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"""Hey Hiro!"" Laney said, walking into the Konohana doctors office. Hiro smiled at her as she walked in, just finishing putting all of his books on the shelf.

""Hiya Laney. How are you?"" he asked, politely.

""I'm good thanks. Do you want to here something weird?"" She asked, with a mischievous smile. Hiro nodded and smiled. ""Ok, well, you know Rutger?"" Hiro nodded again. ""Well, he's been acting really weird. The other day, he came into the bakery and order one hundred mini pastries! I thought it was weird at the time, but I didn't question it. Then, I was talking to Cam, like an hour ago, and he said he ordered one hundred bouquets, too! Do you not think it's a bit weird?"" Laney asked, finishing her story. Hiro thought for a second.

""And in the last five days, he's come over here every single day, and just gone into the town hall with the mayor. They wouldn't come out until hours later."" Hiro said, suspiciously. He and Laney looked at each other.

""So, Cam,"" Ash said, in a voice that almost made Cam blush. They were walking through the green wilderness if the mountain, heading in the direction of Konohana. They walked close to each other, making Cams blush deepen. ""How have you been? You've been acting a bit distant lately.""

""Oh, well,"" Cam paused considering his words carefully.

""Ive just been feeling weird, that's all."" Cam sighed silently, happy with his answer, unlike Ash.

""What do you mean you've been feeling weird? Like you've been sick, or like puberty, or like luuurrrvvvee."" Ash giggled, stringing out the word love as much as possible, making Cam blush even more. Ash noticed, and didn't make a small deal of it.

""Oh! I saw that! Cammy is in love! Tell me tell me tell me!"" Ash asked, bobbing with excitement.

""You know I don't like it when you call me Cammy."" Cam lied, his blush getting deeper with every word. He was pretty sure he was getting close to exploding. ""And no, I'm not going to tell you."" Ash frowned.

""Aw, why? I'd tell you!"" Ash replied. Cam searched his mind for an excuse, any reason that he couldn't tell Ash (other than he fact that he was, in fact, in love with him). And when he failed to come up with one, he had to at least think of something to tell Ash.

"It's because..." Cam paused, "It's because it's Georgia, and I know you have a crush on her so I felt bad." Cam finished quickly, quite proud of his answer.

"What? I don't like Georgia!" Ash said, quickly and defensively. Everyone in Bluebell (and most of Konohana) knew that Ash liked Georgia, it wasn't exactly rocket science.

"Oh, yeah, Mr 'Id tell you'!" Cam said, mimicking Ash's voice. Ash just laughed, and punched Cam playfully.

"So, where are we going?" Cam asked, curiously. Ash just smiled and tapped his nose in that secretive way that made him look so cute. They kept walking for a while, in a comfortable silence. When they reached the top of the mountain, Ash stopped and turned around.

"This is it!" Cam was confused.

"This is what?" He asked. The farmer just looked at him, then started walking across the field. Usually they would only go there to attend cooking festivals, but Ash clearly had something in mind. Once they had crossed the field and reached the edge of the cliff, Ash stopped by the fence.

"Okay, do you trust me?" Ash asked, turning back to Cam. Cam blushed a little, before answering.

"Yeah, of course." Cam said. Ash climbed over the fence, then gestured for Cam to do the same. He hesitated, but if there was anyone he trusted, it was Ash. So he carefully climbed over the fence, landing on the other side, miles of cliff underneath him. Ash sat down on the edge, and Cam figured he would too.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Ash said, looking out into the distance. "Miles of unspoiled land, rolling fields, trees and woodland that you just don't see in the city. I'm so glad we live here. I don't think I could cope living curled up in a little apartment with petrol fumes constantly seeping in through the window. I love it here." Cam smiled at Ash's little speech. It was really amazing how Ash loved Bluebell Konohana area so much, and Cam knew he wouldn't trade it in for anything. For half an hour, they just sat there, staring into the distance. After a while, Ash sighed, before standing up and climbing back over the fence. Cam followed, and ever so gracefully tripped over a mixture of the fence and his feet, landing face first in the mud of the field. Ash laughed, and offered his hand out to Cam, helping him up. Cam grabbed Ash's hand and pulled himself to his feet, finding that he was now face to face with the rancher. For a few seconds, Cam just stood there, staring into Ash's eyes. They're foreheads were inches away from touching, and, as Cam was just noticing, they were still holding hands. This was awkward.

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