He ho, HM lovers! i bring today a bit of AshxCam action for you all! First of, this is slash. if you don't like, don't , in the part where Ash and Cam are kissing, I tried to keep it brief, since I've never had my first kiss so my kissing experience is just stuff I've gathered from movies, tv shows and other fanfiction. And my best friends constant chatter about her and her boyfriend. No sex. Although, they were talking about sex at one point. And it may contain some mild language. Nothing major. I don't normally write slash, but Ash and Cam are just so damn perfect i just had to!

Disclaimer: I don't know why I have to put this, but I clearly don't own Harvest Moon. Now, on with the story!


Ash, Cam, Georgia, Laney, Hiro and Kana were all sat around Ash's bed. The annual game of truth or dare had started, and it was getting pretty out of control. It started of simple-ordinary questions, normal dares. But somehow the whole thing had spiralled horribly out of control. It was that time of year where all the adults went to the top of the mountain to do... Adult things. Anyway, since every adult in both towns was on the mountain, the group of unlikely friends got together to talk and do random friend stuff. This year, in some weird way, a game of truth or dare had broken out. Well, it wasn't really truth or dare, but close enough. what they did was they gave someone a dare, or a truth. if they didn't do it, then they had to go and drink from the toilet. But, if they did do it, then the person who dared them to do it must do a forfeit. And that was not optional. And things were getting really weird.

"Ok, Laney, truth or dare?" Ash questioned.

"Hmm... I pick... Truth!" She said, enthusiastically.

"Ok...' Ash spoke cautiously, "Are you a virgin?" Laney blushed immediately, and before she could answer, Ash added an extra bit for good measure.

"And if yes, then who?" This made Laney begin to blush furiously.

"But! I! Um..." She blushed again.

"Are you trying to say you would like to drink from the toilet? Because we can make that happen..."

"No!" Laney screeched. "I'll spill. It was... Hiro."

A chorus of gasps could be heard from throughout the room, and Hiro looked embaresed.

"Woop whoop! Hiro! I didn't know you had it in you, dude!" He earned a pat on the back from Kana. As well as an applause and various whoop noises.

"Ha! Priceless!" Ash was laughing so hard, he was curled up in a ball on his bed.

"Don't forget about your forfeit!" Laney added.

"Do it! Anything is worth that!" Ash squeaked through giggles.

"Ok, we'll, since mine was super horrible, then you have to..." She thought for a moment. "You have to kiss Cam!"


"For a whole two minutes!"

This got a big reaction from the group. Everyone laughing and squealing, people saying do it and people saying don't. But, the forfeit was not optional, so Cam was feeling scared. He'd never kissed a girl before, so this was... new. He didn't know what to do. Ash was feeling the same, however he had a little more experience in the area. But it was still weird! It had to happen, though. Cam was sat on the bed next to Ash, and he had backed into the corner due to recent events.

Ash decided on something. Laney made him do this. So he was going to give her a show. He got on to his hands and knees on the bed, and crawled seductively ove to Cams corner. When he got there, he leaned in so that his lips brushed against Cams, only touching a little. Then, he pressed harder, unknowingly sending sparks through Cam. Why was he enjoying this!? It was a dare! Dares were not supposed to be enjoyed. And he was kissing his best friend in the entire whole wide world! And, more importantly, to Cams horror, he was loving every second of it. He kissed back, grabbing Ashes shirt collar as he did. Cam let out a moan, and Ash took advantage, clearly using experience, by slipping his tongue into Cams mouth. He kept there lips slightly apart, hoping that Laney would be as entertained as she hoped she would be, watching their tongues wrestle.

Those two minutes were up far too fast or Cams liking, and, before he knew it, Ash pulled away. They got a huge cheer from everybody, and Laney showed that she was impressed. Ash took his seat again, and Cam climbed back up, leaving his corner, and returned to his place next to Ash. Next thing they knew, Jessica walked in.

"Hello! Ash, where's Cheryl?" She sounded a little drunk.

"She's in Konohana..."

"Ok! *hic*"

Cam had walked home shortly after, accompanied by Laney.

"Oh, Cam, that kiss was amazing!" Laney squealed. She went on about it all the way home. As soon as they got back, Cam flopped into bed straight away. But he couldn't sleep. Ash clouded his mind, filling up every last thought bubble. Cam searched his mind for an explanation, for some sliver of reason. But he found nothing. He just kept repeating one thing in his head, 'I am not in love with Ash.' It encircled his brain, his mind playing with the words, distorting them in his mind. He thought maybe it might have something to do with it being his first kiss. That's when it hit him. He was in love with Ash. He had a manic crush on the farm boy from across town, the one he spent all his days off with, the one he saw all the time. His rancher best friend. He was in love with Ash.

Well, did you like it? I might post more, if you think i should. Might just leave it a cliff-hanging one-shot. R&R as always, and tell me if you like it or not. Constructive criticism welcome!