Harry looked over at Teddy, smiling as the little boy played in the park with Ender. After being a little dubious of the other boy Teddy had warmed to the blond and they had become fast friends, the two boys and Bill and Fleur's daughter Victoire being considered a miniature Harry, Ron and Hermione.

"They're having fun" Andromeda smiled as they watched Ender try and teach Teddy how to play baseball

"They sure are" Harry laughed, Andromeda had been bringing Teddy to visit him in New York at weekends a lot lately, "is everything ok back home Andy?" he asked

"Of course, obviously there are the usual problems but-"

"Problems? What kind of problems?" Harry looked at her, worried

"The Ministry hasn't changed its position on werewolves at all" Andy bit her lip "there's talk of bringing back the old non-human registry"

"They can't do that, Kingsly wouldn't let it happen" Harry shook his head.

The non-human registry had been a system imposed during the first war against Voldemort; all non-human magical creatures had to register with the Ministry of Magic. There were restrictions on where they could live and they weren't allowed to marry outside their own species or have children unless it was with someone of their own species and even then the child had to be registered at birth and non-humans were only allowed to have a maximum two children.

"I know; I don't want Teddy growing up in that kind of world. That and the fact that I really want to get away from the old house, it brings back bad memories, especially this time of year" she took a deep breath to steady herself

"I've been thinking about that" Harry said and pulled her over to sit beside him "I want you and Teddy to move out here, I have a house on standby for me and Ginny after we- you know" he nodded "but there's a couple across the street who are moving out of State and I asked them to hold off on selling the house until I spoke to you"

"I think Teddy would like that. And why didn't you tell me you'd proposed to Ginny?" Andromeda smiled at him

"I haven't, not yet. I want to do everything perfectly; I was thinking the top of the Empire State Building on the fourth of July" he smiled back

"Sounds delightful sweetie, but run the moving idea past Teddy first ok?" she ruffled his hair

"I'll do it in a minute, give to boys a chance to play a little longer first" Harry laughed

"Speaking of marriage, do you have a ring?" Andromeda asked

"Yeah" he pulled out the chain around his neck that held the two medallions that Luna had given him before he left for America, all the way back in 1998 "Remus gave me this before he died, he thought that my mum would have wanted me to have it". Threaded on the silver chain was a silver ring with a large emerald set between two diamonds.

"Lilly's?" Andromeda asked

"The ring my dad gave her when he proposed, apparently it was grandma Dorea's, given to her by grandpa Charlus when he proposed to her and so on back through the family" Harry smiled

"How beautiful" Andy wiped a tear from her eye "and you plan on carrying on the tradition" she smiled and hugged him

"Yes" he nodded, just then, the two boys came running up to them

"Harry! Grandma! I did it, I hit the ball!" Teddy squealed with delight

"Well done sweetheart" Andy smiled and hugged the boy "Harry has something he wants to talk to you about" she pushed him towards the older man

"What is it Harry?" Teddy tilted his head to the side adorably

"Your grandma and I were just talking about what a cool idea it might be if you two moved out here to New York. There's a couple who live near my spare house up in Upper Manhattan and they're moving away and I was thinking you and grandma could move in" Harry smiled as he pulled Teddy onto his knee

"What about Auntie Ginny?" the little boy asked

"Well, now don't tell her this, but I'm planning to ask her to marry me soon" Harry smiled "and depending on what we decide she might move out here to live with me in the spare house, which means we'll be right down the street" he ruffled Teddy's hair, which had turned bubblegum pink and Harry laughed as he was reminded of the little boy's Mother

"Ok then" Teddy's hazel eyes, so like his Father's, lit up "as long as I can sleep over at Ender's"

"As long as Mr. and Mrs. Burke say it's ok then I'm sure you can" Andy smiled

"I'm sure mum and dad will say it's ok. Every second weekend you can stay at mine and every fourth week I'll sat at your house" Ender hugged Teddy's shoulders as he spoke

"Ok cool" Teddy laughed and they boys ran off to continue playing

"Kids" Andy rolled her eyes

"Tell me about it" Harry laughed


Harry had invited Ginny to attend an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. It may not seem like it from the outside, but Ginny was quite interested in art and enjoyed the finer things in life, despite her rather tomboyish nature. That was one of the things Harry loved about her. His plan was simple; view the exhibition and then take her to a meal in the museum's restaurant. Considering it was considered the twelfth most expensive restaurant in New York, it seemed like a good choice of venue for his little proposal.

