Forever and for Always

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Chapter 1:

Lily walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

A woman who looked to be in her early 40's answered. She had dirty-blonde hair that was cut into a bob, she was slender, but had curves in all the right places that made the black dress she was wearing look wonderful.

"You must be Miss Truscott." She said extending her hand.

"Yes ma'am. It is great to finally meet you Mrs. Capshaw," Lily grabbed her hand and shook it firmly, "I have heard many great things about you."

"All good I hope!" the older lady said.

"Only that you are the best real estate agent in Malibu." Lily replied.

She had asked all of her friends and relatives about the agent before she decided to work with her. It was said that Mrs. Capshaw could sell Bill Gates a box as a luxurious 3 bed/3 bath if she wanted to.

"The house is a 3 bed/2 bath, beach front, and has access to some of the best places in Mali…" she was suddenly cut off by the younger blonde.

"I've seen all I need to see. It's perfect." Lily stated.

Mrs. Capshaw looked at Lily curiously. "You have hardly made it past the front door. How do you know it's perfect?" she asked reluctantly.

Lily smiled, "This was the first house my fiancé lived in when she moved to Malibu. We are getting married in a month and I want to surprise her by buying it so we can start our lives somewhere we both feel comfortable and safe."

Mrs. Capshaw placed her hand on the young lady's shoulder. "I do believe I have never heard a more perfect reason to buy a house. We can start the paperwork tomorrow if you would like."

"Sounds perfect."