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Ep. 5x13: What if Merlin had called upon the dragon as soon as they left Gaius, and had made it to Lake Avalon in time to save Arthur?

Merlin POV-

A big mass of darkness flew above me, and landed not two feet away.

"So you're a dragon lord too, huh?" Arthur questioned, "Of course, why wouldn't you be." He then rolled his eyes.

"He's here to help sire. You're still my friend, and I don't want to lose you." I replied, looking at him, a couple tears rolling down my cheek.

Arthur studied me, then said, "You know, you confuse me sometimes. You have magic, yet you don't want to kill me..."

"I would never want to kill you, Arthur. Now, come on, let's get out on Kil- the dragon." I grabbed him from beneath his armpits and hoisted him up.

Arthur groaned in protest, but I quickly placed him on top of Kilgharrah's back and climbed on behind him. I saw Arthur wince in pain, and place his hand on his stomach.

My heart clenched at seeing my best friend in so much pain, but I quickly forced the feeling away, and said, "Take us to Lake Avalon, Kilgharrah."

Kilgharrah nodded, and took flight. After a couple of hours, the Great Dragon landed in front of a vast, deep blue, lake. It was dark out, and the moon was shining bright.

I jumped off his back, and was about to start helping Arthur too, when he started to cough.

"Here let me get you some water." I was about to run off towards the lake, when Arthur said:

"Why don't you just use magic? You know, can't you just make it... appear?" Arthur had not yet, accepted my magical abilities, and seemed to be mocking me.

After a few moments' hesitation, I turned back to the King, help out my hand, quickly sneaking a glance at Arthur, and said, "Vaso de agua"

A golden goblet, full of fresh water, appeared in my hands.

"You've lied to me all this time.." Arthur mumbled. Ignoring him, I held the the goblet up to his mouth, and my friend drank it all. Once he had finished, I placed the cup on the ground, slung Arthur's arm around my shoulder, hoisted him off the dragon, and positioned him on the ground.

Turning back to the Great Dragon, I said, "Thank you. I am eternally great full for this."

"It was my pleasure, and greatest honour to serve you, young Warlock." Kilgharrah started, but it was then, that I noticed his wing bent at a wrong angle.

"Kilgharrah, your wing!" I exclaimed.

Quickly glancing at it, the dragon stated, "Arthur's life will not come to an end today, Merlin. But my time has come, I have used up the last of my life force to protect you and the Once and Future King of Camelot. This is my destiny, and I am glad I could take part in yours. Farewell, young Warlock." With that, he flew away and tears were streaming down my face.

"NOOO!" I screamed, falling to my knees and placing my head in the palms of my hand.

"What does he mean, the 'Once and Future King of Camelot'? And what's this about your 'destiny'?" Arthur questioned.

Pulling myself together, I faced Arthur and said, "I'll explain everything once I've stopped worrying that you're going to die on me. Now, come on, cooperate with me here." Arthur nodded and tried his best to stand up. I grabbed his arms and helped him up.

Once we reached the edge of the water, I let go of Arthur's arms, and I decided to let him rest against a rock for a couple minutes. All of a sudden, I heard a low cackle from behind. Quickly whipping my head around, I saw Morgana, before immediately being magically thrown aside. I landed about five feet away and my head hit a rock, before I lost consciousness.

Arthur POV-

"MERLIN!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, as I saw my best friend thrown aside. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he seemed to have blacked out, due to slamming his head on a rock.

"Now, now dear brother. Don't worry about him. he is a Warlock after all." Morgana spat at me.

"Kill me, just don't hurt Merlin." I begged.

My traitor-sister laughed, "I'm not going to kill you Arthur!" Then her face became serious, "I'm going to stay here, and watch you die by Mordred's hand. He will not have died in vain!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." A weak voice muttered from behind. Merlin approached Morgana, blood dripping from his head and holding a sword. "I blame myself for what you have become, and I am deeply sorry for that. But you will not harm another soul, Morgana Pendragon." With that he plunged a sword into her gut, but she just laughed.

"No mortal blade can kill me Emrys. I am a High Pre-" She suddenly fell to her knees, gasping for air.

"You are a High Priestess, yes, but, just like yours, this blade was forged in a dragon's breath. Goodbye, Morgana." Merlin drew the sword from her body, and she rolled over, dead.

"You have brought peace, finally." I said, not taking taking my eyes off my sister.

Merlin helped me up, once again, and said, "Hold your breath." Without delay, I was plunged into the depths of the water, and a shimmering gold light appeared. It came closer and closer, until it was consumed within my body. I felt my strength returning to me immediately and looked down, seeing that my wound was fully healed. I swam back to the surface and saw Merlin with an anxious face.

"H-how do you feel?" He questioned nervously.

"Never better." I replied, walking up to him and giving him a friendly slap on the back.

Merlin let out a breath of relief and smiled, "I'm so glad!" He then did something I never thought would happen - he hugged me.

All too quickly, he pulled back, rubbing the back of his neck slightly, and said, "Uh, sorry."

Clearing my throat, trying to push away the awkwardness, I replied, "Right. You know Merlin, even though you are a sorcerer, I now see that magic can be used for good. And I am going to say something that I have never said to you before- thank you. Now, tell about this 'destiny' of yours. "

Smiling, Merlin started, "Right, well it all started when I met this prat-"

"Hey!" I cut him off, pushing his shoulder, as we started walking back to Camelot.

"Sorry, Royal Prat." He corrected himself, I just sighed and listened, "Anyways, I met this royal prat and..."

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