This if my version of how everything takes place with Kitty and Pietro. He is the only one to call Kitty Katherine, Which in my mind is very original. I mean no one has taken this approach. In my opinion, the name Kitty doesn't seem right coming from Pietro's mouth. It's unimaginable. Well anyway, I'm going to break this down into episodes where many things occur. I only own one character throughout this story. as for the rest, I do not.

A Night of Terrors

It's the coming of the wine festival where the farmers and other people of the valley vicinity come to gather and pick grapes, put them in a large barrel and have the women mash the grapes into wine with their feet.

Well, Pietro didn't seem up to it since the valley really didn't have anything to offer him, although he keeps telling himself that without wanting to admit that being in the valley kept him busier than he would have been in the city because there was always something to do. Kitty was too excited about what was to take place. She couldn't believe that this time she is actually old enough to participate in the mashing of the grapes and maybe a few other selections of fruits the countryside had to offer.

Being that Pietro worked at Orange Gate Vineyard, he had to pick the grapes anyway. The process took so long that when no one was looking, he would use his speeding ability to quicken things up. For the average person, it took about 15 to 20 minutes to fill a medium sized individual basket. As for Pietro, it took about a few seconds but he had to withhold his speeding endowments.

Kitty, along with a few other maidens washed up their feet and prepared their leg muscles to get ready for a long process of mashing grapes. Of course they weren't able to put their feet back on the ground after they had washed up, so there we excess gentlemen there to assist them by carrying them to the large barrel and placing them inside. The gentleman who would assist kitty, Curtis Wheatly, had a bit of a crush on Kitty before she left to live in the institute and re-livened the crush when she returned. He was just like any other ordinary teen. Dirty-brown hair, about 5ft. 7in., medium build with dark brown eyes. He had a red plaid collar shirt underneath a black vest and blue jeans pants. His boots were black with spots of dried mud here or there. Of course he did not like the fact that she had brought someone back with her. Being that someone was a boy of her age. Maybe a year older, but still.

Pietro really didn't have a problem with helping pick the grapes. The only thing he dreaded was when Kitty's parents explained to him that the people would be watching the young ladies mash the grapes into wine. What was so fun about watching girls mash fruit with their feet? He thought to himself. Well, at least I know not to drink any wine or juice that comes from this place. Aw man, there goes my morning juice. Who knows if the oranges were crushed by people's feet as well. He tried not to make himself chuck just thinking about having someone else's body parts used to make drinks. He shook it off and continued picking.

After a few hours, which seemed to him like days, they were finally finished. Everyone threw in baskets of their share of cropped goods into a barrel that looked large enough to bathe the giants from "Jack and the Giant Beanstalk". Kitty on the other hand was so excited. She couldn't wait to see how it felt to feel the juices squeezing through her toes. Once the barrel was full, the boys took their places behind the maidens a lifted them as if they were damsels in distress. Some of the girls seemed to gaze into the eyes of the boys who were carrying them as if they came to mash grapes for that particular reason. Kitty, unlike the other girls, searched for her parents and Pietro and waved as she caught glimpse of their location. She also gave Pietro a teasing smile because she knew he would probably be bored to tears just watching action go on in a giant wooden tub. Curtis felt ignored by the brunette and gave Pietro a menacing look. Pietro returned a "can-I-help-you?" expression without once moving in his stance.

So around they gathered at the big barrel and gently placed the girls inside. They stood still for a moment awaiting the announcement of the man who owned the vineyard to thank the people who worked there and gave appreciation to the extra volunteers. The girls choked back their giggling for as long as they could. Kitty knew just how giddy the other girls were because she was filled with the same zealousness. When the speech ended, the music began to play, signaling for them to start mashing. Everyone clapped and danced and sang along as the girls whirled and twirled as their feet came down on the fruit below them. Their legs became sticky with juice, and they were happier than a child who was playing in a puddle after a rainy day. Curtis gave kitty his full attention and he watched with intensity. He viewed her every move and made out her figure in his mind. Yet when ever she circled a full 360ยบ , she stopped and glanced at her parents and a few other familiar faces. He figured if he go over to wherever her attention was going, then maybe she'd notice him as well.

