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"Dave, why? Why, Dave?" Your name is Jade Harley and the only boy you've ever loved is dying right in front of you.

"It was all for you, Harley." Dave replies, letting his cool kid facade fade for a moment.

"No. NO!" You sob, flipping your dog ears and hair away from your face. "You can't leave me!"

"It'll be all right, Harley." Dave promises. His crimson eyes shine through the crack in his favorite shades.

"You can't leave." You snap, your inner stubbornness showing through to him.

"I've got to, Harley."

"You aren't leaving!"

"Got to."

"No." You insist, gripping him close. Dave and Rose are around a yard away from you, but they don't come any closer.

"You were worth it... Jade." His eyes flutter, the breaths he takes slow and uneven.

"Dave?" you whisper, one of your hands moving through his pale hair.

"Yeah, Harley?"

"You called me Jade."

"I know.: His eyes close, his chest stills.

"Dave?" There is no reply.

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