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Chapter 162 - Rage Incarnate

Xel breathed deep as the traitor dodged each swipe. Xel could tell the Nazzadri was getting tired, while his own Shark Form felt better than ever before. Xel snapped his serrated teeth at Mizuki, and felt the warm blood flow down his throat. He could tell he had just bitten off his hand, and savored the flavor. Like a shark his eyes folled back as he swallowed it. Xel wanted more. When his eyes rolled back he saw Mizuki's hand slowly grow back. The seal that inked his skin was glowing as the hand grew, but what Xel noticed most of all was the look of rage on Mizuki's face.

"You're going to pay for that.", said Mizuki as he flexed his new hand.

"We shall see slave of the fungi.", said Xel as he opened his mouth, shooting a torrent of water at such speed it could cut stone.

Mizuki dodged it easily enough, but Xel possessed superior speed. Not a moment after the waters stopped did Xel appear before Mizuki, as he once again grabbed the man by the throat. He could feel the blood running under the skin, waiting to be tasted, and Xel smiled.

"Did you honestly think you stood a chance Nazzadri?", asked Xel.

Curiously Mizuki only chuckled.

"No not really. You're an immortal race, probably have centuries more experience than me, if not a millennial.", said Mizuki as he griped Xels wrist with his newly healed hand.

"Then again.", said Mizuki as he quickly reached out and grabbed the King in Yellow, before Xel could even react Mizuki's seal glowed a strange violet and he phased through Xels hand like a ghost.

"You were never my target.", said Mizuki as a beam of light shot from the sky.

Before Xel could even react Mizuki was atomized, and transported to the Mi-go's ship. Xel could only stare at where Mizuki once stood before he roared in anger. He was made a fool by a Nazzadri, not the Mi-go, but their pet race. So caught up in the taste of blood and the heat of battle he had forgotten that he still held the book, a powerful book that was now in the claws of the Mi-go. A copy of the King in Yellow, gifted to Wilbur Whateley by Hastur himself lost once more to a group who would not fall into it's traps.

Xel could only stare up at the sky, where Mizuki had disappeared to. He felt like such a fool, him the Keeper of Scrolls tricked by a human turned Nazzadri. He had failed his lord in his task. He should have expected the ninja to use whatever tricks were necessary to get what they want, after all they were taught to do whatever it took to win, even if it ment to cheat. Expect a ninja to be pragmatic. Xel turned back to the village, just in time to feel boundless rage and a flash of red light.

Sasori watched as the massive sunflower burned like white hot coals, leaving ash and chared plant matter in it's wake. All the while the human faces of the throne screamed and roared and shrieked in pain. The Hunger lashed out, leaving the throne as it did to move to the sea water below to escape the flames.

Sasori was prepared to begin the final assault on the Hunger, when he head an inhuman roar unlike anything he ever had heard in his life. He turned to see that Naruto had changed, looking more like the nine tailed fox, only some things were off. Naruto seemed to look like the fox initially, nine tails and all, but Sasori saw the differences a mere second after he turned his head.

While the creature was as large as the original nine tailed fox, it could hardly be called the same thing. First there was the strange crimson miasma around the form that appeared as a caricature of faces snarling in anger. These faces would let lose a silent scream as their mouths extended past any human limits before swallowing the caricature of a face. This would happen again and again in a way that had Sasori had true eyes, he would be hard pressed not t claw them out.

Next there was the tails themselves, each of the nine tails appeared less like a foxes tail, and more like leafless trees covered in crimson fur. They didn't even move like tails, but like the tentacles of a squid with each branch tipped in a single dojutsu type eye such as a sharingan or a byakugan. They did not blink.

The form of the foxes body was also off. It looked emaciated, much too thin to hold up it's own weight. Most notably it seemed that Naruto's Eldritch form had corrupted the shape greatly. As the fox had not two, but four arms and two legs. It's movements were less like the movements of a canine, and more like those of an insect. The fingers of each hand was much too long, and tipped with a claw seemingly coated in a thin layer of ice. It had various quills upon it's back as well, some were quills of bone, some of crystal. Noticeably it had the same bone-like whiskies as Naruto did in his Eldritch fom.