When he got there, he waited until she had completely danced around in the circle and made her way back over. It happened eventually. And when it did, she gave a very kind yet playful smile that seemed to be the best smile she had smiled that whole night. Except for one thing; the origin of her playful smile came from the idea of teasing a pouty Pietro who couldn't wait for the event to be over. He was looking around aimlessly when he felt something wet sprinkle all over him. He looked to see where the sprinkling came from and saw Kitty snickering at him. He wanted with all of his might to go in the barrel and shove Kitty in the juice but didn't want to risk creating a scene. But he soon assured himself he would get his chance. He was soon splashed on again but this time, he wasn't as vexed as the first time. This time, he actually grinned and for the rest of the night couldn't really keep his eyes off of his vex-er.

The dancing continued on and on until the sun started going down. At the bottom of the barrel was a funnel that had a hose attached, allowed the liquidized fruit to escape into a tin tub. The tin tub would later be taken to correct the raw solution of fruit, sterilized, and put it in bottles and then sell their product to make their profit. When it was time for the maidens to come out, Kitty stayed inside the barrel. She didn't really want Curtis to come and get her just yet. Instead she watched as everyone was leaving. Her parents asked if she was coming along. She replied, "I'm coming, I just want to savor the fun I just had." Once most of everyone was out of view, she shouted, "Hey Pietro! I have a challenge for you." She said with a playful malice. The sound of the fourth word was enough to make the situation of whatever she had planned irresistible. He grinned one of his trade-mark grins with one eyebrow raised. "Alright Katherine, spill it!" He shouted up to her. "See if you could catch me before I like, totally hit the ground. Note if you lose, then you will have to rub the stickiness off of my legs and feet and then do my chores for tomorrow."

There way no way he was going to do her chores after all that he had been doing earlier that day. He planned to be sleep for most of tomorrow. He put on his game face and waited. Just as Curtis was on his way up to lend a hand, she jumped from the edge of the barrel. Pietro tried to make out in his mind why she would offer such a lame challenge...unless she was going to phase through his arms and make him miss her on purpose. Of course! No wonder why she waited until everyone else was out of sight. She's gonna use her intangibility on me! But no worries Pryde because I'm way ahead of ya." He had a solution for that. He knew she had to be in her solid state if she was to stand on the ledge of the barrel. So all he had to do was catch her before she even made herself phase. Or at least catch her the nanosecond she had jumped.

The instant her foot left the ledge, was the same time she ended up in Pietro's arms. Kitty had no idea what just happened. All she knew was, at first she was up there, and now she's in Pietros' arms on the ground. "Well Katherine, it seems to me you would have to do a little bit better than that." He said sarcastically and triumphantly. "What? How did you even get up there to catch me? And why so soon? I thought I told you to catch me when I jumped, not when I'm still on the ledge! Cheater!" "Let me rectify the situation. First of all, the way I got up there is because over time, I've gotten faster and a lot stronger which allows my velocity of speed to defy gravity. You also said to catch you when you jumped which you actually did, you're probably still too slow to realize it, but anyway; I knew you were going to try to use your intangibility against me and have me do your every whim," he shuttered at the words 'every whim' before continuing, "So I figured if you were able to stand on the ledge in your solid stage, then it would take time for you to enhance your intangible state, thus allowing the perfect opportunity the nanosecond you jumped because in reality, you did indeed...jump. It's just that in your world, it would be considered too soon because you are indeed 'slow' so there. Did not cheat!" Kitty didn't know whether to give him a pat on the back for pure genius, or have him taste the back of her hand for the insults. "Alright fine! You win! But don't think I'm going to go easy on you the next time Maximoff!" with that she bagan to walk off with her fists at her side and ignoring the juice still on her feet. Pietro wanted to retort, but he was too caught up in his own victory to even care what she said.

