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Chapter 2

My bad feeling continued to annoy me all through the night, but I shouldn't really be worrying. Jade can cope with whatever, she's tough and strong. Along with this comes all the harshness and that's what lead to the fights. That's why we broke up. I don't love her. I really don't love her.

The ride to school is strange without her sitting next to me and singing along to one of our favourite songs. I would smile at her, but she would just glare back and carry on singing. She's beautiful when she sings and I miss the way she-

No. I'm glad she's not here. It's so much more peaceful and I don't feel her constant glare, boring into my soul. I can think freely. I could talk freely to, but there is no one to talk to because I'm alone in the car, so that would just be weird. See, life without Jade is fun and free.

When I enter the doors of Hollywood Arts, I don't see anyone around. The creatively decorated halls are abandoned. Damn, I must be late. Better head to Sikowitz's class fast!

As I burst through the door, everyone turns and stares at me. I'm so late, even Sikowitz is already here; he's usually not even through the window yet when everyone else is seated. I look around at all of the class staring at me, however one face I don't see is Jade. Where is she? She's usually here, never late. But oh well, we broke up! There's no problem in her not being here, so why should I worry. Her absence just saves us all from headaches and possibly bruises.

The day progresses as normal, minus the harshness from Jade. It's not different at all. Completely normal. Nothing has changed, not a thing… But why isn't she here? Something to do with last night? No way. Oh well. I have a play coming up and I need to practice my lines. That's one good thing about her not being here. I can practice my lines without having to endure her 'distractions'.

The next day is better. I manage to get rid of any heartbreak left, as I have trained myself to change personalities when needed. Thank God for my acting skills. The ache is now just numbness, which honestly feels better as there is no pain, however, there's still no relief.

Apparently, Tori doesn't understand my change of attitude, so she just stares at me, confused as to what I am thinking. I know she and the rest of the gang are worrying about Jade. She's been missing for two days now. But it's probably Jade just not bothering to come, she skips school quite a lot anyways.

At lunch, everyone round the usual table is silent. They all look down and focus on their burritos, apart from Tori, who's confused gaze has turned into a dark glare. After a while of her staring, I snap at her, "What?"

Everyone looks at me with shocked expressions, as I don't usually snap harshly like that. But still, no one speaks except Tori.

"She's gone Beck. You should realise that by now, considering your reaction two days ago. Do you have any idea what could be happening to her right now?" she was starting to get hysterical, "She could be locked up, or being tortured or anything! Why are you ignoring the fact that she's missing?!"

I just look down and ignore her. I don't want to think like that, so I let it pass over my head like I don't care. Although Tori's words don't affect me, they hurt Cat a lot. She yelps as she thinks of the pain Jade could be in. I guess she hasn't thought of that, now Tori has invaded her innocent mind with bad images of her friend being tortured. People turn their attention to Cat and Robbie tries to silently calm her down and reassure her. André glares at Tori and she has a guilty look plastered on her face. But still, no one talks.

I can't take it. The deadly silence ruins the usual lively atmosphere at Hollywood Arts. All of this because one girl hasn't bothered to show up today. Right then, I stand up and storm off. If they want to be like that, then I'm not gonna be there with them. I'm gonna go and enjoy this stress free day without and over controlling girlfriend to tell me what to do.

I go to the Library because it's quiet and peaceful. The last time I went in here was our Saturday detention. The memories of that put a slight smile on my face. Tori obviously didn't like my idea of storming off and she must've followed me, because she is standing in the door with a stern glare. I hastily walk behind some bookshelves and Tori advances towards me. We both pick up speed and are zig-zagging around the bookshelves. I remember an escape route and head straight from the trap door that leads to the janitor's closet. I manage to escape without her seeing me, I think. Ok, now I just need to wait here until she forgets…

It looks like she actually did see me escape, as she is now standing in front of me with a distraught and angry expression.

"Think of her." Tori tells me with a surprisingly calm tone, "Jade West."

Jade West... Jade West... Jade West… Jade West…

The girl I love…

And she's gone…

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