Chapter 2: Uzumaki's Reunited!



A sigh came from a sleeping Naruto who ignores the beeping and went back to sleep trying to not wake up.


A tic-mark appeared on his head and roared smashing his fist downward.


"Stuid Kami-damn alarm clocks." He grumbled before moaning in pleasure before a familiar head of pink hair poked out from under the covers grinning seductively "Sakura-hime seriously that's the 10th time you snuck into my bed." He scolded only for Sakura to lick his member slowly making him growl as She moved from under the covers showing nothing, but white and pink striped panties and no bra.

She walks away to the shower swaying her hips teasing Naruto who controls himself before getting dressed wearing a tight dark blue sleeveless turtleneck, Black anbu pants, blue sandals, strapping his HF sword to his waist, and seals his clan sword Aka Taiyou (It's the blood red sword in the 1st chapter) into a spiral seal on his wrist along with his two kodachis and straps the hilt of the Raijin No Ken to his hip and pulls on his black fingerless gloves, and puts on a black cloak with blue flames licking the bottom, and ties his headband around his neck letting his hair flow out covering one of his eyes.

"Ni-chan come on!" Yelled a bubbly voice making him smirk remembering his meeting yesterday in the council room with his Mother and Sister.

(Flashback 2 weeks ago)

"These women will be used for breeding Sarutobi there is nothing you can do about it!" A fat slob of a man shouted eyeing the two women with lust in his eyes ignoring the killing intent coming from them.

The first one stands at 5'10 Crimson hair that flows down reaching her back, violet eyes with a fox slit in the middle, a heart shaped face making her look like an angel, E-Cup breasts, a nicely shaped ass and long slim legs, dressed out in Anbu Captian attire with an O-katana strapped to her hip This is Kushina Uzumaki the Aka No Shi.

The second figure is the same height as Kushina except her eyes are crystal blue, with golden blond hair, wearing a tight black bodysuit causing her large cleavage to strain against the material making some drool, Black anbu pants with black shin, arm, and elbow guards, combat boots on her feet, and a black fingerless gloves on her hand, She has a black nodachi attached to her back this is Naruko Uzumaki sister to Naruto Uzumaki.


Everyone froze before turning to the door as it seemed to gain cracks from the corners "Well it seem's Naruto-kun is coming right now." Sakuya said sweetly making the civilian council members who supported the decision to turn Kushina and Naruko into breeding stock sweat and pale.

Naruko and Kushina gain a pink tinge to their cheeks as they have seen his pictures and blushed badly seeing him look so handsome and were overjoyed that he was still alive and were pissed that they were lied to by the civilian council to abuse him.

"Double Layering Limit!" Naruto's voice roared making Kushina who heard of that attack by missing-nin gape at her son knowing such a dangerous Taijutsu move.

"He was trained by those from beyond the countries!" She yelled realizing her son is possibly stronger than the First and Second Hokages put together making her giddy.


Everyone cried out in surprise as the door suddenly was reduced to kindling and quickly the civilians shouted for their personal anbu guards to kill him only for their bodies to gain massive lacerations on their chests and legs shocking Kushina and Naruko at how precise those hits were.

"I finally get to meet you Kaa-san, Naruko-chan." Naruto's voice took on a bit of smoothness and happiness making them get a shiver down their spine at how elegant his voice sounded and blushed massively as they took in his appearance.

Kushina suddenly gained a nosebleed as she saw his defined muscles through his clothing and his beautiful violet eyes making Sakuya who saw it raise an eyebrow at her.

Naruko looks the worst she seems to be drooling completely with a look of lust and happiness seeing her older brother for the first time. She saw his pictures, but seeing him up close and couldn't help but stare at his form.

Naruto smiled serenely at them the sun making him look angelic until his eyes turned cold before turning toward the civilian council members except Sakuya.

"What was that about turning my sister and mother into a breeding stock!" He snarled instantly entering his 8-tialed state shocking Kushina and Naruko at his control over Kyuubi's chakra.

Naruto slowly pulls out a familiar hilt that made them pale at the seeing the hilt of the legendary thunder god sword until he channeled his chakra to it causing the chakra blade to form crackling with red lightning.

"Tora, Hawk, Neko, Tatsu escort these assholes to Ibiki and hold them there until I get there i have something special planned for them." He said in a tone that made Kuromaru whimper in fear along with the council members at how sadistic and dakr his voice sounded before the mentioned Anbu dragged the screaming civilians toward the I&T department.

He sighed as he deactivated his sword and cloak only for two blurs to smash into him hugging him relentlessly their tears soaking his shirt "Shh it's ok I'm here im not going anywhere himes..." He whispered soothing words into their ears.

Sarutobi and the elders smiled seeing a family become reunited since Naruto always wanted to meet his mother and sister.

(Flashback End)

"Alright Naruko-chan I just need to get Samehada!" He shouted back looking to where Samehada is only to see a pale looking woman with a body many would kill for with coal black eyes looking at him devotion and lust.

Naruto stared at her shocked sensing the same chakra signature as Samehada "Same-chan.." He whispered in shock getting a happy nod from Samehada before kissing him lustfully.

"Yes Naruto-sama I wanted to show my true form ever since I became connected to you." She said sincerely getting a nod from Naruto before walking downstairs carrying his permission slip for the Chunin Exams knowing Sakura and Hinata will be in the exams although he is unhappy they are near the same bastards who are on his shitlist.

Kushina and Naruko see Naruto come down with a pale looking woman only for them to recognize her chakra as Samehada and bid them goodbye until only they were left inside the house.

Naruko looked to be struggling with something "Kaa-san have you been having dreams about Ni-kun?" Asked a blushing Naruko getting a timid nod from Kushina who couldn't help but blush at how vivid those dreams were especially seeing how well endowed Naruto is only thing they are wondering is how to tell him this.

(With Naruto)

"Sakura i swear you are more hornier than you mom." Naruto said exasperated making his pink-haired vixen pout she had a damn good reason to be horny with him and let's not forget he tasted good.

She wrapped her arms around him and rubbed circles in his chest with her fingers "But Na-kun." She whined. "It's Kyu-chans fault for causing your pheromones to release all the time." She pouted angrily already seeing Kyuubi glaring at her for pushing some of the blame on her.

"That hurt you damn brat!" Shouted an arrogant voice making their eyes twitch in irritation only to stop and groan knowing Konohamaru got in trouble again before running toward the alleyway to see Konohamaru with Moegi, Udon, and Ino with the latter being held up by a man in a catsuit next to a blonde wearing a battle kimono with a large war fan strapped to her back.

"If I were you i would put my little brother down before i have to kill some pests to make the chunin exams easier for me." He said coldly flooding the area with Killing Intent causing everyone except Sakura to nearly collapse on the ground.

He let up the Killing Intent allowing them to breath before walking up to the man in a catsuit and snatched Konohamaru form his grip "Kono get back to class now!" He ordered getting a meek nod before they race off toward the Academy leaving Naruto, and Sakura with the others in the alley.

Naruto's cold violet eyes looked over the two Suna Shinobi causing the girl to blush at his intense stare "Speak your names now"



He nodded to himself already recognizing them as the Kazekage's children "I'm assuming you two are here with your younger brother for the Chunin Exams?" He asked politely getting cautious nods from the two siblings.

