Ash's Pokemon Journey

Summary: This story is about how I think that ash's journey should have gone through, Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Smart, a psychic and an Aura user. I do not own pokemon.

Note: I am not doing the Kalos Region. So fairy pokemon and Mega Evolutions don't exist.

Chapter 158

Meeting Flint,

The Sunnyshore Tower

And The Neighborly Contest

Today the gang finally made it to Sunnyshore City. Sunnyshore city was a real modern city; there were moving escalators, robots and modern buildings everywhere. On top of all the buildings were solar panels. The gang was amazed by the sights of the city. Ash remembered all the modern cities he had seen in the past. "So this is where we'll get our badges right?" Tomo asked Ash. "Yes but I'm still concerned about what Lucas said before" said Ash. "You mean about the gym leader giving out gym badges for free?" asked Dawn. ""Yes if that gym leader is just giving away the badges, we need to do something about it" said Ash. "I agree;" said Brock "just giving away badges for free will give other gyms a bad name". Brock didn't like how gym leaders handled their jobs irresponsibly.

Thanks to Brock's pokegear the gang found the Sunnyshore Gym. It was a big dome shaped building and it had solar panels around it. An automatic voice speaker spoke to the gang when they got to the doors. "I am here to challenge the gym leader to earn a badge" said Ash. A container, standing next to the door, opened a lid and inside was lots of gym badges. They were the Beacon Badges and they were coloured yellow and grey and shaped like a lighthouse. "Please take one" said the automatic voice. "Huh?!" gasped Ash. "Lucas wasn't kidding when he told us about the gym badge being given out for free," said Dawn "what are we going to do Ash?" "Talk to the gym leader of course," said Ash "I'm the type of trainer who would never want to earn a badge for free. Besides you wouldn't want to earn a contest ribbon for free, would you Dawn?" "Absolutely not" said Dawn. She was the type who wouldn't want to earn a ribbon for free. "I want to talk to the gym leader!" Ash shouted to the building. Unfortunately for Ash, the system ignored Ash's words and asked him to leave. "This is outrageous," said Ash, crossly, "I want to talk to the gym leader and I want to do it now!" "If you want to talk to Volkner I'll take you to him" said a voice.

The voice came from a red haired man. "Hello there, I'm Flint of the elite four" said the man. The gang couldn't believe their ears and eyes, seeing another elite 4 member of Sinnoh. "If you come with me I'll take you to Volkner because he and I are old friends," said Flint "he'll be up there". Flint pointed to a tall tower. This tower was called Sunnyshore tower and it was the tallest building in all of Sunnyshore City. Flint and the gang went into an elevator of the tower to go all the way to the top. Flint explained Volkner was the one who built Sunnyshore tower and all of the solar panels. "Really?" said Ash. He was surprised that Volkner was great as a builder, but why wasn't he acting like a great gym leader? Once they were up the top, the gang looked at the view at once.

Suddenly a Raichu turned up. "Hi there" Flint said to Raichu. Raichu ran up to Flint and hugged him. "Where's your partner?" asked Flint. Just then a blond haired man appeared; he was Volkner. "Hey Flint, who are the kids?" said Volkner. "You have a gym battle challenger Volkner" said Flint. Ash introduced himself to Volkner and asked him for a gym battle. "You saw the gym badges at the gym so just take one" said Volkner, gloomily. "No way;" said Ash "I'm the type of trainer who wants to earn his gym badges the right way by battling. Why aren't you accepting real gym battles?" "I have completely lost interest in battling" said Volkner. "Volkner I can tell that Ash is an electrifying trainer, so please give him a chance" said Flint. Volkner ignored Flint's words and looked up at the sky. "I would like you to leave" said Volkner. He was one of those gym leaders with an empty soul and Flint didn't like this and neither did Ash and Tomo.

