This takes place about a year before Code Geass starts. However the first part starts off a few days after Marianne dies.




Leabella 10 (1st POV)

"Why won't anyone tell me anything!?" I yelled from inside my holding cell. It was considerably smaller than my room back in at the Aries Villa, obviously, but it wasn't cramped either. At least, for a ten year old body it wasn't. For an adult it should have been. The room was designed with dull grays and blues, and one wall was solid glass. At one corner of the room there was a surveillance camera. There were no windows, so I couldn't see what time it was or where I was. What was I doing here? The last I remember I was roaming around the Villa looking for Lelouch. That's when a hand…one holding a cloth. Someone drugged me. But why?

"Hello!" I yell again. I had been up for a couple hours and getting more worried. If Britannia put me in a cell what did they do to Lelouch and Nunnally? Where was mother? What if they're in dan-

"Just hours awake, and you're already annoying me," a monotone voice came from the com attached to the glass wall. I forwarded my brows as a boy walked into the view of the cell. He was probably only a few years older than me. Upon his head was a royal green military hat that matched the rest of his uniform –which I noted wasn't Britannian-that covered his blue-black hair that just brushed his ears making him look childish. He had piercing icy blue eyes that complemented his bored expression.

I looked at him up and down walking up to the glass wall. The clothes they gave me were odd. A simple white undershirt that ended a few inches above knees and a dark red cloak that had far to long sleeves that brushed the floor when I let my arms hang loose at my sides. I glared at him, "Who are you?"

He bent down and slowly took a seat on the floor crisscross right in front of me. As I looked at him perplexed, he said, "The people here call me R.R."

"R.R.?" I said. He motioned me to sit, but I ignored him, "What's your real name?"

"You want to know?" When I nodded he smirked, "Sit, and I'll tell you." I glared at him. Who was he to tell me what to do? I'm a princess. After a moment of staring back at each other, the curiosity started to eat at me.

I scoffed, turning away and smirking, "What do I care. You don't know who I am."

"You are Leabella vi Britannia of the Royal Britannia family," I snapped my head towards him, my eyes widening, "third princess, and sixteenth heir to the thrown. Though, who knows now? From what Britannia says the Japanese kidnapped you," my blood ran cold. No, I couldn't be in Japan. There were on the verge of war with Britannia. Soon Japan was going to be a war zone. "...when really your nation just handed you over to this country…"

"Liar!" I yelled, "There's no way, father would never!"

"Believe it, kid" he said getting up showing the crest on his shoulder. Surprisingly it was in Britannian and read 'Belorussian Army'…Belarus…that was in east Europe. No where near Japan. Why would I be sent to Belarus? If Britannia and this nation were trading peace offerings it only meant that Belarus was going to be Britannia's next goal. "You're a hostage to an enemy country."

Nunnally 13; Lelouch 16 (3rd POV)

"Happy Birthday, Nunnally," Lelouch said gently. He smiled as his sister blew out the candles on the small cake he made early that day. "Did you make a wish?"

"Uh-huh!" the blind, dusty blond said, smiling, "I wished that I'll be able to live a happy life with you forever." The edge of Lelouch's smile twitched. They would never be happy if they would have to be in hiding all the time. "…and that one day, we'll find Sissy." Lelouch's smile completely faltered at that, his mouth going dry.

"I don't know about that," Lelouch said softly almost subdued, "It been years since we saw her…"

Nunnally's eyebrows forward, "Brother, do you mind if I ask you for something?"

"Of course not," Lelouch said quickly, "I'll give you anything you want, you know that."

