Okay, I've had this idea for a while but I suck at remembering and writing new chapters for stories so I only do oneshots (seriously, i have a fanfic going on that I haven't updated in over 4 months 0.0) And also I'm not that good at keeping people who actually exist in character



You know how Jayy has the demon/satan looking tattoo on his hand? That sorta looks like it could be a demon mark if he was in Kuroshitsuji?

Well I saw a post on Instagram that showed his tattoo and then Sebby's demon mark and it said "Jayy's a demon? o.e"

Thats where my idea came from

My idea that Jayy is a demon and Dahvie sold his soul to get him to do something (I dunno what though) and then they fall in love and make yaoi. Maybe they meet DemonCiel and Sebastian too (Maybe even Grell)

Yeah, so if you wanna use this idea, its all yours, you dun have to give credit either

Just review this if you are, so I can read it cx