Flint took the gang to a café for coffee and sandwiches. The café owner was an old friend of Flint and Volkner. Ash didn't feel like eating or drinking because of what just happened with Volkner. "Flint why is Volkner like that?" said Ash "a friend of ours named Lucas told us he battled Volkner a year ago and said Volkner was a really tough gym leader. But Volkner looked nothing like what I imagined". Flint sighed. "Volkner wasn't always like this" he said. "It's true," said the café owner "Volkner used to be known as the shining shocking star". "He always battled with a bolt of lightning, he was electrifying" said Flint.

Flint explained back when he was a kid Sunnyshore City wasn't like it was now and it was full of hoodlums. He and his Infernape, back when it was a Chimchar, would battle the hoodlums every day and always won. Then one day Volkner turned up with his Pikachu. Flint and Volkner had a battle and Flint won, but next time they battled Volkner won. So the two boys always battled each other to show who was the strongest trainer in the city. "Wow," said Dawn "did you battle so much because you didn't like each other?" "Oh no nothing like that" said Flint. "It's true;" said the café owner "it was a fact they would always get along no matter what". Flint then told the gang, back when they were kids, they came across a poacher in the forest and they fought him together. In the end they drove the poacher away, but they still ended up hurt. But then the two boys became best of friends ever since. "Volkner sounds more amazing, but that still doesn't explain why he won't battle" said Ash. The café owner spoke next. He explained when Volkner and Flint grew up Flint left Sunnyshore to travel and get stronger, while Volkner stayed and became the gym leader. In time Flint and his Infernape grew stronger, when it evolved from Chimchar and Monferno, and he became a member of the elite four. As for Volkner, well he started to lose interest in battles and then he became obsessed with technology. He had always been interested with technology, and therefore he built all of the solar powered systems in the city and the Sunnyshore Tower. After all that Volkner became an empty shell and lost his spark for battling.

"I brought you to Volkner because I thought your spark could help him and fix him like new" Flint said to Ash. "It was a wasted trip" said Volkner; he had just arrived at the café for some coffee and had been listening to what they were saying. "Volkner you know how I feel about your attitude right now, snap out of it" said Flint, crossly. "You came back here to give me a lecture, Mr Elite Four?" said Volkner. Flint was getting angrier because he didn't like his old friend's attitude. "What happened to the electrifying Volkner I know, the shining shocking star?!" shouted Flint. "We're not kids anymore Flint, you've got to grow up sometime" said Volkner. Flint was about to argue some more, but then the café owner stopped him. "Flint I suggest that you have a battle with Ash" he said. "Me, have a battle with Ash?" said Flint. "I accept the idea so let's do it Flint" said Ash. Tomo, Dawn and Brock wanted to see a battle between Ash and Flint too. So it was agreed that Ash and Flint would battle each other, and the café owner managed to persuade Volkner to watch. The café owner thought the battle would perk Volkner up.

So everyone went to the gym and Ash and Flint took their places on the battle field while Volkner, the café owner, Brock, Dawn and Tomo took their seats. A robot was the referee and it declared the match was a 3 on 3 pokemon battle. Flint sent out his Infernape while Ash sent out Empoleon. "Ash will have the advantage using Empoleon" said Dawn. Ash started off the battle by telling Empoleon to use bubblebeam, but Infernape dodged it. "Use drill peck" said Ash. Empoleon charged with drill peck, but Infernape blocked him with its arms. Flint's Infernape was a very strong pokemon indeed. "Okay let's use the aqua-peck" said Ash. Empoleon did his combo of aqua jet and drill peck. Flint was impressed with that combo and so was the café owner. "That Ash is quite the trainer indeed," he said "don't you think so too Volkner?" Volkner just kept silent while looking at the battle with blank eyes. "Infernape use flare blitz" said Flint. "Empoleon use hydro cannon" said Ash. Infernape and Empoleon went at each other with their attacks. Surprising thing his Infernape went straight through the water attack and hit Empoleon straight on. Not only that, Empoleon fainted from that attack. Infernape was indeed no joke.

