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All Sierra's life she had been making blogs and getting the latest scoop on whatever celebrities or shows she was obsessed with. So, it's no surprise she moved to the United States when she turned 18 and moved to LA where she found herself spending the next 10 years of her life being a member of one of the hottest Celebrity gossip teams in the business.

Sierra loved her job and was one of the best! She would always manage to get the best pictures that were wanted and that made her not that well liked with her Co-workers. At the age of 28 years old she was single and constantly traveling to get these good pictures. She was married to her job and loved it. Sierra just wished that her boss would make her the assistant manager of the company! That's what she's been working hard for since she joined them at the age of 18, however her boss Malcolm didn't seem to put her on any important assignments. All the work she did, she chose who she wanted to follow and depending on how good her picture quality was she could easily make $300 on one picture and call it a day if she wanted too! Malcolm's favorites were the ones who got traveling assignments, they were the ones who had it made and Sierra wanted it too! She was called 'Stalkerlicious' by many celebrities because they knew her by her hair and her ability to snap a quick picture. Sierra's been waiting for 10 years, She gave it 110% for every picture she snapped and she wanted to write articles too! Today was the day she was going to stomp in the room and tell Malcolm how she felt.

"Malcolm!" Sierra stormed open the door. "You and I need to talk!"

"What's up, See?" Malcolm spun his chair in his office. "Can you believe that Justin Beiber is still around?"

"Can you not call me, See?" Sierra asked him, rolling her eyes. She hated when he called her that. She didn't even know why he called her that. He was her secret Santa the one year and wrote S-E-E on her gift which was apparently his version of Sierra.

"Malcolm, I don't care about Justin Beiber or anyone else." Sierra sighed. "I came to talk about my future."

"You should really see a shrink about that." Malcolm laughed. "It's cool though, I wanted to talk to you."

"Can I talk to you first?" Sierra asked. "It's really important and I wanted to talk to you about moving up in this place. I've been here for 10 years and I proved myself more than worthy! Why can't you just give me a chance and let me do a full report for the magazine! I'm sick of just being the paparazzi picture taker!"

"Okay." Malcolm told her as turned around to open his file cabinet.

"Look, all I'm asking you fo-Wait, did you just say yes?" Sierra asked and jumped up and down.

"Next month's issue is reality stars: Where are they now?" Malcolm threw the file at her. "I knew that I recognized you from somewhere! I didn't know you were that Sierra! Since you were part of the original cast I was hoping you could score me an interview! They used to be big like 10 years ago and the second I found out you were THAT Sierra I knew you were the perfect girl for the job! So, I was thinking that you could go and see what everyone's up to, get a few pictures and convince them to get a reunion together?"

"Oh gosh, I haven't seen any of them since I left Canada." Sierra told him. "I don't think that anyone would want to see what they're up to. They weren't the nicest bunch and I wouldn't even know where to start."

"Cody?" Malcolm smirked. "You had a big crush on him, I'm sure you know where to find him? C'mon See! This could be your big break! If you can score an interview with them we would be legendary! It would be like a vacation for you, to see what all your friends are doing! I'll pay for the whole trip and I'll give you 2 weeks to get it done."

"I don't talk to Cody that much anymore." Sierra awkwardly laughed. "I'm not that person anymore, when I left 10 years ago, I left to get away from Cody. I already had a stalker reputation so I came here to make a profession out of it. I just wanted a fresh start. I've made myself break away from that whole group."

"If you want the promotion you'll have to do it." Malcolm told her. "This is a huge deal for you."

"This is the only way?" Sierra sighed.

"Yes." Malcolm told her. "They know you, can you imagine the juicy gossip they'll spill to you? Do it for the promotion."

"Fine, I'll go." Sierra told Malcolm. "Just for the record, I'm not happy about this! If my career wasn't on the line I'd tell you to go screw off! I'm only doing this to show you how great I am for this company."

"You're leaving tomorrow morning." Malcolm told her. "Pack your stuff."

