I sat up in my bed suddenly. It was that nightmare again. I could never remember the details, no matter how hard I tried. I must have been screaming again because a sleep-disheveled bro was sitting by me, of course he was wearing his 'super sugoi' anime shades.

"You okay lil' man?" I nodded. "Was it a nightmare again?"

"Yeah, s'cool though, I'm fine…" I played it off like it was nothing. It was nothing. It was just a stupid dream… a stupid dream about bro… and blood, so much blood.

"Lil' man… you can't lie to me… you're crying." I quickly wiped my face, shit. I was crying. This was totally not cool, especially in front of my bro. Striders don't cry, ever. Period.

"Nah man, eyes are dry. It's a goddamn sauna in here…" I got up and went to my window, throwing it open. For added effect I turned on my fan. It wasn't really that hot but I sure as hell wasn't going to let bro think I was crying.

"Sure," Bro rolled his eyes, I couldn't see it, but I knew he did. I lay back down and as I did, so did bro.

"Dude what are you doing?" I gave him a curious look.

"Shut up and go to sleep Dave." I frowned but closed my eyes nonetheless. I felt an arm go around me and pull me closer to a strong chest. I didn't protest because frankly, it felt nice. Obviously I would never admit that out loud though.

"When you were real little, I used to hold you like this and you'd fall asleep and not have another nightmare." Bro mused quietly. I remembered those times. They were nice. I felt so nostalgic lying beside bro like this.

"Yeah… I remember…" I subconsciously snuggled closer to his chest. Whoa, back up, Strider's don't snuggle. Whatever, I was too tired to care at this point. I closed my eyes and let sleep take over me. I before I completely fell asleep I felt bro's lips on the top of my head. That night my dreams were filled with sick beats and strife's with bro.