Chapter 24


Once again, I bought some food in the hospital cafeteria and once again, I brought it into Christian's room. Once again, Lissa thanked me and told me she wasn't hungry.

Once again, I sighed and took a seat beside her.

"How is he today?"

"Nothing's changed", she answered in a miserable voice and sighed.

I didn't know what else to do. It's been a month and two weeks since Christian got here and Andre … died. The day of the funeral was the only day Lissa hasn't been here with Christian. Her parents worried a lot about her but they couldn't force her to leave Christian's side. They understood how she needed to be here and that she couldn't loose Christian, too.

"Hey, um", Lissa said and looked at me. "I'm gonna go to the restrooms for a sec, okay?"

"Sure", I nodded. "I'll stay here with him."

"Thank you."

There was a 'barely there smile' from Lissa, but it was a smile none the less and I was happy with that. I returned her smile and she left quickly out the door.

For a minute or so, I just sat beside Christian and looked at him. Thinking about him and Liss, about Eddie, about what happened that awful night.

"Hey Chris", I said. "I don't know what happened to you but it must have been really bad, seeing as you've been in a coma for more than a month. But Chris … Listen, your bones are okay again and all the other bruises have faded and … what not is okay again so could you … Could you please wake up? Please. Liss, she-, she needs you now more than ever. She already lost Andre, she can't loose you, too. It's getting worse Chris, every day she sits here with you and I can see the hope in her eyes slowly dying so please just … wake up! I miss my sister, Christian. I miss her bubbly self and her contagious smile. Please Christian, I'm scared. Lissa doesn't eat, the only time she left your room was for her brother's funeral and she couldn't really grieve because she was constantly worrying about you. I'm not giving you any fault here, it's just … Lissa doesn't let herself really feel the loss of her brother. I think it's because it would be too much for her but it's not good for her either. So please wake up and help her be Lissa again. Help -"

I heard a sob. Shocked I looked up at Christian but his eyes were closed, like always. Looking at the door, I saw my big sister, a hand in front of her mouth and tears running from her eyes.

"Jill", she said, her voice quivering. "I-, I had no idea. I'm so, so sorry. It's just -"

"No, no, no", I interrupted her.

I went to her and took her in my arms. She was taller than me, so it's wasn't easy to comfort her and not let her comfort me, but she took what I could give her. She sobbed into my shoulder and I held onto her as best as I could.

"I didn't want you to hear all that", I said.

Lissa laughed without humour and took a step back, so she could look into my eyes. She shook her head and smiled a sad smile.

"No", she said. "I think I needed to hear that."

I smiled a little.

"Hungry?", I asked and laughed a little.

Lissa laughed a little, too, but without humor. She managed a small smile and gave me a little nod.

"But just a little, okay?", Lissa asked.

"Deal", I nodded.

Glad she was okay with eating at least a little bit, I got the food again and gave her the plate with a fork. She nodded in thanks and began eating a little, only small bites but that was okay because she ate and that was all that mattered to me.

"I never asked how you were … dealing with everything", Lissa said between bites.

"I know", I said. "You have enough on your plate already, you don't need to worry about me, too."

"You're my sister", Lissa said.

"I know, but I'm alright. Seriously."

"But still", Lissa said shaking her head. "I never asked how you felt and I want to apologize for that."

I smiled and hugged her. She really was the best sister one could ever ask for.

"Sorry to interrupt", a female voice said coming from the door.

"Oh", Lissa said and smiled at the nurse. "Hey, Mary."

"Hey Liss, Jill."

Mary smiled and went over to Christian's bed

"Anything I need to know?", she asked.

Sighing Lissa shook her head.

"Give him time", Mary said soothingly, trying to cheer Lissa up.

Mary looked at the several monitors around Christian's bed and after a moment, she started frowning. She took the map-thing where all the details about Christian's condition are written down on and read through them real quick.

"Huh", she said.

"What is it?", Lissa asked.

