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When the funeral started, everyone was trying to be on their best behavior when word got out that Chef passed away and the paparzzi was all over it. Sierra couldn't believe that this was once her life and she did this for a living. They were on their best behavior outside, inside? That was another story and Sierra could feel the tension from everyone in the room.

Everyone paid their respects to Chef at the casket and Chris was standing up the front by the casket with DJ, talking to anyone who would listen. Sierra decided that to walk around and talk to people and let DJ be up there with his Father, she didn't think it was her place.

"It turned out nice." Dawn walked up to Sierra and smiled. "DJ seems to be doing okay."

"He does, I wish I could be there more for him." Sierra admitted. "I've been running around so much that I don't think I'm there enough for him."

"Sierra, if something is troubling you then you can tell me." Dawn grabbed her hand and smiled. "I just want you to know that."

"I appreciate it." Sierra smiled. "I really do. I just have so much going on and I don't know what to do about the whole thing with No-nevermind, it's nothing, Dawn but I'll talk to you when I can, I just don't think now is the best time."

I understand, Sierra." Dawn assured her. "I'm going to go check on Tyler and see how he's doing. I think I see him trying to start a handstand contest with Scott."

"At least the paparazzi won't see it when we're inside." Sierra giggled a bit. "You should probably stop him, Scott too. I don't think Eva will, they both seem to be competitive."

"You're right, I wouldn't want Tyler to break something and make a scene." Dawn gave her a friendly smile and started to walk away. As she was walking away she turned around and told Sierra "Remember you can tell me anything. I'm just a phone call or visit away."

Sierra smiled and realized that Dawn was sincere. She realized that if anyone was her friend in this, it was Dawn. She suspected that Dawn already knew some things that were going on and didn't want to force her to talk. After this was all over, she was considering filling Dawn in on some of the things that have been going on, just not today.

After Sierra excused herself from various mourners and contestants, she noticed that DJ was meeting some of Chef's military friends up front and decided to get DJ some water. As she walked out of the doorway she bumped into Zoey and Mike.

"Hey Sierra, how is DJ taking things?" Zoey hugged her. "I hope you're not stressed out either."

"Things are going pretty well." Sierra assured her. "Everyone is being decent. You still have some people acting like themselves and doing things they consider...uh fun? I think Chef would have liked that."

"I'm really glad." 'Mike' smiled. "I know we didn't all get along with Chef, but he wasn't the worst and since DJ's his son, I'm glad people are here to honor Chef."

"Yeah." Sierra smiled at Mike, surprised that he would actually say something nice about Chef but she figured that it was more of a show for Zoey. "I'm actually on my way to get DJ some water. I'll catch up with you later."

"Zoey, would you like some water?" 'Mike' offered. "I'm getting pretty thirsty."

"I'd love some, Thank you Mike." Zoey kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll go with Sierra." 'Mike' smiled. "I think I saw one of those coolers on the way in."

"That sounds great." Sierra accepted Mike's offer as she gave Zoey a friendly wave. "I'll catch up with you in a little bit!"

Sierra started to walk down the carpeted hallway with 'Mike' walking next to her. Sierra spotted a water cooler and started to walk a few steps in front of Mal walking past an empty room that people were allowed to use to mourn. Caught in her own thoughts about what was going on in her life, Sierra almost jumped when she felt hands around her arms as she found herself pulled into the empty room and the door slammed shut and Mal placed a wooden chair up against the door and sat down in it.

"Shhh!" Mal told her as he looked up at her from the chair.

"You scared me!" Sierra told him as she tried to catch her breath. "I didn't know you were going to grab me!"

"Didn't mean to, Sweetie." Mal smirked. "You were walking ahead of me and I didn't want to get stuck being in a Mike conversation. Did you really think I wanted water?"

"Things are going good today, Mal..." Sierra told him in almost a whisper. "Can we not start anything today?...Please?"

"I didn't plan on it." Mal admitted. "I just wanted to talk and not be forced to stick around Red all day."

"You should give Zoey a chance." Sierra shrugged. "She's a nice girl."

"Too nice." Mal almost sounded defeated. "She's the perfect girl for Mike, not me."