Ash was surprised by that, but he had seen Elite four member's pokemon before, and he hadn't forgotten the battles he lost against them. He returned Empoleon and sent out his Hippowdon next. "Ground beats fire" said Brock. Ash started by telling Hippowdon to use mud shot, but Infernape easily punched the mud away with its fists. "Earth power" said Ash. Hippowdon created cracks on the ground which went all the way to Infernape. "Jump and dodge it" said Flint. Infernape jumped out of the way because the earth power could hit him. Then Flint told Infernape to use mach punch. Poor Hippowdon got punched before he could do anything, and he was defeated immediately. Infernape had shown its strength again.

Volkner was starting to get fed up and wanted to leave. Story is he had battled many weak trainers at his gym, which is one of the reasons why he lost interest in battling. The café owner persuaded Volkner to stay and continue watching the battle till it's over. He also pointed out Ash's spark.

Ash sent out Pikachu next; he was on his last pokemon now, while Flint still had Infernape. Ash had Pikachu start off with quick attack, which hit Infernape but not enough to bring it down. Flint was impressed with Pikachu. "Infernape use flare blitz" he said. "Counter that with volt tackle Pikachu" said Ash. The two pokemon collided with each other and Pikachu was pushed back. "You okay Pikachu?" asked Ash. Pikachu was okay. Flint ordered Infernape to use mach punch while Ash ordered Pikachu to use iron tail to counter it. But Pikachu was no match for Infernape's strength and he was punched back at the wall. Then Pikachu got punched by Infernape's close combat. He was getting more hurt by the minute. "Pikachu use thunder" said Ash, deciding to use strong moves now. Infernape was hit by the thunder attack, but of course even that didn't make Infernape break a sweat. Flint was indeed impressed with Pikachu's strength, but he wasn't backing down of course. He ordered Infernape to use flare blitz. Pikachu tried to dodge the attack but it was too late. He was about to hit the wall again, but Ash ran over to help him. "You okay Pikachu?" asked Ash. Pikachu was hurt but he wasn't defeated yet. "You're doing great Pikachu".

All through the battle the café owner was talking to Volkner. He told him how Volkner and his Pikachu were familiar to how Ash and his Pikachu are now when he and Flint battled the poacher. The truth is the café owner was the poacher in the past, but he stopped poaching because of Volkner. What made him stop being a poacher was the electrifying battle Volkner and his Pikachu gave him and his Houndoom. "So Volkner I believe you still have some unfinished gym leader business" said the café owner.

Back to the battle Ash ordered Pikachu to use hidden power, but Infernape punched the attack away with mach punch and then punched Pikachu. "You can do it Pikachu!" shouted Ash "use volt tackle!" Pikachu charged at Infernape with volt tackle while Infernape used flare blitz. The two attacks collided with each other but Pikachu fainted on the floor in defeat. So Flint was the winner of the battle. Ash ran over to Pikachu and picked him up. "You okay buddy?" he asked. Pikachu was exhausted but he was still okay. "You did great" said Ash, giving Pikachu a hug. Brock, Dawn and Tomo agreed Ash's battle against Flint was great.

After that Volkner declared he has unfinished business to do with the gym. He was going back to being a real gym leader and do real gym battles, instead of giving away free badges. Watching the third battle between Ash and Flint made Volkner see himself in Ash, and it gave Volkner back his spirit and his eyes looked alive again. He turned to Ash. "You were brilliant Ash," he said "both your spark and your pokemon's spark inspired me more than I can say". "Then does that mean you will have a gym battle with me?" asked Ash. "And me as well?" asked Tomo. "Yes," answered Volkner "and both of them will be electrifying". Ash and Tomo were happy they were going to have real gym battles against Volkner, while Flint was happy to see his old friend's self again.

