Jack Wakes - Epilogue

by Gracefultree

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I woke in the autopsy bay in a large puddle of blood, one that was getting bigger even as I struggled to my feet. I felt a tightness in my chest, and there was a scorched patch on my shirt over my heart. I'd been stun-gunned. There were more scorch marks on my shoulder that looked suspiciously like fingerprints. I rotated my shoulder, testing the motion and finding my arm working fine.

Getting my bearings, I realized that the blood wasn't mine, thankfully. I didn't feel like I usually did after dying, so that was something. Lisa's body was still bleeding, the huge gash across her throat the obvious cause of death. But who did it? Why would someone kill her? We were trying to help her! And there was a lot less metal around her limbs than I remembered. Why couldn't I remember?

I staggered up the steps and found Tosh slumped over her workstation, a stun gun-shaped burn mark on the back of her white blouse. On the floor beside her was a tray of spilled coffee and five mugs.

Where's Ianto? I demanded silently of myself. No, stop. Now is not the time to panic. Think. Assess the situation, then act on it.

I checked Tosh's pulse. Steady and strong. I looked around. Suzie and Owen were nowhere to be found. I quickly scanned the CCTV records for the past twelve hours. The last thing I remember was going down into the autopsy bay so Owen could brief me on his findings about Lisa before we brought Ianto over. Ianto had been getting coffee for everyone. We'd just shagged, an hour before, on the Hub's couch, while the others were away at lunch, after one of the most intense conversations we'd had to that point.

My blood ran cold at what I saw, and I turned off the playback. Ianto's "betrayal" was nothing compared to this! Even with my up and down emotions of the last few days, I'd forgiven him. He'd done it for love, and that mattered. He'd come to me about it, and that mattered. This, on the other hand, I couldn't forgive. It was murder, plain and simple.

The tracking software told me that Owen and Ianto were in London, though Owen was in the outskirts, driving away from the city, probably on his way back here. Tosh, obviously, was here in the main Hub with me, and Suzie…

Suzie was in my bunker. I charged over, gun drawn, and jumped down the ladder, pulling the hatch closed behind me. She might kill me, but I was blocking the only way out, so I'd get her once I revived. She turned from where she was rifling through my private filing cabinet, looking at me with disdain.

"So, you finally woke up?" she asked.

"I want an explanation," I told her, pointing my gun at her.

She looked at me as if I were the lowest possible form of life on the planet. "You won't get one from me," she replied, raising her own gun. I shot it out of her hand.

"On your knees!" I shouted.

With a smirk, Suzie got to her knees and put her hands on her head. "Bet you loved saying that to Ianto," she hissed. "Too bad you'll never get the opportunity again." I leveled the gun at her. "He'll never remember you," she taunted. "We gave him enough retcon-23 to forget an entire month."

"How dare you!"

"We gave you enough for the last twelve hours, you and Tosh. You'll never get those memories back, Jack. Retcon-23 is powerful stuff. And Owen deleted the CCTV feed, so you'll never know what happened."

"What gives you the right —" I asked, even as I thanked Owen silently for not deleting the CCTV files yet. Clearly, he was trying to defy Suzie, in this small way, in the hopes that I'd be able to do something about it. He must be in deep trouble with her holding something over him to do what he did, but he was trying to do what he could to make things right. Or, at least not as wrong.

"He was a danger to us, Jack. He brought a Cyberman into the Hub! He manipulated you! He even admitted it. You haven't been the same since you met him."

"I've been better," I told her, moving around her to secure her hands. I wondered for a moment why she didn't protest or try to get away, but then I thought that she must have a plan with Owen to get her out of the cell I was about to put her in. Good thing Owen wasn't completely under her thumb. "I've been happy."

"You like to think that."

"It's true," I snarled as I pressed a stun gun against Suzie's neck and discharged it. She slumped to the floor. I holstered my Webly, dropped the stun gun onto my bed. She'd be out for a few hours. After tying her ankles, I stripped and dropped my bloody clothing into the rubbish bin. There was no way it would ever come out, and I was tired of the squishiness of it. I took a quick shower and once I was dressed again, I took Suzie and put her in one of the cells.

