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The next morning Dean woke up and noticed that his Dad was gone. He saw Sam and Lexi still sleeping. Dean shook his head after knowing that his Father again took off on them. Just then Sam was waking up.

"Let me guess he took off?" Sam asked Dean as he stood there shaking his head that again John left on them.

"Yeah." Dean said as he gave his brother a look as the then looked away.

Dean and Sam heard Lexi getting up, they knew she wasn't going to be happy that their Dad left again on her.

"Hey where's Dad?" She asked her brother's as she was looking around.

"Lexi. Dad took off again." Dean told his sister as she gave him a look like if she was six years old.

The look she had upon her face was killing Dean. He felt so bad for her.

"What? Why? He's already been gone for six months." She told her brother's as she was getting very upset.

"He must of had a reason." Dean said as he was telling Sam and Lexi. As Dean knew in his heart he was lying to them.

"What reason can Dad possibly have?" Sam asked his brother as Sam was starting to yell in frustration.

Dean had then noticed a note. He was walking over to it.

"Dean." Lexi said as she saw Dean picking up something.

"He um, left us a note." Dean said as he was showing them the note.

"And that is suppose to make it better?" Sam asked as he was angry at his Father.

"Dean, what does it say?" His sister asked him as she was coming by him.

"To my Three kids, Sorry I left but I needed to care of something and I will try and get back soon. Remember

I Love you three. Dean remember you need to take care of the twins for me. Love Dad." Dean said as he was done reading the note.

Lexi was really upset over her Dad leaving them again. "I say we go and find him." She told her brother's.

"Yeah I think so too." Dean told her as he was agreeing with her.

Sam stood there with a look on his face. He knew his Dad does this all the time to them. But he knew he had to find him. They were then getting

their belongings and was headed out in search of John.

"Where do we check?" Lexi asked her brother's as she was wondering.

"I say we head back to Ohio." Dean said as he was driving.

"Why there?" Lexi asked as she then leaned forwards since she was sitting in the back seat.

"Dad said something about getting even." Dean said as Lexi was then in a thought.

Dean and Sam were talking to her but she wasn't answering them. Dean saw her in a deep thought.

"Lexi talk to me. Lexi come on -." Dean said as he was snapping his fingers to her to get her awake.

"Lexi something wrong?" Sam asked her as he was getting worried.

"Dad said he was in Ohio looking for Meg. " Lexi told her brother's as she was still in a thought.

"Meg is dead Lex." Dean told her as he glanced over to Sam.

"Is she really dead. How many times have we seen her so far?" She asked her brother's as Dean was the driving faster