She took my hand in hers and held it in a tight grip. I returned her grip, wanting to give her the strength she sought from me. The nurse didn't answer, just went to Christian's side and looked down on him. She then took one of the things that were stuck in his arm out and put it aside.

"Mr. Ozera?", Mary asked. "Mr. Ozera, can you hear me?"

"Is he supposed to?", Lissa said frantically.

She stood up from her chair and took me with her. We both stood above Christian and waited for something … anything to happen. Mary poked Christian in the arm and his arm moved a little.

"Oh my god, did you see that?!", she screamed in my ear and I cringed a little.

"Yeah", I nodded and smiled.

Christian slowly began moving, but still with his eyes closed. It took a few moments, but then his eyes opened and he stared at the ceiling. Frowning he moved his head and the moment his eyes landed on Lissa, he smiled.

"Hey Angel", he whispered.

-o-o-o- Thrown Into His World -o-o-o-

"He really woke up?"

"Yes", I replied for the fifth time.

"Oh thank God", Eddie rushed out over the phone.

I could hear him laugh on the other end. He was as relieved as one could be. I still didn't know why Eddie seemed to shoulder the blame for the whole incident, but he did and so I was just glad he could finally breathe again.

"How is he?"

"Good", I answered. "They did a check-up on him and he can go home in about two hours after all the paperwork is done."

Eddie sighed in relief.

"That's great."

"Yeah. Um, Eddie, now that he woke up, do you think you can tell me -"

"How about we throw him a party?", Eddie interrupted me. "Like a welcome home?"

I sighed. Of course, he would change the subject. He never wanted to talk about that night.

"Sure", I said. "But nothing too big, I bet all he wants right now is to be with Lissa."

"Okay. I'll call the others and we'll meet you at his apartment, sound good?"


-o-o-o- Thrown Into His World -o-o-o-

"Is anybody home?", I asked while we rode up in the elevator of Christian's apartment complex.

"No", Christian answered. "The housemaid Kimmy visited me in the hospital, but said she wanted to give Liss and me some quality time, so she is sleeping over at a friend's house."

"That's nice of her", Liss said and smiled at Chris.

And there came another romantic moment: They look into each other's eyes, their mouths are growing closer and closer … and time for me to interrupt.

"Little sister present", I coughed.

Lissa's cheeks got rosy but Christian just smirked.

"Sorry", he said chuckling.

He intertwines their fingers and kisses Lissa's fingers instead of her mouth.

"It's okay, just like the last nine times", I grinned.

"Hey", Lissa said. "He was in a coma for over a month and we didn't know if he would wake up."

"I know, I was there", I laugh. "But what's his excuse?"

We three laughed and stopped at Christian's level. We walked the short walk to Christian's door and before Chris could even get his keys out, the door opened to a bright smiling Adrian.

"Welcome home!", several people screamed.

A little shocked Christian stumbled back a few steps, but only a second later he smiled and shook his head laughing.

"Thanks, guys", he said laughing. "And here I thought you all just didn't come visit because you wanted to give Lissa and me some time alone."

"Yeah, yeah", Adrian waved him off. "You got Lissa all to yourself in a few hours, but first: Party!"

Everybody in the background "woohheed" and Chris, Liss and I went into the apartment. Eddie did a really great job. There was a banner hung at the entrance to the living room saying "Welcome home, coma-boy", there were a few decorations and food and drinks.

I went over to Eddie and side-hugged him.

"You did great", I said.

"Thanks", he whispered and kissed my head.

"Wow", Christian nearly screamed. "When did that happen?"

And he pointed with his finger towards Eddie and me.

"Yeah", Dimitri butted in, too. "Since when are you two a thing?"

Dimitri waggled his eyebrows at Eddie and smirked a little.

"And why did nobody tell me?"

When he said the last sentence he looked accusingly down at Rose, but she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Get over it", Eddie answered and rolled his eyes. "We got together after … this whole thing happened."

And silence fell upon us all. I didn't know if one of the others guys shared their story, but I knew Eddie hadn't shared his and I really wanted to know what had happened.

