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dc or alice in wonderland!

" look! There is the castle!" Cissie cried suddeny, the projector light beaming towards the back of the hall. The justice leaguers and audience turned around to see tye image of the back wall. They then returned their gaze to the stage.

" my feet hurt." Bart moaned, dramatically dragging his feet. He lifted his arms up to her, " carry me?" He asked wistfully. Cissie gave him a look and shook her head.

" You can rest once i win this contest with the red queen."

" ...and if you don't win?"

" I won't. I'm good at archery and whoever this queen is better be ready." Cissie smirked and didn't notice Roy sneaking on stage.

" oh I'm re- ow!" He went over on one of his ankles and cursed under his breath, " damn these heels."

Lian must have heard him because a tiny voice from the curtain scolded, " daddy, don't swear, it's naughty."

Some of the audience giggled at Roy's face, before he continued on, " ahem, Oh I'm ready, the question is are you?" He kept up his high-pitched voice and dusted off his dress.

Cissie laughed, " oh yeah. I'm good to go."

-scene change-

Both Roy and Cissie had a bow and two foam arrows. " okay, you hit the white you score 5, you hit the blue you score ten, you hit the red you score twenty and win."

Roy aimed first and Bart counted off.

" Okay, red queen. 1,2,3- shoot!"

Roy fired the foam arrow and it hit the back of the hall, " ten points." Bart said glumly.

the audience clapped.

Cissie was the next up, with Roy chanting and whispering (like thunder) " miss, miss, miss, miss, miss it!"

Bart glared at him and Cissie fired the arrow, it hit smack back against the red bullseye and the crowd cheered. " Cissie wins!" Bart hollared.

" No!" Roy shouted, drawing his bow in slow motion and shooting it at Cissie. Bart jumped in front of her and caught the arrow before falling on the floor.

" Hatter!" Cissie dropped to his side, Bart grabbed at her.

" Alice, I can see the light, it's so beautiful. Life is fading! Limbs growing cold!" he rolled about on the floor much to everyone's almost tearful amusment. He had his eyes closed but peeked through them at Cissie, " kiss me and I shall waken!" He puckered up.

" Bart wrong fairytail.." Tim whispered from off stage.

" Hatter, the arrow didn't even hit you. You're massive flower on your jacket stopped it from hurting you. You're going to be fine."

" What?"

" You can get up. And help me chase the red queen."

" Okay."

Bart was up on his feet with Cissie and Roy made an attempt at a girlish-scream before hobbling off stage, " hey! no fair I'm wearing six in heels." Cissie and Bart took off after him.

-scene change-

" ladies and gentelmen, we hope you have enjoyed our slightly messed up version of alice in wonderland. The cast will now do their bows."

Wally and Artemis stepped forward first, holding hands and taking their bow.

next was Kon, Cassie, Greta and Tim. Tim's bunny ears fell off and Cassie quickly put them back on for him.

Then came Roy with a waving Lian in his arms.

And then finally, Bart and Cissie skipped over and bowed, before they all joined hands and did a great big bow to a standing ovation Of cheers and claps.

That was fun.

oh my god. It's finished. It's finally finished and i am so so sorry, this took so damn long. I am useless I know.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, anyway. I really loved writing this chapter, especially Roy's little wobble and Bart trying to snag a kiss off of Cissie.

but alas the story has ended.

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until next time my pretties.