Wizpig had just plotted perhaps the most evil scheme in video game universe history! No one else could think about capturing every video game character in current existence and threatening to destroy them unless another video game character in particular personally handed himself over to him. This certainly seemed like a very horrendous plot.

Wizpig took some time wondering where to start, and he decided to start off with Mobius, the home world for SEGA.

"Sega, a company I know almost nothing about, but I DON'T CARE!", said Wizpig as he was determining where to start his plot, "Let's begin with Mobius!"

"Affirmative, milord," said Eddie, and he walked into the cockpit to address the pilots on their first destination.

Soon after, Wizpig's fleet of ships sped through space and headed towards Mobius.

Things in Mobius were going very peacefully. Sonic and his best friend Tails were having a rather rare relaxation at some beach.

"There's nothing better than a nice day of relaxation when there's nothing to worry about, huh, Tails?" said Sonic.

"Well, it may be a bit quiet out here, but yes, it works," replied Tails.

"That's the way I like it, when I can take a day of not having to deal with Eggman or anything of his associates, at least for once," put in Sonic.

Knuckles and Blaze were walking over to the beach when suddenly Knuckles spotted an unfamiliar sight up in the blue skies.

"Whoa, what on Mobius is that?" asked Knuckles.

"I have no idea," answered Blaze.

The two rushed over to Sonic and Tails.

"Hey, Sonic, did you notice something up there in the sky?" asked Blaze.

"Well, isn't this a great excuse to interrupt my relaxation!" retorted Sonic.

"We're serious, Sonic!" yelled Knuckles, "For once, don't you ever take time to watch the skies in an observant way!?"

Sonic looked up at the sky in the direction where Blaze had pointed. A small-looking dark object was pulling in closer and closer yet Sonic had no idea what it was, but he was certain that it could be a threat.

"I think something fishy is going on," said Sonic.

"What is that?" asked Tails, trying to get a closer look.

"I don't know, but it appears to be coming close to us real fast. It must be one of those space invaders," replied Knuckles.

Sonic sighed, "Everyone and all their complaints about interplanetary invaders drives me right to the edge, you know! It could probably just be Eggman wanting to wreak havoc again."

Suddenly, they heard an explosion coming from another location. They also heard people panicking in terror.

"Guys, … I think someone's threatening us!" said Sonic.

"What are we gonna do?" asked Tails.

Before anyone could answer, Wizpig's ship approached them. It was the most odd-looking spaceship these youngsters had ever seen!

"HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH! WHY DON'T YOU ALL COME WITH US FOR A LITTLE RIDE!?" came a monstrous voice through some loudspeaker that was somewhere on the ship.

"I guess you were wrong about Eggman!" said Knuckles.

"We don't have time for that now! Run!" yelled Sonic.

Sonic and his friends started running from Wizpig's ship. However, as they ran, they could see other ships of Wizpig's fleet rushing around the skies and capturing all of the citizens and local residents.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Blaze managed to find a hiding spot in a small cave.

"I think it's best if we stay in here until it's over," said Blaze.

"Come on, Blaze!" retorted Knuckles. "I'm sure Sonic can take out those large ships!"

"I'm not so sure," admitted Sonic, "They seemed a lot larger than Eggman's ships and even looked more dangerous."

"I'm sure it's not Eggman this time," added Tails. "Whoever this is, I have no idea who the leader of this fleet could be, nor do I know what their intentions are."

Within five minutes, everything seemed very quiet. The four felt sure that the threat was gone, but they remained to stay hidden in the cave to take precautionary measures until, … unfortunately, … Wizpig's ship came into view again and shot at some rocks to destroy the small place.

"We're doomed!" panicked Knuckles.

"Please … don't panic, guys," said Sonic.

"YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!" said the monstrous voice in the ship.

"You could be wrong, Sonic!" said Blaze.

"Come on, guys! We're gonna get through this!" encouraged Sonic.

The ship opened and began to use a gravity pull.

"GRAB ONTO SOMETHING!" yelled Sonic to his friends.

While Sonic climbed up a palm tree to stay away from the gravity pull, he could only watch as Tails, Knuckles and Blaze were all forced into the gravity pull. The pull lifted them upwards and into Wizpig's ship.

To Sonic, this felt like one of his worst nightmares. He could only think that this may have been a dream. He closed his eyes for a few seconds to make sure it was a dream, but it became quite clear that this was no dream. This was real. His friends had all been kidnapped, and there seemed to be no way for escaping this villain whom he'd never heard of.

With a brief moment's hesitation, Sonic jumped off the tree and started to run at his sonic speed through the Emerald Hill Zone.

"GET THE BLUE GUY!" Sonic heard the monstrous voice yell out, as Wizpig's fleet gave chase to him.

While the fleet chased Sonic, they fired multiple missiles and bombs in their attempts to stop him, but he proved to be a much faster runner than even the fastest-launching missiles the fleet had.

Sonic ran about a big city area. Surely, he would be regretting that decision as Wizpig's fleet ended up destroying almost the entire city while trying to take him down, but Sonic eventually found his reason why he did so.