"Speaking of", Lissa broke the silence. "I think I deserve to know what happened."

"Lissa", Mason whispered. "I don't really think you want -"

"No", Christian interrupted. "She lost her brother that night. She is right, she does deserve to know what happened."

Silence fell upon us all again. But I didn't look at the others, I looked up at Eddie. His face was stoic again and his arm around me tightened. It was clear he wasn't feeling good in this situation, but I needed to know why so I had to know the story.

"How about we all sit down in the living room?", Rose suggested.

"I'll go get drinks", Sydney said. "This will probably take a while."

"I'll help", Adrian offered and they both went into the kitchen while we others got into the living room and sat down.

Sydney and Adrian brought glasses for all of us and four bottles of water and set them all on the coffee table we all sat around. Mia pured Ivan and herself a glass, Rose poured one for Dimitri and Liss one for Christian, we others didn't drink anything. Nobody wanted to start talking, so we sat like that for about two minutes – in uncomfortable silence.

"So?", Lissa asked. "What happened?"

The boys all looked at one another but nobody seemed to want to start until Eddie sighed and kissed my head again. I took his hand in mine, hoping to give him some strength and make this easier for him. He smiled a little, but it seemed forced and started talking.

"That night we all were at Adrian's. We were just hanging out, you know? We had a few drinks, but none of us were drunk or anything, not even tipsy."

Eddie looked at Dimitri.

"Then I got a text", Dimitri continued.

Rose seemed to tense up and looked nervously up at her husband. It was still surreal to me that those two were actually married.

"It was from Andre."

Lissa gasped and grabbed Christian's hand in a tight grip. He tried soothing her so she could listen.

"The text said that if I wanted to know who was threatening me and my wife, I had to come visit him."

"Threatening you and your wife?", Sydney asked. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Someone broke our fire alarms", Dimitri explained. "We had a fire once that was caused by ... someone. We never found out by whom and because of his text, I thought it was Andre who did it."

"No!", Lissa screamed automatically. "He would never do such a thing, he is -"

"I know", Dimitri interrupted Lissa soothingly, being careful to talk nicely about Andre because of Lissa's loss. "I know that now but I didn't know back then. I was convinced he did it and so I told the guys what had happened."

"And we all agreed that if Dimitri was right, Andre needed to be stopped", Christian continued.

Christian spoke in a hard voice, but I guess he just wanted Lissa to understand him. Even if he loved Lissa, his best friend Dimitri would always come before her brother and she … she seemed to understand that and gripped his hand tightly.

"So we all went with him as back-up", Ivan said.

The guys paused to let everything sink in and started after a small moment of silence.

"Andre wanted to meet in an abanded alley", Ivan started up again. "Like that didn't scream bad news."

"We still met up with him there", Adrian said. "We wanted to know if he really was out for Rose and Dimitri or not and if he was, we wanted to teach him a lesson."

"It wasn't really a surprise he came with back-up, too", Eddie said sighing and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Jesse was there, as you all know and a few others guys. We were outnumbered."

"But of course, that didn't stop you", Rose said, not sounding happy at all.

"Of course, not", Dimitri replied, like it was ridiculous Rose could even think that. "At that moment, I thought he was the one threating you, how could I leave?"

Rose's frown turned into a soft expression and she smiled a little.

"Sooooo", Christian started up again. "We met there and Dimitri and Andre well talked. Andre was mocking Dimitri about how he had found out who broke his fire alarms but Dimitri didn't, which I might add, he didn't like."

"Typical", Rose muttered.

Dimitri responded with a soft shove to her shoulder.

"Well, after they both shot their testosterone through the air", Ivan said.

"Oh please", Dimitri interrupted.

"Shush", Adrian said and pointed at Dimitri. "He is right and you know it."

"Thank you, Adrian", Ivan answered and put a hand in his heart.

Adrian winked at him and Ivan started up again.

