Once the transformation was complete, what was Curtis a few minutes ago stood tall and looked straight at them, mainly Pietro. He displayed an evil grin before speaking in a deep, dark, raspy voice. "You know, I have to give you credit. You're smarter than you look. And you're right, I was coveting. Coveting something that should have been mine a long time ago." Kitty and Pietro took a step back. Pietro stood in a fighting stance ready to strike if necessary. The gruesome figure continued to talk. "You're also right about another thing, I was on my way to Kitty's house!" "Let me guess, you chose to walk down to the house to give you some extra time to transform. And once you were there, you were going to...Wait!? You're a mutant. And that means..." "Yes! Yes! hahahaha" the creature interrupted sauntering slowly over to them. "I was the one who caused your nightmare to become reality. What was so funny was that a high egotistical moron like you could actually be afraid!" Kitty found the courage to speak up. "But, Curtis! How were you able to bring a dream into reality?" "It's simple my love!" Pietro thought at that instance, My love? What?! "The other night at the vineyard, I came across the fool when he was slumped over asleep. I am something like a telepathic that allows me to channel his mind and look deep into his psyche that emits dreams and nightmares. And my other ability to warp. However the limits to my warping ability is to warp things that I see in my head. Since I obtained his darkest fears, I saw how it looks and works thus making it come to life!"

"Pietro! Let's get out of here now!" Kitty shouted in terror while tugging on Pietro's arm. "Now Pietro! You will be reunited with your nightmare once more!" The creature began to let out another horrifying shriek. They covered their ears again. "Pietro was able to see something forming behind the Curtis-creature. First there was a long, slimy silvery worm-like tail; attached to that was six legs, three on each side. The abdomen of the creature began to form that looked like a furry white, yet slimy abdomen that looked the upper part of a body builder; there were arms that looked like tentacles and the head had the shape of Magneto's helmet. Pietro and kitty opened their eyes wide out of shock and terror. Once the creature had been full created, it roared as loud as thunder.

The Curtis-creature began laughing evilly. "You know the best thing about terror! You become so scared that you don't realize that fear paralyzes you!" "Katherine! You need to get out of here!" Pietro yelled in a panicking tone. "But Pietro..." "No buts! MOVE IT!" "But Pietro, I CAN'T MOVE!" Kitty screamed to the top of her lungs. Kitty and Pietro were indeed paralyzed. Neither one of them could move. The creature lunged for the vulnerable pair and sent them hurling in the air. Kitty was unable to phase so they hit the ground hard. Pietro forced himself up to his feet and helped Kitty to hers. Kitty was breathing hard, her eyes welled with tears of fear and pain. "Katherine you need to get out of here now! This is my demon and I have to face it alone. It has nothing to do with you so it won't attack you. Just me." "But Pietro I can't just leave you here with that thing alone!" "KATHERINE!" Pietro demanded harshly. His seriousness convinced kitty to start running. Pietro stayed where he was making sure Kitty got out of there safely. He didn't have much time to go anywhere as the beast had caught up to him and struck him again. POW!

Once again he was airborne. He landed in the middle of the fields. Whenever the beast struck, it immediately ran after it's target. Pietro was trying with all his might to stand up to the creature. He tried running, but his legs felt heavy and worn down. He couldn't even run faster than the average human. Oh no! Not only does that thing have the same appearance, but it has the same abilities that causes me to be afraid. Then that means!..." A blue aura resembling Wanda's power over probability formed around his arms. His arm flew behind his back in a submission maneuver and caused his ulna to crack. He screamed in pain. Kitty heard his agony and couldn't bring herself to leave him. If I leave him, then he probably won't make it! She turned around and headed back towards him as fast as she could. Little did she know, there was another shadowy figure lingering around her. Out of nowhere, a flash of black went across her face. It was the Curtis-creature. "Kitty, my love. I wanted to tell you how I felt for a long time. But I knew I couldn't get things out in the open with that menace around. So now that everything is being taken care of, come! Come and be with me! A man who fears nothing!" Kitty was so scared she tried her hardest to think straight. "What do you mean fears nothing?! If you went through all of this trouble just to get Pietro out of the way, then I guess that means you were afraid that I'd choose him over you! That would make you a coward wouldn't it!" She yelled, trying her hardest to keep her shaking voice under control. "Urrrggg!" He grunted out of anger. "Besides, you're right. I never would have chosen you! Pietro IS and will ALWAYS be the ONLY one that I'll choose!" The Curtis-creature vanished into thin air. Kitty continued to run for Pietro.

