I do not own any of the characters in this story (except for a few that I created for Wizpig's army and the Video Game Space Army), but I do own the plot.

Wizpig has decided that on the 15th anniversary of the day he first lost to Diddy Kong in a grueling race back in 1997 (Diddy Kong Racing), he will plot deadly revenge on the young Kong Country hero. Diddy has already proven himself to be a brave hero, but now the biggest challenge of his life awaits him, and the time has come for him to prove himself as an ultimate intergalactic hero. Will Diddy Kong prevail against Wizpig again, or will he fall victim to his terrible scheme that targets Diddy as the victim?



The video game universe is seemingly the most logic universe in fiction or reality. It features everything from Nintendo to SEGA to even Konami! It's pretty much all complete for a fictional universe. You get a huge variety of characters from all different types of game series from numerous gaming companies. However, there even tends to be a time when we get characters that only appear once or twice, which can lead to him or her being forgotten in the future. One character in particular would get tired of this and decide that it would be a good idea to strike back against the harshness of reality.

It was late November 2012, and it seemed that all was well in the video game universe. Outside all the planets, their version of "outer space" seemed pretty much colorful, with endless varieties of stars. Whenever you were there, you'd want to wrestle your camera out of your pocket and take many photographs of all the beautiful sites! Nebulas, clusters, etc., it seemed all complete! However, one day, things were to take a twist. Big time!

Through the quiet, beautiful views of space, a purple and white spaceship suddenly peered into the area very slowly. The ship was occupied by a fleet of smaller ships equipped with arsenals of weaponry. The lead ship appeared to be in the shape of a pig's head. Two windows at the front of the ship appeared to resemble eyes which made up the windshield. Very few characters would ever be familiar with this look. As the ship came into view, a maintenance officer was checking the back of the main ship, when a voice came in through his radio:

"Maintenance #8, his highness wishes to see you … NOW!"

Annoyed, the officer sighed, dug out his radio and responded, "Yes, right away!"

He walked back into the ship via an elevator and started to make his way to the main chamber of the ship, where the leader of this group of intergalactic terrorists would be waiting. The officer simply glided from room to room, each of which were filled with anonymous guards and maintenance officers who were all dressed in weird-looking purple uniforms. Some were humans, others were pig-like creatures!

Eventually, the officer made his way to the main chamber. He walked behind a rotating chair where the leader was sitting. The leader was a pig, like some of the security guards, but unlike the guards, he was much bigger with absolutely disgusting looks and even had a very short temper.

"Well, #8, perhaps we could come to some understanding why you forgot to check one of the ship's windows, like I ordered you this morning?" he said harshly.

"I'm sorry, sir. I was busy with some elevator maintenance. I was intending to do the windows, but ..."

The huge pig spun his chair around to face the officer.


"Lord Wizpig, sir, I told you I had to fix the elevator because you were complaining to me that the thing was in need of repairs," said the officer.


The villain slammed a red button on the arm of his chair.

"GUARDS!" Wizpig called out.

Two doors immediately opened behind the officer and several security guards came in on Wizpig's command.


"But, sir!?", yelled the maintenance officer, but the two guards grabbed him by the arms and dragged him out of Wizpig's sight. As the gurads disappeared from view, Wizpig spun his chair back around to gaze at what space was ahead.

"Why is it," he asked to himself, "that no one ever shows proper respect for me!? Even my useless crew! Everything has been a downpour for me ever since that complete butthead Diddy Kong defeated me 15 years ago, and again 10 years after that! People have no respect for pigs. The universe is cruel."

He started to think of the time when he encountered Diddy Kong during the events of the 1997 Nintendo 64 game, "Diddy Kong Racing".

Multiple flashbacks came up in Wizpig's head, seeing visions of the heroic monkey that had ruined his life.


Diddy Kong was flying his plane up to the starting line of that racing circuit Wizpig's planet, which was surrounded by purple rocks and an evil-looking ceiling that Wizpig had cast to prevent them from heading up to the sky. Then, Wizpig himself suddenly smashed through a wall in an attempt in scare Diddy, but Diddy was not at all scared by that evil pig-genie!

Wizpig came down and confronted Diddy, saying "Well, lookie here! It's the little WORM!"

Wizpig's flashback brushed into the moment when Diddy crossed the finish line right in front of him, and Wizpig was disgusted at Diddy Kong's victory. Just then, his rocket malfunctioned, sending him flying into space and swerving back down to his own planet with a crash-landing. He survived the crash, however.

This repeated itself 10 years later in "Diddy Kong Racing DS". Wizpig had decided to retry his plan, only for Diddy Kong to take him down in yet another hard-fought race! Once again, Wizpig had to survive another hard rocket crash! He did.


Wizpig had gotten so bored of everything since his two-time defeat by the young hero of the DKC Series. He couldn't ever get the sight of the little monkey out of his head. He hated him so much that if he had ever came up with his next plan he would want to make Diddy his #1 target!

"Excuse me, sir," said a British-accented man walking up to Wizpig. Wizpig turned to him impatiently.

"What is it, this time, Eddie?" asked Wizpig.

"Sorry to disrupt your quietness and all, but may I interest you in some more diet soda?" asked Eddie.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Be sure to fill it up, though. I don't have the patience today," said Wizpig lazily as Eddie started to fill up a large cup of diet soda.