Worst of all however was the head of this nightmare of a fox. The long ears were crooked, and appeared that they were chewed on. The mouth was filled with several rows of mismatched teeth that followed no pattern. Some were the teeth of a human, most were the fangs of a fox. And finally there wee the eyes. Those black eyes and yellow star shaped iris. The Eyes of Azathoth.

Sasori watched as this thing stood upon it's hind legs, and he saw it, the mouths upon each hand that crewed at clay and earth. The bone like spikes that jutted from it's elbows and knees. The sparks of lightning that danced across it's form. The miasma of faces around it continued silently screaming, not in anguish but pure unending rage. It was wrath, rage, and anger incarnate. Then the massive fox beast took a great breath, and the foulest roar cut through the air. One that Sasori would never forget.

From his throne of lost souls and living glass Nyarlathotep watched the events with great interest. He noted all he saw with content pleasure. His realm shifted as his mood changed, and the beasts behind the many doors of the infinite hallway of his very soul roared and screamed in fanatical joy.

Truly his experiment was proving to be a great boon, one that would have a great many acceptable results. He long wondered what the result would be when Naruto's powers evolved to their zenith. When his biology shifted the seal that held the fox at bay in such a way as to prove far more benifitial than before. Now two souls, one of a great fox, and one of a corrupted human had fractured and fused into one single esoteric thing the results of which created a form of such rage and destruction that even the nine tailed fox of old was but a pale imitation to what now existed as rage incarnate.

Oh yes, this would be a good form indeed to play with before the Great Azathoth awoke. Nyarlathotep was looking forward to it. It was beautiful to watch a new Great Old One be born.

The Six legged fox stood as its skin and body jerked unnaturally, a long tongue slithered between it's misshapen teeth. Black saliva oozed constantly from it's maw seemingly in a never ending torrent. And it's many eyes leaked an even darker ebony fluid. Those who gazed at the fluids that leaked from it's eyes would occasionally catch glimpses of memories that were not their own.

And the beast whose tears were the memories of the damned roared before it charged at the Hunger. And thus Hunger met Rage. Crimson claws tore through the flesh of the grotesque Hunger and the vile chakra slowed the healing significantly. The Hunger thrashed and chewed and snapped at the Fox, only to fing the miasma of faces held the maws at bay. Dagon and Hydra rose from the deep to watch the massive eldritch fox as it snarled and snapped it's misshapen jaws at the Hunger.

The tree like tails thrashed, wrapping around the Tongue like tentacles of the Hunger, and the wood like surface revealed retractable thorns that held them still. The fox leapt back, ripping out the tongues, and watched as the Hunger slowly attempted to heal. The fox roared as it fell onto all six limbs, and from the quills of crystal on the demon foxes back came beams of lightning tinted the same hellish red as the miasma of enraged faces. They sliced the Hunger like it was made of paper. Dagon and Hydra fell into the deceptively shallow sea, as the ninja below attempted to leave the battle.

The Fox opened it's maw, as it's too long tongue sharpened like bone, and as if it were made of rubber, it shot forward, impaling the Hunger. Wet slurping sounds could be heard as the hollow proboscis drained whatever blood the Hunger may have had. The Hunger wailed in agony as the fox turned even more nightmarish. Upon the massive foxes chest, a vertical mouth with sharp crossing teeth began to form as the fox greedily drank from the Hunger. The fox released the Hunger, before standing on it's hind legs, and the mouth upon it's chest opened, to reveal countless tongue-like Tendrils that slithered out and lashed at the Hunger.

It was at this time Dagon rose from the sea and smashed his pillar onto the Hunger, he did not expect what happened next Several of the tongue like tentacles lashed at him as the monster fox roared and focused it's attention on him. Dagon backed away before turning to Hydra.

"He is enraged, his mind is clouded.", said Dagon as he quickly sunk back into the water, Hydra followed.