Meanwhile, the beast had fully taken advantage of Pietro. It's slithering tentacles wrapped around his neck and began squeezing tightly. Pietro couldn't breath. He was using every bit of energy he had to try to break free. But most of his energy was drained because of his craven heart. His fingers were shaking and he could no long feel his legs. His vision became blurry and he began gasping for air. Just as Pietro was about to black out of life, the creature suddenly let go. It turned it's attention to Kitty. It crawled and slithered after her. Kitty was on her way through the thick rows of greenery when she saw the beast head first, charging her way. Kitty froze in her tracks and tried to run the other way. But it was too late. It had got a hold of her and began to squeeze her around her waist. She was screaming out Pietro's name in pain. The reason she couldn't phase was because Pietro's fear was becoming her own. It had a paralyzing hold on her the same as Pietro.

The beast squeezed tighter and tighter and she screamed louder and louder. Before the beast could do real damage, the Curtis-creature showed up again. "You see Kitty, if you wouldn't have chosen the misfit over me, then this never would have happened. This marvelous monster was only meant to attack Pietro under my command. But since you decided against me, then you shall suffer the same as him!" Kitty began to regain her phasing abilities. She slipped out of the monsters grip and phased through the ground. "What! How was that possible! Her abilities are supposed to be useless!" he yelled out of frustration. "Go! Go and finish off that white-haired loser!" He commanded with his voice getting just as deep. The beast obeyed and went after the semi-unconscious Pietro.

Elsewhere, Kitty phased above the ground and once again tried to hurry over to Pietro. However she was cut off again by the Curtis-creature. "Where do you think you're going?!" after that remark, Kitty knelt over in pain as a sharp knee came into contact with her gut. She squealed in pain and doubled over on her knees. "Do you think there is any hope left for him?! Do you think you can save him?! In a matter of minutes, you'll be standing over what's left of his corpse!" He grabbed a handful of kitty's hair and held her up on the air with her feet dangling below her. "I'm giving you one more chance to forget all about him and come with me." He reasoned with no sign of tenderness, care, or remorse. "Like, uhn...there's uhn...no way I would...ever forget about him. And...and you can't make me love you. I already have an opinion about you. You're uhn...the biggest coward...I have ever seen!" Kitty mustered. The Curtis-creature became infuriated. His eyes glowed the same swampy-green color and he smashed her face in the dirt. Some of the bugs that were coming out of the cracks in his skin found their way onto Kitty's body. She shivered in disgust. "Very well then! Say good-bye to lover boy!"

Over yonder, the beast held Pietro by the leg and brought him down roughly on the ground. It kept slinging him over and over again just as a baby would with a toy. On the eighth slam, it tossed Pietro in the air, and then caught him by spearing it's head into his abdomen. His already sore ribs began to splinter under the impact. The back of Pietro's head came into contact hard when he hit the ground. The beast roared in triumph and went over to finish the job. Although Pietro was nearly knocked out, he was able to hear the fearsome screaming coming from Kitty. "...Uhn...ka..Katherine?..." He moaned weakly while lying helpless on his backside. He was soon covered by the shadow of the beast that sought to end his life on that very spot. Pietro closed his eyes tightly and began to think hard, loud, and clear. If I don't get this darned beast out of the way, then katherine could end up paying the price for my cowardice. I'm not a coward! I am NOT A COWARD! The beast raised it's tail and out of the end came a sharp, metallic scorpion-like stinger. It crouched down in the position of a scorpion and struck at it's victim.

When the creature moved it's tail, it saw that Pietro had dodged it's attack. On the side, Pietro was standing hunched over with his cracked ulna on his almost cracked ribs. He was panting hard and sweat was streaming down his face. The beast once again tried to strike. And after that, Pietro managed to dodge it. The heavy feeling he had in his legs began to get lighter. And the beast that he saw in front of him seemed to decrease in size. Pietro put on one of his snide smirks and started to taunt the thing. "You know...I have to admit...you're pretty challenging." While he was speaking, he was dodging the creatures attacks more easily as the psyche paralysis began to wear off. "If you think I'm going to let some figment of my imagination like you get the best of me, think again! Because you're wrong." He said cool and calm while still panting. The beast roared loudly and charged at him. Pietro stood directly in front. Two seconds away from hitting it's target, Pietro moved out of the way. "What's the matter? I think you've lost your touch. What? Are you slowing down? Do you want me to give you a chance to catch up?" he said teasingly with a sinister grin.

