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Lucius had been looking forward to this day for a while, the day he finally got to take Harry out, it wasn't a date, they weren't there yet, but it was progress. They had eaten out together a few times now, but like that first meeting it was mainly about business really, the orphanage or Harry's lessons, not about becoming more acquainted with each other. That had been what he had been using their dinners in the manor for, they were a chance to try and get to know each other without any potential eavesdroppers who would run off to the papers with any little titbit of information that they managed to overhear.

After inviting Harry to attend the races with him he had put a lot of thought into the day. He really wanted it to be a day that Harry remembered as an enjoyable event, perhaps one that he would want to repeat in the future. Lucius had always loved attending the Abraxan races since he was a small child, but Narcissa had never been keen on attending with him and Draco had been bored when he took him, it hadn't held the same enjoyment for him that quiddich had. He hoped that Harry would find enjoyment in the races like he did and would be willing to attend with him on a more frequent basis. Some of the events and races lasted all day and that could be quite tiring to attend alone. He knew other people on the race circuit of course, but he preferred to have company with him.

He had arranged to meet Harry at the manor, the other man knew the apparition coordinates well enough and the Salisbury race course wasn't too far away from the manor. Lucius had the elves prepare a light breakfast for them as they were setting out quite early, he intended for them to have a light meal then head out. After breakfast he planned to apparate them straight to the course, the races started at seven am that day and would go run till about ten am with appropriate intervals between each race. Lucius was hoping that he could talk Harry in to joining him for lunch after that, and perhaps a chance to explore some of the area surrounding his home.

Lucius was pleasantly surprised when Harry arrived at the manor that morning, the other man was dressed impeccably and Lucius detected Narcissa's hand in helping to select his clothing. That wasn't to say that Harry's own style and taste weren't good, but he was still learning the nuances of wizarding fashion and style, guided by Lucius' teachings. Narcissa however had a flair that even he couldn't match, and the outfit that Harry was wearing highlighted all of his best features whilst still being perfectly suitable for their trip into the world of the wizarding elite.

Breakfast was eaten quickly, but was enjoyable nonetheless, Harry talking about the things he had read about Abraxan's and asking questions about his interest in the sport. Lucius was surprised but impressed that Harry had taken the time to do some research into the subject, and hoped that the interest that he seemed to be showing in the creatures was genuine and that he may be amenable to attending events with him in the future. He needn't have been concerned about Harry's interest, the other man seemed absolutely enthralled with the winged creatures from the moment he saw them coming from the paddock onto the race track his eyes tracked them.

Lucius found himself for once not as interested in the actual races, but in watching Harry enjoy them he seemed to have found a new hobby. The other wizard was acting like an excited child, he reminded Lucius a bit of Draco at his first quiddich match, and he seemed to practically vibrate with happiness as he watched the Abraxans cross the finish line. Lucius knew that he would have no problems finding someone to attend future races with him, Harry would no doubt be looking into the next set of races himself.

They left the race track and Lucius insisted on side apparating Harry once more, after all he knew the apparation coordinates they were travelling to and it would be safer than Harry apparating blind. The fact that it meant that he got to hold Harry close to him for a few seconds was the main reason of course, it was strange but he was more enticed by the chance to hold onto the other wizards arm to apparate him to lunch than he had been by several of his previous lovers. They were having lunch in a small wizarding café in Shrewton, it wasn't one of the high class places Lucius usually frequented, but it was somewhere that he had eaten at before and he had been pleased by the selections they had on offer. The café, The Shrew's Cauldron, was somewhere that he felt Harry would appreciate, he knew that the other wizard while coming along well in his studies was still not fully comfortable in Wizarding High Society, and this would be a chance for him to relax and eat after having spent the morning around several of the Lords.

Although they hadn't really interacted with any of the other Lords or patrons at the race track Lucius had been aware of them the whole time they were there, and he knew that Harry had been as well. It would no doubt be circulating that they had been there together, and there would be some unsavoury gossip about the Boy Who Lived attending the races with a former Death Eater. Lucius had already come up with a cover story for the press if Harry wasn't willing to allow their mentorship to be known by the wider wizarding world. Planning a charity race to raise funds for the orphanage would have been an acceptable reason for them being at the races together, that Lucius already had the plans in the works and was waiting for the right time to bring the idea to Harry meant that the foundations for the story were already laid.