"Well," Nunnally turning to lap as if embarrassed, " I never heard about what happened to Sissy. After what happened to Mom…" His sister's word actually caused pain to him. He never did tell her what happened to their sister all those years ago. "I was wondering, can you tell me what happened to her? Did s-she stay in Pendragon? O-or did she…"

Lelouch reached out to place a hand on hers. He blinked when he found that it was shaking. She was scared to ask him with question? Or was she nervous about the subject? "Nunnally," that stopped the girl's rambling, "Apparently, that night the villa was attacked, Lea-" Lelouch forwarded his brows. Was it that hard to say her name? It's been years since he's spoken it, but still it was his sister. His twin sister. Lelouch swallowed harshly before starting, "Leabella was kidnapped by the terrorist." Nunnally took in a sharp breath.

"But weren't those terrorist…?"

"Yes, from what was reported they were Japanese, but when we arrived here, there was no word of her existence here."

"Nobody knew about her?"

"That's what I got from my research." He wasn't lying. If Leabella was kidnapped, she would have been a hostage just like them, and they three would have met up at some point before the war. If asked, none of the people who were in charge of Nunnally and Lelouch had even heard that they had a sister. From what Suzaku told them, the Kururugi's weren't holding any other hostages. When he and Nunnally were reported dead, he looked into Leabella's status and saw that she was not reported dead. Over the years, he concluded that his twin sister was most likely sent off to another country like he and Nunnally were. Mostly likely, nowhere near Japan.

"I had a dream about her last night," Nunnally soft sweet voice took Lelouch out of his thoughts. "We were back at the villa, but she was all grown up," Nunnally smiled, "She was really pretty and had long hair like Mother. And she was talking to me about how she misses me and you…" Soft tears started running down the girl's face. Lelouch instantly scooted closer to her and embrace his sister, comfortingly.

Leabella 16 (1st POV) [Sorry for the switched POVs. In later chapter the entire story is just in 3rd POV]

"So, how does it feel to be home?"

"You know fully well, Richard," I say to the boy walking to my side. Now I was well over a foot taller than him, and he had not changed at all through the years and still looked like a thirteen year old boy with dark hair. I strode further across the grand hall to some double doors. There two guards were stationed. At the sight of me, they bowed with a 'your highness' and gave Richard wary looks. After we walked out into the patio, we continued our conversation.

"He actually accepted your request for an audience?" bright blue eyes looked sideways at me.

"Of course he did," I said looking straight on as we neared our desired building, "It's been six years."

"Well, I guess I'll just run around the gardens until you're done," we came upon the double doors of the building where two more guards were stationed. Again they bowed and eyed my companion, "Good luck." He walked away, his hands clasped behind his back, and the guards narrowed their eyes at him.

I took a deep breath, "I'm ready to take the audience with the Emperor now."

"Presenting Leabella vi Britannia, third princess and sixteenth heir to the thrown!" I walk in going down the aisle.

I heard the mummers of the court as I took each step: 'The lost princess?' 'The one kidnapped by Japan?' 'Wasn't she actually in Belarus?' 'But they just fell to Britannia recently.' 'I thought she was dead.' 'Apparently not.' 'Now we'll have to deal with the commoner-royal again.' I brushed each snide comment off as I made my way to end in front of the steps leading to the throne.

Once there, I knelt looking down for a moment before meeting that mans eyes, the eyes I inherited. Charles zi Britannia's eyes. He looked down at me for a long tedious moment before speaking in a booming voice, "Leabella… you have returned."

"Yes, your Majesty."

"From what I read in the report my new Knight of Ten sent me, you were the one who took down Belarus' capital city with just under thirty men."

"Well trained men," I replied.

"I commend you, my daughter. You obviously have worth," I smirked, "Now, I'd like to know. I also heard you brought your men."

"Yes, your Majesty."

"Very well. You may have them registered into the army and have them under your command as reward."

"Thank you, your Majesty."

"Now, on the subject matter of what I want you to do to service our nation." I gritted my teeth looking down. I expected him to put me to work, yes, but I had my own plans: to locate and reunite with Lelouch and Nunnally. "If Bradley told me correctly, you were the Belorussian President's secret advisory when it came to political and military situations with Russia." Crap. This was the moment I would be called a traitor for helping an enemy country stand against Britannia territory. I'd be stripped of my royal status and never get any power from this man, or worse be executed.

