Days have passed since the shouting first began. The woman now known as Edith Prior was my father's eldest sister. She had left before he was born. Joined the people few really knew about, living the life of a world with all factions. The other side of the fence. Our world is fresh and new now. There are no more factions. We live our lives like the people from over the fence. Tobias and I live in his old Abnegation home. We paint it different from the old, drab grey, with many varieties of color and happiness. To leave our faction world behind. Edith lives in an abandoned house few streets over. She brought some people from the other side with her, but few wanted to leave. Even though our two worlds will be the same now. We will try to start over as best we can. I still have nightmares, but Tobias is always there to fight off my nightmares in his usual way, with his bare hands. We confide in each other. Some days Christina will stop by and stay with us, but she rarely talks anymore. We are still getting over the aftershock of what we have been through. Few of my fellow Dauntless friends keep in touch, but Uriah appears on occasion. Things start to get better. We vote in a president, who gives us free will, and we help in making decisions. It was the newcomers' idea. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. We can all see it. We are not there yet, but I can already taste the crispness of a new world. A new beginning. The perfect life.