Naruto suddenly snatched a thrown rock from the air in 1 second and crushed it "Get your ass out of that tree Uchiha that go's for you two Gaara." He ordered getting sharp intakes of air from Temari and Kankuro at how he detected their brother.

Sasuke jumped down with a pissed off look on his face at Naruto ordering him around and how he detected someone when he couldn't.

"Hello Brother." Gaara smiled serenely shocking Kankuro and Temari at how happy he looked to see Naruto who smiled before patting him on the back.

"So how's your seal doing after I fixed it?" He asked seeing Gaara's innocent look made him raise an eyebrow amused "You faked being insane to scare the shit out of your brother and sister didn't you." He snickered getting a nod from the Ichibi container making Temari and Kankuro who heard what Naruto said about Gaara faking it making them screech at the innocent looking Gaara.

"YOU WERE FAKING IT GAARA WTF MAN!" Kankuro screeched making Gaara fall down with Naruto laughing their asses off making Temari and Kankuro growl at them.

"Uchiha if you do not take your eyes off my nee-san I will break you legs with my sand." Gaara said coldly making Sasuke flinch before huffing going toward his home ignoring his loyal fangirl Ino.

"Ino-chan." Sakura called out getting the blonde yamanakas attention.

"Yes Sakura?" She asked shyly confusing both Sakura and Naruto at how shy she is around them.

"Why are you acting so shy around me and Saku-hime?" Ino flinched making Naruto who noticed it frown.

She mumbled something under her breath "Could you repeat that Ino-chan" He said seeing tears in her eyes.

"Sasuke ordered some civilians to force tou-san write up a betrothal contract between me and him." She spat his name with venom but Naruto looks at Ino with soft eyes while Sakura is brimming with rage.

"By the order of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Senju I hearby place Ino Yamanaka under my clan's protection from all threats including political." Naruto announced getting a gasp from Ino and Sakura before both jumped into his arms sobbing into his shoulder.

Ino suddenly suprised him by kissing him on the lips shocking him before he kissed back with equal passion that made Ino moan in pleasure at the intrusion of his tongue.

"I'll see you later Naruto." She grinned before walking to her team training ground with a bounce in her step making Sakura shake her head in amusement at the 180 turn of her friends prsonality.

"Come on Sakura the exams should be starting soon." Sakura nodded following her mate to the academy but not before they glanced toward the tree on their right.

"Do not think I will not be watching you Kumo and Iwa." Came Naruto's cold voice before disappearing in a blaze of black fire with Sakura vanishing in a swirl of cherry blossom leaves.

"Karui, Samui stay clear of that guy Nibi is afriad of him." Said a blonde with cat-slit eyes getting nods form her two teammates before shunshining to the academy.

"Seem's Naruto-kun still has the streak in him that instills fear with that cold but sexy voice of his." Said a kunoichi with pink pupilless eyes.

(Timeskip - 3 hours)

Naruto was walking toward the academy with Samehada on his back speaking to him telepathically 'Same-hime, how much chakra would you be able to absorb?'He asked.

'I would be able to absorb nine times a Kage level shinobi's chakra and my hilt is able to extend and be flexible useful for long range combat and short range.' The legendary sword explained making Naruto get a giddy expression on his face since he holds another powerful sword in his arsenal.

He soon entered to see a bunch of genin teams huddled together and at the front Sasuke shouting about the Genjutsu getting a blank look from Naruto 'Has he ever learned anything about tact?' Naruto deadpanned before walking toward the way to the real exam room ignoring Sasuke and Kiba following him with kunais in their hands.

Naruto soon stopped in a open space and turned his head to see the two people that he didn't want anything to do with "What do you two want?" He said in monotone only for Kiba to shoot forward aiming for his neck only to get smacked into a wall by a large bandaged sword causing spider-web cracks to form.

"That's The Legendary Shark SKin Sword!" Shouted a female voice.

"Tenten seriously nearly everyone knows about it." Said an annoyed voice.

Naruto looks behind Sasuke to see Tenten, Neji, and Lee "Hey Lee, Neji, Ten-chan" He grinned getting smirks from the three at seeing their best friend back.

Sasuke see's this and gets pissed at the dobe ignoring him and throws the kunai at him "Don't you dare ignore me dobe!" He roared.

A vein pulses on Naruto's temple making Team Gai back away slowly from their annoyed best friend who grips Samehada's hilt.

He brings it down on Sasuke's head comically causing the duck ass haired boy to end up in the ground up to his neck with swirling eyes making them snicker.

"Let's go i don't wanna be late." Naruto said getting nods from Team Gai as they walked toward the doors leading to the exam room and entered to find everyone chatting till they saw Naruto and Team Gai entering the room and blasted them with K.I.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and released percent of his Killing Intent causing the air to have a wavy effect along with making everyone in the exam room pale and shiver at how strong his Killing Intent and seeing their deaths in the mos gruesome ways.

Naruto see's Sakura, and Ino and waved them over to sit by him till the exams start getting kisses in return making some guys jealous and girls glare at Sakura and Ino in envy.

"Give me information on Naruto Uzumaki Senju!" Sasuke demanded getting glares from everyone else except Kiba for prying into someone else's life.

"Ok let's see here-" Kabuto was cut off as the card was snatched from his hand by a wooden hand from the ground and laid it in Naruto's hand shocking everyone including Gaara as he used no handseals to use it "His Mokuton functions just like my Sand Armor." He though in astonishment and impression.

Naruto looked over the cards information with his two mates and narrowed their eyes seeing all of his information on this card including his missions and stats and turned to Kabuto and the others with his Eternal Rinnegan blazing shocking everyone seeing the legendary doujutsu.

"May i know why all of my information is on this card along with my life records that is supposed to be known by the Hokage only Kabuto-san?" He asked in a deathly calm voice that made the air drop several degrees until they could see their breath in front of them.

Kiba stepped forward only to get slammed into the wall by a tendril of sand "Do not antagonize my older brother Inuzuka he has told me all about your alpha male complex and advise you to not come near my sister or I will crush what makes you a man." Gaara said coldly making everyone except Naruto and Temari wince at how cold he sounds and covers their manhoods.

Naruto smirked before his hand lit up with azure blue flames incinerating the card in his hands to ashes making several people grit their teeth at not getting anything on him "Anyone who has the balls to mess with me will get burned to ashes on the spot!" He snarled flaring his youki making everyone including the jinchuuriki in the room grasp at their throats except Ino, Sakura, and Hinata.

Yugito trys desperately to breath "Nibi! How the hell can he control it so well to use Kyuubi's K.I on it's own not even Kirabi can do this!" She shouted inwardly to her bijuu who is shaking in fear and lust.

"Kitten I swear if you don't claim him I will force my way out of the seal and rape him!"Nibi shouted with arousal leaking making Yugito blush.

A green-haired girl is staring at Naruto with admiration and lust with a blush on her face "Cho-chan, do you think he would be suitable as a mate?" Fu asked.

"Definitely yes Fu-chan, I can tell he very well endowed." Nanabi said lustfully getting a nod from Fu.

Suddenly a cloud of smoke appears in the room showing Ibiki Morino with a group of Chunin "EVERYONE SIT THE FUCK DOWN!" He roared making everyone scramble toward their seats except Naruto who is sitting with Ino and Sakura.

