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Racetrack woke early Sunday morning. He had a plan. Running his hands through his dark brown hair he rolled out of bed sleepily. Quickly and quietly he dressed in his slightly stained and wrinkled off-white shirt, dark brown suspenders, and lighter brown plaid pants. After carefully looking about the room for any awake newsies, Race slips into the washroom. Once inside he quickly combs his wild hair and smirks at himself in the mirror. He then proceeds to brush his teeth and wash his face before he slips into his shoes and exits the building.

The sky is still dark and the air contains a slight chill which causes Mr. Higgins to shiver. His mind was suddenly flooded with thoughts of Spot, and he was overwhelmed by his strange feelings for the blond newsie. As he walked in the direction of the Brooklyn Bridge, his mind wandered to the dream.

Race was standing beside the bay at night. It must have been summer time because a warm breeze tickled his skin. It was virtually silent. The sounds of the city had drained away and Race was alone.

Suddenly, he felt a warm, strong hand on his shoulder. A familiar voice whispered, "Isn't beautiful, Race? And it's all for us…only for us."

Then, the owner of the voice turned him around. He found himself inches from Spot Conlon. Their warm breath tangled together and became one. Racetrack gasped in pleasure as Spot's lips found his. Spot's strong arms found their way around the other boy's waist. Race put his arms around Spot's neck and leaned into him. Spot proceeded to kiss Race's neck passionately as the brunette's hands travelled down Spot's back and inside his shirt. The blonde newsie smiled and moved his mouth back to Racetrack's. Spot un-buttoned Race's shirt and removed it.

Soon both newsies were in nothing but their underwear as they lay on the dock. The boys were tangled in each other's arms and their lips were mashed together. Spot pulled away and spoke with conviction, "Racetrack Higgins, I- "

That was when he always woke up. Never had he heard Spot finish what he had to say. This is why he had to go see him that day. He had to be alone with Spot, somewhere outside of his twisted dreams.