With them gone the Fox focused back on the Hunger. The mouth on it's chest closed as it charged at Hastur's puppet. Claws and teeth sink into the Hunger, all the while the miasma of faces seemed to bite and chew in their boundless rage. The Hunger shrieked as it attempted to destroy the fox. Only for the unthinkable to Happen, the massive fox began to melt.

Slowly it changed into a formless mass that squeezed into the wounds that would not heal. The Hunger screamed as it was consumed from the inside. For several moments the beast thrashed, destroying even more of the dead, but still burning sunflower throne. It screamed an inhuman scream in anguish.

Kakashi leapt with the others, putting as much distance between the giant fox as he could. His mind filled with the events of that day, the day his Sensei Minato died. He saw the nine tailed fox, only it was Wrong, and more terrifying than ever before. If it wasn't for the nine tree-like tails and the psudo-fox like shape he would not believe it was the same demon that attacked that fateful night.

Kakashi and the others stopped at the wall surrounding the village, watching the seemingly infinite field of Sunflowers wither and die as Sasori burned them with black fire from his favorite puppet. Asuma huffed as he turned back to the carnage, just in time to see the hellish fox rip itself from the body of the hunger in some insane form of birth that made him beyond sick.

"What the Fuck is that thing?", screamed Asuma.

"It is Naruto", answered Sasori calmly.

Asuma tuned to the living puppet as he focused on destroying the still withering and burning fields.

"Well what the hell are we supposed to do now.", asked Kurenai as she watched the fox once more mindlessly lash out at the hunger.

"The creature has changed, most likely due to Naruto's own biology.", said Sasori without even turning around. "Assuming of course it is indeed the same creature however is irreverent, also it would be best if you do not look upon it for too long. I am made of wood, and even I had the impulse to claw my own eyes out. Either way it still uses Tailed Beast Chakra, once it has dealt with the Hunger, I will deal with it."

Jiraiya turned to Sasori, He looked back to the brawl before turning to the puppet man when he too fel an urge to do anything to keep the horrid sight from his eyes. He glared at Sasori.

"That is still my godson, you hurt him I will end you.", threatened Jiraya.

Sasori turned to the sannin, his face as blank as ever before he looked at the monstrous fox.

"Assuming Naruto is not already dead, I have no intention of killing him. He is the only one who may allow us all to continue living past the awakening of Cthulhu. I have my Madara puppet who indeed does have wood release, with it I can easily deal with the demonic chakra of the fox. Anything else the beast may possess is up to you to deal with. At the moment we are severely under-prepared for a rampaging Tailed Beast, especially one whose capabilities may have expanded due to it's hosts own odd biology. We allow them to fight, and hope the fox wins. Until then we gather our strength. Unless you have a better idea Sannin it is our only hope.", said Sasori.

Jiraiya was about to say something, when Kakshi interrupted.

"What do you mean Assuming Naruto is not dead", asked Kakshi.

"That creature may not be Naruto, we know precious little of the effects Naruto's biology had on the seal that held the fox at bay. The fox could have been fully released, and merely took Naruto's power for itself, alternatively Jinchuriki can use the powers of their tailed beast and that creature could simply be Naruto using more power than he can fully control, and his biology resulted in the changes to the foxes power. It is also possible neither of these theories are true and something even stranger is at work here, as I said we know precious little of the current situation. However Naruto is the only one who has any idea on how to stop Cthulhu, and therefore I will treat the situation as if he could return to us until evidence proves otherwise.", said Sasori.

"Don't you care that he could be dead, or worse?", asked Jiraiya.

"I do. However I deal in facts when making a decision, and if not all the facts are known to me I will act based on whatever assumption has the most benefits. Therefore I will assume Naruto can be saved until it becomes clear that he cannot. He is much to valuable an asset to die.", said Sasori.

"Asset! Is that all you see him as, an Asset. You cold hearted bastard!", screamed Jiraia.

" Is this really the time to discuss this?", asked Sasori.

Jiraiya nearly charged Sasori before Kakashi held him back.

"There are bigger problems right now, too much to waste what little energy we have left.", said Kakashi.

