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Chapter 4

Two New Medical-nin

Within the hospital there are hundreds of rooms waiting for patients both shinobi and civilian a like to be treated for their illness; however in this particular room no patients can be found. There are no hospital beds or any other items that you would normally detect in a room residing in the hospital. This room however has three very large desk piled high with scrolls and books regarding various medical techniques and the human body. At each table sat the apprentices of the Hokage; residing in the middle was the eldest apprentice with a look of glee and anticipation.

Shizune with her short hair and over grown sleeves sat in the middle table analyzing her new students. Excited at teaching two new temporary students the art of medicine, Shizune still felt that she needs to know what she was getting herself into. This wasn't the first time she taught someone medical ninjutsu, thinking back during the two years that Naruto went training with Jiraiya, Shizune wanted to rip her hair out. During the two years that Naruto was gone Sakura become an apprentice to Tsunade-sama. During times when Tsunade was too busy to train Sakura, Shizune was stuck with the job. Thinking about the time she spent with Sakura, Shizune became ticked off.

Within the last few years everyone has mention that Sakura is a fine medical-nin and one day might surpass Tsunade-sama. While others comments that Sakura is probably one of the strongest kunoichi in the Leaf, they also mention that she is a genius when it comes to medicine and charka control. But they don't know half of what goes behind the doors at training Sakura. There were numerous occasion where Shizune had to waste her free time to train Sakura when Tsunade was too busy to do it herself. Although Sakura may have good charka control, she was still lacking. It took Shizune hours upon hours to get where Sakura where she was at now. Shizune had to take things super slow and spend hours that she didn't have to train her. No one care to acknowledge the help and dedication that Shizune put into training her, not even Sakura herself. Sakura was a fan girl at heart; there were numerous times during the training that Sakura would stop training and think about Sasuke and mop around the hospital or training. If it wasn't for Naruto's feelings both Shizune and Tsunade would ignore the pink haired fan girl, but their love for Naruto stop them from doing so; Naruto was family to them and they can't stand to see him sad. Although Sakura showed a level of proficiency the inhumane strength that Tsunade taught her Shizune still won years over her.

Not many people know this but Shizune was second when it comes to healing, only falling behind Tsunade. Even if Chiyo the famed puppeteer and medical-nin from Sunagakure (Village hidden in the Sand) was still alive they would rival to be ranked second in medical ninjutsu. Sakura was nowhere in their league, but people always look with praise in their eyes when they see the pink haired girl. Although Shizune hasn't shown or used the inhumane strength that Tsunade taught her years ago, she was still at master level when it comes to strength.

Shizune doesn't hate Sakura; is just the lack of acknowledgement that she was given and the fact that people over looked her flaws. Now sitting in front of her was two shinobi that she knew will give her the credits that she wanted and become close friends.

Over the course of three hours all three ninjas were amazed how close they became. At first none of them thought they had much in common, but they were wrong. All three of them fault that they don' get the respect they deserve. Anko was stigmatized by being the student of a traitor; where Iruka was looked down upon for never surpass the rank of chunin, and Shizune who never showered ambition. But after talking the last few hours their bond began to form. They had similar interest from sweet food to the occasional drinks and their ambitions that they are aiming for now.

Shizune was surprised at the skills both of these two had involving medical ninjutsu. She wasn't as surprised at Anko, when she showed proficient if not advance knowledge when it comes to healing. Shizune expected as much. Although Orochimaru was known for his human experimentation his knowledge of medical jutsu had a wide variety and as a student she learned a few things. Also after Orochimaru left, Anko still kept her training going, trying to become the world's strongest poison master and in doing so her knowledge of healing must be at the same level as poisoning them.

What really surprised her was Iruka the school teacher. Shizune had a little crushed on the bronze school teacher, but her professionalism stop her from staring at his tan complexion and fit physical physique She was surprise nevertheless at his textbook knowledge about advance medical jutsu. She wasn't expecting that a mere academic teacher was so knowledgeable with the most advance jutsu. He was even about to improve the Shosen Jutsu (Mystical Palm technique). He suggested when healing a bleeding wound instead of pouring charka into the victim's body they should move the flow of fluid to the injured site. Charka although an important part of healing jutsu is still a foreign substance if it's not the victims own; so in order to reduce the amount of foreign substance into the body they should control the flow of fluid like plasma and platelets to form clots and stop the bleeding. When Shizune heard this she was shocked beyond belief, she and Tsunade had never thought about the concept; with this little information they would be able to improve the shosen jutsu.

After this explanation of improving the mystical palm technique both Anko and Shizune wonder how does he know so much about medical ninjutsu. It wasn't like he had to use it on a constant basses since he doesn't work at the hospital and hardly goes on mission assignment.

Rubbing the scar on his nose and blushing a little all Iruka could do was giggled, "I have a lot of time teaching at the academy and you get a lot of practice healing little kids who keep cutting themselves with dull kunai."

Both kunoichi was shocked although he was a school teacher his techniques reading healing jutsu was almost textbook perfect. After another two hours discussing about the more basic jutsu, Shizune decided to call it a night and gave both Anko and Iruka a set of books that they must read before their next training session. Shizune knew that she gave out a little more than she should have (10 books each), but she knew they would easily understand it as quickly as she did. From the looks of it she can proudly say that both are at least low jonin level when it comes to healing, except Anko should be mid-level when it comes to poison.

After a day of teaching Shizune decided to take the rest of the day to train by herself, but first it's time to eat.