They are, firstly, all volunteers and are toughened by hard physical a result they have that infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from physical well being. They have "jumped" from the air and by so doing have conquered fear.

-Field Marshall The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein



That was a word that accurately described what he was feeling right know.

He was standing beside the Chancellor on a balcony that overlooked the clone garrison on Corusant. Below them stood the entirety of the 501st legion, the striking white and blue figures going through close combat drills. In front of them where two of the sword wielders, Jedi, Palpatine had called them.

Remembering the past 12 hours made him frown slightly. He had spent the entire time with the Republic's leader and in that time the old man had given him so much information to think about and absorb from the multitude of alien species to the ongoing war that ravaged the galaxy, he had explained the role of the Jedi and their counterparts the Sith. He explained what his part was going to be and what he would face.

As if sensing his discomfort Palpatine broke the silence between them. "Are you okay Vincenzo? You seem troubled."

Vinny couldn't help but chuckle mirthlessly at his choice of wording. "Of course I'm troubled Chancellor, I will never see anyone I know again, I'm in an unkown galaxy and I'm about to be thrust into the middle of a war I never knew existed. But I'm an ODST, I'll adapt."

"Good I hope it is a swift transition. Now come, I have something I want to show you." Putting his hand on Vinny's shoulder he led the soldier back inside to his secondary secure office. It was almost an exact copy of the one in the senate all the differences were non visible, reinforced walls, several escape tunnels that led to underground bunkers and being in the centre of the GRA garrison it could be considered the safest place on the planet. As they walked past the desk he noticed several clone techs bringing in a large armoured crate.

Palpatine nodded to the identical men "Thank you gentlemen you may return to your duties." As the techs left the duo approached the crate. "The scientist who were tasked with studying your armour noticed how it barely held against the blaster bolt. I'm sure it was perfectly adequate in your galaxy but here you'll need something a little different. This is something I found in my youth, something I held onto ever since."

After entering a code the front panel slide to the side revealing a suit of armour. It wasn't unlike the suits the clones wore but it was different, thicker in places with more plating and overall more aggressive looking. The undersuit was also padded more than the clones. And it looked like if would fit perfectly.

"It's amazing, sir. I can't thank you enough."

"Think nothing of it. This is a suit of trooper armour dating back to the old republic but in every sense it is more advanced then anything our troops are wearing several times over. More importantly it can be easily adjusted to an individual unlike clone armour which is one size for obvious reasons. I'm giving this to you, along with the rank of Lieutenant. You will be my eyes and ears on the frontline."

"I'm honored and in your debt."

Palpatine only smiled and walked back out to the balcony and continued watching the duel between the two Jedi when the human of the pair disengaged and JUMPED the four stories only to land in front of them.

"Chancellor, I thought I saw you up here. To what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Anakin, how convenient of you to drop by. I was just about to take Vincenzo to meet you and Padawan Tano."

The young Jedi knight looked at the drop trooper as if he was assess him for strengths and weaknesses then glanced over the chancellor shoulder at the open crate. "What's this about Chancellor."

Palpatine moved to his seat leaving the two warriors standing side by side. He left out a sad sigh before saying "My friend here has been through an extraordinary trial, a lesser man would have broke under the pain of it all. I would like you to take him with you during your next deployment, I would like to think he can offer a fresh perspective on this war."

Anakin continued to eye him warily as he asked. "Are you sure about this?" Palpatine only inclined his head in response. "Alright. I will take him."

"Thank you Anakin, you have done me a great service. Vincenzo I will have ALL your gear transferred to the Resolute, but I would like to hang onto your pod. With your permission."

"Of course sir. It's the least I can do."

Anakin bowed slightly "By your leave Chancellor."


The walk through the base was awkward to say the least. The tension between the two warriors was palatable as the stubbornly fought to not be the one to break the silence. It was a battle of wills and Vinny hated to admit it but he was losing. He had no problem with silence, on spec ops missions his entire squad could goes days without saying a word but that was a comfortable silence. This was just tense and awkward. The clones they past would all salute but as if by an unspoken command would also remain silent. It was a testament to their discipline . It was also the first time he saw clones without helmets, they were in fact humans with strong jaw line and tanned skin, their hair, tattoos and scars were the only thing that truly set them apart.

With a sigh he broke the silence. "So what do I call you? Jedi? Boss? Commander?"

Vinny could literally feel the satisfaction wash through the knight. "No not commander, that's my Padawan's rank. You can call me General Skywalker or Sir. What about you? The chancellor wasn't to informative about the situation."

At the mention of his rank Vinny stood straighter and set his shoulders back. "Lieutenant Vincenzo Alditore, Sir"

"Alright lieutenant, what can you do? What makes you worth the effort?"