Unbeknown to anyone in Sunnyshore City, trouble was brewing. Cassidy and Butch from Team Rocket were in the city and they had their eyes on the Sunnyshore Tower. "So this is the famous Sunnyshore Tower Dr. Namba was telling us about?" said Cassidy. "Yes;" said Butch "according to him this tower makes all the electricity for this city thanks to the solar panels it has, and it also controls all the other solar panels in this city". "And to think that was all created just by the gym leader of this city" said Cassidy. Dr. Namba wanted the Sunnyshore tower to use it for his own purposes. "Let's get to work" said Butch. He and Cassidy walked towards the tower to carry out their plan of stealing it.

Meanwhile Ash and Volkner were getting ready to battle each other. Ash was to battle Volkner first and then it would be Tomo's turn. The robot referee declared the match as a 3 on 3 pokemon battle. Volkner sent out a Luxray while Ash sent out his Rhyperior; Ash had decided to use his Rhyperior for this gym battle. "Wow it's Rhyperior" said Dawn. "Using a ground type pokemon is a huge advantage over Luxray" said Brock. "Yeah but Volkner still won't make this battle easy" said Flint. Flint knew of course of how tough a trainer Volkner was no matter what.

Ash and Volkner were just about to make their first moves, when suddenly the lights went out and the robot stopped working. "Hey what happened?" said Ash. "A power cut?" said Dawn. Volkner checked the gym's power box at once to see if that was the problem, but it wasn't. Everyone got out of the gym at once. It wasn't only the gym who had no electricity; the whole city was without power. No escalators were moving and even all the robots stopped working. "What's going on?" said Brock. "The solar panels in this city collect the sun's energy and send it to the Sunnyshore tower, which acts as a power plant for the entire city," said Volkner "so something, must be happening at the tower".

Suddenly there was a rumbling noise and the ground shaked a bit. Something was happening at the tower and everyone ran to see what was happening. When they got there they noticed the tower had wheels attached to it. Officer Jenny was there too. "What's going on here?!" demanded Flint. Cassidy and Butch revealed themselves. "Oh great it's Team Rocket again" said Ash, in agony. "Team Rocket?" said Volkner. "They are a bunch of villains who go around stealing other people's pokemon" said Brock. "That is normally the case," smirked Cassidy "but this time we're stealing the Sunnyshore Tower. This electric making thing will become very useful for us". "What?!" shouted Volkner, not happy his tower was being stolen. At that moment the tower started rolling away. What had happened was Cassidy and Butch had made adjustments to it so they could control it like a machine and take it away easily. "I will not let my tower be taken away by criminals like them!" shouted Volkner. As he created that tower, the tower was a pride and joy of his. He ran after the tower at once and so did Flint and the gang.

Cassidy and Butch were feeling very pleased with themselves right now. "This tower is definitely worth stealing" said Butch. "We better deliver this to Dr. Namba right away" said Cassidy. Cassidy and Butch drove the tower all the way to a rocket launcher; they designed the tower into a rocket and of course electricity was the fuel for it to work. Volkner, Flint and the gang arrived at the rocket launcher just before it was getting ready to take off. "They are not taking my tower anywhere" said Volkner. He and Flint charged and jumped onto the rocket as it was starting to take off. Ash got onto the rocket too, leaving Tomo, Brock and Dawn behind. Ash, Flint and Volkner climbed up the tower to find a way in, but Flint lost his grip and fell off the tower and into the sea. Volkner told Ash they had to hurry and get into the tower before any of them fell as well; Volkner knew how to get into the tower easily because he was the one who built it.

"I hope Flint is okay" said Ash, once he and Volkner got inside the tower. "It'll be okay, he's a big boy" said Volkner. Volkner took a look around and realized Team Rocket is controlling the tower from the observatory. Cassidy and Butch were feeling more and more pleased with themselves. "I think this is the most fun thing we have ever done" said Butch. "Yeah and imagine the reward we'll get for this" said Cassidy.

Meanwhile Flint, who was okay thanks to landing in the sea, was at the pokemon center with Dawn, Brock and Tomo. Nurse Joy was having trouble because thanks to the power being off some of the pokemon who were in intensive care was in danger. And the backup generator wasn't working either. But Nurse Joy had a backup plan; she had an emergency backup generator but it only worked with bike peddle power. There were two bikes attached to the generator so Flint got onto one bike while Tomo got onto another. Dawn and Brock offered to help Nurse Joy at once.

