Chapter 2


"Yes, you two are already married", Mr. Belikov explained. "Listen. There were two people in love. William Harris and Stefanie Keller, but they weren't legal in this country so they both stole your identities to get married. So technically - and more importantly legally - you two are married, even if you never said the words."

"That's not possible", my mother denied.

"I'm afraid it is", Alexander snapped. He didn't like it to be interrupted, obviously. "I talked to my lawyers about the situation at hand and the marriage is legal, you two are husband and wife."

"Then divorce them. You can do it right now", my father replied.

"That's the thing, I've tried", Mr Belikov sighed.

"What do you mean tried?", Dimitri asked. "You weren't successful?"

"Don't interrupt me son", Alexander shook his head and glared at Dimitri. "The thing is that the press already knows."

"Wait what?", I asked. "What do you mean the press knows?"

The old Belikov actually growled at me and I shrunk back into the couch.

"There is a small article, but soon it will be in all the big magazines, the Times and so on. We won't be quick enough with the divorce, so some magazines will find prove. I need you to stay married."

"Hell no!", Dimitri shouted, the same I shrieked "What?!"

We both glared at each other, Alexander didn't seem fazed by our behavior.

"Not for long. You need to stay married just for a few months. Then you will divorce, Dimitri will stay a little low on his girls." He looked pointedly at Dimitri who looked down. "So the press will think it was a 'not thought trough'-marriage that didn't work out because Rose here had too much stress with all the paparazzi and stuff. Dimitri will play the heart broken and everyone goes their separate ways."

"No", I said immediately.

"I wasn't finished little girl", Mr. Belikov snapped. "For your … services, you will be paid well of."

"What?!", I shrieked and was out of my seat in seconds. "Who the hell do you think you are? I'm not some prostitute you can buy!"

"You sure about that?", He asked and raised an eyebrow.

"Damn sure", my father growled and stood up as well.

"How do 500.000$ sound?", Mr Belikov asked.

My mum gasped and took a hold of my father's hand, but he didn't budge.

"No", he growled. "I don't care how much you offer me, I won't sell my daughter!"

It's weird, but at this moment I actually felt more loved than any other time and more guilty than any other time. We needed this money, we needed it badly and we all knew it. Still, my dad refused.

"A billion and a new house for you, my last offer."

"I already told you: N -"

"Deal", I interrupted.

"What? No!", My father growled.

"Yes", I replied.

Mr. Belikov smiled smugly. He thought you could buy anything with just the right price and I actually just admitted that someone could buy me.

"Dad, think about it: We need this money. We can barely afford our little apartment now, let alone the food mum craves. We can't afford the baby, but with this money, we can. And this baby deserves it, as do you and mum. You sacrificed enough already for me, now let me give something back to you."

"Rose, you don't -"

"Great!", Alexander said and stood up. "Then it's settled."

-o-o-o- Thrown Into His World -o-o-o-

After I signed a contract, saying I couldn't tell anybody about the marriage and the plan behind it all, I was led to another room. It was another office but was now packed with make-up, clothes, hair straighteners and stuff like that. I only saw those things on posters or in windows I walked by, never in real life.

There were three women, all dressed in pink, all with perfect white teeth, red lips, blond hair. They smiled at me and tortured me for at least the rest of the day. Okay, it wasn't actually that long, but it felt like that. But after everything was done, it was actually worth it.

I looked into the mirror and saw … someone beautiful. The girl in the mirror had shiny brown, almost black locks cascading down her back in big waves. Her dark brown eyes seemed to shine brightly and were bigger than usual. Her lips shined lightly with a thin layer of lip gloss, her cheeks held a light blush and her skin looked soft and creamy. The dress she wore showed off her curves but hid enough to let it seem classy. Her high heels made her legs look longer. She really looked beautiful. My mind refused to believe that this girl was actually me. But when I took a step closer to the mirror and stumbled in the high heels, I did believe it was me. Those shoes hurt like hell, but they did look good.

After I was … transformed, I was led back to Alexander Belikov's office. When I came in every pair of eyes looked at me.

"Rose", my mum whispered and she began to cry. "God, you look so mature."

"You look beautiful", my dad said and his eyes turned soft. He smiled at me, but in his eyes I could see guilt. Guilt that he couldn't afford the makeup and clothes I wore right now. He wanted to buy me the world, and sometimes he couldn't even afford a new lip gloss for me. But I didn't care. The love of my father and mother were enough for me and that was why I was doing this.

"She looks like she belongs to my son", Mr Belikov clarified.

I glared at him! But his back was to me, so he couldn't actually see it.