Tosh grumbled when I shook her awake.

"Jack? What happened?"

"Suzie and Owen betrayed us. They killed Lisa and retconned Ianto, and both of us."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know about Owen, but Suzie thinks Ianto's a security risk. She doesn't see Lisa as a person, so she killed her. They gave Ianto a month's worth of retcon-23. They gave both of us 12 hours worth."

Tosh's face fell. "A month? That's before he met you!"

"I know." I sighed. "I need you to go to Suzie's flat and search it for contraband tech. Get her laptop. We'll need to see what she has on there. Go through what she's been doing on Mainframe. Get Owen's computer, too, for a similar search. I'll deal with him when he gets back."

"Back from where?"

"I think he was leaving Ianto in his flat in London, but I can't be sure." I called up the tracking software again.

"Are you going to go get him?"

I shook my head sadly. "I need to figure out what happened with Owen and Suzie. The security of Torchwood has priority over my love life. The other day Owen implied that she watches him and that he wouldn't have been so mean to Ianto if she weren't over his shoulder. I wonder what kind of influence she has over him."


"Maybe. I don't know. We'll find out."

"I'll get to work," Tosh said, gathering her pocketbook. She paused and squeezed my arm. "I'll help you get him back, if you want me to," she said. "He was good for you."

"He was," I repeated. "He is good for me," I corrected. "And when I go to London to see the Queen on Monday, I'll stop by and see him. I want him to have a chance to get his feet under him after losing a month of time and memories before I show up on his door claiming to be his lover when in his own mind he's never been with a man before."

"Do you think we can find a way to get his memories back?"

"That depends on Owen's part in all of this. He designed retcon-23, so maybe he can come up with an antidote."

"If Suzie was blackmailing him…"

"He gets a stern talking to and an opportunity to make things right. If she wasn't, it's his turn to take the retcon."

"And Suzie?"

"I have ways of making her talk," I growled threateningly.

Tosh took a deep breath and hesitated before her next question. "What if Ianto doesn't get his memories back? What will you do?"

"I'll go to London and court him. See if the spark is still there. If all he had is his diary, and he wants to know the rest, then I'll give him a summary of what happened here."

"You have to be prepared for him not to remember you, for him not to be willing to get into something with a man."

"I know, Tosh. And it breaks my heart to think of it, but I also have to give him time to mourn Lisa. Even if he decides he wants something with me, he might need that time before he comes back. I hate to think of him not coming back."

"Do you really think you can give him that time?"

"So shrewd, Tosh. Honestly, I'm not sure. I can only hope so." I glanced up at Myfanwy's lair where the pterodactyl was resting. "When you get back from Owen and Suzie's flats, look at the CCTV coverage. Torchwood might be down to just you and me again. That would distract me from missing him, given how active the Rift's been and ow much I'll need to be in the field."

"Why do you have to see the Queen?"

"As the new Director of the entire Torchwood Institute, there are some things that only Yvonne knew that I'll have to learn. And we'll have to talk about compensation for the families of those killed."

"At least the memorial stone got put up so quickly."

"It'll give Ianto something to think about, that's for sure."

"I'll monitor his phone and email and give you regular reports, so you know what's going on?"

"Please. I'm not ready to let him go, but I also need him to come to me, like he did before."

"If it helps, I think he'll come back," she offered, squeezing my arm again. "He loves you, Jack, and I don't think he'll be able to throw that away, even if he can't remember you."

"Are the servers still locked?" I asked suddenly, an idea coming to me. "He'll try to log on, I'm sure. Make sure he can't. And make sure he can't contact us except by coming to Cardiff."

"I've got quite the to-do list going, don't I?" she muttered.

"You and me both. Be back here in two hours, if you can. I should have some preliminary answers from Suzie, and I'll need that info when I talk to Owen. I want you present for that part."

"When you talk to Owen?"

"Yes. I can't trust myself not to kill him, otherwise."

"I'll make it back in time. Don't worry."

I nodded, finally letting her go do what I'd asked of her.

"I promise I'll come for you, Ianto Jones," I said into the air. "And I'll spend the rest of your life loving you, if you'll only have me."