"So, after that, we all became more serious. A few threats were thrown back and forth and the moment came, where Andre was willing to tell us who did it. He had proof it wasn't him or anyone of his minions on a flash drive and he wanted to give it to us."

"Of course, he wanted something in return", Adrian butted in.

"What did he want?", Mia asked.

"We don't know", Christian answered. "Before he could tell us what he wanted in return for that flash drive two SUV's arrived. I don't know how many of them there were, but suddenly we were all in one big fistfight."

"Wait, what", I said. "Who were those guys? What did they want from you?"

"We don't know", Eddie replied. "But I investigated a little and ..."

Eddie gulped and looked sadly towards Lissa.

"The flash drive wasn't found in the alley nor in … Andre's things."

Lissa started sobbing a little and I felt a little pang in my chest.

"I'm sorry", Eddie said and squeezed my shoulder.

"We think the one who broke our fire alarms was behind those guys in the alley", Dimitri explained.

"We didn't even fight Andre and his minions", Ivan scoffed. "We all fought against those mystery guys who were all on steroids or something."

"What I don't understand is", Rose started. "How you fit into the picture?"

Rose looked towards Mason, who sat quietly on one of the cushions.

"I work at this restaurant called 'Jade's place' and had a shift that night", Mason began to explain. "After my shift was over, I took the trash out of the backdoor right into the alley the guys had met in. The moment I stepped into the alley the guys were already fighting. At first, I wanted to call the police and just get back to safety, but then I recognized Adrian."

The two boys shared a look I couldn't read.

"Two guys were beating him up and I didn't think twice, I just rushed over to him and threw one of the guys off of him. That's how I got dragged into it."

And Mason shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.

"Don't be so modest", Christian said. "He didn't only help Adrian. He got one off of Ivan's back and he helped me, too. And he doesn't even know us."

The way Christian and Mason looked at one another and nodded towards each other was probably a guy kind of 'thanks'.

"He also pushed me out of the way of a kick that he then received."

"It was nothing", Mason waved off.

"It was", Eddie insisted. "He screamed at me to run but I didn't."

"Stupid", Mason mumbled.

Eddie chuckled.

"I got right back in but Mason pushed me away again and screamed for me to go get help", Eddie sighed. "And in the end, I did. I left my friends alone."

"What the hell are you talking about?", I nearly screamed.

With wide eyes, Eddie looked at me.

"You saved your friends!", I told him. "Where do you think the guys would be now if you hadn't called the police and an ambulance?"

Eddie smiled a little but shook his head.

"I knew you'd think so but that's not true, if I had stayed there I could have helped. Maybe Andre and Jesse wouldn't be dead and maybe Chris wouldn't have been so long in a coma or Dimitri -"

"Stop", Lissa interrupted. "Jill is right. Andre died on the way to the hospital. If you hadn't called for an ambulance he would have died alone on the street and maybe Christian wouldn't have-, wouldn't have-"

A new wave of sobs erupted and Liss hid her face on Christian's shoulder.

"Seriously, Eddie", Dimitri said. "Without you, maybe Ivan and I also wouldn't have made it. Who knows? You saved us, man."

"And you, too Mase", Adrian butted in. "Who knows how I would look right now if you hadn't been there."

"Okay", Mia interrupted. "Before we all start sobbing and fall into each other's arms, could we please change the subject? You guys are all idiots for even going to that alley, but you're also heroes for saving each other's asses. We all agree on that, right?"

A few 'Yeah' and 'I guess' were mumbled, but the important matter still wasn't off the hook.

"Okay", I said. "But … We still don't know who did this to you."

I saw everybody start thinking. Who could have done this? And why? How?

But I saw nobody actually coming up with a plausible solution. There were a few guesses but we somehow always found prove or reasons they couldn't have done it. So in the end, we came up empty-handed.

"How are we going to find out who did this?", Lissa asked. "I- I need to know who did this, I want this person to be punished. I want -"

"We know, Liss", Christian interrupted soothingly and caressed her back. "And we will find out who is responsible for Andre's and Jesse's death but not tonight."

