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Charlie Weasley wondered at the turns his life had taken in recent times as he waited for his International Portkey to activate. Waiting with him was his younger brother Ron who was returning with him to Romania and the dragon reserve for now. Charlie hadn't expected much to change in his life when the light side had won the war and his family had come through unscathed, he had planned to return to his home on the reserve and continue working with his precious dragons making trips home when his mother demanded it and for large family events like graduations and weddings.

He hadn't expected that his family would end up being dragged into suspected scandal in the papers or that his Great Aunt would insist on him taking up a Lordship. The Prewitt Lordship was not something he had ever expected to receive. He had expected Bill to take over the Weasley title, not that it really meant much for their family these days, and he had expected Aunt Muriel to outlive them all and pass the title onto a distant relative that was less of a blood traitor than the Weasley clan.

He had never expected to be the one that would have to take up the Lordship, luckily he wasn't required to attend all the Wizengamot meetings or assume the position of a full time Society Lord as some did. He had assigned Bill as his proxy for voting, as his elder brother was based in Britain for now and would attend the meetings necessary, Charlie would only really need to make a personal appearance if there was a vote that he personally wanted to sponsor or if he was summoned by the Wizengamot or by Aunt Muriel. He seemed to be spending a lot more time in Britain than he had imagined he would have and he was lucky that his boss was so understanding of the situation and had allowed him to take leave.

Returning to Romania with Ron was bound to change his situation however and he was a little bit wary of that. His brother wasn't known to have the best self control and his actions and behaviours in recent times had made Charlie wary of bringing him to a highly dangerous environment, but he was his baby brother and he did appear to be attempting to turn his life around so he had to give him the chance. Hopefully the Beast Master that he knew would be willing to teach Ron and take him on as an apprentice, Care of Magical Creatures was one of the few subjects Ron had actually applied himself to and had done well in. He was also ahead of many of his peers in that area of study due to Hagrid's fascination with dangerous creatures and the extracurricular adventures that he had been in involved in during his time at Hogwarts. Not many people Ron's age had ever witnessed a dragon hatching or walked into an acromantula nest, so he had various unusual creature experiences that others hadn't.

As the portkey activated transporting them to the Romanian Ministry Charlie warned Ron to let him do the talking and only speak when spoken to. He knew that his brother was likely to say something to get himself in trouble before he even left the Ministry. Charlie handed over their paperwork to the clerk, his residency paperwork and Ron's temporary Visa, and explained when the clerk asked that his brother was staying with him for a while and looking into the possibility of studying in their country at which point he would apply for an Educational Visa. He gave the floo address for the Reserve as a contact and agreed that they would apply for any change in Visa as soon as necessary. He could tell that Ron didn't understand the need for all the paperwork, but the Romanian Ministry were rather strict in allowing foreign magical presences within their borders due to the precious treasures they had within their lands. Charlie was very grateful for the increased security, it meant that they had less incidents at the Reserve of would be poachers attempting to enter to hunt the majestic creatures that they had the pleasure of looking after.

Once they had dealt with the paperwork Charlie led Ron to the apparition point just outside the Ministry and side-apparated him to the Reserve. He didn't dare allow Ron to floo into the Reserve as he wasn't connected to the wards. Charlie touched his hand to the gate sending a small pulse of magic at the wards, letting them recognise him and alert the ward holder that he had returned. Nicolai Georgesco, the warden and leader of the Reserve turned up mere moments later, opening the gates slightly. He looked Ron up and down with a glare fixed on his features, "Is this him? The man-child?" Nicolai asked Charlie, while Ron shuffled a bit and looked at his feet. Charlie had already warned him that he would be judged here entirely on his own actions, and that no-one on the reserve would be willing to treat him like he was anything special.

Charlie nodded, "Nicolai, my youngest brother Ronald. Ron this is Nicolai Georgesco, he is in charge here on the reserve."

Ron looked up from his feet and tried to put the manners Aunt Muriel had been drumming into him into action, and he did a much better attempt at an introduction of himself than he ever had done in the past. Nicolai stared at Ron for a moment longer before having a silent conversation with Charlie, they had discussed everything prior to Ron coming of course, but this was a visual confirmation of course. Charlie nodded his acceptance of the terms that they had come up with and beckoned Ron forward when Nicolai indicated he should touch the gates with his magic.