Ibiki nods before explaining the rules making many protest while the more smart ones nodded before the proctors pass out the exam papers after Naruto get's his he narrows his eyes before smirking and puts down the right answers finishing in 3 minutes and layed his head down.

"Uzumaki! I thought you were doing a test!" Ibiki yelled only to get an amused look from Naruto "Why would i do a test when i'm already finished?" Naruto said with mirth in his voice getting stupefied looks from everyone including Ibiki who checks his paper and gives a positive nod.

(Jounin Lounge)

The jounin in the lounge room have their jaws dropped nearly to the ground including Kirabi the 8-tailed jinchuuriki at how intelligent "This kid is smarted than Shikaku." Asuma said getting nods form the guys while the women sigh at Naruto dreamily.

"That kids gonna have lady troubles I just know it." A man in red armor snorted along with a red bearded man named Roshi who nodded sagely.

Kakashi snorted getting everyone's attention "Otouto's already a babe magnet his sword samehada has a human form and trust me she puts Tsunade to shame a million times over and loves him like a mate/master." He muttered enviously getting jaw drops from everyone even the bijuu inside Han. Roshi, and Kirabi.

"That lucky fucking bastard not even that perv Jariya could have that many women." Gobi shouted getting snorts from the other bijuu in their connection while Kyuubismirks deviously.

"Oh by the way guy's I never showed you my true form did i?" Kyuubi asked innocently getting curious looks from them including Hachibi until she glowed red before her true form showed.

Kyuubi has blood red hair cascading down her back, double J-cup breasts, red slit eyes, a heart shaped ass, long slim legs, nine flowing tails behind her, 2 fox hears on her head, and is wearing a black kimono with red foxes on it.

All the other bijuu's jaws dropped to the ground cracking it at seeing their supposed leader of the bijuu a woman until Yonbi screeches "WTF!" Making Kyuubi laugh her ass off at them with Chomei and Nibi and Gobi and Hachibi getting weird looks from Yonbi, Sanbi, and Shukaku.

They smirked "We're women too we just wanted to wait till you asked?" They grinned before their true forms showed.

Gobi has double DD-cup breasts, five long tails flowing behind her, silver whitish hair in a ponytail a beautiful heart shaped face with silver eyes with a slit in the middle and cute lips, and is wearing a white kimono.

Hachibi is a dark skinned bombshell, Double K-cup breasts, purplish eyes, eight long tails behind her, long black hair flowing down to her bubble shaped butt, slim legs, she is wearing a tight bodysuit with black baggy pants, and combat boots with the kanji for Hachibi on her shirt.

Chomei has green hair, yellow eyes, double f cup breasts, and long shapely legs and a heart shaped ass, she is wearing a dark green kimono with black beetles as a design.

Nibi had the same build as Kyuubi except she had amber cat-slit eyes, two blue cat tails behind her, and a blue kimono witht eh kanji for Nibi on the back.

The three male bijuu are shocked at them being the only males and whimpered seeing their dark smirks knowing they are going to be introduced to the pecking order real soon.

Sakura looked bored so she got a devious idea before covering them with a kage-level genjutsu and unzipped Naruto's pants startling him and moans as his mate starts to give him a deepthroat his semi-erect member and groans as he cums down her throat.

Naruto zipped his pants up giving Sakura a dry look while she tried to look innocent before he dispelled the illusion to see Hinata giving Sakura a deadpan look while she pouted.

Ibiki told them about a final rule to decide to either take the final question or not which made them ask why? "Because if you answer it wrong you will remain a genin forever" He said darkly making almost everyone shout in protest except a bored Naruto.

Naruto become disgusted seeing many teams from Konoha, Iwa, Suna, and Kiri leave till he blasted the room with Killing Intent making a lot of people piss and shit themselves "ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING COWARDS!" He roared making everyone flinch at the ferocity in his voice.

"You are suppose to be a ninja! Our profession has plenty of deathly rusks and you decide to just up and quit!" He sneered at the cowardly looks in their eyes making them whimper.

He unsheathes his HF sword the blade crackling with red lightning while his face changes to impassiveness and coldness "The next coward who quits i will personally slice you piece by piece!" He said demonically his eyes a scarlet red with a black background making them pale and sweat buckets before nodding submissively.

"Good now we won't have problems will we?" Naruto asked sweetly with an eye smile a visage of a grinning Kyuubi behind him getting nervous laughs from almost everyone.

(Jounin Lounge)

Han just stared until he started to laugh his ass off along with Kirabi and Roshi while the other jounin are staring at Naruto with awe, fear, respect, and lust.

"Gobi is screaming to get out of my seal so she can claim him as a mate." Han informed bluntly getting wide eye looks from everyone including Kakashi who is thinking "Gobi's a female oh boy Naruto if i'm correct Kyuubi is a female you are going to be very sore." Thought a worried Kakashi.

(Back with Naruto)

Naruto see's everyone look forward with new determination, nodding to himself he turns to Ibiki signaling him to continue, but before he could a black ball smashed through the window and pinned to the wall is a banner saying 'The Sexy and Single Anko Mitarashi!' Naruto and Ibiki deadpanned as the woman bursted through the window in a dramatic pose.

"No time for breaks I'm the your 2nd proctor Anko Mitarashi!" She said loudly getting deadpanned looks from Ibiki and Naruto.

"Anko you're late again." Naruto and Ibiki said in unison making Anko facefault and smile sheepishly before noticing many teams left and deadpanned at Ibiki.

"There's still too many teams left Ibiki." She pointed bluntly only to get a blank stare saying 'So' making her give him an exasperated look till she saw Naruto and gained a predatory look only for Hinata to look at her with a Byakugan induced K.I filled glare making her swear at seeing the normally shy hyuga scare the snake mistress.

Naruto shook his head before heading to Training Ground 44 in a blaze of blue fire shocking everyone at him having a god-like fire affinity while a Uchiha and Inuzuka looked on in jealousy.

(Timeskip - 3 hours)

Naruto sighed as he sits with large tigers laying next to him purring with Samehada in her human form massaging his shoulders making him groan in pleasure "Thanks Same-chan you can come with me in your human form till we reach the tower if you want to." He said looking at his other mate who smiled before her body shimmered and suddenly has the same clothes as Naruto except hers is a dark blue.

Naruto gives her a once over and smirks seductively making Samehada arousal spike and moans as he moves his fingers over her clothed pussy and pulls away getting a whine of disappointment "Wait till we reach the tower Kyu-chan and Hinata have been waiting to break you into the family..." He whispered in a dark husky tone making Samehada's arousal spike dangerously and her folds wetten from how domination his voice sounds and kisses him fiercely and licked her tongue over his sharp canines while stroking his member.

He pinned her against the tree roughly getting sexy growl from her her teeth sharpening and puplis shrinking while Naruto's whisker marks darken and his hair spiking along with his eyes flashing crimson.

"This is mine!" He growled grabbing her ass getting a yelp from her.

"This is mine!" He said groping her tits getting a moan from her.

He grinded his member against her wet folds making her whimper in pleasure "This is mine no man or woman will touch this or i will destroy them on the spot!" He growled possessively, making her lust and love for him spike while Kyuubi is fingering herself inside the seal at Naruto's possessiveness.

