"How you holding up, Two-Shoes?" Hot-Blades Harry knelt down beside his friend. Becky was sitting on a crate, waiting for Bobby to come back to the hideout.
"I'm alright. I mean, my back hurts, I feel nauseated, but I've felt that way for months." Beck waved those things off and rolled her eyes dramatically, then she smiled and locked eyes with Harry. The two of them laughed with slight relief.
"At least your not moody. You know, more than usual." Harry sat back on the floor and smiled at his own joke. Becky laughed and gave him a shove. Harry sighed.
"What?" Beck asked, rubbing her belly absent-mindedly.
"Remember when we gave everyone nicknames? Sue was Soupy Sue because at the time she couldn't eat a bowl of soup without spilling it all over herself. Just a little runt. And Tom, he was always tiny, smaller than even you. Little Becky Two-Shoes. Never had two shoes that matched. Still don't." Harry nudged her foot with his. One was wrapped in a little brown boot, the other in a black Mary Jane.
"Billy Boy Bill? He couldn't remember his last name because he was so young, so it's just his first name again. Robby the Stockfish, he had those fish from the dried up lake drying in a shed. You, you were so quick on those roller blades." Becky sighed happily. Back when they were all kids, money didn't matter. Their parents paid for the fees and they ran up and down the streets like there was no tomorrow.
"So fast you swear it could start a fire." Harry nodded at the fond memory.
"Yeah, those were the days. Before we grew up, before we had to pay for the amenity ourselves, before Keith got shipped off to Urinetown, and before I was carrying his watermelon around." Beck said sourly, rubbing at her belly.
"Hey," Harry elbowed her,"That kid will be the best. You're going to be a great mom, Bec." Harry said. Becky sighed.
"I wish I would have thought about the baby before I joined the revolution. It's not safe. I was being selfish." She admitted.
"Hey, you are many things, you're stubborn, you're short tempered, you're a pain in my neck sometimes-"
"And your point is?" Becky interrupted angrily.
"And kind of bratty. But you aren't selfish. You know what you're doing in this revolution?" Becky shook her head. "You are trying to make a better life for your baby. That's pretty selfless." Harry pulled his knees up and hugged them to his chest. Beck smiled slightly.
"Am I really that bratty?" She asked. The two of them laughed as Harry shoved her gently.
"And hey, that kid is going to have the best uncle Harry ever." He laughed.
"Thanks Hot-Blades. You ain't half bad. Maybe one day some girl will be just stupid enough to marry you." Becky said, watching as he got up.
"Hey, watch yourself, runt." Harry ruffled her hair. She swatted his hand away and laughed. He took her and and pulled her to her feet.
"Thanks." She mumbled, resting her hand on her back and on on her stomach.
"Come on, Two-Shoes. Let's go make sure that Cladwell girl isn't trying to escape." Harry gently kissed her forehead and took her hand to pull her along towards the rest of the group.