"Is Mike ever coming back?" Sierra asked as she pulled up a chair and sat down across from Mal. "Is there any part of you that likes her?"

"I don't have romantic feelings for Red." Mal admitted. "It's exhausting to even pretend at times."

"Then why do you do this?" Sierra asked. "You could have stayed in jail and avoided all of this."

"I could have and I should have." Mal agreed. "I don't even know why I'm talking to you about this. If I had to analyze myself, I'd just assume that it's because not many people know who I am and Izzy isn't the greatest person to have a serious conversation with..."

"You can stop right there." Sierra laughed. "I've had conversations with Izzy recently."

"She's a good friend, I'm talking about dealing with pretending to be who I'm not." Mal rolled his eyes. "It gets tiring at times and I have a question for you."

"What?" Sierra asked, not sure what the question was going to be.

"You've asked everyone their stories." Mal looked at Sierra. "Why did you never ask me for my story? The full story?"

"I wanted to respect you." Sierra giggled awkwardly. "You know? Uh...I didn't..want...yeah, you know? It's kind of..."

"You're scared of me?" Mal smirked as he stood up and leaned against the door. "I don't blame you, I can be dangerous but you can take a chance on me like I took one on you."

"I'm sorry." Sierra admitted. "I totally trust you after everything you've done, I just don't want to say the wrong thing."

"Sweetie, I want you to know my story." Mal smirked. "Ask me to tell you. I don't make these offers to just anyone."

"Not even Izzy?" Sierra asked in almost a whisper and Mal just laughed.

"Not even Izzy." Mal confirmed with a laugh.

"So, I can ask you anything?" Sierra took a deep breath. "You won't turn around and bash my head in?"

"Bashing gets too messy." Mal smirked. "Even if I did, we're in a funeral home so it would be convenient..."

"Okay, so I want to ask you one thing." Sierra admitted. "What happened between you, Trent and Duncan? How did you get tangled up with them to begin with?"

"I met Duncan through Juvie, but I'm sure you already knew that." Mal told her. "I'm not going to give you a vague answer like that. If you want to know the whole story, I guess I can tell you."

"What about Trent?" Sierra found herself asking. "How did you cross paths with him?"

"It's a long story." Mal chuckled.

Mal was 18 years old when he got out of Juvie and because of his multiple personalities his parents told him they didn't feel safe living with him and told him that they still loved him but he couldn't stay with them, he didn't consider that to be love at all and didn't make contact with them after that. Mike tried to get control over the situation but once Mal was out and free, there was no stopping him because there was never a 'reset button' it was just Mal's way of letting Mike think that he had control, The other's also came back because they needed a place to exist and they were also were a part of him and never really go away. Mike being new to the world and free from juvie asked Zoey to move into her parents house with her with her but after the many times of Mal coming out they told Mike he had to leave and take his personalites with him and that's when Zoey decided to leave her parents house and get a small apartment to live with Mike and Mal. Zoey was the one who helped Mike and Mal out the most, the only one who would stay in his life and Mal admitted, that's the only thing he liked about Red was that she accepted Mike no matter what even if she hated Mal.

"Mike?" Zoey called to him from their bedroom. "What do you want for dinner? I was thinking about ordering Chinese food."

"I'm not in the mood for that crap, Red." Mal walked into the kitchen. "You want to make some steak for me? Oh yeah, a side of that salad with that homemade dressing you usually make. I'm starving, you better get to it."

"I was talking to Mike, Mal." Zoey groaned at him. "I was telling him the other day I wanted to get Chinese food."

"Mike isn't around right now." Mal smirked. "You get the pleasure of spending your evening with me. What do ya say, Red? Dinner and then we go out for a walk? Maybe grab some coffee and mess with some people?"

"The last time I went out for coffee with you as a favor to Mike, you put salt in the sugar containers at the coffee shop and they asked us to leave because you do things that someone in second grade would find funny." Zoey told him. "I'm not going out of this apartment with you. Can I at least get Svetlana? She's fun to shop with."

"You don't find my jokes funny, Red?" Mal sat down at the table and chuckled.

"I don't." Zoey rolled her eyes.

"I could do worse." Mal laughed. "You never know when I'll surprise you."