"Sir I have been trained in counter-insurgency, asymmetrical warfare, explosives handling and disposal, special operations, deniable operations and reconnaissance. I am a certified marksmen retaining 89% accuracy with long rifles and 82% accuracy with short rifles. Does that meet your expectations sir?"

"For now." Skywalker said as they entered the courtyard that Vinny was previously overlooking. The clones had dispersed some were sitting on pieces of armour but it appeared like most had boarded the starship. As they entered the open a clone broke away from the group he was talking to and approached them.


"General, all the new brothers are settling in great, we may have to restructure some squads to prevent fights from breaking out. The legion is at full combat strength. Who's the civvy?"

Vinny grit his teeth as the young general beside him chuckled. "This 'civvy' is lieutenant Alditore. He'll be joining us, I trust that you can get him settled in?"

The confusion was evident in his eyes but responded quickly a testament to his discipline "Of course sir, come on. I'll show you around."

Anakin let them walk away before going back inside. "So as a lieutenant I guess that means you need a platoon. What do you specialize in?"

Instead of going over it again Vinny just gave home the short version "Anything and everything. I'd prefer men who can be stealthy but still hold their own in a straight up fight."

"Every clone can fight, that won't be an issue but I have a small platoon of shinies that graduated with infiltration honours but didn't make the cut for scouts. You think you can handle nineteen troopers."

"It shouldn't be a problem." Vinny was curious as to what Rex meant by shinies but that could wait. The captain led him through the ship and to where his platoon would be bunking. It was a short hall way with five doors to a side, his platoon would take four rooms and as a lieutenant he was privileged to a private room. The captain took his leave as Vinny entered the room. He couldn't help but admire the efficiency of the clones as not only was his new armour set up on a mannequin but also his old gear. His weapons along with some new ones were stacked on a rack between the armour. Below that a decent sized crate. Besides the armour display the room was quite spartan just a single bed on one side and a desk on the other.

He moved to the desk and took a seat on the swivel chair, a terminal was resting on the desk as well as what looked like a UNSC data pad. His hands moved quickly as he powered it on, a moment later he received a notification that he had mail.

To: UNSC Data pad #403
From: A friend


I hope your settling in well enough. I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of ordering all the salvage from your original vessel be placed under my jurisdiction. If you haven't noticed there is a crate in your room containing enough ammunition to last you several missions. If for what ever reason decide to forgo your old armament I have supplied several standard issue republic blasters for you to try, just remember that the will outlast your slug throwers. I expect weekly reports from you just as we agreed upon.

Also after reading this an encryption will activate, it's a voice code that will only respond to this phrase 'There is no peace only passion.' Memorize it and it would be in your best interest to not let the Jedi view the contents of this pad.

May the force be with you.
Darth Sidius

Vinny was confused as he read the message until it dawned on him who this was. And if his parting words were anything to go by he was expected to keep an eye on the Jedi.

Promising himself to go through the pad later he booted up the terminal and looked through the files that were on it. Personal profiles for each trooper under his command, he left those alone he would rather get to know them personally. An empty mission briefing and a program to file reports. He was a part of the 501st legion, Torrent company, a force of 250 troopers that was the personal unit of General Skywalker. His direct superior was Captain Rex, the same clone who guided him through the ship.

He got up and decided to dawn his new armour. Almost every clone he saw was wearing their armour, it would not be good for him to look weak. As he placed each piece he couldn't help but frown at the bright white plating, as soon as I get my hands on some paint that is going to go. He did a few exercises to test the mobility and found it lacking. He removed the inner thigh, the cod and ass plates and the upper arms. That freed up some flexibility while keeping the most amount of protection.

As for weapons he elected to go with a light kit, his silenced SMG mag-locked to his right this and for the hell of it a blaster pistol went into a holster on his left.

It was a good fit but it still wasn't the titanium grade playing he was used to but he would adjust with time. He was about to move toward his bed when a deep rumble from the pit of his stomach demanded him to find food.

He chuckled as he left the room and went hunting for the mess hall. If there was one thing I could say about the clones was they are damn organized. He spotted a mouse droid which the captain had said would lead him were ever he needed he just had to ask. "Droid can you lead me to the mess hall?"

It turned out the mess was only a five minute walk away up one deck. But as he entered the hall nearly every identical head swivelled to stare at him but just as quickly they looked away. He walked up, grabbed a tray and sat down at an empty table.

Okay I'm just going to say it this looks like shit. The food in front of him was a brown slop that somewhat resembled oatmeal. He hesitantly took a bite. Okay not as bad as I was expecting, not great but definitely not the worst military rations I've ever had.

He ate quickly before depositing his tray and asking a mouse to lead him to 4th platoon. He entered the halls and was walking leisurely.

"Hey traitor!"

He didn't even get a chance to react when a fist impacted the base of his neck.


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