"Okay", he got the attention of everyone. "Rose, you and Dimitri will move to one of my apartments in Brooklyn. Dimitri, you wanted to have this apartment for a long time, now you are getting it. You know which one I mean." He threw some keys at his son and Dimitri grinned when he caught the keys. "Rose I will get you another pair of keys as soon as possible. You both will move in immediately. Rose will change schools to Dimitri's and you will behave like a couple in public. As for you, I have a house ready for you to move in this instant, furniture already there. You can move some of your old stuff in tomorrow or during the week ahead. Sound good? Good. I have other things to do now so please leave my office."

Translation. Get the hell out of here I have more important people to meet.

Asshole! My parents, Dimitri and I left his office, we all went to the elevator and rode down. The ride was silent, the only sound was the jingling of keys in Dimitri's hands. After the doors opened, he was the first to leave the elevator.

"I will get the car and wait outside for you", Dimitri said to me without looking back and went through the lobby to another corridor at the right.

"Are you sure you want to do this?", my mum asked worriedly.

"Yes, I am", I replied confidently. "Don't worry mum. You two go enjoy your new house and I will come visit when I can."

"Stay safe and don't let them treat you any differently, okay?", my father said.

I hugged both of my parents tight. We said our goodbyes and then I couldn't avoid it any longer. I went outside and looked for an expensive car that could belong to Dimitri.

The thing was: Here were only expensive cars. I searched and searched, but I couldn't find Dimitri or a waving hand or something like that.

"Looking for me?", someone whispered in my ear.

I jumped at least ten feet in the air and turned around. While doing so I lost my balance in this damn high heels and began to fall, but Dimitri wound his arms around my waist and saved me from falling.

"Woah, I know I'm drop dead gorgeous, but please stay alive a little longer", Dimitri smirked.

"Let go of me!", I snapped and pushed him away from me.

Dimitri chuckled and smirked at me, but actually complied and took a step back.

"Come on, I wanna go home", he said and led me to a sleek black car, a Porsche.

Of course, what else? I thought rolling my eyes. We both got in the car and Dimitri drove through the traffic of New York. He obviously didn't care about the speed limits, that didn't surprised me either. We drove for about ten minutes and landed in Brooklyn, again in front of a huge skyscraper. Dimitri drove into a garage and parked his car. He went out and walked to a gray door. He didn't wait for me, just assumed I would follow him and I actually didn't have a choice in that matter.

Again we got into an elevator and drove to the top floor.

The apartment was huge! The furniture was exquisite and looked really expensive. The living room was big, a big plush couch, a fire place, a huge plasma screen on the wall above the fireplace. And the wall was made out of glass. The view was amazing, I had to admit it, but I was afraid of heights, so I wasn't that thrilled to live here now. But I had to admit it did look amazing.

"Wow", I breathed.

"Nice view, huh?", Dimitri said.

"Really nice view", I replied and took a few steps in to the apartment.

There were a few paintings on the wall and I think I saw a few signed in the right corners and I was damn sure that these weren't copies! Oh God, what if I would break anything in this house, I bet a vase was more worth than everything I owned!

"So", Dimitri began. "Rose, right?"

I turned around and looked at him. Dimitri stood still in front of the now closed doors to the elevator and studied me, his head titled to the side.


"How old are you?", he asked.


A smirk grew on his lips, while he nodded slowly.

"Eighteen", he repeated.

And the way he said it, looked at me and nodded, kind of freaked me out a little. I narrowed my eyes at him, not knowing why he looked at me like that.

"Make yourself at home", he said, winked and went up the staircase.

My eyes followed him up the stairs until he was out of my sight. What did just happen? I frowned after him, but didn't bother thinking about his behavior. Instead I turned around and tried to mesmerize the living room.

"Oh and Rose", Dimitri called from the stairs.

I turned around and looked up at him. My eyes seemed to bug out of my sockets, he stood there, only with a towel slung around his hips. He had a full eight pack, a hairless chest, great arms and broad shoulders. He looked amazing, had the body of a Greek God and – he caught me checking him out. I blushed furiously and looked at my feet. I cleared my throat, shaking the thoughts away.

"Rhm. Yeah?", I asked.

Dimitri smirked and raised an eyebrow. I just rolled my eyes and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"We only have one bathroom and I'm going to take a shower, so if you don't want to run into me naked under the shower, I suggest you stay here for a while."

He and his stupid smirk!

"Yeah, ehm, sure."

"And I'm going to lay down after my shower. Our bedroom is the last door on the right, okay?"


"Night", Dimitri called and I heard his retreating footsteps.

I guess it was kind of nice that he told me he was going to take a shower so I wouldn't – WAIT?!

"Our bedroom?!", I shrieked.

I heard Dimitri's laughter and then a door closing and water running.