"You can't surprise me." Zoey went to the fridge and got the lettuce and started to cut it up. "I've known Mike and sadly you for 2 years. I know all about you from what Mike tells me and from what I've seen from you. You trolled people on All-Stars and somehow got called a Villain."

"I guess I'll have to up my game for you then." Mal told her. "Since I'm forced to date you."

"We're not dating, I'm dating Mike." Zoey told him as she threw the lettuce in a bowl and got out tomatoes.

"Red, as much as I hate this situation Mike and I share a body." Mal sighed. "We're sadly dating. Anything you do to Mike's body, you're doing to me."

"You're wrong." Zoey told him. "You and Mike may share a body but you're complete opposites."

"If we're not dating then why are you starting to make the salad I asked you for?" Mal asked her.

"I'm doing this for Mike." Zoey glared "Like you said, you and Mike share a body and that means to take care of my Mike that I have to feed you!"

"You don't have to do anything for me." Mal stood up and went to the door. "I'll go out by myself and find something to do and grab some food."

"I'm making you dinner!" Zoey yelled. "Sit down and wait for it. I don't want you to leave, what if Mike comes back?"

"Then he'll bring us home." Mal smirked. "You only made a salad, I'm not sitting around for that and it's not even done yet. I'll be back in a few hours, Red."

"I love you, Ma-ike!" Zoey yelled as Mal laughed and shut the door.

Mal didn't want to be anywhere near Zoey and so he took every oppritunity to ditch her and would happily leave her if he had full control of this body. The one thing Mal liked to do was hit up the coffee shop down the street, it was convienent and 10 minutes from the shithole he was forced to share with Zoey when he was in control. It wasn't fair, he always had to force Mike out to get control, why couldn't he just have this control and live the life he wanted? Did he want to get Mike involved in the things he did? No, Mike just was stuck along for the ride so he could live the life he wanted. While the others were willing to allow Mike the freedom, Mal never wanted this but he certainly wasn't just going to sit back and let this all happen while he was stuck watching like he was constantly looking out a window. It was pathetic that two completely different people had to share one body.

Mal made his way to the coffee shop and ordered his usual.

"One Medium fat free vanilla latte with some cinnamon and sprinkles." Mal handed the lady a $5 as she smirked at his rather girly order. Mal shot her a death stare, he wasn't going to argue with her, he knew he could kill her if he wanted to. Who would kill a coffee barista over something like that? If she messed the order up, he might kill her but not for judging his order.

Mal took his latte from Judgy McBitch and sat down at a table, he needed to clear his mind, all he could hear was Mike cursing him from inside his own head, that was the downfall to that. Even when Mal was out, Mike made it almost impossible to think and it hurt his head even more when someone was playing some really shitty music in the coffee shop. Who hired these people to play here? Did anyone even hire this guy or did he just start playing on his own? He had a guitar case with him like he expected people to actually give him money for his horrible playing.

"I have a headache." Mal approached the badly playing guitarist. "Your music is making it worse. If I wanted a bigger headache, I would have stayed back at my place."

"Who are you to judge my music?!" the guitarist yelled. "Do you know how to play? I'd like to see you try to do better."

"I can't play." Mal smirked. "If you hand it to me, I can smash it and everyone in here would applaud me for stopping you though."

"If you don't like it, just leave." the guitarist told him. "I need to make a living somehow! I'm on and off with my girlfriend and this is how I'm making money."

"She must be so impressed." Mal reached in to the guitar case and chuckled. "$.7.82...Did you get this money from people in hopes that you'd stop playing?"

"Look Buddy, I'm just trying to make something of myself." the guitarist told him. "The fame runs dry after the show ends and I've spent so many years in a bubble that I never accomplished things that I wanted to do with my life and I'm just trying to make up for time that I lost."

"I don't remember much of my life." Mal rolled his eyes. "My years were also spent on some show, well technically my body but you don't see me trying to chase fame. Staying out of the spotlight is the best thing for someone like me."

"Wait a second..." the guitarist looked up at him. "Mike?"

"I suppose you could say that." Mal held his hand out to shake. "I'm Mal, the better half of a nice loser."