Kitty hadn't even gotten two feet away from him when she looked back and wondered what the hold up was. "Um, earth to Pietro, are you coming or not?" He snapped out of his reverie and answered, "Well, I would but I have enough stuff to do around here courtesy of you and your girly wine party." "What do you mean it was girly? Like, everyone comes here to see the wine get made. That's why everyone looks forward to it." Pietro brushed her off. He admitted inwardly that he sort of enjoyed what was going on. Key words, 'sort of'. He turned in the opposite direction and began to swiftly pick up some of the baskets that were left at the side of the barrel and some ears of corn here and there. It kind of startled Pietro to see Curtis coming out of the blue. "Whoa! Um, Hi. Where did you come from?" Curtis stood up straight before he spoke. He cleared his throat. "Hey! Do you need any help here?" He said trying to sound as nice as possible. "No thanks. Believe me when I say I can take care of this myself. But thanks for the offer anyway." Pietro answered still enlightened by his earlier feat. He could almost melt down gold and make a trophy for himself that read 'Pietro Maximoff the fastest and the greatest people of all time'.

Curtis went ahead and left Pietro to himself and went to catch up to Kitty. "Hey Kitty. I saw how you were dancing in there. It looks like you had a lot of fun." His sudden appearance kind of startled her the same as Pietro. She smiled nervously and replied, "Curtis? Hi, well like, I did have a good time you know. That was my first time mashing grapes so I had a taste of what I had been missing out on all these years. I almost forgot about it when I moved to the institution. So did you have a good time?" "Uh, yeah I did. It's just that..." he broke off, rubbing the back of his head with his hand and the other hand in his pants pocket. "'Just that...' what?" Kitty gingerly interrogated. "I was wondering if you had some kind of relationship with that white-haired boy back there." he tried to say as straight as possible. "Well, I wouldn't like, say it's a relationship. It's more like a friend/ enemy, rival sort of thing. It's nothing serious, mild, or little. Hmm, come to think of it, I never really gave it any thought until now. We seemed to have been getting along just well over the last few days. So I don't know exactly how to describe it." "You mean like, nothing romantic or nothing relating to hatred or anything?" "Yeah like that!" Curtis couldn't help but ask, even against his will. "So, do you like him maybe just a little? Because I saw how you looked at him tonight. I thought that maybe there was something...there you know." "Like, looked at him how?" His speculation took her by surprise. "Well you seemed to have had the brightest smile I have ever seen you with and it didn't take me long to realize what...'who' is was you were smiling at." Kitty tried not to blush, but failed to hold back the redness that was showing up in her face. The sun was going down lower and lower. "Well, Kitty I have to go now. It's getting late and my mom is expecting me to be back home soon. So I guess we'll continue this conversation some other time. Bye" Deep down inside, Kitty hoped the conversation wouldn't surface any time soon. It left her with an uncertainty. She was indeed left confused. Exactly how did she feel about Pietro? Had he become a friend? She decided not to think on it for the fear it would give her a head ache. Her parents honked the horn. She waved them down and yelled to them she had to get her shoes. Once she retrieved them, she phased into the back of the car without anyone seeing her. They drove off and headed for home.

Pietro was busy at work. He would be done in no time at all. But the picking earlier that day had really started to weigh in on him. He sat down against the corner of the vineyard building on the outside. Before he knew it, he dozed off. The last hint of the sun went down and the luminous silver lighting from the moon lit the entire vineyard. It was always calm at night in the valley, which was probably why Pietro found it so easy to fall asleep. However, he woke up to a noise that was not welcomed in the night. A noise that would send chills up your spine. He stood up slowly and looked around. He didn't see anyone there. But he was soon distracted by the lighting of the moon. He thought about going back to the Pryde's but decided to remain there to finish what he was doing. He began by putting the harvesting baskets back in the supply closet until next year when they would harvest grapes again. Once more, he was disturbed by the same sound from a few minutes ago. He viewed the area and saw no sign of anyone. When he looked behind himself, he was met with a large blow that sent him hurling against the wall. His eyes were shut tight from the pain, but he managed to peer through them to try to get a good look at his attacker.