Kitty had her own problems. She managed to phase out of the Curtis-creature's grip and stand her ground as much as possible. She was too weak from the previous blows she received earlier that night. The Curtis-creature laughed at her effortless chances of trying to escape his wrath. "Don't you see!.. Kitty. I make nightmares come to life! You're living in a nightmare as we speak and there is no waking up from it! I won't let you!" "Well I hope I have something to say about that?" said a blur of wind that tuned out to be Pietro. He had fully recovered his speeding abilities. "What?! How did you..." "What! Don't tell me you haven't heard of the phrase 'conquering your fears' because that's just what happened." The Curtis-creature creature felt the powerful psychic link to Pietro and the beast diminishing. The beast was still there, but it was fading. It tried to fulfill it's mission, but it's reasons for being was ceasing to exist, which meant it was ceasing to exist. "You see I gotta thank you for giving me this nightmare of mine because as you can see, it actually helped me find the confidence in myself that I was looking for. How could I every repay you." Pietro said calmly, snidely, sarcastically, and topped it off with his sinister grin. Kitty's face brightened when she saw that Pietro was back to himself again. Her nightmare was turning into something lovelier than a dream.

The Curtis-creature was enraged. He tried to lash out at Pietro but failed miserably. "Oh, was that meant for me? I guess I didn't notice. Hey! I have an idea, why don't you try doing that again and see if you can hit me this time." His charisma and new found bravery really made Kitty blush and forget about everything that was going on around her; the Curtis-creature was just as vexed. He tried to hit him time and time again. And each time he missed Pietro would say, "Missed. Missed me again. You're not even trying are you?" in the middle of the catastrophe, Pietro found himself again and was darn proud of it. "I don't understand!" The Curtis-creature cried out. "How could the both of you just overcome something so terrifying!" he yelled out of frustration. "Dude! When you really need to get something out of the way, then nothing can stand in your way." Pietro lectured. "You're right!" Said the Curtis-creature searingly. "I'm going to get you out of my way no matter what!" with that, he started attacking Pietro's psyche trying to find another fear. Before Pietro could have a chance to try to avoid him, the Curtis-creature got all the information he needed. "You still have fear in you, rabbit head!" he turned his attention to Kitty. She gulped and ran away. Pietro knew where he was going with that. The Curtis-creature started to pursue Kitty with full force. Pietro jumped in the way and knocked the creature to the ground. While he was getting back to his feet, the Curtis-creature laughed in his throat. "Do you think that this is over! Despite the fact that you might have gotten over your fear, that creature is still here because it has a new psychic connection." "What are you talking about!" he questioned in horror. "I'm talking about your desolate girlfriend that's running for her life." Pietro started to beat himself up mentally for thinking the beast up in the first place. He forgot about the Curtis-creature and went to Kitty's aid.

The waning beast was in pursuit of kitty. The only reason it was waning from existence was because Kitty still had a bit of fear of it when Pietro had gotten over it altogether. While kitty was running through the rows of grape shrubberies, the beast was hot on her tail. She looked back and froze in her tracks. Aw man not this again! She panicked. When the beast was about to strike a deadly blow, Pietro zoomed Kitty out of there. He held her in a cradle hold and got them away at a safe distance. "Are you alright?" he sounded demanding. "Yeah, like I'm fine. What just happened?" "it turns out that creature is here because it's no longer my fear, but yours." Kitty gave a look of mortifying solitude. Pietro could see the embarrassment in her face. "Look you don't have to be embarrassed. I can relate to how you feel and I have to say that it was pretty scary." he assured sincerely. That made Kitty feel a lot better. "So how do we like, get rid of it?" "You have to conquer your fears. It's the only way." "So if that's the case, then why was I able to get away from it earlier?" "Well from my experiences, I'd say that you have to replace it with another fear." "you have another fear?" Pietro looked at her with glossy eyes and couldn't say or motion a yes or a no. "Listen" he said finally, "I know this is going to be tough. And like the thing back there said, you just can't get over something so easily. But I think I have an alternate plan. If I can take him out, then he can no longer keep that thing here right?" She nodded her head.

Just as Pietro was about to head back to the Curtis-creature, she held onto his arm as if pleading for him not to go, and then hugged him tightly. Pietro held her as tight as he could and then ran off. Kitty watched as he raced into action. Within a split second, Pietro was right there with the two creatures of the night. "Alright Curtis, let's finish this!" "I'm so glad I got a volunteer. I was in the mood of bringing shier mourn. All I need now is a band to strike up a dirge. Because before tonight is over, …...you'll be over along with it!"

Pietro struck at him in the mouth. "If anyone has the rights to humour here tonight, that's me got it!" He looked down at the fist he used to punch the creature with when he felt something tickling him. "Ew! Bugs! I hate bugs! Get em' off! Get em' off! Get em' off!" he shouted while shaking his hand like a crazy maniac. The Curtis-creature grimaced in pain while gripping his mouth. "You fool! Do you really think it's that easy to get rid of your fears! If you don't believe me than have a look for yourself." he pointed behind Pietro. Pietro turned around to see what the Curtis-creature was inquiring. "Oh no." He whispered under his breath. The beast had Kitty in it's tentacle grip and was squeezing the life out of her. "What are you doing?! Stop that thing or it'll kill her!" Pietro yelled to him. "That's the whole meaning of nightmares! They're meant for scaring you silly! The only difference is, when you see them in person, they tend to scare you to DEATH! Ahhahaahaha!" He ended chuckling like a maniac.