"Trent." Trent simply told him his name. "Do I get to meet Mike later? Oh, sorry that sounds insensitive of me..."

"Hopefully not." Mal smirked and tossed a $5 in the guitar case. "This is for you if you stop playing. It's not insensitive, I live with Red in an apartment not far from this place and Mike likes to come out and visit. When he's stuck in our head, he's so annoying. If I could kill him, trust me I would but that would come at a cost to me."

"Harsh." Trent told him. "I saw you on All-Stars, you're not as bad as I was expecting. Gwen told me stories, I wasn't expecting you to be this way. Is this your way of playing me?"

"That would be a badly played move, wouldn't it?" Mal laughed. "Almost as bad as your guitar skills. This on and off Girlfriend, it's the Goth girl, isn't it? Gwen?"

"Yeah, she's supportive." Trent smiled. "It's just complicated when you have two artists who follow their passions and you end up fighting all the time."

"I can relate." Mal admitted. "I'm in a weird love triangle myself. I have Red and I have Mike and I hate them both. It's hard to do what I want to do in life. Would you believe someone like me actually has life goals? Red and my other half are too good for their own good."

"Being nice is always a good quality to have." Trent shurgged.

"Until you wake up walking in a park with Red who gives your last $10 to a homeless woman when we don't even have money for ourselves." Mal debated. "I hate when I wake up and Mike goes to sleep for awhile and I'm stuck doing stupid shit with Red, who knows who I am and still wants me to do what they were doing. Did you ever think of working on something else while you tried to find yourself?"

"I can't do a part time job while I work on my music." Trent sighed. "I've been down that road and I end up losing all my inspiration."

"Fat free vanilla latte with cinnamon and sprinkles for Mal!" Judgy McBitch yelled from the counter. Trent smirked at him as he went to pick up the drink from the counter. When he got there, he glared at Judgy McBitch because he felt like everyone was looking at him for his order. He leaned in close to her:

"If you ever announce my order like that again, I'll slash your tires. I know what car you drive."

Judgy McBitch seemed scared and nodded that she wouldn't do it again. Mal was about to take his coffee and leave. As he was getting ready to walk out the door, Trent was packing up his guitar and picking it up, walking behind Mal.

"Hey, do you want to go for a walk or something?" Trent asked him. "It beats going back to that apartment you say you hate."

Mal looked at the clock on his phone, it wasn't that late out. It wasn't like he cared if he got home at a ridiculous hour anyway. Red would just be pacing around and he liked making her worry anyway.

"I guess so." Mal agreed. "Just curious, why do you want to hang out with me? I'm not exactly Mike and I'm not exactly someone people would want to hang out with anyway."

"You're still a person." Trent shrugged. "You look like you could use someone to talk to and I wouldn't mind the company."

"I don't need anyone to talk to." Mal rolled his eyes.

"Right." Trent smirked. "I'm sure you'd rather be home with Zoey."

"Where did you want to walk to?" Mal asked, ignoring Trent's comment.

"I was going to go play at this college campus." Trent told him. "They have a huge campus with a bunch of college kids and a coffee shop nearby we can play at."

"We?" Mal looked at him. "There isn't a we in this band you want to start. Are coffee shops your thing or something? Are you even allowed to just walk in and play?"

"Sometimes they throw me out." Trent laughed. "It's the curse of being a famous musician!"

"Famous?" Mal laughed. "Your fame ended on Season 2 but I like the fact you're willing to get thrown out of places."

"C'mon then." Trent told Mal. "Let's go."

About 30 minutes of walking and getting to know Trent, Mal wasn't sure if he liked the guy or not but he had to admit that it was better than hanging out with Red back at her place and it was certainly nice that Trent seemed to understand that he was his own person and not Mike.

When they got to the college campus, they ended up under a tree where Trent unpacked his guitar case and started to play, Mal on the other hand just watched people walk past them. Some of the people dropped some change into the case but most of them walked right past Trent. Mal completely understood, it was mainly Trent playing love songs that Mal assumed were written at one point for Gwen.