"I need to come up with a plan to cause some havoc on the video game universe."

"I can only suggest plotting revenge on "You-Know-Who" (Diddy Kong)," offered Eddie.

"Eddie, you know I'd be no match for Diddy Kong even if it were to be something outside of racing," answered Wizpig.

"Which is why my idea would be a surprise invasion," suggested Eddie as he walked away, leaving Wizpig alone with some diet soda.

"Don't think about racing," continued Eddie, "Think about capturing him. How would you think about putting him in captivity?"

About a second later, Eddie was gone.

Wizpig thought over Eddie's suggestion, and decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea after all, but he didn't know how it could be done. He thought of his old amusement park that had been suffering from poor attendance over the last decade.

Wizpig spent about ten minutes thinking about various ways to ensure that Diddy Kong would be forced to pay him. There was something inside this pig that made him want that little monkey so badly, it seemed as though his life depended on it. He wanted this to be the ultimate revenge on Diddy.

He even thought about how he could involve the other planets of the Video Game Universe. Perhaps, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make the whole universe suffer as part of his plan of making Diddy Kong suffer the most.

Eventually, Wizpig had established the plan to his latest evil plot.

"I think I've got it," he said. "Perhaps it should be Diddy for the universe … or the universe for Diddy."

Wizpig pondered some thoughts on how to capture Diddy Kong, and then he finally figured it all out.


It was only about three minutes before everyone on Wizpig's fleet, officers, troops, soldiers, etc. had filled up his main chamber.

Just before he began uncovering his plan, Wizpig gazed at some of his men. He could tell just by the looks of them that they were hoping for something that would be extremely mischievous. Surely, this villain could satisfy his own fleet with what he was about to say, as far as he was concerned.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen," announced Wizpig with an evil grin. "I have decided on this night that it is time to activate my latest plan of taking over the video game universe! Wah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!"

"Wizpig, please tell me this one is actually going to work," said an officer.

"NO TALKING OUT OF TURN!" ordered Wizpig.

"My apologies, milord," said the officer.

"Anyway," Wizpig began, "I have elected to plot revenge on that red-wearing worm-sized sludge-swinging primate who is so-called 'Diddy Kong'. I've thought about our old amusement park, and I believe that we need some new attractions!"

The whole fleet appeared to agree with him.

"You see, … I thought … that we could collect every video game character in this universe … and have them work as slaves at our park. We'll begin by going to each planet in this universe, … collect every living form on each planet, then we'll save the Nintendo planet for last. Once we have captured all of the characters, we'll bring them over to our home world. Once we arrive home, we'll abuse them day after day after day, and keep them all locked in a large cellar by night until things … get … well, let's just say when things get boring again. We'll just simply kill them all off."

"Excuse me, sir," interrupted a soldier, "I meant no such means of an interruption, but I thought I'd bring up that the V.G.S.A. has been very active in patrol duties lately. I'm sure we'd want to do this with increased awareness in case they do detect us."

Wizpig let out an evil snicker, "There's no need to worry about the V.G.S.A.. I've jammed their systems using a high frequency jamming device while their backs seemed to be turned. Their equipment will be proven useless!"

"And what about Diddy Kong?" asked a guard.

"Diddy Kong," answered Wizpig. "...will be my #1 target as to be my main source of blood. I don't want him for my theme park, I want him as my personal non-working slave who will be a victim of my ultimate torture device! I will possess his soul and use it to control him for all of eternity! He will be abused the most! When things get boring again, I will save him to be the last to die! He can watch all his friends die first! They will have died for him, and later he will have died in vain!"

They all laughed in agreement to Wizpig's plan. Wizpig then suddenly thought of something else as an alteration.

"Well, actually," he began. Everyone stopped laughing. "Second thought, … since Diddy Kong owes me big time, … and no one else does, … let's alter the plot's plantation, shall we? We will go down to every planet, ... capture all the characters, … and bring them to the Nintendo planet, which is where Diddy lives, of course. With everyone captured, including all the Kongs as well, … you know, Diddy's family, … one of you, … or should I say, … two of you, … perhaps, will personally bring Diddy to me. Diddy will have a price to pay to me. He will have to sacrifice himself for his friends, or give up all his friends and live alone forevermore! I shall try to force Diddy to accept his will to give himself up to me, and if so he does, … everyone else can go free and live their normal lives, just without Diddy. Perhaps, I'll have Diddy work in our amusement park for an eternity when I gain the possession of his soul. However, … if Diddy refuses to come with us, … we will keep all of the other characters and leave Diddy all alone. Perhaps then, that will teach him a valuable lesson in manners! We can drop off his friends at our home and come back for him at a later time just in time for him to watch them die, then I will take control of him personally! Heh, heh, heh, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Ahh, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah! AHHHHH, HAAHHH, HAHHH, HAHH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH! Yes."

Wizpig's fleet seemed a little confused about the plan at first, but eventually came to the conclusion that it would be a perfect way to take down Diddy Kong once and for all!

Wizpig's evil laugh was soon followed by a big fleet that seemed to be acting like a huge pack of laughing hyenas.

It would soon prove quite clear that the Video Game Universe would be in terrible danger, and its fate would be in Diddy Kong's hands!