Forever and for Always

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Chapter 9

The two women looked at each other with unbelieving faces. "Your dad bought us a trip to Greece?!" Lily finally said.

"He is a romantic at heart." Miley said. Both girls smiled knowing what a true gentleman Robbie Ray was.

"If you two wish to, we can head out." Lazio interrupted. "The hotel is not close by and we want to get there before sunset, trust me."

The two girls looked at each other again with a look of confusion and wonder of what their tour guide was talking about. However, they headed out to the pier.

"The ocean is beautiful!" Lily exclaimed. Miley just looked at her wife as she took in the surroundings. She then grabbed her wife's hand and simply said, "Yes, it is."

Once crossing the part of the ocean to a small island they exited the boat with their luggage. They noticed Lazio walking up the stone path so they decided to follow. When they finally reached the top they found him standing beside a horse-drawn carriage.

"Way to go dad! Way to start off the honeymoon right!" Miley said behind a giggle.

"Yeah, way to go dad…" Lily stated in disbelief once again still staring at the carriage. Once they were in the carriage they noticed there would never be enough room for their luggage, "Where are we going to put the luggage?" Lily asked Lazio.

"You two are going to enjoy the ride through the island by carriage. I am going to take a car up to the hotel and get everything set for you there." He replied.

The two girls once again looked at each other in disbelief. "I'm going to make sure your dad plans every anniversary for us now." Lily stated firmly. Miley laughed and kissed her wife.

After getting everything in the car Lazio sent the carriage on its way, then he got in his car and headed to the hotel on a different route.

"Excuse me, driver." Miley asked the man holding the reins, "Where are we exactly?"

The man simply smiled with the most pleasant smile and replied, "This is Skopelos."

Suddenly they were met with the most beautiful sunset over the ocean. They sat there and held each other. They kept trotting along without a care in the world. They were beginning to see what the driver meant by this is Skopelos. This was beautiful. After a few minutes of enjoying the hooves hitting the clay road and the birds singing their evening songs Miley leaned into the woman who was nestled in her arm. "This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and I could not have found a more beautiful woman to share it with. I love you Lils."

She then noticed her wife's eyes filling with tears. She could tell the tears didn't mean anything bad, she knew it was all the happiness in this moment. She knew because her eyes were filling up as well.

"I love you too Miles. More than you'll ever know."

"Well now you have a lifetime to try and show me."

With that the two locked lips in a kiss that was just as bright, soft, and beautiful as the sunset.

After the sun had set behind the other side of the island they came to a beautiful villa overlooking the ocean. They both stared in wonder at the sight. They climbed out of the carriage to be greeted by Lazio. "Ladies," he began, "I hope you enjoyed your ride. Now I would like to welcome you to spíti ti̱s agápi̱s (translated: House of Love). The two women walked into the villa. They could tell that this was an older villa, but still were surprised by the modern beauty it held. They were greeted by the maid Sophie and then shown to their room. When they entered their room the first thing they noticed was a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on a table for two. Miley walked to the table, picked up the card placed in the bouquet, and read the card aloud. "My two beautiful daughters, I hope you enjoy this time as you start your new life together. I have spoken to Lazio many times and feel confident that he will be the best guide. I wish you two the best in this new life and cannot wait to hear about your trip. See you in a week. With all my love, Dad." Miley's eyes started to fill with tears of joy once again.

Lily wrapped her arms around Miley's waist, "How did I get so lucky to have the most beautiful wife in the world and the best father-in-law to ever exist?" Miley giggled at this then turned around in Lily's arms.

"It's funny you were wondering that, because I was wondering how I got so lucky as well." With that she leaned in and took Lily by the lips. She then pulled away slowly, "I love you Mrs. Truscott, with all my heart and I plan on showing you that for the rest of my life. Starting. Right. Now."