"Let's talk about something nice, okay?", Rose asked.

"How about that new couple over there", Adrian guessed and waggled his eyebrows at Eddie and me.

I could feel my cheeks burning and felt the blush growing more intense by the second.

"I'd rather not", I mumbled.

"Oh come on", Mia said. "We wanna know."

Eddie kissed the side of my head again and I could feel him smile, which also made me smile.

I loved his smile and couldn't help but return it, every time it was meant for me.

"There isn't much to tell", Eddie answered Mia. "After the girls came to the hospital and I told all of them what happened, Jill came to me and asked how I was doing. She just lost her half-brother and asked me how I was doing. And ... I realized how short life can be so I confessed my feelings to her. Well, I started to."

Eddie chuckled and looked down at me. My blush intensified and I could feel everybody else's gaze on me.

"Jiiiiiiillll?", Rose asked with a huge grin on her face.

"Okay, I kissed him", I admitted. "And well, I didn't really let him finish his speech about his feelings for me. I already heard what I needed to know, so?"

"Not that I was complaining", Eddie laughed and everybody else joined in. "It was actually pretty hot."

"Told ya'", Mia giggled.

I looked at her with wide eyes. Did she really just say that in front of everybody? Mia!

And of course, my hope of everybody overhearing Mia was crushed into a million little pieces.

"Told?", Eddie asked.

"Mia", Rose chuckled lightly and put a hand over her eyes, shaking her head.

"What?", Mia asked. "What did I do? I did tell her she should - … Oh."

Realization dawned on Mia and she looked apologetic.

"Sorry?", she asked and shrugged her shoulders.

"What does she mean she 'told ya'?", Eddie asked me.

"Well", I started, avoiding everybody's eyes. "That night we all got drunk, I sort of asked Mia for advice ."

"Why?", Eddie asked.

"Well, we went to the dance together and I thought you liked me, but you were always so distant and I didn't know what do about it, so I asked the girls for advice. I didn't know what else to do."

"Well, you only went to the dance with me because of Dimitri, so I didn't think you really liked me."

"Wait, what?", Rose interrupted. "Because of Dimitri?"

"Edison", Dimitri murmured and shook his head.

"What? That was the deal.", Eddie said in a defensive voice.

"What deal?", I asked. "I went with you because Lissa told me you liked me. She gave me the note you wrote me."

"I never wrote you a note."

"I did", Dimitri groaned.

"You?", I asked simultaneously with Rose.

"Yeah me", Dimitri admitted. "I promised Eddie to get you as a date for the dance. I knew you two liked each other, so I wrote that note and made Lissa give it to you. That way you two would go together without Eddie having to ask you, thinking I got you to be his date and keeping his part of our deal."

"What deal?", Rose asked in a deadly calm voice.

Dimitri gulped and looked sheepishly down on the floor.

"He kind of followed you around?", Dimitri asked.

"Kind of followed me around?", Rose screeched.

"You followed Rose?", I asked. "What the hell Eddie?"

"That's messed up", Adrian pipped in.

"Shut up", Dimitri barked.

"It's not as bad as it sounds like", Eddie tried.

"Oh really?", Rose asked and stood up. "Because it sounds like you pretended to be my friend, so you could stay close to me and 'kind of follow me around'."

For the last part of her little speech, Rose mimicked Dimitri's voice and glared at him.

"Rose, no!", Eddie replied and stood up, too. "I never pretended to be your friend, I am. Dimitri was just scared about you and he only wanted me to follow you anywhere unsafe. He asked me after you fainted and I thought it was reasonable. After he hired the bodyguards I stopped, I only trained you so you would be able to defend yourself. That's it, I swear."

Eddie and Rose stared at echt other for a long moment until Rose's shoulders sagged and she sighed.

"I believe you", she said.

Eddie breathed out in relief and he and Rose hugged. Rose mumbled something into Eddie's chest and he chuckled, mumbling something back to her. Rose started giggling and everything seemed to be okay again with those two.

