Lexi was then left to sleep. She needed to get some rest. Sam was sitting next to her. Dean was following his Father.

"Dean you did great taken care of Alexandrea. Keep it up. I'll be back." John told his son as Dean surprised to hear he was leaving.

Leaving AGAIN, just when Lexi needs you?" Sam yelled as he was coming his Father.

"Sam you don't understand." John told him as he gave his son a look.

"Then make me understand." Sam told his Father as he was very angry.

"Dean, Sam, take care of her for me." John told his sons as he then left and drove away.

"Sam I need to get some coffee. Keep an eye on her." Dean told his brother as he grabbed his jacket and left.

"Yeah sure." Sam told his brother as he was walking back to sit by his sister.

Dean was so angry that he was driving around. He felt bad that Lexi was hurt. He was mad that his Dad left when they need him the 's cell phone was then going off.

"Yeah." Dean said as he spoke into his phone.

"Dude, where are you?" Sam asked as he had called Dean.

"Sorry. I am on my way." Dean told his brother as he then hung up.

When Dean got back he was giving Sam his coffee. He saw Lexi still sleeping.

"How is she since I left?" Dean was asking Sam as he was wondering.

"She keeps calling out for you." Sam told him as he gave his sister a look.

"We should call Bobby." Dean said as he suggested to Sam.

"I did, he said to come over asap." Sam told his brother as he was sipping on his coffee.

"Well then lets go." Dean told his brother as they were getting there things together.

Dean was then carrying Lexi out to his car. He was placing her on the back seat. They were then driving to Bobby's house since no evil could get into his house. When they arrived, Bobby was waiting since he had heard the Impala arriving up his dirt road.

"Boys." Bobby said as he was greeting them as Dean was carrying her inside.

"Spare room." Bobby was telling Dean as he was bringing her into the room where she would stay when they were kids.

"Bobby she still hasn't woken up yet." Sam said as he was telling him.

"Dad tried everything before he left." Dean said as he was telling Bobby.

"Your Dad left you guys when she is like this." Bobby said as he shook his head as he could not figure John out.

"I know weird." Dean told Bobby as he gave Sam a look.

"Ok, lets her sleep for now." Bobby said as they were going down to the kitchen to grab a beer.

"A beer is just what I need." Dean said as Bobby was giving him and Sam a beer.

Hours have past and Lexi was still asleep. Dean was worried.

"No need to." A voice was heard who was standing in the doorway.

Dean and Sam turned to see Lexi standing there. Dean was getting up and was going by her when he noticed something wasn't right. Bobby was making her go inside and sit on the carpet. When she was trying to reach for her brother's she got a jolt. Dean had this look.

"Bobby what is going?" Dean asked him as he confused.

"I think your sister is possessed." Bobby was then telling the boys as they were shocked.

"You think?" Sam was asking Bobby as he was staring at Lexi.

"Sam read this." Bobby told him as he handed him a passage. Sam was reading it in Latin. Lexi was getting dizzy. She couldn't hold herself up. Just the she threw her brother's against the wall. The force was to hard for them.

"Lex- its me Dean." He was telling her.

"Dean forget it, it won't help." Bobby said as he grabbed a metal steak and pressed it against Lexi's shoulder.

Lexi let out a scream of pain as she then fell to the ground as body was jolting.

"Boy's trust me." Bobby was telling the boys as they scared.

"Dean. Sam." She called out softly to her brother's.

Bobby nodded to them as Dean ran over to her.

"My head hurts." She told her brother as she was holding her head.

"I'm here with ya." Sam told his sister as he held her hand.

Dean was helping her up. She was trying to stand by fell as Dean caught her. They placed her on the couch.

Bobby was getting her an ice pack.

"How ya feeling Lex?" Sam asked her as he was wondering.

"My shoulder hurts, tired. What happened?" She asked her brother's as she was confused of what was going on and why they were at Bobby's.

"You were possessed. But your better now. " Sam was telling her as he was holding her hand.

"Oh my gosh. I am so sorry." She told her brother's as she lowered her head.

"You have nothing to be sorry about kiddo." Dean told her as he smiled at her.

Bobby was then making mac and cheese for them before they were heading out.