Back in the tower Volkner was apologizing to Ash about their gym battle being interrupted. "Hey it's not your fault;" said Ash "it's Team Rocket's fault. Besides getting the Sunnyshore Tower back is a lot more important right now". "You are right our Sunnyshore must be protected" said Volkner. "Hey Volkner," said Ash "as this city is the sunniest place in all of Sinnoh, is that the reason why you built all the solar panels and Sunnyshore Tower?" "Correct;" said Volkner "and the tower is what makes Sunnyshore City. That's why I have to get it back no matter what". Ash understood. They came towards a door. "We can get to the observatory through here" said Volkner.

Suddenly a cage dropped onto Ash and Volkner and trapped them. "What the?!" gasped Volkner. Just then Cassidy spoke through a speaker and security camera. "Sorry boys," said Cassidy "but we have been watching you through our security". "We thought you would come here for your tower Volkner but I'm afraid you won't be getting it back so easily" said Butch. Ash and Volkner ordered Pikachu and Raichu to use thunderbolt and thunder, but their electricity only got redirected to the Sunnyshore tower's generators. It was like the generators were lightning rods that attract lightning. Cassidy laughed. "I'm afraid your electric type pokemon will only power up the tower instead of saving it" she said. Ash smirked. "Pikachu isn't the only pokemon with me" he said. He sent out Grotle and told him to use superpower on the cage. The cage broke apart and then Grotle broke the door open. "Alright Team Rocket give back the Sunnyshore Tower now!" shouted Ash.

Cassidy and Butch weren't going to give up so easily so they sent out two pokemon to fight back. Cassidy sent out a Mismagius and Butch sent out a Drapion. "Mismagius shadow ball" said Cassidy. "Drapion use poison sting" said Butch. "Use withdraw Grotle" said Ash. Grotle let the attacks hit him, but thanks to withdraw it didn't hurt much. "Great Grotle now let's show Drapion and Mismagius your power with hidden power" said Ash. But before Grotle could use hidden power, he glowed and evolved into Torterra. "Wow Torterra look at you" said Ash in awe. Just then Torterra used leaf storm to push Drapion and Mismagius back. Ash was amazed Torterra learned leaf storm and ordered him to use leaf storm again. Both Cassidy, Butch and their pokemon were caught by the leaf storm attack and they got pushed out of the tower. "We're blasting off again!" shouted Butch and Cassidy.

Unfortunately because the attack made a hole in the tower, Ash, Volkner and their pokemon were in danger of being sucked out. Volkner quickly got to the control panel and closed off the hole with an emergency bulkhead. "Phew," sighed Ash "what do we do now Volkner?" "We need to get this tower back to the city," said Volkner "thankfully we still have the rocket". "Will you be able to fly this thing?" asked Ash. "Don't worry I built this thing remember," said Volkner "Pikachu, Raichu help me". He needed their electricity for powering the tower.

Back at the tower Flint and Tomo were still pedalling the bikes. Poor Tomo was starting to feel tired. "I need a drink please" gasped Tomo. Brock quickly gave Tomo a drink of water. "Thanks Brock" panted Tomo. "You're doing well Tomo, try to hang in there a bit more okay?" said Brock. "Okay" sighed Tomo. Suddenly there was a loud, rumbling noise. "What's that?" said Brock. The noise came from the tower rocket. The rocket was flying over Sunnyshore City. At that moment the power in the pokemon center came on; the generator was fixed. Nurse Joy was relieved and the people who fixed the generator were pleased with themselves.

Meanwhile Volkner was concentrating hard while flying the rocket. Pikachu, Raichu and Luxray were fuelling the tower with their electricity. Ash looked on while Volkner steered the rocket. It wasn't easy but with a lot of effort, Volkner managed to land the tower back safely on the ground where it belonged. "Phew you did it Volkner" smiled Ash. Volkner was happy his tower was back where it belonged now.

