone jealous?" Hawkgirl said.

"Nope." Giganta said childishly.

They both saw a waiter fall over himself, not getting hurt or anything.

"I done some research on Wally past there isn't much know between his preschool graduation and his first day of high school." Hawkgirl said.

"So he was homeschooled. That's not so bad. I was home schooled in a zoo." She said noticing how odd that sound.

"I'm one-fourth bird, and yet somehow you're more of an animal." Hawkgirl said.

"I guess." she said, shrugging her shoulders. "So what do you think happened to Wally?" Giganta ask about her boyfriend.

"I have a few ideas, and most of them aren't real happy thoughts." Hawkgirl said to the ex villainess.

"I'm sure it's not as bad as you think, Hawkgirl." The former villain said, she was happily ignorant to what could easily be a cruel past for Wally.

"Doris, I think Wally was abused." Hawkgirl said.

To be continued.