"The fact remains we know nothing of the current situation. Do not let your emotions get in the way of that bit of truth. At the moment all we can do is hope he can be saved.", said Sasori.

After emerging from the Hunger the fox slowly turned aroun to watch it writhe in pain. The feral beast paced in half circles around the Hunger, drinking in it's cries of agony. It smiled, a much too human smile before lifting it's head up. The nine tree like tails converged as a small orb of red chakra formed above the foxes snout. Then the fox swallowed it, before turning back to the Hunger.

The yellow beast writhed in pain, it's wounds healing unbearably slow from the corrupted energy of the hellish fox. The fox then took in a deliberately slow breath of air, before firing the tailed beast bomb at the Hunger. There were no cries, no shrieks, not even a whisper as the expanding ball of chaotic chakra made its way across the town. Then it hit the hunger and instantly shrunk into nothing, as if it were never there.

For a brief moment, all seemed quiet, as if the attack were nothing more than a rouse or a trick. Before an explosion of such power emanated from where the ball had fell into itself. The earth shook and the shallow sea evaporated into steam. The surrounding Horrors died in the expanding explosion as Deep Ones disappeared in puffs of Smoke. The rubble of buildings ws reduced even further to dust, and a massive crater sat in the middle of the village where the Hunger once lay.

The Fox rose its head high before letting loose a mighty roar of victory. One that would be heard for miles and miles. Yet the beast rage was unending. There were few building remaining, and most were reduced to either dust or rubble. The mind of the fox saw no difference as it lashed out, destroying all in sight. The earth shook violently as it's tails smashed into the ground. Dust clung to the air like a dense fog, obscuring most of the ruined village. The fox paid it no mind as it destroyed all.

Then suddenly massive trees grew and like tendrils they wrapped around the fox, and in it's rage it lashed out. Notably the red miasma of faces faded, and the fox was seen clearly. It's jet colored fur stood on end as the trees seemed to suck the putrid demonic chakra. However the fox was not without weapons.

It's tails pierced the trees that bound it, taking a portion of it's chakra back in the process. The aura of faces brightened a bit before it forced the trees binding it to wither. Of course each time more trees came, and the fox was limited to only nine tails, each one slowly being bound by the trees.

The fox saw the culprit. It was a puppet, one with red armor, and ebony hair. Whose crimson eyes spinned as it was manipulated by Sasori, the puppet master. Most of the fox was bound, but it was anything but defenseless. The crystal quills upon t's back glowed as it released it's storm release bloodline. It slice through trees like butter, but each time more and more trees were coming, forming a cocoon of wooden vines around it. In it's anger and rage the fox thrashed, even as it's strength was sapped, even as it was constricted like a mouse caught in the coils of a serpent.

Wood splintered and cracked with each movement, but never let up. But the fox was strong, and not all of it'd powers were tied to it's demonic chakra. The Sharingan eyed upon the bark of its tails spun and released black flames that burned the trees. The unquenchable fires turned the trees into chared wood, and just as it seemed the fox was going to be free, a massive toad appeared before it.

The toad held a pipe in it's mouth and a sword in it's hand as it glared at the Fox.

The fox roared at the toad as the trees curled around it tightly. The Toad itself took out it's sword and stared at the strange creature before it. The toad actually flinched in shock and surprise.

"What the hell happened to the Nine Tailed Fox.", screamed the Toad.

Atop the toads head stood Jiraya who stared down solemnly at the beast before him.

"I don't know Gamabunta, but right now we have a serious problem. Naruto is somewhere in that thing, we are going to get it out."

"Minato's brat eh, well I suppose I do owe Blondie that much. Hold on tight Jiraiya, it's going to get rough.", said Gamabunta.

The toad took a great leap before bringing the blunt end of it's sword down onto the eldritch fox. The Fox snarled as the mouth upon it's stomach opened releasing hundreds of slithering tongues. They crept through the trees that ensnared the fox as they lashed out at the toad.

In response Gamabunta leapt back avoiding the tongues. The moment he landed he flexed his legs and jumped forward like a freight train, sword ready. The Tongues at this point were few as many were held down by the ever growing trees that wrapped around the fox.

