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Shit why school have to give you so much work to do?!

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P.S: For all SaruFei fans out there!

P.S.S: Fei is a girl in this story, and she is a tom-. (not spoiling it)

P.S.S.S: This is based on a K-POP idol Amber. from F(x).


" -Ring"

The alarm started as another boring/tired day (that you just want to stay in bed) begin, and to make it worse.

Today is a Tuesday (second place in the Horrible-School-Days list) ...

"SHIT!" the person, who had messed-up neon green hair, milky skin and turquoise shining eyes. You probably think that the person is a cute girly girly girl, who like to wear dressed and make up all the time and guys followed her every where. She had cute aegyo and like being cute and BLAH!

But ...

This person is a little bit different from that

That person IS a girl

(Audience: Oh we know that)

But she not like any other girls, she doesn't like cute things, pinky girly colors or clothes, she doesn't like aegyo and cute actions (mental note: she hate it), she doesn't like girls to act bitchy and fake.


She likes boys clothes (oh how I remember myself when I was years ago), skate boarding, martial arts, hip hop dancing, reading mangas (that is normal). The girl herself doesn't even look like a girl, you would always seen her in a baseball punk cap.

(Audience: The fuck?)

That's Fei Lune for you.

"Fei! Hurry up!" The mother of this girl, Kinako Lune (anyone remember the few last episodes of Chrono Stone?) shouted from downstairs as she was cooking breakfast for the whole family. For some reason, the daughter doesn't look or act like her mother at all. The mother was kind and gentel outside (Yandere people) but she's really protective and violent whenever she caught her daughter in a fight (sounds like any other Asian's mother) while the daughter who's tought and cold outside(Tsundere) but she's pretty kind and have a pretty girly weakness (actually it's every girls weakness, but it worse on her case), whenever she saw cats/puppies or any animals that is cute she would grab to it and kidnap it away (sounds like my cousin so much).

"Here mom!" Fei ran down stair, grab a small bottle of milk and a toast and ran outside.

"Fei you forgot your cap!" The father, Asurei Lune. Who had always wanted a son, after knowing Fei's a tomboy he couldn't be more happier than ever. It just mean he support his daughter's decision, but then he's also scared of his wife who wanted a normal daughter (Ouch).

" Asurei-kun don't give the cap to her! Let her hair feel the wind for once!" Kinako whined, but before she can do anything the daughter had already grab the cap away and ran back outside.

"Bye Mom! See you later! Dad, bring the Nintendo DS to my school at lunch kay?" Fei turned around and said the sentence all at once, after having a wink from her father she turned back and begin to skate her skate board now.

The girl passed through many people with, most of the girls would faint seeing the tomboy rolling down the street with skills and high fashion (boys, she beat you). People would think she's a handsome boy, she just chuckled.

But then he came by

"Hey tomboy" The deep voice that every girl thought it's sexy (not her)

She turned around with a grunt, she doesn't like this guy at all.

"Saru Evan .."

End of chapter 1