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Two hours later . . .

Luke Skywalker couldn't quite find the peace he needed in meditation but he needed to do something besides pace or stress about something that he couldn't change.

There was nothing he could do to change anything.

"What do you suppose it will be like?" He asked no one in particular, "to cease to exist even in the Force?"

"I don't know," his sister answered. "I imagine that we will just float away like smoke on a breeze. It might be a relief in the end though. The Force has never been quite right according to the Masters since about the time this interloper arrived and started to create all of this."

Luke just nodded; there really wasn't anything he could think to add or rebuff her comments.

"Perhaps part of us will become part of the other us." Amariah suggested.

Luke almost laughed at the thought but maybe Amariah had a point. That might be their fate. He wondered what that might be like for the other Luke to suddenly have memories or thoughts that weren't his own.

"As much as vanishing into nothing upsets me I wouldn't wish someone to suddenly have memories or beliefs that aren't theirs to begin with." He stated with conviction so strong it almost surprised him but he knew he meant every word.

"We won't cease to exist Luke," his father stated gently. "We will become part of the Force with no memories and become one of the many possibilities that could have been if things had turned out differently."


Half an hour later . . .

Amariah took several deep breaths to help center herself. She would be the one attempting to punch through the shifting of the Force, Time and Space.

At least she wasn't going to be alone; at least not completely. The Masters would help push her but it would be up to her to latch on to the other Leia and fight her way to Leia's side.

She closed her eyes and prepared herself. They didn't know how much time they had but the Force had whispered 'soon'.

Amariah wondered if it would hurt or if it would be painless or if the pain would come later. She was prepared either way to sever the bonds powering the device either way and collapse in pain afterwards.

It was fortunate that the actual controls for the device were elsewhere in the base than where Leia had been attached to it.

Disquiet grew in the Force and she knew her time was up.

Blinking back tears she looked one last time at her friends from where she stood in the circle of Masters and Knights before she closed her eyes and Reached into the Force picturing her destination in her mind.

At first there was nothing then she was buffeted by the Force and Sensations. She could Feel death and destruction but she didn't know why or where.

The ground underneath her suddenly lurched and Amariah stumbled into a wall. Her eyes flew open and she realized she was at the base. She steadied herself and ran down the corridor; lightsaber in hand.

She focused on the room at the end of the corridor where this timeline's Leia was chained to a wall and being used as a power source. She could Feel she didn't have a lot of time.

Amariah burst into the room, quickly ignited her lightsaber she sliced the odd cuffs free of the cables that attached Leia to the machine before deactivating the blade to catch a suddenly free Leia.

It hurts to see Leia stare at her with no recognition when the two women had known each other for years but that was Leia Skywalker later Solo, this Leia was a stranger to her.

"Thank you," Leia said and immediately went to attempt to remove the cuffs that were still attached to her wrists.

Amariah quickly grabbed Leia's hands; stopping her from touching the cuffs; remembering all too well the damage that had been done to her wrists. "There are needles digging into your flesh to access your veins; you need to leave them alone until you see a medical droid."

Leia's presence flickered with pain and annoyance but she did nod in acquiesce.

Even though Amariah wanted to search the base for the woman she didn't dare leave Leia alone; not in her condition.

Amariah and Leia waited there for what felt like hours; waiting for the woman to come and see what had done wrong but she failed to arrive.

Time slowly trickled by but no one appeared and Amariah couldn't Sense anyone in the compound beside her and Leia.

"I think she fled." She said, breaking the silence.

"I believe you are correct; I did not Sense a Disturbance in the Force so she must have fled." Leia commented.

Amariah cursed under her breath; the woman was in the wind and free to strike again.

"She would need a Skywalker to defy the Laws of the Force." A familiar voice stated.

Amariah looked up and saw a person she never thought she was going to ever see again. "Master!" she cried in joy and threw herself at him only to land on the floor.

A hand gently touched her but it didn't feel like a normal hand. It didn't seem to be solid and she couldn't feel any details about the hand touching her.

She looked up and stared into the eyes of Anakin Skywalker; he was partially transparent but she could tell that he was looking at her thoughtfully.

"What is your name?" he asked her.

