Working around some writer's block and I have wanted to revisit this for a while.


Luke Skywalker was tired. There was no way that he was going be getting out of bed anytime soon. It didn't help that it was freezing outside.

He heard the door slide open and prayed to the Force that it was Wedge and not someone else.

"Luke, if you don't get out of bed we will be late for patrol." Wedge Antilles told him from the doorway.

Luke sighed and threw the covers back.

Within a minute Luke was dressed and headed out with Wedge.

"I can't wait until we can leave this ice ball." Luke grumbled.

"I hear you." Wedge said. "This is one of the most inhospitable planets in the galaxy."

"When I find out who voted to come here I am going to introduce them to my lightsaber." Luke said as he shivered a bit.

"I bet it was Mon Mothma." Wedge said. "And you know how much you-know-who respects her."

Luke rolled his eyes as they made their way to the East Entrance. It was going to be another long day.


Han Solo felt like swearing at the nearest person in multiple languages. This planet was the worst one he had been on in years! Once he found out who had decided that they go to Hoth he would hunt them down and feed them to something!

He had places to be and beings to see. And he couldn't do them here.


Lieutenant Ryean Riggs didn't look away from the screen as he heard two beings walk passed. He did hear that they were talking how the search was taking longer than they thought it would; maybe a little too long.

Ryean thought that they might as well be chasing the fabled wind sprites of his home world. But the enemy was real. Finding them was the problem they were experiencing. Hopefully their enemy had fewer hiding spots then they thought and with all those probe droids searching as well the search should be much shorter.

A noise suddenly shattered the silence on the Bridge. It sounded like someone was choking. Ryean resisted the urge to look to see who it was; something told him that it was the Admiral.

Ryean didn't even blink when then sound of a neck being crushed sounded through the Bridge followed by the body hitting the deck.

This was the life of an officer in the Imperial Navy; especially of one that served with Death Squadron.


"Something isn't right; I hope that we get those sensors working soon." Wedge said to Luke as they rode their Tauntaun mounts next to each other.

"I do too Wedge, but until we do get the sensors in place and working we will be busting our butts." Luke replied.

"This is revenge for that accident that I was a part of last week." Wedge said with conviction. "How was I supposed to know that sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid would basically explode and create a mess?"

"Wedge, every Youngling that does science fair projects knows that sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid react like that." Luke informed his friend.

"Well if they want a real prank I will get ahold of several bottles Calo and Mathos and see how they like the mess that those cause." Wedge declared.

"Not if you want to be scrubbing down one of the supply ships." Luke told the upset young man.

Wedge looked at Luke in horror.

"You wouldn't!" he yelped.

"We have had enough trouble from Wes and Hobbie in some respects. I mean Leia is still fuming at what those two did last month." Luke said shortly.

Luke felt a warning in the Force. He quickly pulled on his Tauntaun's reins and searched the Force.

Luke quickly dismounted his Tauntaun and yanked Wedge off of his.

A few moments later something zoomed over their heads and hit the ground in a fiery explosion.

The Tauntauns bolted in terror.

"Metroid?" Wedge asked as the pair looked at the impact site.

Luke reached for his macrobinoculars and examined the area. What he saw appeared to be twisted metal of some type of craft.

"I don't know." Luke answered. "But it's too hot to investigate for now."


Ryean was looking at the scans in an effort to make sense of what he was seeing. It was as if two images were over lapping.

"What happened here?" a voice he vaguely recognized demanded.

Ryean heard several audible gasps of horror and stood to see what was causing the ruckus.

What he saw shocked him beyond belief.


Terrence Brook sighed as he watched the cranes move fighters and shuttles around the hangars.

He was looking forward to his shift ending so he could get back to writing that future best seller.

The noise of a fighter's engines had Terrence groaning. He had been so sure that the fighters wouldn't be due back for another half hour.

The door to the office opened admitting the next shift officer: Wyllys Lyns-Col.

Terrence quickly filled Wyllys in on what was going on before he left the office.

Terrence pondered on the best ways to introduce the main female lead and was having a hard time of coming up with a believable scenario.

As he walked to the turbolift Terrence noticed that an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor was parked off to the side.

Terrence paused to stare at it. He could have sworn that a fighter like that didn't belong on the ship. But he guessed that it had to be some type of trophy that had been moved there with all the shuffling around that was happening.

A loud scrapping sound filled the air.

Terrence turned and froze at the sight of a fighter sliding across the hangar deck; heading for him.

Terrence watched in frozen horror as the fighter skidded closer.

The fighter suddenly stopped and a ground team raced towards the fighter; helping the terrified pilot out.

"That fighter isn't supposed to be there." The pilot gasped.

Terrence watched as Amariah Jaeger walked up to the fighter and opened the canopy. He watched as she rummaged around before turning away.

"No one touch this." She ordered as she headed for the bank of turbolifts.


Rei Rollis sighed as she followed the medical droid that she was helping through the corridors of a medical facility. She had been randomly selected to work here for the next few standard months.

Rei didn't like the feeling of this area. It felt as if someone was in horrible pain; both physical and emotional.

Rei suddenly turned from the droid and walked up to the left wall and slid her hand across it. A door opened and paneling along the wall slid up to reveal a nightmarish operating theater.

Rei could smell burnt flesh and clothes making her gag.

Her eyes roamed the room and fell on some medical supply crates; the type for holding organic tissue.

"Oh dear," the medical droid said. "This room isn't on the blueprints."

Rei slowly opened the nearest crate and gasped at the sight of several bones that belonged to a humanoid; bones that had been removed surgically.