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Chapter 3

Ok, so the realisation has hit me hard and now I am desperate to find her. While I was busy not caring about Jade, Tori had reported Jade's absence to her dad and now everyone is deep in investigating. While the police do their technical investigating, the rest of us just sit there and do nothing. We can at least try to help, rather than leaving it all down to the police. We are Jade's closest friends after all (even if she won't admit that). Well, I was the closest to her, until just before she went missing.

By the end of the miserable school day at Hollywood Arts, we had all arranged to meet at Tori's house to discuss suspects. I decided to be helpful, and drive everyone to Tori's in my truck. We all piled in and squashed up to fit everyone, but something didn't seem right. Oh well, must just be the fact that Jade's not here and I usually drive with her.

Halfway to Tori's house Cat suddenly tears up and won't take her eyes off something on the floor.

"We'll find her," Tori reassures our redheaded friend. Cat doesn't speak, but instead, points to the object she's staring intensely at. I look to see what it is and realise that it's a jar. A large, clear jar and inside is Jade's boot. The exact same boot Jade was wearing the night she went missing!

No one else realises that she wore this that night, and so they are very confused.

"Why do you keep the girl's boot in a Jar? That's creepy man," André asks.

I have to explain to them, "No, this is the boot Jade wore the night she was taken! Someone has put it in a jar and left it in my truck to creep us out." Their faces turn to shock and Cat grabs the jar.

"Hey, maybe it could be a clue and we're all detectives!" Cat seems quite excited about her 'mission'.

"Cat, I don't think we're detectives," Robbie tells the innocent girl, whose excitement immediately turns to disappointment.

"Wait a sec, I think lil' red is on to something about the boot being a clue." André adds, making us realise that Cat can actually be smart and make sense.

"So we are detectives!" Cat pretends her hands are guns and makes shooting sounds as she amuses herself, acting like she's the next bond girl. Ok, even though she makes some sense, she may still be stuck in her world of delusions.

The boot really could be a clue. The criminal must know my truck to have been able to put the boot in, so they know Jade well enough to know that she is closest to me. They must also be very sneaky and good at breaking into places, as they managed to slip the jar in without damaging my truck. They also must go to or work at Hollywood Arts, because strangers are locked out from school property and my truck was in school the whole day. And the boot was in a jar. Jade collects strange things in jars. How does this kidnapper know her that well? Wow, all this progress from a boot in a jar.

Once we are all sitting in Tori's living room, we all exchange information and it seems that we are mostly all on the same page and we have established that the criminal is a close friend, stalker, complete weirdo, or all three. I hope it's not a close friend, I thought I could trust these guys…

We look around the room at each other. Stares are held longer than necessary as if someone in the room could be caught out and labelled guilty at that moment. After a few minutes of silent, suspicious glares, everyone jumps up at once and begins yelling at the top of their voice, accusing each other of taking Jade. I remain seated, as I do not want to be a part of this mess. I just need to think.

Perhaps it could be one of them. The thought never crossed my mind before, but now that I think about it, they could be accusing someone else to lift the blame of themselves. Tori seemed to be the first one to jump up and blame others, to distract the blame from herself. Now freaking out, her voice is getting higher as she is becoming more desperate. André is acting wonky, like he always does when he's hiding something. I heard her once had a crush on her. Could he have kidnapped her to have her all to himself? Cat is blaming everyone all at once, and also she was the one who saw the boot in the first place. For a dumb girl, she can be pretty smart sometimes. Maybe she's not as innocent as I thought she is. Robbie is keeping to the background of the yelling, trying to keep the attention off of himself and not standing out. This might be his way of not being noticed and blamed. He is never really noticed, and just goes along with what everyone else does, maybe he has many dirty secrets…

"It's Beck!" Tori yells. I look up from where I am staring at the ground.

"Yeah, the dude's just sitting there, trying not to be noticed while everyone else fights." André pipes in.

"No, no, no! It was NOT me! Why would I kidnap my own girlfriend? I love her." Although my words are harsh, I whisper the last part, so they can barely hear.

"Your over-dramatic acting skills don't work here!" Robbie adds.

"Beck is EVIL!" Cat yells innocently, but now I'm not even sure she's very innocent…

André steps up and everyone turns to him. "One of you lot has taken her. I don't know who, but they have taken her from the rest of us, and it's not ok. I can't speak to any of you until someone owns up."

He turns away from us, refusing to look back, apart from when innocent little Tori tried to work her charm on him. Make him her alibi. Looks like it worked because the two of them are now side by side looking suspiciously at the rest of us.

"Does this mean beck has taken Jade?" Cat asks sweetly to Robbie, pretending to be scared.

"Of course." Robbie is putty in her hands, "But it might even be Tori and André, so it's best to avoid all of them and we shall stick together."

Cat clings onto Robbie and acts more delusional than normal. I look around me and notice that I am the only one on my own. Cat has Robbie on her side and Tori and André are alibis, but I'm just left on my own, with all my thinking that I'm the psycho who kidnapped my own girlfriend. This is gonna be tough all by myself, but I will still try my best to find her. I have to.