-o-o-o- Thrown Into His World -o-o-o-

I don't know why but it was like Eddie's 'confession' – even if it wasn't intended – urged others to confess things, too. The good thing was that it lightened the mood immensly and Christian's 'welcome home'-party actually became a party again.

At first, Adrian, for example, confessed he had had feelings for Sydney for a long time. After the first time Sydney spoke to him, he had accidentally screamed her name out in sex - sex he had with Camille at that time who was not amused.

After that rather … disturbing confession a few others followed. And each and every time we had something to laugh.

"Well, seeing as we're all confessing things right now", Ivan started. "What do you guys remember from that night we all got super drunk?"

Silence followed Ivan's question and we all looked awkwardly to the floor or out the window. It seemed like nobody really wanted to answer him.

"Okay", Mason interrupted the silence and clapped his hands. "Since I wasn't at that party but got a call from one of you. How about we listen to that voicemail?"

Almost everybody's eyes bugged out and it seemed like everybody who had Mason's number – I didn't – asked: "Who called you?". Mason seemed to enjoy the scared looks he got from the people around him.

"Shall we?", he asked chuckling and fished his phone out of his back pocket.

We all waited eagerly for Mason to find the voicemail and put it on speaker. Only seconds later Mason chuckled and pressed 'play'.

"Maaassooooooonnnn", started the slurred voice of … Rose!

"Oh no", she groaned and let her head fall into her hands.

"This is going to be good", Dimitri chuckled and caressed Rose's back.

"I – Mason, I – Haha, I might be a little … tipsy? Hihihi."

Rose groaned and we others started giggling but tried not to, so we could still listen to the voicemail properly.

"You know, I never really apologized for what happened after we- ungh, ehm, after we became fr- frue – fruends again. Hihihi. Fruuueeeeeennnndds."

It was silent for a few seconds.

"Sorry", Rose giggled. "I really, really, reeeaaaaaalllyyy am sorry. Can you forgive me? Please? Pretty, pretty pleeeeaaasssee. It's just that, Dimitri he's so – ungh – I mean have you seen him without a shirt on?"

Roaring laughter erupted and Rose's face became the brightest red I have ever seen in my whole life. I was honestly surprised it was possible for a human being to have such a red face. I felt a little bad for Rose, but this was too funny and it was nice to laugh together. To finally be able to laugh together again.

"His abs, ungh -"

"Honey, I had no idea", Dimitri chuckled and looked down to Rose.

He tried to pry her hands away from her face, but she wouldn't budge. Shocker! Rose giggled along with us, so we knew it was just embarassing for her, but still … you know, kinda okay. Dimitri pressed his face into Rose's neck and I could see he mumbled something which made Rose squirm in her seat.

"You know, there was this one time when he kissed me and I was only in my underwear and we -"

You could hear a voice in the background yell "Whose underwear?" and it was definitely male.

"Shut up Adrian", Rose giggled. "So Mase … Eh … What did I say, aw stupid Adrian. Whatever. Sorry aaaaand sorry again aaaaaand hey! How about you come – Dimitri? Dimitri what are you doing – Is that a cat?!"

The voicemail stopped and we all began laughing.

"Yeah, yeah", Rose waved off. "So funny."

"Hilarious", Ivan replied and chuckled.

"At least we know how the cat got into our house", Dimitri said shrugging.

"Wait, there really was a cat?", Adrian asked chuckling.

"Yeah, Rachel – our cook and from time to time housekeeper – had to call several people to find out who the cat belonged to and gave her back", Dimitri answered.

"You guys really know how to throw a party", Mason said quirking an eyebrow.

"That is all really fascinating, but can we came back to the moment Rose told Mason about that one time she was barely closed and Dimitri was about to …?", Mia changed the subject.

"You really are one hell of a noisy -", Rose started laughing.

"Careful", Mia interrupted her laughing as well and threw a pillow at Rose which Dimitri caught.

"None of your business", Dimitri replied instead of Rose.