Instead of confronting them, he suddenly froze as the figure of a gruesome sight crawled evilly over to him to once again dominate the speed demon.

Kitty found it rather difficult to sleep. She distinctly recollected Pietro inquiring that he would be back as soon as he got finished with his work. So why isn't he back? I mean for crying out loud he's like the fastest person in the world ,she kicked herself mentally for the thought of him being the fastest in the world. She sat up in her bed and watched the periwinkle clouds glide across the night sky. She looked out of the window from side to side on her guard in case Pietro decided to flash in front of her face again. Ugh, I can't believe I'm actually worried about him. But still, where is he? He should be back by now? Surely it wasn't that much work to be done. Well, like maybe I'm worrying a little too much. After all, he is Pietro. Does whatever he wants whenever he wants. So if he's just out there to be out there, then like I guess it's safe to leave him to himself. Besides if he ever caught me worrying about him, then he'd never let me hear the last of it." with that settled in her mind, she finally gave her body rest and put her mind at ease as she slipped into bed and fell asleep.

The sun shone brightly throughout the valley. The birds waking up to sing their songs, the animals throughout the different properties began their diverse morning onomatopoeia. The flowers opened their petals and stretched out their stems and drank the dew that the night before had left them.

Kitty was still in the bed, and probably the only living being that was blocking out the sun for more rest. Terri prepared breakfast while Carmen went to awaken the two hearty teens. "Kitty?" He said while rapping on the door. "Kitty come on, your mom's got breakfast cooking. Hurry down before it gets cold." Kitty mumbled and groaned and reluctantly slipped out of bed. "I'm coming." Was all she said, barely audible but her father was still able to hear it. She scratched her bed hair and let out a tiresome yawn. She then effortlessly phased through to the bathroom and washed up for breakfast. Mmm I am so glad we are on summer break. That way I don't have to break my neck just to get downstairs and like, shove food down my throat for the fear of being late for class. She thought sluggishly.

While kitty was making herself up for the day, Carmen went to Pietro's and rapped on the door the same a Kitty's. "Hey Pietro, Time to wake up! You don't want to miss breakfast do ya?" He hearkened by the door, yet heard no response. He tried again but knocked a little harder. Still no response. He then got the urge to open the door to see what he was doing. I sure hope he isn't doing anything personal. He thought to himself with a bit of guilt for he felt as though he was invading in on someone's personal space. He creaked the door open little by little awaiting for an alarming yelp in case he was intruding. It was still silent so he opened the door all the way. Inside, he could see that the room was clean, the bed still made, and no sign of anyone being in there at all. He went over to feel if the sheets were still warm to see if Pietro had gotten up recently. When he placed his hand, it felt as cold as the night. That situation to him was a head-scratcher. He backed out of the room and left the door ajar. He walked through the hallway and stopped in front of the bathroom door. He knocked gently, "Hey Kitty are you in there?" "Yeah, like I'm almost done." "Listen, did Pietro ever come back last night? Because I didn't see him in his room." Kitty pondered for a minute trying to say the right thing in the right way without tripping over her words. "Well, uh, he told me yesterday that he had some things to care of and that he'd be back later on. I don't know if he like, came back and got up earlier than the rest of us because he's like, fast and maybe we didn't notice." Now Carmen was really confused. "Well, I know he didn't just leave because all of his belongings are still in his room. I felt the temperature of the bed and it was cold. No sign of him being in there at all." Kitty didn't know how to debate with that. After all she was a tad worried last night.

"Well don't worry about it for now, I'm pretty sure he'll be back soon. Besides that roadrunner just may be off doing his own little errands. I'll see you down at breakfast." With that, he retired downstairs and left a perplexed kitty in the bathroom. I sure hope he is doing some errands. Kitty thought to herself with a poignant feeling attached. Once she had finished her wash, she came downstairs hoping in the back of her mind that Pietro would be at the table. Unfortunately, he wasn't. As Terri set the table, Kitty felt her appetite diminishing. Once their food was graced she had completely lost her appetite.