At last. It was all over. The light side had won the battle of Hogwarts.

Harry sighed as his eyes opened on the 3rd of May. He pulled himself out of the four poster bed in the seventh year Gryffindor dorm.

"Morning mate" Harry looked over at the other bed as he pulled on his glasses

"Hey, tough day yesterday wasn't it?" Harry gave the red head a wan smile as he pulled himself out of bed

"You idiot. If you ever do that to us again I'll kill you myself" Ron hugged him

"Are we interrupting something?" a girl's voice asked

Harry looked up to see Hermione and Ginny standing in the doorway

"Hey" he smiled at Ginny as she came over and pressed a gentle kiss to his pale lips "sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you yesterday, I was a little busy" he smirked, making light of it, that was until his head snapped to the right sharply

"OW!" he yelped, clapping a hand to his abused cheek

"Don't you EVER do that to me again Harry James Potter" Ginny's brown eyes filled with tears as she hugged him tightly

"I'm sorry" he whispered "I am so sorry"

"Come on, we should go and have breakfast" Hermione patted Ginny on the shoulder and gave Harry a half hearted punch to the chest

"Ow" Harry mumbled softly, Hermione rolled her eyes.


The four of them wandered into the Great Hall ten minutes later to applause and cheers. Mrs. Weasley came dashing over and grabbed Harry, pulling into one of her trademark suffocating hugs.

"Morning Mrs. Weasley" Harry gasped

"I think after all this time and given that you're an adult now, I'll let you call me Molly" she smiled and kissed his cheek, which was still red form Ginny's earlier mistreatment

"Ok then, Molly" he hugged her back, his chin resting on top of her red hair which was now liberally streaked with gray.

"Let's get some food in you, when did you last eat?" she tugged him along by the hand towards the table

"Generally or food that was actually edible?" he joked, taking a pop at Hermione's non-existent cooking skill

"You know what I mean" the older woman ruffled his hair

"I can't remember" he shrugged

"That's it then" she tightened her grip and near enough dragged him to the table.

"After all this time, you still insist on forcing triple portions down my throat" he laughed as she loaded up a plate for him.


Three months had passed. Three months since the battle but still Harry couldn't get used to the newfound peace the post-Voldemort world offered.

"Harry? Are you alright dear?" a voice broke through the emerald eyed boy's stupor

"Hmm? What?" Harry jerked back into alertness as Mr. Weasley laid a hand on his shoulder, his wife behind him, looking concerned

"Oh? Yes, I'm fine, just dozing off is all" he smiled

"Harry" Mrs. Weasley sat down in front of him and took his hand kindly "Arthur and I have been talking" she began

Oh no Harry thought, here it comes, the concerned parent routine.

"And we think you should maybe talk to someone" she went on

"Molly, I'm fine" his throat caught where he was still unused to referring to them as Molly and Arthur

"You need something to take your mind off of the- the war" Molly's breath caught as she tried to talk about it

"I've been thinking I need to do something that takes me away from all the painful memories actually" Harry said, for the first time voicing the idea that had been floating around in his mind for the last month

"Like what? I'm sure it would be good for you" Molly smiled

"Leaving. Not permanently, I'd still visit; got to keep an eye on Ginny and I'd need to visit Teddy so.." he tailed off

"Where would you go?" Arthur asked

"I was thinking of leaving the country, America maybe? I wouldn't have to worry about the language then" he took a deep breath

"As long as you promise to visit us once a month at the very least" Molly looked at him

"I will, I promise. I'll visit Hermione, Luna and Andromeda and Teddy once a month too, always on the weekend obviously. I'll write to all of you once a week too, so you know I'm ok" he assured them

"Where in America will you go?" Molly asked

"I like Seattle, in Washington. It seems like a decent place, rains a lot too, like here in England" he smiled

"When will you leave?"

"Soon, I actually already have everything arranged, I was just trying to figure out how to tell everyone" he looked at his feet guiltily

"Well, make sure to write, or floo call and visit ok?" Arthur ruffled his hair

"I will, I promise" Harry smiled and hugged them


A week later, Harry stood in departures at Heathrow airport, saying goodbye to the Weasleys, Hermione, Luna and Andromeda and Teddy.

"Bye Teddy, take care of grandma ok?" he whispered to the blue haired baby as he hugged the older woman

"You be careful Harry" Andromeda kissed his cheek

"I will Andy, don't worry" he smiled at her

"Here, for you" Luna said he pulled away from Andy

"What is it?" he raised an eyebrow at the small box, opening it, he saw a small silver chain with two circular pendants

"Saint Christopher and Saint Louise, patrons of travellers and orphans respectively" Luna smiled "I thought you'd like it"

"Thanks Luna" he pulled the chain from the box and put it around his neck

"Be safe" the blonde pinched his cheek lightly

"Stay out of trouble Potter" Hermione told him

"Hermione, I'm a wizard, not a miracle worker" he shook his head, just then, his flight was called. He gave one last round of hugs and waved goodbye as he pulled his suitcase away.


Harry sat on the plane, looking out of the window as they took off. Harry wasn't sure what he was going to, but it was better than what he was leaving behind.

Author's Notes.

I'm gonna have to tweak the White Collar timeline to fit with the Harry Potter one for this story, so instead of 2009, season 1 was in 1997 so that this story takes place in season 5 (the as yet unwritten season).

Not much mention of White Collar in this chapter, chapter two will have the first mention of a W.C. character so keep your eyes peeled folks.