Pietro was so busy trying to get Kitty out of the beast's grip that he failed to realize the serpent-like tail sweeping from under his feet. Since the creature was no longer his fear, it had lost the ability of probability so he was grateful for that much. The only thing now was it had an ability to keep Kitty from phasing. Pietro had to do something. He ran in the back on the monster and up the slimy tail until he got to the edge of the tentacle. He stretched out a hand to Kitty, but she seemed to weak to take it. "Katherine! Katherine grab on!" just then, the other tentacle coiled around around Pietro's leg and held him upside down. Before he could get tossed, he caught sight of Kitty running down the rows of shrubs to where he was. If that's Kitty then...Oh! I see. Since losing Kitty became my new fear, he used it against me. He was brought out of his thoughts when the beast slung him. He knew he would be airborne for a while, so he used it to his advantage. He began to whirl around as fast as he could until he gathered enough wind to form a twister. The wind held him up as he continued to whirl around. The winds lifted the creature off of the ground and held it 12 feet above. Pietro then stopped the spinning causing the wind to decrease sending the beast crashing back down to the earth. The crash sent impact waves throughout the ground causing the Curtis-creature to lose his footing.

Kitty finally made it down to where they were. She made contact with the beast's tail and phased it into the ground. After that the beast couldn't get back up. It became transparent and after a few short seconds, it was no more.

The sky was becoming a twilight color signaling that daybreak was approaching. The Curtis-creature took note of it and started to run away. He had lost the creature and he was about to lose the height of his powers as they are increased by the darkness of the night. "Oh no you don't!" Pietro shouted and caught up to him. He didn't get very far, allowing Kitty some time to catch up. Pietro held him up by the collar. "So! How do you feel that your two contestants survived tonight's frightening show?" "you'll never get me to squeal!" The creature yelled back. "Is that so?" Kitty said slyly. Since Pietro was in the way of his abdomen, she phased her knee through Pietro and made it solid when she kneed the Curtis-creature in the gut the same way he had done her. Pietro released his collar and let him fall down to his kness and hurl over in agony. "Well it looks like she got you to squeal pretty good." he said while placing his foot on his back. The sun began to show itself, thus reverting Curtis's long, wild black hair, back to it's dirty brown color along with reverting the rest of his deformed body. His voice lightened to his original.

"So like, what should we do with him?" Kitty asked while looking at Pietro with a menacing grin with her eyebrows signaling a clueless sign. Pietro put his thumb and index finger to his chin and started to hum a pensive hum. It didn't take long before he shouted with a 'Eureka!' tone. "I got it! Say Curtis my boy you have been watching way too many horror movies at night. I think that's why you're so messed up in the head. But let me help you shed a little light on the situation. All you have to do is..." Pietro grabbed him by the leg and held HIM upside down and started to spin with extreme speed. After enough force was put behind his speed, he released him and sent him flying towards the rising sun. it was then Pietro shouted out what he was saying. "...Say hello to sun for me!" "Yeah and good riddance." kitty added.

Kitty and Pietro walked back to the vineyard barn and got in the car and headed for home. While they were driving, the pain in their bodies sat in. They started to moan in pain. "Pietro?" Kitty stumbled out after a few moments of groaning. "yeah? What is it?" "When you said that you had to replace an old fear with new one, I asked you 'what fear did you replace with the one you had before'?" "Yeah what about it?" "Well, you like, never did answer my question." Pietro sat in silence as kitty awaited the answer. He didn't say anything until they reached the house where they saw that Carmen and Terri and come back. He looked over to Kitty with heavy eyes and sighed, then said in a whisper, "My new fear, was seeing you get hurt." he bashfully looked the other way and opened the car door. Kitty grabbed his shoulder and said, "Well, I think I was able to escape the first time... because I was afraid that you might have gotten hurt too bad beyond repair." Pietro smiled and leaned over to her. They gave each other a light kiss on the lips at first, then it turned into a very passionate kiss.

They made their way back in Quickly and quietly. They had been fighting for their lives all night so it didn't take long for them to fall asleep. Pietro sat up sleeping in his bed with his back against the wall while Kitty slept on his chest, cradled in his arms. The sun rose higher and the rooster out back started to give it's morning croak. Before it could croak the last screech, Pietro pushed it off of the fence. "Stupid bird! people are trying to sleep here! You can do all of that tomorrow." He ended sleepily and then ran back into the house.

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