Ash introduced his newly evolved Torterra to Dawn, Tomo and Brock right away. "I wish I saw Grotle evolving" said Tomo. Despite the Sunnyshore Tower was now back, Ash and Tomo couldn't have their gym battles yet. The gym got damaged thanks to the tower being taken away and of course Volkner had to fix up the Sunnyshore Tower as well. "I'm sorry but you will have to wait a while" said Volkner. "Oh no worries there;" said Ash "I have a battle with Palmer and the Sinnoh Grand Festival to look forward to before I battle you". "Um I'm sorry Ash but you will need to wait to battle Palmer too," said Flint "he's spending time with his family, especially his son Barry at the moment and we won't be back till next week". "I see oh well I still have my last pokemon contest and the grand festival to go to then" said Ash. Volkner promised Ash and Tomo he would contact them right away once the Sunnyshore gym and tower were fixed up and running again.

So despite the 8th gym battle was now indisposed thanks to what Cassidy and Butch did, the gang could continue on their way for the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

On the way to Lake Valor the gang arrived at a seaside town where Johanna was waiting for them. Johanna was going to hold a pokemon coordinating class to young children tomorrow in the town. Travelling to different towns to hold pokemon coordinating classes for young children was something she did every now and then. "What do you teach?" Brock asked Johanna. Johanna was just about to show her lesson plan, but a waiter told her she had a phone call.

Dawn took a look at the plan and the plan was learning about getting to know pokemon, catch a pokemon, breed pokemon and being a coordinator. "I'd love to check out my mum's class," said Dawn "you guys too?" "I'd like to check it out" said Tomo. "Me too" said Brock. "I'd like to but I can't;" said Ash "there is a pokemon contest in a town called Neighborly Town that's close to here tomorrow. And I want to enter that contest for my fifth ribbon". "Oh I see," said Dawn "well as much as I want to watch you Ash, I really want to watch my mum's teaching class". "Ah no problem Dawn," said Ash "I'll tell you about it when I come back with my fifth ribbon".

Just then Johanna came back but she had bad news. The Nurse Joy in Neighbourly Town was busy with a sick pokemon and she wouldn't be able to judge the pokemon contest tomorrow. Therefore Johanna had been asked to be the judge, but that would mean she wouldn't be able to do her class. But then Dawn declared that she would do the class for her, and Tomo and Brock agreed to help too. "It will be great to have you judge me in the Neighbourly contest tomorrow Johanna" said Ash. "Well Ash I hope you show me a great performance" said Johanna.

The next day Johanna and Ash went off to Neighbourly Town for the contest and Dawn, Tomo and Brock met up with some children for their pokemon class on the beach. Dawn introduced herself and Tomo and Brock to the children and told them they would be replacing her mum for the pokemon coordinator class. Next Dawn showed the children her five contest ribbons and Tomo showed off his seven gym badges. "You're missing a badge short" said a boy. "That's true but I'll get it soon" said Tomo. Piplup and Growlithe stepped forward towards the children and the children started petting them right away. But the boy, who spoke to Tomo, started pinching Piplup's cheeks hard. Piplup got angry while the boy laughed. "That is no way to treat a pokemon," said Dawn, angrily, "you have to be nice to the pokemon. You wouldn't want to be teased like that would you?" The boy snorted; his name was Thomas. Tomo suggested they released their other pokemon and Dawn agreed to that idea. Tomo released Shellos, Glaceon, Stunky, Castform and Carnivine. Dawn released Mamoswine, Cyndaquil, Pachirisu, Buneary and Clefairy. Brock released Happiny, Sudowoodo, Croagunk, Shieldon, Cranidos and Nuzleaf. "Okay children say hi to the pokemon but be nice to them okay" said Dawn. While the other children ran over to the pokemon, Thomas just looked unimpressed. Thomas was one of those boys who played hard to get.