Gamabunta impaled his blade into the foxes paw, and the fox screamed. The toad then grabbed the fox by it's neck, and sat atop it, holding it down. The coiling trees wrapped fully around the beast as the aura of faces fully disappeared. The fox never stopped thrashing, even when, by all accounts, it should have no energy to do so.

Wooden vines coiled around the beasts snout preventing it from doing any more damage. All was quiet, before the unexpected happened. The fox began to melt.

It's skin, and bone, and fur dissolved into a grey protoplasm that seeped through the trees, pooling in the shallow waters below before it moved away looking like an oil slick atop the waters. Then it began to reform itself. Before it could fully change however a large webbed hand emerged from the water, grabbing the beast by the muzzle and pulling it under as if the shallow waters was as deep as the sea. Gamabunta could only stare.

"Jiraiya, you have a lot of explaining to do.", said the toad as he grabbed his sword.

Deep beneath the eldritch waves, the fox thrashed as the coiling tentacles of Lord Dagon held him down. He was bereft of his usual pillar, but was more then making up for it as he held the beast down. Dagon could see the gills on the side of the foxes neck easily breathe in the waters, but the fox behaved as if it could drown, it couldn't but apparently it did not realize this yet.

"Curious.", said Dagon as he gripped the foxes snout with both hands. The Fox at this point was nearly incapable of movement with the tentacles of a lesser Great Old One holding him down, and before it could fight back, the sudden appearance of Mother Hydra crashed into the two. She wrapped her long fish like tail around the Foxes chest and held onto it's bound arms.

The Fox was now unable to do anything. Yet it continued to thrash, doing all it could to escape the children of Cthulhu, in the end, it could not. It's eyes fell, and it's body began to shrink.

Sasori watched impassively as he put away the Madara puppet, he and the Sannin were the only ones who were still around, the others, having no other choice fought the surrounding beasts, what little still remained.

Sasori took note of the once great village. It was no more. The fires were out at this point, but the damage was done. What was not burned was rubble, what was not rubble was dust. No single building had survived the battle. The only thing that remained standing was the wall that surrounded the village, and it was in poor condition as well,filled with holes, and whole sections that had simply collapsed. Not to mention nearly the entire village was flooded, leaving the piles of rubble as the only areas still dry.

When the water began to bubble, Sasori watched as Dagon emerged, holding the young Uzumaki in his hands. The King of the Deep Ones slowly put the boy down and waited. Jiraiya had already took off to check on the boy, and Sasori already had his Kazekage puppet there.

Through the puppets eyes he saw the changes. Naruto was always changed by the fox, even his shadow showed the tail at times, but now the influence of the fox was much more apparent. The feral features that once were only barely noticeable were very apparent now. Fangs that would not look out of place on a vampire were on the upper and lower jaw, with the lower jaws fangs being noticeably longer. The claws, for what was on the bows fingers could not be called nails any more, were thick and long. They were not flt like normal nails but cone like and curved. The ears on side of his head were also pointed with dark red fur at their tips. And the boy was dark around the eyes.

Most notable however was the shadow. Nine tails that were not there were cast, each waving in a wind that likewise was not there. Slowly the boy opened his eyes. Sasori knew the eyes of Azathoth would remain, there was no change there, but what did chill him just a bit was how the nearly solid black sclera blended into the darkness around the eyes blended in, making it difficult to tell where the skin ended and the eye began. All together it was very disturbing.

The boy ran his tongue over his new fangs experimentally before he sighed. He slowly sat up, but obviously was in no condition to do so. Dagon nodded as he fell back into the waters, bringing the shallow sea with him as he did.

"Did we win?", asked Naruto.

Jiraiya, who was standing over the boy nodded.

"What is left of the village.", asked Naruto.

"Ruins and Rubble.", said Sasori.

Naruto nodded tiredly before he took a breath.

"Burn it to the ground.", said Naruto before he fell unconscious.

Sasori understood the meaning, he suspected Nauto did not want any possible bit of the Hunger of the Sunflower to remain, he understood the urgency. They had barely won the battle, and only a few of the more experienced has survived. If either beast returned, there was no guarantee they would defeat it.