"As it seems, you obviously helped in weakening Belarus' military and political system, very good." What? Was he serious? Sure I did do that, but not until I saw that idiotic President of Belarus had stopped listening to me and the country started losing against the Britannian-Russian front. He thought I started it? He couldn't be that stupid or ignorant. I looked up at him perplexed. No, he wasn't. He was simply throwing a treat, one I'd have to pay for. If he was giving me credit for something, it was obvious that he wanted something out of me, and it was going to be in his most favor. "It shows your natural talent to be a leader." I released a quiet sigh preparing for the worst. "I shall send you to Area Eleven."

I blinked, but quickly replied, "Yes, your Majesty." Area Eleven. Formerly known as Japan. Even after six years, the settlement wasn't completely secured. If I remember correctly, my bother Clovis was viceroy. And a terrible one. From Belarus I heard he became the sub-viceroy under some military hero that I don't remember the name to until the man was strangely assassinated and Clovis became viceroy. Now the small territory was having trouble with terrorist groups, a corrupted military system, and Prince Sauvé at the top.

"Once you become seventeen you will become Clovis' sub-viceroy. Then, when you turn eighteen, you will become viceroy. Prepare your men, you're leaving tomorrow."

"Yes, your Majesty."

"Dismissed." I rose from my kneel, turned my back to the Emperor, and stepped out. Once the double doors leading me out closed, I let a smirk spread on my face. Content, I turned to my right towards the gardens to find Richard.

"Bella!" I didn't turn fast enough before a flurry of bright pink jumped me knocking both of us to the ground.

I groaned opening my eyes to stare into eyes just a shade lighter than mine, "Euphie."

I proceeded to be hugged by my younger sister as she cried, "Oh! I thought I'd never see you again! I've missed you so much! I was so worried when you disappeared and Lelouch he…"

"Where is he?" I asked seriously. She looked at me worriedly. She sat up on my lap just like she used to when we were younger and she was in trouble. I sat up a bit too leaning back on my palms. "Euphie, where is Lelouch and Nunnally." She didn't answer. I really didn't want to do this but I had too. "Guess there's no choice…" I moved closer to her making sure our eyes were locked. I reached up to my face just to my eyes, removing the dark violet contacts from my eyes. Staring back into her eyes as they become red rimmed and she enter a subdued state.

"Euphie," Cornelia was seen as a teen kneeling down to a nine year old Euphemia, "Lady Marianne is dead."

"No!" Euphie cried, clinging to her sister, "She can't be!"

It was late and Euphie was supposed to be in bed already, but she wasn't. She was hiding behind cracked door as she peered into the room that held her older brother. He was pacing back and forth ignoring the tea that the maid brought to help him sleep. He was holding a stack of papers. Probably taken from Schneizel.

Lelouch ran a hand through his messy hair muttering, "Mother's been killed terrorist, Leabella was kidnapped, and Nunnally is crippled."

"Sister, where is Lulu and Nuna?" Euphie asked.

Cornelia looked away grief stricken, "They've been taken hostage."


Euphie was present for her first viewing as part of the court. She, with Cornelia and Schneizal, waited for their other sibling and the hearing to start.

From behind her she heard: 'So, was the vi Britannia prince taken to Japan?' 'Of course he was. Storming in here high and mighty, little brat.' 'He deserves it.' 'So, will he meet his sister there?' 'No, from what I heard that other commoner-royal child was kidnapped by Belorussians.' 'I heard it was Japan.'

"So, he was sent to Japan."

"Wha...?" Euphie seems to snap out of her daze blinking.

"Leabella," a voice not that far away says. Turning around I see Richard approaching us.

"Who are you?" Euphemia says getting off of me a little dizzy. Richard eyes raising an eyebrow, and I quickly returned the contacts to its place before the princess noticed.

Richard bowed to Euphie and put on a smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you, your highness. You can call me R.R."

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