"I'm Amariah Jaeger, a Jedi Padawan from the other world." She answered; her stomach twisted as she thought about the world she had left behind and how she was the only one left.

"Do you know her?" Leia asked warily.

"I don't know the young woman here but I recognize her features and the core of her Force Presence. I knew her as Seeker Eight. She was used mostly for mental and emotional manipulation at his orders. He killed her when she accidentally stumbled onto something." Anakin Skywalker stated.

Amariah felt empty. She suspected that her fate here hadn't been good but to hear from her Mas- Anakin Skywalker, that she had been trained for mental and emotional manipulation and had been killed for learning something someone hadn't wanted her to know.

"Was it painless?" she asked softly.

Anakin's face twisted into a sorrowful expression and she felt the pit of her stomach drop.

"I don't know how he killed her; but knowing his reputation and methods it must have been painful in some fashion and depending on what she had learned he would have seen it as a final punishment as well." He answered.

She couldn't stop the tears that fell and neither did she really want too. She had lost everything and within a few moments had learned that here her counterpart had had no name and been murdered.

"We need a name for her." Leia's voice said; startling Amariah out of her tears.

"Can't I just use my real name?" she asked, puzzled.

"No," Anakin began, "as far as the records of the galaxy are concerned Amariah Jaeger did exist and she did have a family but they remember her being taken away by Imperials and never learning her fate. It is rather well known what happened to the children taken by a certain branch of the Imperial Military and you might find yourself either having to answer questions you don't have the answer for or dodge people trying to kill you because they wrongfully believe that you are a Dark Sider." He told her.

Amariah felt lightheaded as she processed what was just said. She would rather keep her name but if it would only cause problems maybe it would be better to take a new name.

"As a youngling, my pet name in the training halls was 'Mara' but I discarded it when I grew older." She said.

"She still needs a last name." Anakin muttered.

"Jade," Leia said. "We can give her the last name Jade. It's an actual last name and, depending on where we end up saying she's from, one that won't raise much in the way of suspicions."

Mara, formally Amariah, stared at them for a few moments.

"Does it all have to be decided right now?" she asked; overwhelmed by everything that would have to be done.

"No, we will need a database to help us set you up with a new name and background that will hold up and that is satisfactory to you." Anakin answered.


Coruscant, Three days later . . .

Luke Skywalker felt bad for the misplaced young woman. He couldn't imagine what it had to be like to have lost everything and having to move on. She would have to relearn the last twenty plus years of Galactic History, a new personal history, acclimate to a different galaxy and new name.

What made things worse is that she would never be able to talk openly about what she had lost or who she truly was. No one would believe her or attempt it themselves.

She had spoken a bit about it to him but he Sensed that she was uncomfortable at times. He understood, she had been open about who she had known in the other timeline; that she had known the other versions of Leia and him.

It must hurt to see such familiar faces but you no longer share the same memories or experiences. For a moment Luke imagined what it would be like if someone dropped the alternate version of Biggs Darklighter into his life. Biggs most likely wouldn't have known him and, going from what little A-Mara had told them they probably only rarely visited their aunt and uncle and without the War Biggs would have had little reason to leave Tatooine; even if the Republic had stepped in and helped make life better he might not have felt there was a reason to leave or if he had the odds were good he wouldn't have met the son and daughter of a Jedi Master and politician. Mara certainly didn't remember meeting anyone from Tatooine with the last name 'Darklighter'.

Mara would always struggle to fit in and he wouldn't blame her if she decided to leave and make a new and different life for herself instead of sticking around and finishing her Jedi Training.

He didn't expect her to decide for some time but at the same time he wouldn't be surprised if one day Han, Leia and he woke up to find that Mara had left in the middle of the night.

He hoped she wouldn't but he wouldn't force her to stay either; she needed time to heal and move on with her life and if that meant being on the opposite side of the galaxy living under a virtual rock than maybe it would be the best thing for her.

She already had had problems when she learned that many of the people she had known and cared about in the Republic Military were either dead or had served a corrupt Regime; doing terrible things. Her memories of them forever tainted by her new knowledge; she had almost shut down when his father informed her that he had joined Sidious instead of defeating him here.

Luke sadly shook his head to help dispel his increasingly gloomy thoughts.

Whatever decision Mara made they would do their best to support her.