After listening to Trent play for almost an hour, Mal started to get bored and just wanted to get a coffee from the place on campus. It wasn't even that far of a walk, he could see the entrance to it from where they were. Trent seemed kind of bummed he didn't make that much from his playing and Mal assumed they would be leaving soon anyway.

"You want a coffee?" Mal asked him. "I'm going to grab one, you want any?"

"I'm almost broke." Trent counted his money. "I'll pass."

"I gave you $5 earlier." Mal reminded him.

"I need that to take the bus home." Trent told him. "I was gonna grab a burger on the way home too."

"Starving artist?" Mal smirked. "Coffee's on me if you want something."

"Yeah, thanks." Trent gave him a friendly smile. "Black with nothing in it."

Mal gave Trent a nod and started to walk on the path to grab the coffee, as he made it off the grass, he got knocked on the ground by a skateboarder who seemed to come out of nowhere. The guy lost everything from his backpack and was attempting to pick it up as fast as he could.

"What the fuck?" Mal helped himself get off the ground. "You could have knocked me out and brought back...him."

"Sorry, Man!" the guy quickly told him as he continued to throw things back in his backpack. "I gotta go."

"GET BACK HERE!" Mal heard someone yell. At this point, Trent saw what happened and was attempting to pack his stuff up and go make sure Mal was okay. When the guy heard the voice he started to just leave some things on the ground and attempt to get up. Mal noticed a bag of weed on the ground and snatched it up before the guy could. The guy was attempting to find it, it seemed to be his priority to the point he didn't even realize Mal had it in his hand as he continued to search the ground. This gave the person who was trying to get the guy in the first place to catch up to him. The person jumped on the guy and pinned him to the ground.

"This is the last time!" The person yelled at this guy. "You owe me over $300 and then you just try to take off on me without paying?!"

"I'm sorry, man!" the guy yelled at the person who was obviously selling it to him. "I'll pay you next time."

"Get up." The person grabbed him and pulled him up. "Get up now, Paul."

"I'm sorry, Duncan!" Paul yelled as he looked at the man who placed his hands on his shoulders firmly.

"As for you!" Duncan glared at Mal. "Hand over the goods. I'll deal with you after I deal with Paul."

"This?" Mal looked at the bag and tossed it to Duncan. "Here."

"Dude!" Paul yelled at Mal. "I needed that for tonight."

"Even your friend dosen't want to deal with your shit." Duncan laughed.

"We're not friends." Mal rolled his eyes. "He tripped over me trying to get away from you. Paul...is it? Did you really try to skip out on your dealer?"

"Wait...Did he just call you Duncan?" Trent finally realized what was happening.

"Sorry!" Paul apologized. "I meant Viper."

"Name's Viper." Duncan looked at Trent. "You want the bag? It's $50, this asshole just owes me more."

"It's Trent." Trent looked at him. "You were-"

"Juvie together?" Duncan quickly said before Paul caught on. "Yeah, I've been in Juvie a lot so that must have been where we met."

"I don't want the weed." Trent looked at Duncan. "We should probably get going and let this guy handle the person who is trying to screw him over. C'mon Mal..."

"Mal?!" Duncan just stared at him.

While the three of them stared at each other trying to see if they actually did know each other, Paul took that oppritunity to release Duncan's grip on him and attempt to bail. Trent not knowing why he did this placed his guitar case in front of Paul and tripped him.

"I think we should go to behind the coffee shop and talk." Trent looked nervously down at Paul and then at Mal and Duncan. "All four of us."

Duncan was confused but agreed as Trent helped Paul up. Paul once again tried to take off again and Mal wrapped his arm around his shoulder and placed his other hand behind Paul's back.

"Start walking." Mal instructed as Paul could feel a pocket knife tip touching his back. "If you draw any attention or try to run one more time, you're going to regret it."

The four walked behind the coffee shop where nobody was around and Mal shoved him into Duncan's grip.

"Show him not to mess with you." Mal smirked.

Mal didn't have to tell Duncan twice, he grabbed on to Paul and punched him square in the face. Duncan did it again and again. Paul thought he was done when all of a sudden Trent pulled some spare guitar strings out of his case and wrapped them around his wrists. They were going to cut his skin, it hurt. Trent looked at Paul who looked like he was going to pass out at any moment from Duncan's punches.

