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The Knight of Death: The Bane From Within


What an odd boy.

She thought quietly to herself as she observed the young drow of House Do'Urden, Drizzt through the bowl. He was a prodigy.

"The best weapon master in the academy." She had been in her second year at the Academy of Menzoberranzan at the time he entered. She had always placed third before his admission. Now she was bumped down to fifth.

"Fifth!" The screechings of her matron still echoed in her head. "It's not enough that you refused to finish your training as a high priestess, but you dare slack off at Melee-Magthere. Now House Do'Urden has Lolth's favor!"

Did it look like she wanted to be in anyone's graces? She inwardly seethed.

She wasn't lazy. It was merely that she wanted to do something that she had control over. She despised being manipulated. She didn't want to serve House Teken'ghym for the rest of her life, and watch her younger siblings off each other in an attempt at gaining more power.


"Yoshiro, bring me some water."

The undead human bowed, and silently left the room. Minutes later, he returned with a glass of water. He handed her the glass promptly.

"Thanks." It was funny how she treated an undead with more respect than her matron. What was also amusing was the fact that an undead easily 'snuck' into the academy every time there was a tournament. She snickered, knowing Yoshiro he probably just waltzed in here without a care in the world.

"He is a good swordsman." Yoshiro wasn't someone to give out compliments. If he said something was 'good' then that meant it was impressive.

She had a feeling that Yoshiro desired to duel Drizzt. She snorted. That's unsurprising considering he used to be a knight when he was still living. But Yoshiro could not challenge Drizzt. It would be unheard of for a lower creature to challenge a drow. They would kill him for even contemplating such a thought.

"Master?" She could see the worry in Yoshiro's pitch black eyes, or at least where there used to be eyes, as they arrived at House Teken'ghym. She sighed.

"Fetch me Keryvian." She lowered her voice enough for only the undead to hear. Yoshiro flinched. The last time he touched the one-handed bastard sword it had burned his hand. He hadn't gotten near it since then.

His master Auniira glanced at him. "Below my third drawer there is a secret compartment. Open it and you'll find a cloth that will enable you to hold the blade."

Auniira turned back to the bowl and cut off the images of Drizzt, only to see her reflection. Gold eyes stared right back. At the moment, she felt a great force pull her down. A telepathic voice seemed to whisper in her ears.

Auniira… The voice was deceivingly soothing. It is time.

The power suffocating her faded. Disoriented she leaned into the nearest wall. It took her several minutes to recover from the shock of such an omnipotent force. Hearing Yoshiro's footfalls she arose from the floor. Her lips formed into a sincere smile as she spotted the bundle in the undead's arms—the greatest Baneblade of Demron; all wrapped up in a holy cloth. He placed the clothed blade into her outstretched hand. As she unveiled the blade, she couldn't help but think about the irony of her name.

Harbringer of Death indeed.

Many years have passed since House Do'Urden fell out of favor with Lolth, and Drizzt became a rouge. She couldn't help but feel envious of him. How is that he managed to escape while she could not? Matron Minra suspected something was amiss with her, and had thus placed her elderbrother Solagh in charge of her 'safety'. She damned them. She had a duty to fulfill, and she could not do it while ensnared in Lolth's web or under Matron Minra's gaze. She had to plan her escape carefully.

Looking out the window, she caught sight of a trading caravan. The wheels in her mind began to turn before she called out the name of her loyal undead.

Perhaps learning a few phrases in common tongue would not be remiss.

Auniira chewed on a piece of meat or at least she hoped it was meat. But it would be foolish for the dwarves who graciously allowed her a free ride to the surface world to poison her. She was thankful for her kind's cutthroat reputation for it did not take much convincing for the dwarves to allow her to tag along with them.

She stretched her ebony fingers, and hastily pulled down the hood of her makeshift vermillion cloak as the first rays of the sun hit her. She had to avert her eyes for a few minutes until they finally adjusted to the lighting. She gasped.

The sky was an array of various yellows that faded into each other. She could not find a distinction or border that separated them as they flowed so perfectly into each other. The air around her hummed with power. She could feel the elements more strongly in the surface world than she could ever in the Underdark. The wind greeted her with a whistle. A happy one she could tell. The trees, the flowers and other plants she could not identify sang her welcome. It almost seemed as if they were all ushering her into their abode. She jumped off the caravan immediately and silently. Paying no heed to the calls of the surprised dwarves, she melted into the shadows of the forest.

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