"Yes (Moan) Ruto-Sama!" She squealed as her master/mate continues to pleasure/torture her and she's enjoying it getting a nod from Naruto.

Naruto suddenly got a devious idea that made Kyuubi scared, yet excited and gasped as she suddenly felt herself being pulled from the seal.

Naruto pulled a red orb from his stomach and slashed his wrist and flipped through five handseals "Chishio Bunshin!" He shouted as a perfect replica of him formed from a puddle of blood checking. He checked over it noticing theres no flaws in it and pushes the orb into the blood clone and watched as it was covered in a crimson aura until it's features shifted to his favorite vixen.

Naruto smiled "Welcome outside Kurami-chan." He said softly as Kurami opened her eyes and gasped as she took in the view noticing the fresh air and smell of nature.

"H-How?" She asked him shocked only to get an amused smirk from her container who said two words "Chishio Bunshin." He said with mirth making her smack her forehead for not thinking of that before jumping onto him and kissing him with all of her being till she looked at him with lust and want in her eyes "Wait till we get to the tower Kurmai-Chan then we can break Same-chan in right." He said to a grinning Kurami who sent a predatory look toward a shivering Samehada who is leaking juices from the looks being sent at her by Kurami and Naruto.

Naruto snapped his head toward the east at sensing a weakened signature of a someone with the same youki as him except it feels weaker than Kuramis "Kurmai, i found Chomei's container she's in trouble!" He warned getting a look of rage from Kurami at someone hurting her siblings container before blurring forward with Naruto and Samehada toward Fu's location

(With Fu)

Fu stomped the ground causing a wall of rock to sprout from the ground to block a water drill "Give up demon! You will submit to Orochimaru-sama and become his loyal weapon!" Her teammate shouted arrogantly getting a mocking laughter from Fu.

"You think i would submit to that cock-sucking snake fag, the only one who i would submit to would be is Naruto-sama!" She roared making the two spys angry before flipping through handsigns and slamming her hands on the ground with a dark grin on her face.

"Earth Style: Great Mud Dragon!" She shouted as a humongous dragon of earth sprouts from the ground before flying towards them at anbu-level speeds making the two spies curse before dodging with the other screams as he get's smashed from the impact of the jutsu killing him instantly.

The man growls at FU before charging at her with a pair of kunai with a purple sheen to them making Fu narrow her eyes at seeing the poison on the weapon.

Suddenly someone appears under the man shocking both him and Fu at not sensing the man till her face splits into a grin seeing her blond-haired savior.

Naruto's hand blazed with lightning and sped toward his target dragging his hand along the ground "Raikiri!" He shouted as he bisected the man at the waist and electrocuting him at the same time leaving nothing but a charred corpse.

"Fu-chan you and Chomei alright?" Asked Naruto getting a nod from Fu who blushes seeing the one her brother Shibuki betrothed her to and likes him.

Soon Kururami and Samehada appear "Every things alright Kurami-chan her and Chomei are safe." He said seeing her worried look getting a sigh of relief while Fu looks at Kurami with a curious look.

"Let me guess you're Cho-chan's older sister right?" She asked bluntly getting a nod before squealing and proceeds to pet Kurami's ears causing her to purr making Samehada to laugh her ass off only to get smacked on the ass by an irate kitsune making her whimper.

Chomei stares at her older sister with an exasperated look form inside the seal "Seem's Kurami-nee-chan found herself a plaything." Chomei said dryly getting a wary look form Fu who steps away from Kurami.

Naruto looks through Fu's teammates pockets to find 2 pairs of Heaven and Earth scrolls getting a satisfied grin before pocketing one pair while tossing the other toward Fu who nods at him.

Naruto freezes as he feels Sakura's chakra flaring signaling she's in trouble "Guy's c'mon Sakura's in trouble!" He called out getting nods form everyone before they took to the trees hopping at speeds that would make Jounin jealous sensing Sakura's signature next to a tainted one.

(25 minutes later)

Naruto and his group arrives to team Ino's and Gai's team with Sakura, a oto female named Kin, and Kiba against a beserker Sasuke who has black marking across his body sporting a maniacal grin looking at the females with a lustful look in his eye making them shudder before an opressive aura slams down on everyone.

"Everyone back away this punk is mine." He said in an even colder tone making them pity the Uchiha who glares defiantly at Naruto only to cry out in pain as his eyes suddenly revert to their normal onyx black.

"What did you do to me dobe!" Sasuke demanded confusing everyone only to shudder as a sick grin spreads on Naruto's face and said something that made their blood run cold.

"I used my doujutsu to completely strip you of your Sharingan until I deem you worthy to use it." He said sweetly making Sasuke stare at him horrified till his rage overcame his being and roared charging at him with a hand of lightning making Naruto narrow his eyes at seeing his familiar copied by a little psycho like him.

Naruto appeared in front of Sasuke and grabbed his throat holding him in the air instantly applying a purifying seal disabling the curse seal rendering Sasuke weakened as he coughs up blood "You are weak! you always will be nothing but a weak pathetic fool!" He said harshly making everyone even Kurami wince at how harsh he sounds before gasping in horror as his hand become engulfed in black lightning and cocks his arm back about to impale Sasuke.

Naruto stares Sasuke coldly with no remorse in his eyes "I should put an end to your life right here and now so i can make Itachi suffer for leaving such a pathetic waste of space alive!" He said even colder before feeling someone grab his arm turning his head to see Hinata, Sakura, and Ino holding his arm.

"Girls let go?" He asked calmly his eyes never leaving them only to get negative nods. "Naruto-kun let him go he isn't worth it don't lose yourself because of the trouble his clan caused you." They pleaded making Naruto glare at Sasuke even harder his hand twitching even more erratically making them plead even more till he sighed before deactivating his black lightning blade.

"Fine, he get's to live for now." He said calmly before giving him back his bloodline and getting rid of the curse seal making Sasuke glare at him in fury for taking away his power to defeat Itachi.

Naruto then proceeded to wrap Sasuke in chakra-draining rope and suddenly snapped his head toward the right seeing a head of red hair a girl's curious, yet shy red eyes staring at him with a blush "You caa come out it's safe." Said Naruto making everyone cautious and relaxed slightly when a cute red-haired girl wearing a pale long sleeve shirt with a zipper on the front, and black biker shorts with long black heels wearing glasses on her face looking at Naruto with a blush on her face raising eyebrows till Kurami sniffed before grinning "Naruto, she's an Uzumaki." Said Kurami getting a happy look from Naruto while the red-head get's a look of wonder seeing how the fox lady was able to find out who she was.

Naruto stood up with a struggling Sasuke on his shoulder till he punched the little prick out making everyone except a drooling Kiba snicker at his useless struggling.

"Do you have a name Uzu-chan?" Naruto asked softly getting a intense blush from her "His chakra feel's so warm and enticing." She thought in a daze.

"Karin Uzumaki I was kidnapped by Orochimari along with my sister Tayuya to serve him along with Kin." She said sadly getting understanding looks before Naruto turned his eyes to a sobbing Kin before seeing a seal on her collarbone.

"Kin could you please tell me what the seal on you shoulder is for?" Naruto said getting a nervous look from the sound kunoichi.