He then looked down at her and I think I heard him say something like "but we will talk about this later".

"Anything else someone wants to share?", Mia asked instead and looked each of us up and down.

After a few moments of silence, Lissa sighed and the attention was on her.

"I found a bill on my credit card the next day from that night", she said. "Apparently I bought a few … costumes."

"Costumes?", Adrian – of course – asked.

"The latex dress?", Mia asked.

"Yeah", Lissa nodded. "Also a cowboy outfit, a big teddy bear and crayons."

Ivan began laughing and looked towards Dimitri and Rose.

"I have a guess for who the cowboy outfit was", he said chuckling.

"Seriously Dimitri?", Christian asked laughing.

"Wouldn't surprise me", Eddie chuckled. "Rose made him waggle his ass for her, remember? Why not do some role play while they're at it."

Dimitri's eyes almost bugged out of their sockets.

"You got that video, too?", he asked Eddie.

Eddie nodded with a big cheesire cat grin on his face.

"What video?", I asked.

And after several protests from Dimitri Eddie showed me the video. Damn, it was hilarious to see a guy like Dimitri do something so … so … I didn't even have a word for it!

"So, Dimitri", Christian asked after we all had a good laugh. "Did you keep the hat?"

And a new wave of laughter shook through all of us, well, except for Dimitri.

"It was actually Rose who wore that costume", Dimitri fired back.

"I did?", Rose shocked.

"You don't remember?", I asked.

"No", she said and shook her head.

With flaming red cheeks, she looked up into Dimitri's eyes and he nodded with a big smirk on his lips.

"Must have looked hot", Ivan replied and took a sip of water.

"It did", Dimitri agreed. "And … Well, that bruise on your stomach, Ivan? I did that."

"What the hell man?"

"You said something while Rose was wearing that costume. You deserved it."

Shrugging Dimitri got up and went to get new drinks.

-o-o-o- Thrown Into His World -o-o-o-


When I got back into the living room, I saw everybody looking at Rose. Oh, oh, what did I miss? Rose was squirming in her seat and looked relieved when she saw me enter again.

"What's going on?", I instantly asked and raised an eyebrow.

Adrian cleared his throat and looked from Rose to me.

"We were just wondering ..."

He didn't finish his sentence, instead he looked at everyone but at me.

"Wondering abut what?", I asked while I sat myself down beside Rose again.

On my way I put the three bottles I got from the kitchen on the coffeetable.

"You", Rose started. "You remember that night?"

"Bits and pieces like everyone else", I answered her.

Confused I looked into her eyes and from time to time to anybody else. They all looked confused and eager at Rose and me.

"Well, you remember h- how – ehm – how?"

"How what Roza?"

"Did something happen that night between you two?", Mia asked.

Confused I looked at her. What the hell was she talking about.

"I have honestly no idea what you guys are talking about", I answered.

"Well that evening you two were alright aroung one another, then you kissed Rose and you two were always making out in the corner or whatever", Chris replied.

"It was disgusting", Mia butted in. "Seriously."

Chris glared at her, pissed she interrupted him.

"The next morning you two behaved … strange." Chris started again. "Remember? We asked you about that before school. You didn't answer, so … we asked Rose again but she wouldn't say what it was that happened ..."

"But we do know something must have happened", Mia butted in again and this time Chris only rolled his eyes.

"So?", Lissa asked. "What happened that night?"

Oh oh. There it was again, the question that haunted Rose and me for weeks now. Did we have sex? Didn't we? Did anybody know? Did anybody hear us? Had there been anything to hear?

"You can tell us, Rose", Adrian said soothingly. "If Dimitri couldn't perform that night, that wasn't your fault."

So you got a small glimpse into the night the gang got drunk and you found out what happened the night Andre Dragomir lost his life

I am sorry, but please don't expect the next chapter too soon, I am super busy right now with university AND I kind of have no idea how to go on
I have a few ideas, but i haven't found THE idea yet, and i want it to be good, so ... sorry :(