"You look amazing" he smiled as they walked around the museum. She was wearing a dark green silk cocktail dress which looked amazing with her hair which was pinned up and held in place by the silver chopsticks set with emeralds he had given her for Christmas the previous year. Around her neck was the emerald and diamond necklace he'd given her for her birthday just two months previously.

"Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself Potter" she laughed and kissed him as they stopped in front of a painting.

Harry smiled and took a deep breath, he had to stay calm or she would think something was going on. After a little while, they decided to go and have their meal.

When they ordered, Harry made sure to ask for a bottle of champagne with two glasses.

"I hope you're not trying to get me drunk so as to have your wicked way with me Harry, I'm sure your FBI colleagues would frown on that" Ginny laughed as the waiter came back with the bottle

"Don't be silly darling, I'm a perfect gentleman. Allow me" he said, standing up to pour the champagne into her glass, carefully slipping the ring into the glass when she wasn't looking

"To us" she toasted him, not looking at the glass in her hand

"To us" he agreed and sipped his drink

"Oh my!" she squeaked and used her knife to fish the ring out of the bottom of the glass

"Well would you look at that?" he laughed and took the ring from her to dry it with his napkin, making a show of pretending to drop it.

He knelt in front of her, down on one knee and took her hand in his, holding the ring with his other hand.

"Oh no" she blushed, catching on

"Ginnevra Molly Weasley, you are the love of my life and it would be no greater honour to me than to have you by my side for the rest of our lives. Please my darling, marry me" he smiled

"Oh my God" Ginny laughed "yes, but only on the condition that you never call me Ginnevra again"

"Deal" he slipped the ring onto her finger and stood up to kiss her deeply

"On second thoughts, let's skip dinner" she broke away and pulled him out of the restaurant, Harry pausing only to pay their bill as the entire crowd in the restaurant applauded them.


"You should have seen it Luna, it was so romantic, if a little cliché" Ginny smiled as she sat chatting to Luna in the Burrow kitchen

"Hey! I am not cliché" Harry grumbled

"Old fashioned then" Ginny laughed

"Never mind that, have you thought about a date yet?" Luna asked excitedly

"We were thinking summer, maybe August" Ginny smiled

"What about August 21st? Midsummer, perfect time for a wedding" Luna suggested

"Sounds like a plan, what d'you think Harry?" Ginny asked

"I'll leave the planning up to you, I've done my bit" Harry laughed "but yeah, Midsummer sounds perfect" Harry kissed Ginny lightly

"The big question is, your place or mine?" Ginny said

"Beg your pardon?" Harry looked at her, his emerald eyes wide

"The wedding. Here at the Burrow like Bill and Fleur's or over in the States?" Ginny clarified

"Oh! I dunno, what's easier?" Harry shrugged

"The thing is, most of the people on your side will be work colleagues, most of whom are muggles, so getting them here will be a problem" Ginny rolled her eyes "the lucky thing is that I want a muggle wedding rather than a traditional wizarding wedding anyway so that's that problem out of the way. That would be an argument for having the wedding over there but getting all of my family there for the wedding would cause problems, especially great Aunt Muriel" Ginny huffed

"Yeah, good point" Harry thought for a moment "well, it'll be easier to get everyone on my end over here than getting all of yours over there"

"You think it would be ok?" Ginny smiled

"Yeah, the rest of the team get's the same time off and Elizabeth is her own boss so if she wants time off for a wedding she can take it" Harry shrugged

"What about the rest of them? Mozzie, June, Christie?"

"Mozzie, I don't know what he does for a living other than the obvious, so I think he'll be ok. June is retired so I'm sure she'd be ok with coming and Christie can probably get time off at the surgery so she should be ok to come" Harry smiled as Molly came in "Ender will be on summer break so he should be able to come too"

"What about the team you worked with before? At the BAU?"

"The only problem there could be JJ; she doesn't get the same holiday time as everyone else so she might not be able to make it" Harry shrugged

"Well, I hope you realise that you're not getting out of wedding plans as easily as you seem to think young man" Molly admonished "because you'll be helping out just as much as anyone else in the run up to this wedding"

"Oh God help me" Harry rested his head against the table and groaned as the assembled women laughed.


Author's Notes.

I had trouble deciding how the relationship between Teddy and Ender would play out; I couldn't make up my mind whether they would be best friends of whether Teddy would be jealous of another little boy being so close to Harry. In the end I decided to make them friends, Harry having strictly told Ender not to lead Teddy down the same path that he, Harry and Neal ended up following (the life of crime basically). Despite this, Ender does plan to teach Teddy the basics, such as picking pockets and lock picking, with a little help from Mozzie and June.

The next few chapters will have the wedding and reception, so stay tuned.