"It's a slave seal." She said in a dead voice making everyone's eyes widen in rage except a thinking Kiba who get's glared at by Naruto "You even think of using a slave seal on anyone I will cut you in half!" He snarled making Kiba flinch.

Naruto tosses Sasuke to a quiet Lee before checking over the seal "The seal is overlapped by a death seal, chakra locking seal, a torture seal, a memory seal, and a mind-control seal." He said grimly getting horrified looks from everyone especially Ino who stares at Sasuke with fear wondering what would have happened if he got one of those seals for her.

Naruto sighed "There's one way to remove it Kin-chan." Kin blushed at the 'chan' in her name "He called me Kin-chan i like it" She thought shyly getting a knowing smirk fro Karin.

"You would have to get it replaced by another slave seal by me except i won't treat you like those other sick assholes who think women are used just for cooking and cleaning i will treat you the same way as my himes." He said seriously shocking Ino at the sincerity in his voice.

"Please do Naruto-sama i don't care i just want to be away from that monster!" she begged getting a nod before Naruto used his Eternal Rinnegan to create a jar of blood and a brush and started to write his seal over it before forming the rat seal "Fuin!" He shouted expecting her to be in pain only.

"Aaaah! it feels so amazing Masterrrr!" Kin shouted in a dazed/orgasmic tone making all the girls blush while the guys had to hold in nosebleeds at seeing a female acting like that while Naruto is shocked at seeing Kins once innocent eyes filled with burning lust and desire and devotion for him.

"I just know i am gonna have to lock my bedroom door soon." He muttered getting perverse smiles from the girls making him shiver all of a sudden.

Karin soon chuckled nervously getting everyone's attention "Um? hehehe i forgot to tell you i have the same seal put on me Naruto-kun." She said nervously getting a dry look from Kin.

Naruto places the same seal on her getting the same reaction as he did with Kin except hers sounded more seductive and enticing making Naruto almost get a boner while the girls had major nosebleeds.

"I swear to kami you girls are freaking perverts!" he yelled at his embarrassed mates who looked sheepish while Tenten is looking at him with an examining look making Neji and Lee eye her warily while Naruto got the feeling that someone was molesting him with their eyes.

"Alright guy's let's head to the tower!" he barked getting nods from everyone before they tree hopped to the tower while Karin and Kin snuggle into his shoulder sleep making him smile promising to protect them.

(Timeskip -3 hours later)

They soon arrived at the tower and entered to see a large room with a rat seal statue on the wall "We should open the scrolls." He said getting nods before opening the heaven and earth scroll before widening his eyes seeing the kanji for human "Throw them their summoning scrolls!" He shouted getting surprised looks before tossing them as they exploded in a poof of smoke to show Asuma, Gai , Kakashi, and Kurenai with smiles on their faces.

"Congratulations everyone you passed this part of the exams head to your rooms for the remaining week to rest for the preleminaries." Kakashi said before noticing a tied Sasuke on Lee's shoulder.

"Naruto why is Sasuke tied up in chakra-draining rope?" Asked Kakashi in a dry getting snickers from the other Jounin.

"This bastard tried to attack the others with the intent to kill and had the curse seal active i was this close to sealing his bloodline away completely and put a raikiri through his heart, but Sakura, Hinata, and Kurami managed to convince me to let him live." Naruto snorted before grabbing Sasuke and dropping him uncaringly on the ground.

"Theres your dirty garbage." Was all he said before walking toward his room with Samehada, Kurami, and Hinata following him with lustful grins on their faces not seeing his dark smirk under his bangs.

"Lucky bastard." The males muttered getting mocking laughter from the females making them sulk in the emo corner.

Lemon Warning! If you are not 18 and older do not read!

Naruto is pushed against the wall asa naked Samehada, Kurami, and Hinata rip off his and their clothes with the two kissing him and Hinata licking and sucking his cock making him groan in pleasure "You like this don't you Naruto-sama." Hinata said lustfully as she strokes his member slowly before taking him all the way down her throat.

After 35 minutes he feels his balls clenching "I'm about to cum!" He yelled only for Hinata to suck even harder to get her favorite snack while stroking him, Naruto grits his teeth as his cock starts twitching madly before he shouted.

"I'm Cumming!"

Hinata, Kurami, and Samehada all sat in front of Naruto with their mouths open as his cum sprayed into their mouths some getting on their tits and face, but they all cleaned each other off instantly making him hard again before snapping his fingers to form two more clones who bended Samehada and Kurami over a desk asses up with Hinata on the bed in a similar way with their cocks rubbing their wet pussys teasing them getting whimpers.

"Please Naruto fuck us please!"They pleaded.

"Please What?" Naruto asked innocently making them whimper even more.

"Please Fuck Us Naruto-Sama!" They chorused getting smirks from Naruto and the clones before plunging deep into them getting cries of pleasure from being stretched by his member.

"Know this your pussy will always be mine." He said this giving their asses a few slaps getting moans in agreement before he pushes all the way deep into their womb causing their eyes to roll into the back of their heads in pleasure and screams as the clones pound in and out in their tight snatches their tits swaying back and forth.

Naruto pulls one of Hinata's legs over his shoulder and increases his speed and force causing drool to leak from her mouth with a glazed look in her eye with Samehada and Kurami in the same condition as they get fucked stupid for the next 5 hours.

After 5 hours they start to slow down, going with more force behind their thrusts till causing them multiple orgasms with Naruto not being finished until he felt his cock twitch.

"Girls we're about to cum!" They shouted only for the girls to turn around and wrap their legs around their waist making them go deeper getting wide eye looks from Naruto and his clones before nodding seeing their determined looks before picking up speed causing wet smacking sounds to be heard through the halls.

"I'm CUMMING!' Naruto and his clones shouted before emptying their seed into their wombs getting screams of pleasure as they orgasm covering their mates cock in their juices.

"WE'RE CUMMING!" They screamed before orgasming their juices mixing with his essence seeping from their swollen pussies sighing in pleasure only to shiver at seeing the dark smirk on Naruto's face.

"Who said we were done." He said ominously making them shiver in excitement, yet fear knowing they are gonna be sore for the week the tower all night was filled with moans, growls, screams, and grunts depriving many of sleep.

Lemon End! Hope you liked it! (PM if you have any requests for crossovers)

(Timeskip - a week later)

During the remaining week many chunin and jounin were wondering who was able to cause someone to scream like that, The females were hoping to meet this person so they can get the same thing only for them to find out to their disappointment that the person was already with someone leaving many sexually frustrated.

Naruto did not slack off even during the one week break, he trained himself in wielding Samehada and using his Suiton affinity in conjunction to fight against multiple opponents using overwhelming speed and strength and shocked Zabuza at how quickly he mastered using Kisame's sword and decided to teach him the silent kill to increase his already deadly fighting prowess.

He mastered the style after using a couple thousand Kage Bunshin in 5 hours impressing his mother and sister who came to observe his training. His potential amazed even Kushina who was a Kenjutsu Mistress able to beat all seven of the mist swordsman something which she said proudly making Zabuza glare at her for damaging his image.

Neji also got his seal removed by Naruto and thanked him profusely even going far as to call him older brother which Naruto smiled at. Naruto also got to know both Kin and Karin since they pledged themselves to him, finding out that Oto was a dog-eat-dog type of village where you have to be strong so you live which pissed Naruto off, but can't help but agree with it a little.