"Take the boy to rest, I will ensure nothing remains of the Hunger, the Sunflower, or the Village.", said Sasori.

Jiraiya nodded before gently picking up Naruto and leaping off. Sasori waited a moment before he took out Madara, and he let loose the black flames upon the ruins. They would burn for a week before finally dying out. In the end all that remained of Tanzaku Town was ash.

Sasori watched the flames before he saw a familiar sight, the Deep One Xel making his way to him, limping really.

"The Mi-Go have the book.", said Xel.

"Unfortunate.", said Sasori.

"Indeed. Things are beginning to look grim.", sid Xel.

"The Great Cult still exists, The Color Escaped, there is an individual creating an army of undead zombies, The Mi-go returned, and the Akatsuki are still at large. And in a few short years Cthulhu will awaken to destroy the world. Things were always grim.", said Sasori.

"Yes, but this marks a failure. The Hunger may be gone, but the Mi-go possess a completed copy of the King in Yellow, and they have the means to use it safely. This cult had relatively little knowledge of their own holy book, the Mi-go on the other hand..."

Sasori nodded.

"I see your point. More Distractions to take our preparations away from Cthulhu. At this rate we wont be prepared for his rise."

"In truth, nothing can prepare us. That however is not the point. What is worrisome is the powers the Mi-go just gained. Before we only had to deal with a single science vessel, the Nazzadi spy proves that that may no longer be the case, they could have a fleet. Combine that with the book they just got, should they decode it, Hasturs spells and incantations could be theirs to command.", said Xel.

Sasori's Hiruko body turned to Xel.

"And why are you telling me this?", asked Sasori.

"Our current army is lacking. We are limited to Shadow Clones, zombies from Herbert, and the Mandrakes as foot soldiers. While we do possess powerful ninja, such as the rookie teams, a few of Orochimaru's old minions, Former missing nin, and a former Kage who happens to play host for a glorified turtle, they can only do so much. You also count as a one man army of one thanks to your puppets. A few years ago Naruto covertly began collecting the dead bodies of various ninja for study, each was high profile, very powerful. His original intent was to use the reagent to raise them from the dead. However there is no guarantee they would join us. The situation looks dire, we need there help, whether they want to or not.", said Xel.

"And what does this have to do with me? Do you want to turn them into my own puppets, while it would make me more powerful, it would weaken us in the long run. So why tell me this?", asked Sasori.

"I understand you are a seal master, is this correct?", asked Xel.

Sasori nodded.

"I have a proposition. You and me develop a seal, using your knowledge of seals and my knowledge of elder rituals to construct a special seal able to have those dead bodies be loyal to our organization. Then we ask Dr. West to aid us in creating undead bodies more powerful than any former being injected with the reagent. Your knowledge on puppets to give them built in weapons, effectively we will be creating soldiers that are unkillable and unbeatable."

Sasori thought for a moment.

"What bodies were collected?", asked Sasori.

"The one known as Hanzo the Salamander, the Gold and Silver Brothers, several former Kage of various villages, and over a dozen various bodies of individual ninja, none lower than A-rank?", said Xel.

"Will we inform Naruto?", asked Sasori.

"The boy has an aversion to manipulation for reasons I do not understand, but should we construct such a seal, and be able to present him with a prof of concept prototype, he will understand.", said Xel.

"And if he does not ?"

"I will ensure he does. I did raise the boy after all. I know how to make him see the light, so to speak. "

Sasori looked over the burning village as the ebony flames danced in the wind. He looked at the ashes of the village as the unquenchable fires raised all to the base earth He watched the choking smoke as it rose height into the sky, and he watched the bodies of abominations be reduced to nothing.

Sasori in his life had once destroyed an entire village single handed using only his puppets, he had done a great deal of destruction in his life, and it paled to what these multidimensional monstrosities were capable of. It scared Sasori that such beasts could exist, not that he would admit it. In the end the answer was obvious.

"I will get started when we return."

Xel could only nod.