Soon after he and the pursuing fleet left the city deserted and in flames, Sonic found another small cave to hide in. It was much smaller than the last one he'd hidden in, but it seemed like his last line of defense.

As Sonic burst into the cave and stopped in his tracks, the fleet rocketed right by him, not realizing that he had hidden.

A few minutes later, Sonic spotted the fleet again, appearing to be leaving Mobius.

As soon as the fleet was gone, Sonic stepped out of the cave and looked around for any signs of life.

"HELLO!?" he called out, but there was no answer.


Still no reply.

Sonic rushed back into the city and checked for any signs of life anywhere, but the entire area appeared to be devoid of any living things other than plants.

"They must have left Mobius devoid of life," said Sonic to himself, "but why would somebody do such a thing? Who was that mysterious villain, anyway?"

Sonic looked around and found a spare one-man spaceship sitting at a nearby station. Without thinking twice, he rushed over to the ship and climbed into the cockpit. He quickly strapped himself in and pushed the ignition button.

"I've gotta find out who this villain is and why he's left Mobius in a deserted state," he said to himself as the rocket took off with a blast and Sonic was soon on his way into space, hoping to solve what was a mystery to him.

Over the next few days, Wizpig invaded more and more planets and captured more and more characters. Unlike Sonic, nobody was fortunate enough to escape the armada.

Eventually, only the Nintendo planet was left. Wizpig knew right away that this would be the place where his #1 target would be encountered. He could already feel some excitement rush into his body.

It was the late night hours of a Friday night, and Wizpig, despite his rush of adrenaline, decided to let his fleet rest for the night while watching over Nintendo's planet from space.

"EDDIE!" shouted Wizpig while he was sitting in his chair.

Eddie came in within eight seconds after being summoned upon.

"Yes, milord."

"I would like you to bring me Taj the Genie immediately," requested Wizpig.

"Right away," answered Eddie just before he left the room.

Wizpig sat there in his chair gazing at Nintendo's planet. He was thinking on coming up with a way to alert this particular planet of his evil plot since Diddy Kong lived there. He had just taken a sip of some disgusting beer when Eddie came in with a blue genie that resembled an elephant. He was in handcuffs, assuming he was one of the first to be captured.

"Lord Wizpig, your prisoner as ordered, sir," said Eddie.

"Thank you, Eddie. Now why don't you go prepare some transportation while a make a deal this with genie," replied Wizpig.

"Yes, milord," said Eddie as he walked out again.

"Well, well, well, … if it isn't ol' Taj, … the genie that helped that idiotic fool Diddy Kong foil my plans to take over Timber's Island twice," said Wizpig.

"What do you want from me now, you space hog?" asked Taj.

"THAT'S WIZPIG TO YOU!" shouted Wizpig, taking it as a serious insult, "and … I was just getting to that. I am going to wait until tomorrow to take the characters of this planet. However, … because of that, … I would like for you to head down there tonight … and inform that pathetic chimp and as many others as you can that he is the one that I am after and that if he does not choose to go with me, … I will take every other character down there … and make them work in my theme park."

"And how would you expect for me to transport myself down there, may I ask?" asked Taj, not knowing exactly how he would be able to use immediate transport since Wizpig had already taken it away from him.

"Easy," replied Wizpig. "You will be going with my top agent, Eddie. He's prepared a small ship as your transportation. In a few moments you shall board that ship and head down to that planet. Try to inform as many of them as you can within the next hour. I'm warning you, though, … if you dare … attempt to aid … any character … in any way, … including Diddy Kong, oh, especially Diddy Kong, … I will have you stripped of all your magic privileges and throw those powers in my robotic generator! Oh, and one more thing. Just in case, should Diddy Kong try to hide himself from me tomorrow night, … I want you to give him this."

He revealed to Taj a small purple light.

"What is this?" asked Taj.

"This …" explained Wizpig, "... is the 'Purple Mark of Evil'. Just before you finish your unexpected conversation with Diddy Kong, … make him stick out his right hand and touch it with this item. The purple light will then appear on his hand. When that light is on his hand, my army can track down exactly where he is at any time, regardless of whether or not he could even be freezing himself in a fridge! He'll be helpless! You must do all of this … tonight … or you will be severely punished! Do you understand, Genie!?"

Taj didn't answer. He just starred at the purple light while making some movement that Wizpig took as a 'yes'.

"Good," said Wizpig.

Just then, Eddie walked in.

"Transportation ready, milord."

"Perfect timing!" replied Wizpig. "Take this elephant to his destination at once!"

"Right away, milord," answered Eddie.

Wizpig handed Taj the purple light just before Eddie grabbed him by the wrist and dragged the poor genie into a small two-seat ship that was just about ready to be launched off. Taj sat down on the back seat while Eddie took the controls. Just as the ship closed, the countdown began.

"Five, four, three, two, one, ignition."

And the ship was soon making its destination down to the Nintendo planet.

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