Meanwhile the Neighbourly contest was on the way with the preliminary rounds. Right now Ash was having his turn and he was wearing a black soldier uniform, with red stripes and yellow patterns, a black belt and brown boots. (Outfit based on soldier uniform in Alderamin on the Sky) Ash was using Pikachu for the appeal rounds and of course he was making an appearance without a pokeball. "Come on Pikachu let's show them what you can do" said Ash. "Pika!" said Pikachu.

Back at the beach Brock was teaching the children about pokemon breeding. He was telling them about a pokemon's conditions and about how to prepare the pokemon food properly and to tell if a pokemon is feeling healthy or not. Next up Tomo was telling the children about how to catch a pokemon. He first told them they had to weaken a pokemon first with a pokemon battle and then throw the pokeball at the fallen pokemon. To show a demonstration he used a rock as a pretend wild pokemon and had Growlithe attack it with flamethrower. Then he used a rubber ball to throw at the rock. The children took turns throwing a rubber ball at the rock too.

Now Thomas, being a hard to get type of child, was being a nuisance the whole time. He didn't show any interest while listening to the classes and he kept on playing pranks on Piplup. First he drew a moustache on Piplup and then he threw a rubber ball at Piplup. This made Piplup angry of course and he chased Thomas out of anger. Poor Dawn felt this was going to be difficult then she thought, especially with a student like Thomas.

Back at the Neighbourly contest Ash was in the battle rounds and he was using Infernape. Right now Infernape had just used the firey counter shield to defeat his opponent. The audience liked the counter shield and so did the Judges, including Johanna.

Back on the beach everyone was having lunch that Brock made. After that it would be Dawn's time to give a class on pokemon coordinator. But Dawn was worried about Thomas. Because of his pranks she was worried she wouldn't be able to get through to him and teach him. Brock gave Dawn some comforting words and told her she would be fine. Dawn still wasn't sure but agreed to do her best.

Dawn went on to start the class of being a pokemon coordinator. She first explained about the preliminary rounds and then the battle rounds. "But you must remember your pokemon are the real stars of pokemon contests" said Dawn. She told them what Zoey told her. Thomas was becoming unimpressed. So Dawn decided to give a demonstration with her pokemon because she started to get fed up with Thomas' attitude. She released Mamoswine and Cyndaquil with heart seals and then she demonstrated her flame and ice combo. The children liked it; Thomas liked it too, but he didn't want to admit it. "Now I will use the same move again but with a different pokemon" said Dawn. She returned Cyndaquil and sent out Pachirisu. "Okay this time I will be using Pachirisu's electricity, which will make the ice sparkle. I will be calling this move the ice chandelier". Mamoswine used ice shard like when using flame ice and Pachirisu was in an orb of ice. "Now Pachirisu discharge" said Dawn. Pachirisu released a discharge attack, but it broke the ice apart. The move was a failure. "Oh come on," said Thomas "that wasn't a finished move. Besides it's boring to watch Pachirisu just standing still inside that ice". Dawn felt Thomas was right about that.

Dawn was starting to feel down because of her failed move, so Tomo and Brock comforted her. "Ice chandelier isn't going to be an easy move to master" said Brock. "Yeah don't forget your faming ice combo wasn't easy to master either" said Tomo. "I know," sighed Dawn "but I really do want to master ice chandelier too. Can it really be done?" She thought about what Thomas said and suddenly she got a brain wave of how to try ice chandelier again. Dawn drew a plan for her 2nd attempt on ice chandelier and showed it to everyone. The plan was to do the same thing as before, but have Pachirisu spin around while using discharge. "No need to worry; I am sure it will work this time" said Dawn. Brock and Tomo agreed with the plan and told Dawn to go for it. And so Pachirisu and Mamoswine did the same move, but this time Pachirisu spun around while releasing discharge. Unfortunately Pachirisu got dizzy and the ice broke apart. The 2nd plan failed. "Oh no and I was so confident it would work," sighed Dawn "maybe spinning in the ice isn't going to cut it". Thomas spoke rudely again and said how anyone would feel dizzy while spinning around.

