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"Common Speak"

"Draconic Speak"

The Knight of Death: The Bane From Within

Chapter 2

"You should probably pull your hood up," drawled the sun elf. They had been traveling for four days through the forest. After all, having a drow and a half-drow in a traveling party would stand out in broad daylight. They had to take various measures not to be spotted by other travelers. "It would get complicated if someone sees you." Auniira nodded reluctantly. She hoped that the other races would be more accepting of her, but considering Cyleón's actions she was having doubts of staying in the surface world. What kind of life would she live here if she could not show her face in fear of persecution?

"What about him?" She gestured towards Beineón. "I doubt the townsmen will be very kind to him even if he has blood of a sun elf." The half-drow gave a sad sigh.

"It's true. I will have to hide my appearance as well," he chuckled. "Like always," his voice was sorrowful and resigned. It tugged at Auniira's heartstrings to see such a dejected expression on Beineón's face. She hated to admit it, but she had gotten quickly attached to the two elves in such a short time. Then again Yoshiro did always say she was too trusting of others.

"We are a few minutes away from the town gates," Cyleón handed the half-drow his cloak. It didn't take more than a minute for Beineón to be cloaked. Although, the cloak was supposed to conceal their features, in Auniira's opinion, they also screamed 'Look at me! I am a suspicious person.'

Thankfully, Cyleón had connections on the inside so getting in was no problem. But she had to resist the urge to correct Cyleón's previous statement of the 'town.' She scoffed, "This is a city! It's too large to be a town." Even Beineón appeared to be in agreement with her.

Cyleón shrugged, "It was smaller the last time I was here."

"And when was that? Fifty years ago?"

A grin formed on the sun elf's face. "Three."

Auniira could not conceal the surprise in her voice, "Impossible!"

Beineón's expression turned contemplative as he processed the information. She swore she saw a twinkle in his eyes before he finally spoke, "A migration! I heard about a large population of Halfings migrating a few years back, but I was not aware where they decided to settle."

"Did I ever tell you how awesome you are Bei when you talk nerdy?" Cy teased.

Bei twitched. "For one, eww. Don't go there. I'm not one of the girls you flirt with, and two, I know I'm awesome."

The only female of the group had her ears open to their conversation as she observed the short humanoids which, as Beineón previously stated, made up the populace. If it hadn't been for a few humans and elves she spotted, she could have stated that it was an all-halfling town. She eventually got bored of watching the inhabitants, and instead her attention drew to the short figures perched on Cy's and Bei's shoulders―Meek and Skit .

Auniira remembered being inadvertently introduced to the elves' little partners when she had almost stepped on Skit. The little thing was still shooting glares at her. Meek on the other hand, seemed almost amused. He was currently sitting on Beineón's shoulder throwing a smug look at Skit. Or at least that's the emotion she assumed Skit was showing.

When she noticed that two sun elves were not going to finish their conversation any time soon, she noticed a nearby tavern. Hmm…

"Hey, where's Auniira?"

The two ferrets secretly laughed as they watched the elves search frantically for the drow.

Auniira found herself sitting in a desolate corner of the tavern. Although the lighting in the tavern was poor, the surrounding people were cheery, and dare she say, rambunctious. The waitress, a beautiful and busty brunette, approached her with a smile despite the fact that her customer appeared as suspicious as a fiend was evil. Auniira ordered a dozen bottles of liquor and a full course meal. Normally, she would have at least three dozen, but that was back at home. Now, she had to conserve her coins for future gear, shelter, food, and water.

Once the waitress left, Auniira felt like slapping herself for not realizing that she would have to reach out with her hand to eat or drink, and if someone were to see her dark skin…

She groaned. She would either be mistaken as an undead or a drow, and neither would bode well for her as both are seen as evil.

"Excuse me." Auniira nearly jumped at the sound of the masculine voice behind her. "Do you mind if I sit here? The other seats are occupied."

Even though the drow had her entire body wrapped tightly, Auniira was still wary of accidentally exposing her skin. But it would be rude and suspicious if she did not let him have the seat.

"Sure." Once he sat in front of her she took the chance to scrutinize him. He appeared to be a handsome man approaching his middle ages with long silver hair and a masculine goatee. She caught his icy blue eyes staring at her necklace. Could he sense Yoshiro's presence?

"Pardon me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Vael Lateu." She gave a nod in return.

"I'm Auniira." The man smiled. Well actually, he was already smiling when he introduced himself. His aura reflected on his serene demeanor.

But Auniira could not shake the feeling that something didn't seem entirely human about him. Luckily, the waitress returned with her order. With a quick glance at the drinks Vael mentally grimaced.

"Are you drinking all of that?" He could not hide the surprise in his voice.

"Yeah, were you expecting me to share Silver?" The man was taken aback.


The disguised drow shrugged, "It's a nickname. Your name sounds too formal."

Vael nodded. He couldn't argue with that logic.

"I don't suppose you came here alone," he questioned, "I mean―you don't look the type to wander around these parts." Auniira stiffened at his words. The way he worded them made her apprehensive.

"Well, I don't picture you in such an establishment either."

He stared at her for a long time, almost as if analyzing her before finally speaking.

"Not many people can speak in Draconic." Oh! She didn't realize she had slipped into Draconic speak nor the fact that he had spoken in Draconic since he introduced himself. Seldom did any being who spoke Draconic wander so close to such crowded urban areas.

"What matter of creature are you that you must conceal your person?" He lifted a glass of liquor to his mouth.

"Shouldn't I be asking that too? You are not entirely human." She retorted. She probably sounded like a snake rearing its fangs. Before Silver could say anything he was interrupted by the sound of a table being tossed along with its contents.

Auniira swiftly dodged the airborne objects as Silver caught the thrown table. She heard him mutter something about 'rowdy halflings.' She ignored him, and instead, drew her attention to the shouts and jeering of enraged halflings of the growing crowd. Said crowd surrounded two familiar faces.


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