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"How stupid are you Saru?" Tsurugi sighed as he put one what seems like the 100th bandage onto the wounds that was created by Fei. Pranking the tomboy wasnt the smartest thing to do on a boring Tuesday, it would just bring some bruises, headache and of course mental fear.

"OI, it wasnt my fault that Fei Lune got paint all over her clothes!" Saru protested, trying not to sound so obvious that he was the one who created the fuckin mess. In theback of his mind, he throug that Fei was quote girly somehow. Her perfect body with drenched clothes, showing off her curves. Her expression was cute-

Wait a minute, why would he think that Fei is cute? She beat him up withh no regrets after the whole thing leaving scars and wounds.(A/N: because you are such a jerk dude)

"oh really then who's the one who put the paint there?"

That question shut the other boy up, he couldn't think of any other reasons to fight back. Well, you are talking to Tsurugi Kyousuke. The guy who could shut anyone up and put them over the edge. He knows how to make everyone felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time, being gay gives a lot of experiment with making boys fell shut. Thanks to Tenma anyway.

"Oh well, let's get back to class then. I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss out English"

The white hair spanned, he forgot that he had a test to do that counts 40% of his grade.

Well ..


"Saru Evan, how many times have you come to class late?" The teacher asked in a deep voice filled with anger. Fei just smirked by the sight of the other boy getting into troubles, she still couldn't forgive him from the paint incident. Cause her to change her clothes and for the first time wear the girls uniform, the skirt was very uncomfortable for her. The girls didn't regconises her until Tenma told them that the 'girl' was Fei.

You could imagin her fan girls starts taking photos and uploading them all over every single social media on this planet with the title 'The tomboy has Changed' and all that shit.

Fei just ignored it and watch Saru being punishes infront of her, she had admit it was better than watching TV. It was funny and amusing, them there was this feeling that kwpt telling her to think that Saru is cute sometimes.



She slightly shook her head, there's no way that guy could consider cute to her.

She hoped that the class would just end soon so she could be with her friends, not with someone who she wanted to punch badly and also getting away from this unwanted feelings inside her.

"Ooohh, that burns" Taiyo laughed as Fei told him about Saru's punishment. She just laughed with the orange-blonde and said "I wish that would happen to him again"

"Fei-chan I saw you with him this morning, what happen back then?" Tenma asked innocently, but it just cause her to choke her food. she couldnt even dare to remember what happen that morning.

"Evan what do you want? Can you just let me rest for one good day?" Fei whined amd skate her way to the other direction. She doesn't want to face her biggest enemy right at the morning.

"Wanting to see you babe that's all" he chuckled, like everyone knows he's a player and he would go out with any girls. The rumours said he has tried all flavour except her, the only Tomboy in this town that melt a lot of girls heart already.

"Oh please mister, there are tons of other girls that are prettier than me you know" She turned around and smirk, but instead seeing a playful attitude she always have from Saru. He smiled brightly at her and chuckled.

That does mean something, right?



The girl spanned and back to the reality.


Tenma pointed to the crowd "Something goin on over, let's watch!" before she could respond, the brunette had took her wrist and Taiyou wirst and dash right in the middle of the crowd. Fei saw a smiling-like-a-rapist Garo and a calling-for-help Saru being tied up, she chuckled for a moment. The day get more entertaining for once in her life time.

Guess what? It was actually not that entertaining anymore.

"Fei Lune!" Garo pointed his index finger towards her. "I dare you to kiss Saru!"

That leave Taiyou amd Tenma speechless, while everyone seems so excited amdnkept cheering on.

"Dare WHAT!? Are you mental or something Garo?!" Fei yelled, her temper had reach to its limit. How dare he said that to her, Saru sweat dropped. He felt like soemones going to kill him in any moment after this.

"Do it or you will get kicked out of the basketball team!" Fei looked around, there were so many people looking at her. So many people cursing at her and so many people wanting this to happen. She couldn't get away from it, so she gave in.

Fei sighed "I can kiss him anywhere, right?"

Garo nodded "Just make sure you do"

Fei walked towards the white hair boy with those lavender eyes, breathing in and out tying not to be so nervous. She closed her eyes as she reach to her destination.

Here it goes ...

She leaned forward and kiss his forehead.

To Be Continued