Harry didn't seem to have been too bothered about them being seen together though which gave Lucius hope for the future, after all if Harry was ashamed of being seen with him in public it would not be in his best interests to pursue a relationship with him. Lunch was spent talking about the races, Harry's enthusiasm for the sport was enjoyable to watch and Lucius was glad that the other man had enjoyed himself. He broached the idea of the charity race to Harry, the other man liking the idea and offering his help, in whatever capacity he was needed, to get things sorted. Lucius wasn't sure but he thought he had heard Harry mutter about being willing to ride one of them if it would bring in the crowd, and made a mental note to suggest riding lessons at a later time.

Lucius steered the conversation away from the Abraxans towards the local area as they finished their lunch, offering the other man a tour of the most famous landmark in the area. Knowing that Harry had discovered a love of history in the course of their lessons he didn't think the other man would pass up a tour of the famous site. Stonehenge was a magical place that even the muggles recognised as such, and Lucius was proud to live in an area so rich in magic, getting the opportunity to show the area off was something he enjoyed. Unfortunately for him the coordinates to the apparition point at Stonehenge were so well known that it would have been strange of him to suggest side along apparition, so they travelled individually to the landmark.

The ancient site was covered in muggles taking pictures and traipsing all over the ground so a couple of notice me not charms were needed in order for them to go around without issue. They could have glamoured their clothing of course and mixed in with the crowds, but the notice me not charm gave them the advantage of being able to slip past the muggles into the wizarding only area without being spotted. What the muggles didn't see when they came to the site was the smaller circle of stones inside the larger circle that was still used to this day as a ritual circle.

Lucius led Harry through the site, ignoring everyone around them as he talked about the history of the henge, telling Harry the stories his father had told him and he had told Draco in childhood. Growing up in the area with such a magnificent piece of wizarding history had made it part of his early lessons, after all as wizards they should be proud of the things they had brought to the world, and this one was recognised by the muggles as well, it was an immense feat of magic.

As they slipped into the inner circle of stones the feel of magic intensified as they moved through the wards that kept those of non-magical lineage out. The scent of magic in the air was heady, raw wild magic lingering after the close of a ritual, a bonding ritual if Lucius was right, the feel of the magic around them giving the impression of joining and togetherness. Lucius saw Harry's face flush with joy as the magic washed over him, the connection with the magic making him almost giddy. Harry wouldn't have had much exposure if any to wild magic, Hogwarts no longer teaching about the rituals of their world, and he had cautioned the other man about attempting rituals alone if he came across them in his studies. The only real ritual that he would have been aware of would have been the Dark Lord's rebirthing ritual and the magic involved in that would have felt completely different to this.

Lucius explained the magic and the feeling of joy and elation that he was probably feeling as a result of the positive magic in the air. They walked through the site for a while longer before Lucius ushered Harry back towards the apparition point, knowing that they shouldn't stay in the area for long as Harry was new to the feel of the magic it could be heady and become addictive should he be immersed in it for too long. Wizards and witches used many rituals in life as they aged, the strength of the rituals increasing the older they got as their own magic matured, and they became accustomed to the wild magic of the rituals as they grew. Those who came from muggle homes and had no exposure to magic prior to entering the wizarding world found it much harder to become accustomed to the magic without addiction as they had very little exposure to magical rituals. Normally it would be a case of them stumbling across a ritual site and lingering in the feeling of the wild magic because it felt good and then they got a taste and a longing for a magic they were ill prepared to wield.

It was one of reasons that the pureblood faction was so against the idea of their rituals being banned in schools and hidden away, the future problems that could arise from the uninitiated becoming dependent on wild magic could be enormously catastrophic. Lucius continued to talk about the rituals of their world as they walked back to the apparition point, recommending several books for Harry to read that Lucius knew would be in the Black library. He also explained in detail the cleansing ritual that Harry should undertake as soon as he returned home to cleanse himself of the wild magic that lingered on his skin. He was tempted to offer to go through the ritual with Harry, but he knew that putting temptation in his own path was a bad idea. Instead he gave detailed instructions on what Harry needed to do, and told him to take counsel from his elf, the Crouch's old elf would know exactly what was needing to be done to help her Master.

As Harry was under the influence of a strange magic he had never encountered Lucius wouldn't allow him to apparate himself home, the chances of him splinching were astronomical, so a quick trip to Grimmauld Place allowed him to drop Harry off in the care of his elf before he apparated back to the manor. Once there he made his way straight to his rooms, disrobing and entering his bathroom to begin cleansing himself of the magic that was clinging to him as well.