Kiba and Sasuke were giving him problems with how they were interrupting his training or relaxing just to fight him to see who's topdog earning both of them a beatdown leaving them a bloody mess allowing Naruto stress relief by pounding the hell out of them suffice to say the two arrogant clan heirs avoided him to avoid getting beat nearly to death.

Kushina and Naruko also confessed to him about their feelings which shocked him before remembering that Kurami's chakra changed his Dna to better accomodate her youki which means he technically wasn't her son anymore and told them that they will have to share only to get a searing kiss from Kushina and a grope from Naruko who gave his member a hungry look before departing making him wonder if all females in his family were perverts.

He also met the other Jinchuuriki who told them about their bijuu being female wanting to be out of the seal, he agreed to that so using his Eternal Rinnegan he created the bodies for them and gave Gobi, Hachibi, Nibi, Chomei new bodies leaving the host and bijuu with equal chakra before getting mouth raped by the released female bijuu and had to avoid getting raped by a horny Nibi.

On the end of the week Naruto introduced his mates including the released bijuu to his friends and were accepted very quickly from their experience of Kurami and found out that Hachibi was a very outgoing and blunt woman always attached to Naruto's arm with Kurami.

(Timeskip - Preleminary's )

Naruto looked down at the arena seeing a fight between Sakura and a Iwa-nin that insinuated that she should dump the blonde and get with a real man only for him to get smashed into the wall by a chakra enhanced punch knocking him out completely with Sakura winning the match.

Naruto looked at the next match coming only for his eyes to narrow at the matchup knowing only the council would have the balls to pull this off.

Naruto Senju vs Kiba Inuzuka vs Sasuke Uchiha!

Everyone became silent except a grinning Kiba and Sasuke who are planning on humiliating the dope right here and now in front of everyone only for them to freeze at hearing a bone-chilling chuckle looking over to see Naruto chuckling to himself his bangs hiding his dark violet eyes holding sadistic glee that made them sweat.

"So the civilian council is meddling in shinobi affairs again huh? It seem's I'm gonna have a few more playthings at the T&I department i accept this battle it's time for me to show these two weaklings their place in the pecking order." Naruto's voice took on a dark sadistic edge as he cracks his knuckles slowly savouring the look of fear on Sasuke's defiant face and the whimpers from Kiba before floating in the air shocking the Hokage along with other kages except a grinning Tsuchikage.

" I would like to dedicate this to Tsuchikage-sensei for teaching me this on my travels." Naruto said directing his sentence at a crying Tsuchikage who smiles at the Namikaze getting smiles from Sarutobi.

"Oonoki fianlly got the closure he needed after his failure with Deidara he deserves it." Thought Sarutobi before seeing Naruto drop down to the gorund causing a crater to form on impact raising eyebrows.

Naruto takes off his sage coat showing his tight black sleeveless turtleneck showing his chisled muscles and 12 pack abs causing alot of women to drool especially Kushina and Naruko.

"I won't be needing this weighing me down since i need to stretch my arms." He said nonchalantly before dropping the thing on the ground making the ground cave creating a 35 foot crater causing everyone including Gai and the Raikage to have eyes the size of dinner plates at how deep the crater.

"N-Naruto-kun how much weight does that weigh exactly?" Asked a shaken Sandaime getting a thinking look from Naruto who smirks darkly.

"50 kilos." He said shrugging getting bulged eyes from everyone including Kurami and her sisters who's jaw dropped to the ground in shock.

Kakashi even dropped his book in shock " My kami that's 50 times earth's gravity then that means..." He trailed off before giving Kiba and Sasuke a pitying look.

"Someone's about to get their asses handed to them." Hinata said in a singsong voice making the jounin shiver at her voice especially Anko wondering how someone younger than her could be so scary.

Naruto snorts before pointing to his wrist showing wristbands "These weigh 2 times more than my coat, but i won't take them off only those who have earned my respect are allowed to fight me all-out." He said pointing to his mates, Kages, and Jounin getting grins from Naruto's friends while that only pissed the two clan heirs off.

Naruto holds out his hand in a 'Come hither motion' his smirk mocking them angering them as Kiba charged at Naruto in a spinning drill aiming for his heart only to the shock of Tsume and Hana to get smacked away.

"He just smacked away the Fang Over Fang that should have atleast scratched him!" She shouted only to get an amused chuckle from Kakashi getting everyone's attention "The reason why it didn't damage him is because his physical training hardened his body's denisty to monstorus levels to where even an A-rank jutsu wouldn't even hurt him." He said much to the shock of everyone at the jutsu didn't work.

Naruto decided to scare them "Same-chan come join the battle with me." He smirked getting a sadistic grin from the pale-skinned woman before jumping in the air much to the shock of everyone and glowed before transforming into the Shark Skin Sword causing more shock to erupt through those from Kiri.

Naruto gripped the handle before lifting it to his shoulder examining shocking those with his strength in wielding it "Same-chan along with the other swords are sentient except she's the only one with a human form, she is also one of my mates and i love her equally." Naruto said softly getting coo's from the women while the guys mutter 'lucky bastard' before getting slapped upside the head.

Sasuke snorts "That sword is wasted on a loser like you only a Uchiha can use that to it's full potential." He said in his 'mighter than thou' attitude only get what sounded like a snort coming from Samehada.

"Ningen if you even tried to touch my hilt your hand would been turned to mincemeat only those of pure heart can use me Kisame and Fuguki were only able to because of forcing me, i joined Naruto-sama willingly so do not think any Uchiha will be deserving of me." She spat at him making him glare at her with his Sharingan only to duck barely with Kiba from a decapitating strike from a cold-looking Naruto.

" I knew i should have finished you off and left your corpse for food in the forest Uchiha especially for stealing Kakashi-nii's Chidori." He sneered causing everyone to glare at Sasuke for stealing such a dangerous jutsu from Kakashi.

Naruto ducked under a swipe form Kiba before swinging his hand toward his face "Pimpslap no Jutsu!" He shouted before literally smacking Kiba toward the Kage's stand making them move out of the way as a speeding Kiba crash's into the wall headfirst leaving him a twitching mess.

Hinata sniggered, snorted, and then fell down laughing her ass off with everyone following their example with the Kage's failing to keep their laughter in especially a stoic Shino and Shibi who are shaking with mirth while Tsume and her nin-ken are howling with laughter.

Naruto blew away some imaginary smoke off his hand before dodging Sasuke's lightning covered hand only for his arm to get caught "You didn't think it would be that easy would it Sasuke." Naruto said as dark red markings appear around his eyelids shocking Kushina and Naruko.

"Naruto-kun's already a Dragon Sage!" They shouted getting shocked looks hearing someone so young being a sage of the Legendary Dragon Clan of Uzumaki.

"Wrong" Said Naruto getting confused looks before pointing to his fox tattoo making them nearly pale at a grinning Kurami "I am a Sennin of both the Kitsune and Ryu clan only I can sign the Fox contract, and only Uzumaki can sign the Ryu." He said before tossing Sasuke into the air before holding Samehada up like a batting club and swung at the airborn Uchiha only to split a tile of stone.

