Lucius looked at the file on his desk, it was everything that he had managed to compile on Harry Potter. Before the war had been over he had gathered as much information about the young man in case he ever needed to blackmail the man to ensure his families safety. Now though he intended to use the information for another purpose. Knowing as much as he could about the other man could only benefit him. He was sure that he knew things about Harry that the Weasley chit could never know or understand, he intended to use that to his advantage.

For instance it wasn't exactly unknown that Harry hated the media and all the attention that was put on him when he attended formal functions. Still it was well known that he would attend them because his girlfriend wanted to go and didn't merit an invitation of her own. It was obvious to many that Harry was just going through the motions when it came to his relationship and that he wasn't as invested in it as the newspapers and his girlfriend would believe.

Locking the file in his desk drawer Lucius made his way to his rooms to dress for the ball that evening at the ministry. He intended to make his move that evening, or rather his first move. He was after all prepared to play a rather long game to gain Harry's affections. He knew that he would be able to hold out for what he desired much longer than Miss Weasley would without losing his composure. Dressing to impress in a set of startling blue and silver dress robes Lucius thought over the things that he intended to talk over with the young man about that evening; his Lordship and the new orphanage.

Lucius was almost certain that the young man knew nothing about his Lordship, something that needed to be rectified almost immediately as he was to take up the mantle of two of the Ancient houses. He would have thought someone would have spoken to him about it, but then again Black and the werewolf didn't get to spend that much time with him if Severus was to be believed. The Weasleys wouldn't have brought it up to him either as they tended to ignore the Lordships of their world as much as they were able to, since losing their own Lordship and fortune just under a century ago.

If Harry wanted to be able to have his say in the world and take his seats in the House of Wizards he would need to be taught about his role. That was what he intended to do, offer the young man his tutelage. Well, that and his aid both physically and financially when it came to the orphanage. Harry would be grateful for the help where the orphanage was concerned and would accept Lucius as his teacher due to his superior knowledge of the Wizarding System.

The ball was in full swing before Lucius got the chance to approach the young lord to be, many people having demanded his attention from the time he arrived. Finally managing to escape those who he normally kept company with at such events he made his way towards the young man, whose date had fortunately gone off to the witches room.

"Heir Potter-Black," he greeted, "you are looking well. I had hoped to speak with you this evening on a couple of matters if you could spare some time."

Harry looked at him askance, probably wondering at the title he had been referred to as, and why Lucius had used both his surnames, as most people referred to him only by Potter, trying to ignore the lingering taint of the Black name, not wanting it attached to their saviour. Lucius could tell that the younger man was unsure as to whether he should speak with him or not, probably curious about what he wanted, but unwilling to get himself entangled in something that could cause problems for him later.

Knowing that he needed to make a convincing argument to get the young man to speak with him he pressed on. "If tonight is inconvenient perhaps we could arrange a luncheon, it is imperative that I speak to you soon about two separate matters, both of some import."

"I, erm, what is you wanted to speak about?" Harry asked, rubbing nervously at his right ear, something that seemed to be a nervous habit, something he did when he was unsure of himself. Lucius had seen him do it a few times and it did nothing but endear the younger man to him more.

"Firstly I wanted to speak with you about both the funding and running of the orphanage and the contributions that I wish to make to it. The second is more time consuming, I need to speak with you in regards to your dual lordship and your place in the House of Wizards." Lucius informed him, hoping that the other man would consent to lunch with him, as it would allow him to spend some more time with him.

Harry seemed to stare at him for a few moments, obviously trying to measure the honesty in his words. They were interrupted by the Weasley chit calling Harry from across the ballroom, insisting that he join her, really the girl had no manners. It was rude to interrupt people who were talking, but even worse so was to call across a crowded room as she had just done. The young man let out a small sigh, obviously noting that the attention of at least half the room was now on him due to the Weasley's faux pas, not that the young man was properly aware of the girls error in judgement due to his lack of training about his station.

"Send me an owl, Lord Malfoy, and we will arrange lunch." Harry said as he left to join his girlfriend on the other side of the room.

Lucius let a small smile cross his face fleetingly, it wasn't exactly what he had been hoping for from the evening, he hadn't gotten a chance to really talk with the young heir, but he had arranged to arrange a time when he could. The youngest Weasley had also just put another block in her own path, whilst Harry had never really cared for what the public thought, or the aristocracy for that matter, he did have manners, and when he found out how badly the girls actions would reflect on him he would want to either correct that or disassociate himself from her. He was hoping for the latter, as he was sure that the daughter of Molly Prewitt Weasley would not stand to be corrected, and would fight any attempts at Harry trying to make her behaviour acceptable for polite society.

Lucius spent the rest of the ball in much higher spirits before apparating back to the manor to write a request for lunch to send to the other man the next morning. He would make Harry his, it was just going to take some time. He didn't mind though, the slow seduction of the senses was often better, and he would have the other man before long.