"You have limited access. Charlie will show you were you can go, don't stray from those places, we won't be rescuing you if you decide to become dragon chow." Nicolai warned before he walked off towards one of the dragon areas. Charlie watched him go with a fond smile on his face, he knew that the other man was trying to project an air of cold aloofness to frighten Ron into complying with the safety measures that they had put in place. He also knew that no matter what he had said if Ron was that stupid Nicolai would do his best to rescue him anyway, mainly because he was Charlie's brother, and his lover hated to see him upset.

Charlie led Ron to the wizarding tent that he lived in, showing him around and showing him the small camp bed the Nicolai had set up for Ron in the living area of the tent. It wasn't as if the dragon reserve was somewhere that they usually had guests, so they had never bothered furnishing their tents with guest rooms, any extra rooms were normally set up as libraries or hobby rooms. After explaining all the rules that Ron would need to live by while staying on the reserve Charlie left him in the tent to rest, knowing that his younger brother wasn't used to the strain International Portkeys put on a person's magic.

Finding Nicolai with the Ukranian Ironbellies was not a surprise, they were the man's favourite of the species they housed on the reserve. Charlie accepted the warm embrace his lover pulled him in to, leaning on the older man and gathering strength from him as he launched into the tale of what they had found out from the Mind Healer that had examined his younger siblings. Charlie had been horrified to hear in detail the things that Ron and Ginny had been through during their time at Hogwarts. He knew that it hadn't exactly been the normal educational experience, but he hadn't expected half of the things that had happened within the supposedly safe castle.

He wasn't naïve, he was aware of the fact that there had been a civil war ravaging their country, however he had expected the wards around the ancient castle to protect the students, or if not the wards then at least the staff. However the staff appeared to have been ignorant to most of his siblings actions, the only one really aware by the sounds of it had been the Headmaster and he appeared to have just brushed the happenings in the school under a rug. Ron and his friends should have been checked out by a Mind Healer after nearly every single school year, but especially his second and fifth years.

That Ginny hadn't been seen by a Mind Healer after the trauma she experienced in her first year was criminally negligent in his mind, and had Dumbledore still been alive both he and Bill would have had several questions and allegations to lay at the old wizards feet. As it was Ginny was fixated on Harry as a result of her rescue and her delusions from the diary had entrenched certain thoughts and beliefs in her mind. It was going to take a long course of treatment by the Mind Healer they had contacted to make her healthy again.

Ron didn't have anywhere near as much damage done to him as Ginny however the brains that he had encountered in the Department of Mysteries in his fifth year had left scarring on his psyche that had gone untreated for long enough. The Mind Healer believed that his emotional responses to things were amplified as a result of inflammation of the emotional sensors in the brain. Ron had always been a bit of a hothead and quick to anger but the volume and strength of some of his outbursts in recent years had been stronger. The Healer had prescribed him several potions to try and reduce the scarring and the outbursts, it had also been recommended that he find a Mind Healer in Romania to work through his issues from his past trauma.

Charlie sighed as he leant further into Nicolai's embrace, "We didn't even notice, Bill and I have been questioning everything we saw over the years, and we never picked up on the damage being done to our siblings. Ginny doesn't seem to realise that there is anything wrong with her, despite what the healers have said and she is in for a long course of healing over the next few years I would imagine. Ron understands though, he was the one that asked to be checked out and I think he has started to work through some of the damage or at least processing that the damage has been done. I think being here will be good for him, I'll give him a few days to settle in then put him to work doing some menial tasks around the place. Next week I'll take him to meet Rasvan, I know he has been looking for a new student, maybe he will accept Ron."

Nicolai nodded, not that Charlie could see him, but he felt the movement through his entire frame. "Lupu would be a good Master for him." Nicolai commented, "Come, we should head back, I suppose it is time that I meet some of your family as your partner, not as your boss." The walk back to their tent was done in silence, no words needed between them, Charlie drawing strength from Nicolai's strong presence at his side.