Naruto dodges a barrage of mini fireballs and flipped onto the ram sign statute and put Samehada on his back before slamming his hands together as a blue aura flows off him causing his hair to blow everywhere at the winds caused by it.

Sarutobi gasped seeing two people standing behind Naruto in a battle stance one wearing red armor the other wearing blue armor "Hashirama-Sensei, Tobirama-Sensei!" He thought in shock at seeing the smiling visages of his past Senseis smiling at Naruto.

"Mokuton: Deep Forest Emergence!" He shouted as large wooden branches blasted from the ground heading toward Sasuke who begins to dodge many of the branches that is trying to grab him and continues for 35 minutes till Naruto started throwing kunai and shuriken into the mix giving the Uchiha many cuts and grazes on his arms and legs.

Naruto smirks before pulling out a black tri-prong kunai that made everyone who knew it pale at seeing him about to use the legendary jutsu that won the Third Great Shinobi War, slaughtering a thousand Iwa-Nin in a second.

Naruto throws it at Sasuke "Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He shouted as the kunai multiplied into 40 and were knocked away or in front of him by a pissed off Sasuke who is getting tired of dodging, but all he saw was a red flash and darkness.

"He hit him 40 times in a millisecond, breaking Minato's record." E the Raikage smirked at seeing such speed in new generation and looked at smiling Kirabi who is writing down something in his notebook.

Naruto then said something to a barely conscious Sasuke that made his blood run cold "Foolish little brother, you are still weak!" Naruto said a perfect imitation of Itachi's voice before walking away ignoring the hate-filled glare from Sasuke "SHOUSHA! Naruto Senju wins!" Hayate announced getting claps of approval form the crowd including the kages at seeing his performance already knowing this kid's Jounin Material.

Samehada transformed back to her human form and started to make-out with Naruto with Naruko joining much to his pleasure and slipped his hand inside Naruko's pants and rubbing his finger against her clit making her pant as she is coming close to an orgasm with Samehada before letting out a silent scream that no one was able to see thanks to the barrier he put up.

Naruko grinded her pelvis against his cock uncontrollably increasing her arousal to new heights her crystal blue eyes looking at him with lust and love and many other raging emotions.

Naruto's violet eyes darkened even more as his pupils thinned into slits making her moan at his sexy feral look before kissing him with more vigor engaging in a tongue war with her being dominated , she lowered her mants to her thighs allowing him to sandwich his member between her blue thong moving back and forth making her pant even more at his hard cock rubbing against her entrance. "Nii-sama more more Nii-sama!" She shouted in a lustufl voice getting a nod as he speeds up with his balls clenching before cumming inside her thong making it even more wet.

She kneeled down to his cock before licking all his cum and her juices up before putting her clothes back giving his cock a little rub showing she'll want more later and came back into view with everyone else showing Kurotsuchi fighting a Kiri-nin and looks to be toying with him.

"Karin-chan, Kin-chan i'm heading back to my room im in need of a massage." He told them getting a grin from Karin and a blush form Kin before following him to his room.

"Naruko-chan, let me know who i'm fighting when all the fights are over.?" Asked Naruto getting a thumbs-up from Naruko and Kushina before moving their eyes back to the fight except Naruto who is smirking at the Jounin for Oto glaring at him mouthing 'They are mine now Orochimaru, not your stupid cannon fodder cross me and you will suffer.' Orochimaru paled even more from the Ki sent at him from Naruto before sneering at his retreating back.

"I will get my sacrifices you can't protect them all the time!" He sneered inwardly before moving his eyes back to the matches unaware that Sarutobi and the other Kages saw his snake-like eyes behind his disguise smirking at how foolish he is for going after Naruto.

"How's this Naruto-sama?" Karin said seductively wearing nothing but a red thong and a red sports bra only to moan getting a grope as a reply from a relaxing Naruto while Kin is massaging his hair getting a content sigh from him while Kin and Karin secretly oogle his hard muscles, noting they don't look to bulky or big just wiry and defined showing he had years of physical training making them question his physical strength.

Kin looks over her body wearing nothing but black pantys and bra her low d-cup breasts pushing against the fabric while Karin had a High d-cup which she was a little jealous at before letting out a moan as Naruto moves his tongue over her clothed cunt and begins to lick her making her blush and moan in pleasure at his slow licks at her core.

Naruto smirks before adding Raiton chakra to his tongue and licks her clit causing her to scream as he causes her to orgasm shocking Karin before pulling Kin toward the shower to talk getting an amused snort from Naruto knowing the look of a bisexual when he see's it before taking a nap wearing only his anbu pants.

Might as well sleep before hearing his matchup for the finals from his Naruko wondering he shall reward her.

Naruko sneezes before looking around wondering if her Nii-sama is talking about her before watching the match between Hinata and a fangirl named Ami who used to pick on her only for the girl to charge at Hinata recklessly only to get a clothsline from hell courtesy of Hinata getting looks from Kurenai.

"Naruto-kun taught me so you can say it is effective."

"Hinata has been corrupted by Naruto." Kakashi replied dryly getting snorts of laughter from Hachibi and Kurami.

"Wrong, Kakashi he has her spoiled rotten getting her everything she wants." They said laughing making Hinata scratch her had sheepishly,

(Back with Naruto)

Naruto sighs looking at the ceiling before a paper butterfly floats around him "Konan-chan what have i told you about doing that." He said annoyed getting a angelic giggle before a voluptuous blue-haired woman appears next to him with a pout along with a red-haired man giving Konan a deadpan look making her huff.

"So Nagato what's up came to visit your favorite cousin?" Asked Naruto getting a nod before Nagato's eyes turned hard.

"Obito is informing us that Madara is watching us and is getting even more crazy ideas along with recruiting Hidan and Kakuzu the zombie brothers and two guys named Cho and Makoto." He said grimly getting a cold look from Naruto.

"It seem's he recruited some of my sensei's past enemies tell Obito I want to speak with him soon and do not be late." He said getting a nod form Nagato and a kiss from Konan before disappearing in a shower of paper butterflies leaving Naruto alone.

Naruto pulls out his sword Aka Taiyou it's blood red edge gleaming till it crackled with red electricity giving it a menacing visage as Naruto looks over it with a practiced eye while cleaning it "Seem's I will have to rid Kenshin-Sensei of these annoyances for goo, I respect you sensei but sometimes your refusal to kill will be your downfall." He sighed sadly at his Sensei's oath to not kill before sheathing his sword as his eyes glowed etherally.

"You will not live Makoto Shishio."

(Timeskip - 3 days later)

Naruto sighed as he relaxes in the hotsprings after finding out he is going against Kiri-Nin named Taiyou Kaguya surprising him as he was sure almost all of the Kaguyas were wiped out in the civil war, well he rewarded Naruko and found out she liked being dominated something that excited him.

He also found out about Suna and Oto preparing to invadewith the exception of Gaara and his siblings and placed Elite Anbu squads around every gate entrance of Konoha which Naruto placed himself, he can't be a Shinobi without having a knack for strategies something his senseis saito, Aoshi, and Kenshin pounded into his head.

Naruto suddenly heard giggling turning to see a white-haired man wearing a kabuki outfit and a headband with the kanji for Oil on the front.