"How much money do you have?" Trent asked him. "Mal, empty his pockets."

"I..I..donn...have an money." Paul groaned as Mal reached into his pockets.

"Looks like you do." Mal looked at him "Would you like to explain why you have $400 in your pocket?"

"No need to explain." Duncan told Mal before he could even attempt to explain. "Give it to me."

Mal without hesitation handed Duncan the money and Trent released the spare guitar strings from Paul's wrists. Paul fell to the ground and Mal, Trent and Duncan just looked at each other before Duncan kneeled down to Paul's face and told him

"Never contact me again or it's going to be worse."

"Should we call an ambulance?" Trent asked the other two. "I don't know what came over me."

"Leave him." Duncan gave Paul one last look as he walked out of the alley with Mal and Trent.

Once the three of them made it back to the college campus and made sure nobody saw them, Duncan finally looked at the two of them and asked them something he wanted to know since Paul first tripped over Mal.

"Why did you help me?" Duncan asked them. "I didn't need anyone's help."

"It just came over me." Trent admitted. "Do you think he's dead?"

"You didn't do enough to kill him." Mal informed Trent. "I did it because he tripped over me and screwed someone out of money. I haven't seen you since juvie, Duncan..."

"I haven't seen either of you since Total Drama." Duncan sighed. "I guess the world wanted us to meet again. I go by Viper these days, I tend to try to keep the fact I was on the show to myself these days."

"I tend to try to keep Mike out of my life these days." Mal smirked. "He's always trying to come out and I can't stand it. We had some fun in our juvie days, consider it like old times."

"Here." Duncan looked through the wad of money they took off Paul and handed them each $50. "Consider it payment for helping me out tonight."

"Is this your full time job?" Trent asked. "I mean, it looks like you're doing well."

"I guess you could say that." Duncan pocketed the rest of the money.

"You know, Trent is not doing that well in the music business." Mal laughed. "He's actually pretty terrible. He's looking for a part time job, well I suggested that he gets one. You have any connections to help him out?"

"After tonight?" Duncan laughed. "That was really impressive. If you wanted to help me out, I can make it worth your time. Both of you actually..."

"You want me to deal drugs?" Trent seemed shocked. "I'm not sure I'm the right person to do that."

"Are you any good with money?" Duncan asked. "Maybe you can help me keep track of the clients or something? I make enough to get by."

"Do you need any other kind of help?" Mal pulled out his pocket knife. "I'm pretty good with this old thing."

"You know what?" Duncan's eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas. "I actually could use your help. if you're both interested, maybe we could team up and make this an amazing business oppritunity?"

"I'm in." Mal shook Duncan's hand. "I refuse to call you Viper."

"I refuse to call you Mike." Duncan smirked. "What do we do if Mike comes out?"

"It won't happen." Mal told him. "I'll make sure of it."

"I'm worried that Gwen is going to find out." Trent admitted. "I'm trying to get back together with her and I just don't want to ruin my chances."

"I left Gwen, she's not exactly over it..." Duncan admitted. "If you're making good money, you might be able to win her back."

"This isn't going to be a problem, is it?" Mal asked. "Two idiots who dated the same girl?"

"I don't have a problem with it." Trent looked at the two of them knowing he needed the money. "You left Gwen, right?"

"She didn't like my business." Duncan shrugged. "Don't get me wrong, I cared for her but I can tell you that she wouldn't be happy to know you're doing this."

"Gwen can never know about this." Trent sighed, knowing he needed this to get his career on track and try to get a decent place for Gwen and himself. "I'm in."

"This is going to be the start of the greatest Total Drama reunion ever." Duncan laughed. "Give me your numbers and I'll text you where to meet me and we can discuss this tomorrow, if that works for you."

The three of them exchanged numbers and then walked away from each other in different directions to head home. As far as everyone else in their lives were concerned, They were never on Total Drama and they never bumped into each other.

"Was Paul okay?" Sierra asked as Mal finished. "You didn't...Ya know?"

"That's what you took from this, Sweetie?" Mal smirked. "He was fine, Trent sent him flowers because he felt bad."