"Whatever you say, Malcolm." Sierra flashed him a fake smile and walked out the door of his office.

Sierra slammed the door to her apartment shut and went to the tea pot. Tea was the only thing that was able to calm her down when she was nervous. She didn't want to do this and her hands were shaking knowing her job was on the line. She grabbed a cup of tea and tossed her now shoulder length hair up into a bun and went online and started looking them up.

The next time Sierra looked at her clock on her computer it was 3:27am and the only things that she managed to find out was that Chris checked himself into rehab two years ago and Gwen was arrested for protesting naked outside some art museum 7 months ago. Sierra hated clicking on page after page to find nothing worth finding.

"I guess I'm not as good at this as I used to be." Sierra rolled her eyes as she clicked on the 100th website in the last 3 hours when she finally found something! It wasn't much but it would be a start. Sierra hated calling anyone this late but dialed the number anyway.

"Hello?" a woman answered. "Who the hell is this calling my house at this hour?!"

"Uh..Hi, I'm sorry for calling so late." Sierra awkwardly laughed. "My name is Sierra and I was wondering if I could speak to DJ."

"Hang on." the woman sighed. "I hate it when these women call my baby all the time! Just because my baby is single and could cook doesn't mean that every single mother in the city needs to call him up."

Sierra heard what she assumed to be DJ's mom start screaming his name for a minute or so when she finally her DJ pick up the phone, she was nervous. He was the only one that he managed to find. He was her only hope and her job was now in his hands.

"Hello?" DJ yawned into the phone. "Who's this?"

"DJ?" Sierra asked. "It's Sierra...from Total Drama."

"Sierra?!" DJ asked. "Wow, I haven't heard from you in years! What have you been up to?"

"I live in LA now and I work for the paparazzi." Sierra truthfully told him. "How about you?"

"I own a diner here in town with Mama." DJ sighed. "It's not much but it's something."

"Hey, I'm going to be in town for awhile." Sierra told him. "I'm actually calling you to see if you wanted to catch up and maybe I could get an interview from you for my magazine."

"Yeah, I'd love to!" DJ told her. "I'll give you the directions to the diner and we can meet there. I'm still in the same town."

"That's great DJ!" Sierra told him. "You like have no idea how much this means to me! My job is on the line and I'll just explain that all tomorrow."

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow." DJ told her as he gave her directions to get to the diner.

Sierra thanked him and hung up the phone and walked over to her closet and threw a pile of clothes into a suitcase. She was never much of a perfectionist or an organizer, honestly with her schedule she sometimes wore the same shirt 2 days in a row. She grabbed her laptop case and slid it in there, that was what she was going to need the most for her interviews, that and her pink camera that she loved. Sierra glanced at her clock and sighed knowing that this time tomorrow she would be back in Canada seeing people that she didn't want to see ever again and it was all Malcolm's fault.

What she didn't realize was that she was going to be the one who was in for the surprise of her life. The people she knew 10 years ago when she last saw them were living lives you wouldn't expect. In fact it would turn out that they weren't that famous at all...not even one of them.

It just so happens when you move out of the country for 10 years and lose contact with everyone, you used to know. When you come back you'll find out that the world keeps going on and everyone changes and for Sierra the day she was going to realize that was tomorrow.

Okay, so originally I planned on making this a Gwen or Noah centered fic. But then I decided that Sierra needs love too. So, I thought that I would make a story where Sierra decided that she needed to get her life together and accept the fact Cody didn't love her and so she decides that since she's good at stalking people she would go to and try to make a living in LA and didn't want to have contact with anyone from the show. I remember the lyrics to Blaineriffic and Courtney and Heather sing "Turns out she's not so famous." and then I decided it just kinda came together. In this story Sierra is going to meet up with everyone and there will be feuds, surprise couples and people who have made drastic choices in their lives. There may even be a death or two. Will anyone even want a reunion? Will Sierra be able to pull this off? Is anyone actually interested in this? Read and review, This is my first fic that is Sierra centric where she's not a complete Cody obsessed stalker.