"Kyofu what have i said about peeping." Naruto scolded the man making him pout before smiling seeing his godson "So how've you been Naruto?" Asked Jariya getting a smirk from his godson who told him about what has happened shocking him completely, it's not everyday your own godson says he killed an S-rank Missing nin the cailber of Kisame Hoshigaki, A sage of two of the strongest summoning contracts and completeed their training, along with having so many wives along with two slaves.

Jariya shakes his head and gives a grinning Naruto a dry look "Gaki, you have the either a god watching over you or you have the luck of the devil i swear." He said drly getting snickers from Naruto.

"Ne, Kyofu?" Naruto called getting a questioning look from Jariya "Godfather I want you to give up your peeping i know you do this to cope, but you are letting your skills diwndle doing this find someone that would love you for just you." Naruto pleaded getting a shocked look from Jariya before his eyes soften and he sighs "Who in the world would want to be with me the only one who i love is Tsunade-hime and i doubt she'd be interested in me especially after the death of her fiance and little brother." He said lowly only for Naruto to point behind him making look behind and to his shock to see a younger looking Tsunade with Shizune and Tonton smiling at him.

Naruto's arm glowed with golden youki before touching Jariya who gasped at the warm feeling over him before he felt himself start to de-age his body becoming stronger and healthier and looked into the water his own reflection and to his shock he looked like he did when he became jounin.

" I used Kurami-chan's youki to de-age your bodies to your twenties putting you back in your prime now both of you go kiss and make-up." Naruto mock-scolded getting barks of laughter from the three before Tsunade and Jariya went ot the bar to catch up leaving an amused Naruto.

"Great now I'm playing matchmaker for old people." He muttered before sitting back into the steamy water until he felt someone watching him opening one of his eyes to see a small hole on the wall in front of him a violet-colored eye watching him making him smirk deviously before using his godlike wind manipulation to blow the steam away showing his body to the entire world.

"So they want to see this well i let's not disappoint them." He mentally grinned.

(Women Side of the hotspring)

Kushina blushed seeing her son's body before her eyes bulged as she looked at his man-hood getting curious looks from various women including Tsume, Hana, Konan, Yugao, Yoshino, Naruko, Anko, Kurenai, and Shizune.

"So how big is he?" Hana asked bluntly.

"15 inches and not fully erect." Kushina said in a dazed voice making them look a ther with owlish eyes before carving holes into the wall to peek at him only to get nosebleeds.

Naruko began to finger herself seeing her Nii-sama's cock gotten bigger since last time "My kami he's so big." She mumbled getting dazed nods from the others.

Kurenai and Anko drooled at seeing such a well-endowed man until their lust started to spike especially Tsume and Hana who's feral instincts are beginning to take hold of them as their hair spikes and eyes take on an animalistic edge and Kushina who's eyes suddenly turned scarlet red with a fox slit in them with fangs protruding form her lip.

Kurami and her sisters are also blushing except Nibi, Hachibi, and Gobi have a hungry look in their eye their mate's equipment "Sexy and Handsome Check!, Kind, loving and Strong Check, loves us equally Check!, Has the biggest equipment double Check!" They shouted in their minds as their pheromones start to pour from them.

"Naruto-sama..." They chorused creepily (AN: Narutoooo! Runnnnn!)

Naruto suddenly got a chill down his spine before the wall seperating the men and women side fell down to show Kurami along with other women including Shikmaru's mom looking at him with a dark lustful look staring at his manhood making him nervous.

"Naruto-sama..." They chorused in a zombie-like fashion making him pale before jumping over the wall and running like hell just as the wall exploded with the women wearing bath towels running after him.

"Oh shit." He muttered before activating his chakra shroud leaving a golden trail as he runs ducking, dodging, and twisting in mid-air to dodge their attempts to grab him before heading toward the Hokage Tower with a towel tied around his waist.

==Hokage Tower==

The kages are laughing as they drank their sake before hearing a window smashed open turning to see a towel-clad Naruto sweating before barricading the walls and windows with youki-enhanced Mokuton confusing them at why he is shivering.

"Naruto what's wrong?" Sarutobi asked as Naruto looked at them with a haunted look in his eye while Mei is staring between his legs.

"Jiji, the girls in the hotsprings saw my package when i wasn't looking and are in the heat including Kaa-san and Naruko along with Tsume, Hana, and Anko!" He shouted hysterically before freezing as he heard moans and groans and banging on the blockaded doors.

"Naruto-samaa!" They moaned his name making everyone's hair stand up on end except a quiet Mei who's eyes glazed over.

"Um Naruto how bad would you say it is?"Asked a sweating Sandaime.

"Think about a female kitsune deprived of mating for 2 years while in the spring." He said getting pale looks from the men and froze as a low, creepy chuckle sounded in the room as the light began to flicker (AN: Uh Oh! Not good!).

"Ji-chan where's Mei-chan?" Naruto asked nervously only to freeze before slowly turning his head to Mei melting the his wood wall and the windows to burst open showing Tsume and Hana licking their lips lustfully at him.

"Guy's..." He whispered getting slow nods from them.

"Yes Naruto." Sarutobi said lowly taking note of Nibi and Gobi looking at them with predatory looks in their eyes.

"I got something to say." Naruto said seriously getting tense looks from the others as they knew shit was about to hit the fan and began gathering their chakra.

"EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF!" Naruto screamed before vanishing in a black flash, E activating his lightning armor bursting through the wall with Sarutobi and Oonoki on his shoulders.

Naruto appeared beside them running before looking back and paled "Holy shit!" He shrieked making them look back to see them catching up making him cry anime tears.

"Give up Nii-sama you can't escape from us!" Shouted a grinning Naruko.

"Yes the fuck i can just fucking watch me!" He shot back defiantly before flashing away toward the Hyuga compound making them spread out to search for him.

==Hyuuga Compound==

Hiashi sighed in boredom before a black flash entered his vision causing him to launch a jab toward the intruder only for it to get blocked "Uncle Hiashi! it's me Naruto." Naruto shouted holding Hiashi in a headlock getting a sigh from the man who noticed Naruto was only wearing a towel.

"Naruto why is you are only wearing a towel?" Hiashi questioned.

"Kaa-san and Naruko-chan with Kurami and her sisters along with Tsume, Hana, Kurenai, Yugao, and Shikaku's wife are in the heat." He said nervously eyeing the corners warily making Hiashi's eyes widen.

Naruto ran outside and paled seeing them in the distance and slammed his foot into the ground causing 50 foot tall wood walls to sprout up around the compound blocking them off making the hyugas gape at this feat of ninjutsu.

"Naruto-sama!" Their voices took on a demonic edge making every male in the area's hair stand on edge before hearing fists pounding against the wall small cracks appearing them.

"How the hell are they doing this so walls are reinforced with your chakra!" A branch member shouted.

"I think hormonal-driven women are given godlike strength when they see something they want." Naruto replied others agreeing with him and screamed as Kurami broke down the wall with drool leaking from her mouth looking at Naruto with hungry eyes.

"RUNNN!" Someone shouted making everyone scatter to escape while Naruto flashes through the village multiple times ending up in his personal chamber with barrier seals beyond anyones capability's and sighs before laying down and looked up at the ceiling.

"This is freaking troublesome." He said dryly before going to sleep

A very hectic day in Konoha indeed...

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