At the Neighbourly contest the contest was coming to an end and Ash was the winner. Mr Contesta was presenting the ribbon to Ash. The Neighbourly Ribbon had green ribbon with white designs in the middle. "If I'm not mistaken this is your fifth ribbon right Ash?" asked Johanna. "Yes that's right" answered Ash. "We look forward to seeing you at the Sinnoh Grand Festival Ash" said Mr Contesta. Ash held up his fifth ribbon in pride, happy he was now qualified for the grand festival. Pikachu and Infernape were happy too.

Back on the beach Dawn was going to try her ice chandelier combo for the third time, but instead of using Mamoswine she decided to use Buneary. "Buneary use ice beam to surround Pachirisu" said Dawn. Buneary used ice beam to create an orb of ice for Pachirisu, but she made a bigger orb of ice than Mamoswine's. "Oh I see;" said Brock "the ice Mamoswine used to cover Pachirisu was small therefore the air in there was too small, which is why Pachirisu got dizzy. But since Buneary's ice beam has created a bigger ice sphere for Pachirisu it can run around instead of just spinning because it has more space". After Buneary created a big enough ice sphere Dawn ordered Pachirisu to use discharge while running. Pachirisu run around inside the orb while using discharge. (He was like a hamster running inside a plastic ball) All of the children, including Thomas, cheered to Pachirisu for encouragement. Thanks to everyone's cheers the orb of ice did light up beautifully and everyone was amazed by it. Surprisingly Thomas and Piplup cheered together. "Dawn did it" said Tomo. "Dawn wasn't able to master ice chandelier with ice shard, but switching it to ice beam it worked" said Brock. Dawn was happy her combo worked and Pachirisu and Buneary were pleased with themselves.

Dawn was about to thank Thomas for his advice, but then everyone saw Thomas and Piplup playing together in the ocean. Thomas was no longer picking on Piplup and they were now friends. "What's going on with them?" asked Dawn. "I get it now;" said Brock "Thomas really did like Piplup, but didn't want to admit it. So he played pranks on Piplup so to let out his emotions instead of just saying things". Dawn was happy to see this. Thomas finally admitted to Dawn that her skills as a coordinator was great and he apologized to Piplup for the pranks. Dawn was happy her coordinator class was a success and she got through to Thomas.

That evening Johanna and Ash met up with Dawn, Tomo and Brock back at the café next to the beach. Ash showed off his ribbon to the others. "Wow you did it Ash, you got your last ribbon" said Dawn. "Ash's Pikachu gave off a wonderful electric fire work display in the preliminary rounds, and Ash's Infernape showed off a firey counter shield which I liked so much," said Johanna "I'm actually happy I got to judge Ash in a contest". "It was an honour to be judged by you Johanna" smiled Ash. Johanna thanked Dawn, Tomo and Brock for doing the class for her and she gave them some sweet buns from Neighbourly Town. "Dawn I have a present for you" said Johanna. She gave Dawn a small flat box. "This is a new dress for the grand festival made by me" said Johanna. "Oh wow thank you mum, I can't wait to wear it" said Dawn, happily. "I can't wait to see you and Ash at the grand festival" smiled Johanna.

Next day the gang said goodbye to Johanna and the children. Now that Dawn and Ash had five contest ribbons it really was time to head over to Lake Valor for the grand festival.

Sorry for the long wait. I did say I was going to have Ash compete in the Neighbourly Town contest. Sorry I didn't really show much of it, but I wanted to concentrate more on the class. Sorry I'm not having Ash fight Palmer yet, but I decided to have it happen after the 8th gym battle because I'm going to have Palmer appear during that.

Now I'm putting up a new vote; who should Tomo be defeated by in the pokemon league. I'm not sure whether Barry, Ash or Paul.