Chapter One: School is Hell.

Andy Biersack wake up in the morning like every other day, ready or school and trying to ignore bullies. But he would not forget his special notebook, so he put it into his backpack. He walked one mile to arrive Cincinnati Jr. High School. Andy start falling in depression and stress and soon became emo. He start dressing in black, black finger nail, and sometimes, he might tattoo himself. He walk home alone, passing by a shortcut by the cemetery. He started to get bullied; people pasted posters in his locker that said "Fag", "Emo", and "Kill yourself". One day, he was back walking home through the cemetery, a car passed in front of him, threw his books to the floor, took his backpack away from him, took his special notebook and left. Frustrated by the facts, he went home with a sad face on the floor. He entered to his department and sat on his bed. Andy couldn't take it no more; he was crying for help trying to be strong. He grabbed a marker and started writing poetically in a negative way on a white paper, and that showed how he was feeling. Mad and sad, he fall asleep on his bed, asking himself if it would last forever.

Chapter Two: The rise for Heaven

The next day, he woke up and took a deep breath. He got ready for school and rushed to the door. When he arrived school, the bully gave Andy back his notebook; it was in good conditions. Andy thank him and left. The bully read the notebook and understood how Andy was feeling and decided to not bother him no more and felt guilty he needed to apologize with Andy. That afternoon the bully went over To Andy's department and apologize with him for all that he have done to him and promise Andy that he would not bother him again and left. Andy was relief and under an unknown but beautiful feeling; Andy was in love with a girl and couldn't stop thinking in her; Andy was confused. The next day, the school opened tryout for a play. Any was anxious because he wanted to be on it, so he signed up in hidden because he did not want nobody to know that he wanted to be on it; Andy was a shy guy. Three day later, afterschool, the tryouts for the play were on and Andy was decided to go. Nervous, he try out for the play and wait for the next week to see the results. On the weekend, Andy wrote all for what he passed through that week, and he was happy because all was going good and he just couldn't wait to see the results.

Chapter Three: A shot of fame.

The next week, on Monday, the results were up, and Andy just couldn't wait to see them. He rushed to the wall where the results supposed to be. Surprisingly, Andy was selected for the play. He couldn't stop yelling from the inside. He was happy but couldn't expressed it, he still didn't want no body to know. The day of the play had come; Andy was ready. Finally, Andy's talents were discovered. Soon, he was at ATNT commercials and he was an Aeropostale model. But Andy's pain remain, all the memories he thought he could forget weren't forgiven, he lived under a world of pain and regret. Feeling like a demon, he is a fallen angel who just can't find a way to escape his own hell in which he crawl in. His wounds were open like lines in the sand, he felt an empty cold hole in his heart. He couldn't stop thinking in that girl who stole his heart, the one who tuned Andy's world around. So, Andy wrote a song thinking in her. and make a band and soon, they would be taking over the world. Later, Andy find her again and they had so much in common and became a pair. But things change, as they grow up, the love they felt for each other began to disappear, they break up and took different ways. A drop fell from Andy's face. His pain was washed out, but everything ended well. Andy learned to never give in.