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"1994". A voice from the Gryffindor table spoke up. The new group turned to look at the speaker, or the owner of the voice. "Who said that?" Lily asked. "Me." A boy with raven-black messy hair raised his hand up so the group could see him. " Hey! He looks like you James!" Sirius pointed out.

Now! Onto this Chapter!

"No, he doesn't have hazel eyes. His eyes are more like an emerald green, like... Lilies!" Anabelle exclaimed. " If we're in 1994, then maybe James and Lily ACTUALLY get together!" she concluded.

"No! There is no way I will ever get together with a git like Pot-" Lily started to exclaim, but James interrupted her, "Oh, my sweet Lily-flower! You might as well give in now! The proof is right in front of us!" "DON'T CALL ME LILY-FLOWER! I WILL NEVER BE YOUR LILY-FLOWER, OR YOUR LILY, OR ANYTHING ELSE TO YOU UNTIL YOU DEFLATE YOUR EGO CENTRICALLY ARROGANT HEAD!"

…"Minerva, would you please contact Mr. Lupin and his dog for me and tell them to come to Hogwarts?" Dumbledore asked Professor McGonagall quietly. She nodded and quickly went to send an owl to the necessary people (or animals). Some of the people in the hall were silently cracking up about the last comment Lily made. Dumbledore broke the silence and finished up the speech. He pulled the Golden Trio and the Time-traveled group back and told them what was going to happen then.

"Miss Lupin, may I ask that since everyone else in your group is in Gryffindor, that you stay with them? Such as staying at the gryffindor Tower instead of Ravenclaw, please?" Professor Dumbledore asked. "Yes, sir. I don't mind!" She replied quickly, smiling brightly. "Wonderful. There will be time for introductions later, but may I ask that you all follow me? And I ask that you James, Remus and Sirius move into Mr.'s Potter and Weasley's dorm, whilst Anabelle and Lily to Miss Granger's dorm?" Nods followed the speech and they large group started following Dumbledore.

They all went, surprisingly enough, to a secret room called " The Room of Requirement". Dumbledore ushered them inside and told them to make sure that they would all be ready for classes tomorrow morning. He took a seat right outside the door to wait for news from Professor McGonagall on the students.

Room of Requirement

They all walked in and saw a huge room with various doors on the sides of it and chairs and tables, and in the middle- "Sirius!" Harry cried, rushing up to the waiting man and hugging him.

"I'm right here, hello?" the younger version called behind him. The rest of the group gaped at the two men in the middle. "Ana-Anabelle?" Remus' aged voice cracked, eyes filling with unshed tears. " Don't joke about that matter, Remus" Sirius said sharply," She's been gone for quite a while now. You know that better than I do, or so I thought."

"I'm...dead?" Anabelle's voice seemed like a child's that didn't get a toy it wanted. "No, you aren't not to me, not yet or ever. I won't let that happen to you!" The younger Remus' voice seemed strict yet pleading, grabbing Anabelle's shoulders and shaking her. This caught Sirius' attention and he turned around to face the new group, eyes seeming popping out of his head in shock. "Wow. Will I really look that old in such a small amount of time?" The younger Sirius asked, looking at his older replica. "Lily? James? Anabelle?" Sirius asked, unbelieving. "Black." "Black." "PADFOOT! YOU LOOK SOOO OLD!" (I bet you could guess who's reaction was who's …) "I don't look that old! Do I? Harry, I want you to be completely and totally honest with me. Do I look really old?" …"Err... No! umm... Not at all?" Harry replied, looking over at his friends for approval. They couldn't even look at him, just shaking their heads in disbelief at how bad a liar their friend was. "That was the worst lie I have ever heard anyone say while trying to say it like it's true!" Sirius exclaimed, but he soon caught on. "So you do think I look really old! Some Godson you are!"

"We still don't know who the three kids are!" Lily said, nodding her head towards the Golden Trio.

"Yeah! And I refuse to believe that that man is Remus because my big brother is standing right here next to me! Liars." Anabelle noted, pointing at the older Remus, who was looking quite stricken at this remark. "please-" he started, but was quickly cut off by Anabelle again. " Prove it!"

"You were like the fifth Marauder! You're Animagus was a snow fox! You comforted me after I was just bit when I was five! You're the other Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and got an award for being the best beater! Your-" "STOP! Number one: Animagus? We're almost finished with the transformation! (I know wrong time but just go with it please!) and I change shades of fur with the seasons! Not just a snow fox. Number two: Why are you guys crying about seeing me? Remus says I won't die if it's the last thing he does! So why cry!?" "She shouted, crying herself now, the tears silently streaming down her face

"Anabelle. trust him. I know myself, and he's acting like I would if I was so close to something I missed dearly and was being rejected by it. Like you're doing right now. To him, or me I guess..."

Anabelle looked at her brother at a price, the price being the two grown men jumped onto her with hugs, " I missed you so much!" (Remus). " Foxy! three of the Marauders are back in business, now!" (Sirius).


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