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Summary: Sudden realization hits Tsunade and she realize that she was a failure to the name of Hokage, Senju and kunoichi and so vows to be stronger to protect her precious people.

During the late hours of the night a woman with long blonde hair was seen sitting in her office with an empty bottle of sake. Her hair taken down from her pony tail fell past her well-endowed chest that is well known among the men of the Land of Fire. Her big chest weren't the only aspect of her body that captive attention; her curvy waist and as well as her juicy pulp buttock has been the fantasy of the countless men working for her. This sultry woman known as the most powerful kunoichi in the world is Tsunade Senju.

After a long night of working (and drinking) with her assistance, Tsunade decides to take a break from her never ending work load that spreads across her desk. Snoring noisily on her couch was her longtime friend and assistance Shizune. Walking around her office her gaze falls upon the pictures of her predecessors. Reminiscing on all the deeds they accomplished during their lifetime and their abilities that made them worthy to hold the title of Kage; a gloomy expression fall upon her face.

Hashirama Senju renowned as the God of Shinobi was one to be revered. Being part of the Senju clan he inherited the extraordinary life forced and physical energy that made him feared throughout the land. Not to mention his Mokuton kekki genkai is able to control the tailed beast that legend feared throughout the elemental nations. Hashirama was not only adept at his wood release ninjutsu but also was the also a prodigy in all skills that a ninja must possess (ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu and even medical jutsu). His skill was beyond his peers that he was able to heal himself without the use of hand seals.

Tobirama Senju, the Nidaime Hokage master of water ninjutsu. He was primarily responsible for establishing the organization system of the village ranging from the Academy to the ANBU. Although not as adept as his brother Tobirama was able to create his own jutsu that made all his enemies fear him. From the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation to Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique and Water Colliding Wave. His skills at the Space-Time Ninjutsu partnered with his skills in Kenjutsu can kill in the blink of an eye.

Hiruzen Sarutobi the "Professor" of Konoha was said to be able to perform all the jutsu in the village (beside the ones that clan kept to themselves). The sensei of the Legendary Sannin was a prodigy while training under both the Shodai and Nidaime Hokage. Even in his old age he was able to hold his own ground against his deceased sensei and Orochimaru. His skill in taijutsu and ninjutsu surpass his generation and was able to bring an era of peace to Konoha.

Minato Namikaze the Yellow Flash of Konoha spread fear through Kumogakure no Sato (Village Hidden by Clouds). With his adept skills in Space-Time Ninjutsu with the combine skill of the Flying Thunder God Technique he was able to assist in Konoha winning the Third Ninja War. The creation of his technique, the Rasengan, and his mastery of Fuinjutsu (Sealing Technique) allowed him to capture and subdued the Nine Tail Kyubi.

After relieving the glory of her predecessors her face had a deeper sign of frustration than before. In the mind of her village and those that fear her she was the world's strongest kunoichi and the greatest medical-nin the world has seen. However she viewed herself as a failure. She was a failure as the Godaime Hokage, a Senju, and a kunoichi. As Hokage she hasn't done anything outstanding. During her youth she made a bigger impact in the medical field. She had established four rules that all combat medical-nin must follow on the battle field, but as a Hokage she has done nothing praise worthy beside changing the structure of the hospital and increasing the intensity of the medical-nin program.

As a Senju she hasn't exhibit the skills that her grandfather and granduncle demonstrated during their youth. The clan known as the clan with a thousand skills was known as the strongest clan that ever existed. She wasn't able to use the Wood release that grandfather was so adept at using nor was she able to heal herself with using hand seals without using her Byakugo no Jutsu (Strength of a Hundred Technique). She brought the shame to the Senju name with her drinking and gambling rampage after her self imposed exile from Konoha.

As a kunoichi she felt that she should has done more. She was known as the world's strongest kunoichi and medical-nin but she hasn't done much to assist the courage and confident that many kunoichi lacks. She also realizes that during the year when she was spent destroying her kidney with all the sake her teammates and the younger generation grew stronger every day, which was evident when she was almost taken down by Orochimaru's pupil that brat Kabuto. She wasn't become stronger, after becoming Hokage all she done was do paper work and drink (when Shizune is out of the office or doing a mission).

Her mind went from self-pity to the memories of her favorite Toad Sage. After Jiraiya came back from his near death fight from Pain; he took Naruto away to train at Mount Myoboku in Senjutsu (Sage Mode). Seeing him nearly dead laying on the hospital bed gasping for life, Tsunade vowed to herself that she will be stronger so that she won't lose any more precious people in her life.

YES. She made a vow to herself and now is the time for her to follow through. She ran back to her desk and took a swig of her last sake bottle and slams the door behind her as rushed home to bed so she can wake up early in the morning for her new training regime.

At the sudden noise Shizune woke up with a puddle of drool coming out of her mouth. She looked around the empty office and realize that her Tsunade sama must have left. Realizing that no more work was going too done she decides to head back to the house she shared with Tsunade.

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