"I mean, that's crazy how you all met up." Sierra was surprised. "I never would have suspected Trent would have done something like that."

"He did it to survive." Mal told her. "It was Duncan's idea and he came into my life when I needed him the most."

"Can I ask about Beth?" Sierra decided to ask Mal. "How did Duncan end up with her?"

"It didn't work with Gwen and from what I heard Beth got his number for some weed from one of her friends." Mal shrugged. "I heard from Duncan that he ended up feeling bad for her after she gave him some sob story about Brady leaving her."

"Duncan sure knows how to pick them." Sierra told Mal as she remembered her encounters with Beth. "Was she normal when they met again?"

"Trent and I stayed away from his home life." Mal admitted. "It was for the best to make sure there was no way for the three of us to be connected."

"What about Trent?" Sierra asked. "When he died, was he still involved with all of this?"

"Yeah, it's pretty damn hard to get out of these situations once you manage to get into them." Mal sighed. "I'm pretty sure you've realized this by now."

"What's your end game?" Sierra couldn't help but ask since Mal was willing to tell her anything at this point.

"I don't care if I go back to jail." Mal shrugged. "I don't care if Red knows what's going on after this is all over. My job is to make sure that Noah pays for what he did to Trent and what Courney did to Duncan."

"I shouldn't even say this but we all helped take care of Duncan..." Sierra reminded him and wished she hadn't.

"You didn't kill him." Mal told her in a low voice, almost a whisper. "It was Courtney's idea and Gwen went and helped her. Thinking back on it, Gwen should be dead too."

"I'm not killing her..." Sierra found herself saying without thinking.

"I'm not asking you to and I'm not saying I'm going to do it either." Mal admitted. "If she didn't have that damn baby, it would be another story."

"You do know that neither Harold or Gwen can keep the baby if something happens to Courtney, right?" Sierra reminded him. "Then what happens?"

"How would you and Mama's boy feel about having a baby?" Mal smirked. "I'd be happy to help you make that happen when B.I.C.I.T.H. is out of the picture."

"I don't know how I feel about that..." Sierra responded, not knowing that Mal was trying to set this up and knowing very well he could make it happen if he wanted to do it.

"If I'm being honest with you, Sweetie." Mal looked Sierra in the eyes. "I don't know how this is going to go down. The girls got in the way before and we had to bluff, I'm not sure I can do it on my own."

"What do you mean by tha-"

Before Sierra could ask Mal or get her answer the door started to move and was hitting up against Mal and the chair he was sitting in. The two looked at each other and Mal quickly got up out of the chair and moved it a few inches over so whoever it was wouldn't be so suspicious.

"Cry." Mal whispered to Sierra right as the door opened to reveal Chris in the doorway.

"There you are!" Chris looked at the two of them and smirked. "Are you two hooking up? Man, this would make excellent TV!"

"Oh Chris!" Sierra quickly ran up to the ex-host and hugged him while she gave her best cry. "I just needed a minute alone and Mike was nice enough to comfort me! I..I just didn't want to bother DJ when he's probably a wreck!"

"I didn't know you cared that much about Chef." Chris patted her on the back awkwardly. "If you two aren't hooking up and there's no camera's to see it then I don't care what you're doing. Sierra, the service is starting and we need to get back in there...you to Mike."

"It'll be okay, Sierra." 'Mike' patted her on the back as Chris started to walk in front of them as the three of them when to the start of the service.

"I'll tell you more at the service lunch..." Mal whispered to Sierra once he made sure Chris was far enough in front of them to not hear.

Surprise! Here's an update after 3 years and nobody probably even remembers what's going on in the story at this point. I lost my fire and passion for writing about 3 years ago, I wasn't in the greatest place at that point but I discovered my passion for writing all over again and started to re-watch Total Drama in between watching Rupaul's Drag Race. The point is, I've known forever what the endgame for this story is, I've wanted to tell Mal, Duncan and Trent's story for awhile and I've always put it off and as much as many people have enjoyed reading this over the years, I've enjoyed writing it!

Expect more updates and more Chrisney shit from me! My writing styles may have changed a bit but my Chrisney love is still pretty strong! That and AleHeather but who knows what other shit I'll write down and update/upload.