"Iggyyy! Come on!" America shouted as he knocked on England's front door. It was the 8th May, VE Day when Germany had surrendered in WWII, meaning a great cause for celebration (even if it was 68 years ago- which was quite an odd number to celebrate- even the 70th year may have made a little more sense, but America liked to celebrate it every year).

England came out of his front door, with quite a long thick black coat on, since it was quite a dark, cold and slightly foggy evening. He looked the door, then spoke to America, turning to look at him,

"Why don't you go to the party first okay? I have something I'd like to do first." he asked

"Ummm... okay..." America said. It was one of the times he managed to sense the mood, and England did always dissapear, if only for a few minutes, before he turned up at the small party America seemed to always hold- it was just for the former Allies celebrating their victory in Europe (Japan was a different story- and America did have a feeling he knew what England did. He did the same with Japan every year, no fail as well).

America then smiled and chuckled a little.

"Okay dude! See ya at the party then!" he called back, already running down the path which lead to England's house.

England sighed then headed down towads the nearby shops. He had a small pickup to compete first...


20 minutes later England arrived at the WW2 memorial for British soldiers. He had come here practically every year after that dreadful war. He sighed again (that seemed to be happening a lot tonight) and placed the first of his two objects down, leaning against the memorial- a beautiful wreath of flowers, all blue, red and white, designed to look like the UK's flag. Remembering all of the lives lost, all of the horrors of the war they had all experienced. And although England did sometimes wish he could have saved more lives, the past is past and there was nothing he could do to change it (well there was the whole travelling back in time thing, but nobody really dared to mess with the whole timeline mess).

But he could help to shape the future to a better, more peaceful one, and that was why he was walking towards another memorial with another figure kneeling at it's base...

The figure at the base was also remembering. He was remembering all of the lives he had lost, but also the humiliation of defeat against the Allies' might, when he felt a presence next to him.

"Here." said the all-too-familiar English accent and he was handed a beautiful wreath of black, red and orange flowers, all placed in vertical stripes to cleverly look like the German flag.

"Danke..." Germany said and placed his own wreath to lean on his memorial. He then stood up next to England in silence for a while.

After a while England breathed out slowly.

"I should probably get back to America... I guess I'll see you at the next world meeting, right?" he asked.

"Ja..." Germany confirmed.

"Ok... well I guess I'll see ya..." England said, and then departed leaving Germany to his thoughts.

They both did this every year, and neither would prefer it any other way.

A.N: So this was done for VE day (if you hadn't guessed already)- Victory in Europe Day, 8th May 1945 when Germany surrendered to the Allied forces. This was done quite quickly as I only got the idea a few days ago, so please ignore any mistakes (or better yet, point them out) I will go back and evetually correct them all.

(I am also considering doing something like this for Japan and America- on VJ day, I believe it's the 15th August [yay my birthday!] critisism is appreciated, so I could maybe make my next stories better)